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School officials in Carmel Clay, Indiana are now claiming that because hungry children refused to comply with healthy lunch menu options that were foisted upon them by Mama Obama (a woman who – trust me – never goes hungry), $300,000 in school funding was lost.

Just like other things in life that aren’t worth enduring for the sake of money, neither is the National School Lunch program.

In due time, maybe this particular district will opt out like other school districts are doing.  Then, besides seeing kids eat lunch again, for the first time ever educators in Carmel Clay can be amongst those responsible for seeing formerly famished American children actually weep for joy while at school.

Amy Anderson, one of the food service directors for the school district, said the first lady’s guidelines made her feel more like a “food cop” than an educator.  So much so that Ms. Anderson considered retiring early. Now that gives new meaning to “Let’s Move!” If Anderson takes the retirement plunge, Michelle Obama can then claim credit for using Brussels sprouts as an incentive for state workers to seek early retirement.

Nonetheless, another food service director for North White School Corp., Linda Wireman, explained that while Michelle Obama is free to chow down on things like ancho chile-braised bison short ribs, hominy grits, and wild mushroom sauté whenever she wants, her severe school lunch regulations are unrealistic and the kids hate them.

Michelle Obama-inspired menu choices require hungry children be served no more than “three-quarters of a cup of vegetables” – not a half cup, not a whole cup, but three-quarters of a cup.

Then, if those three-quarters of a cup of vegetables are something the children don’t like, which is the case three-quarters of the time, complaints follow, veggies are scraped into the garbage disposal, and kids spend the rest of the day with an empty stomach trying to concentrate on schoolwork.

Tippecanoe School Corp.’s food service director Lori Shofroth shared that in addition to having to endure starving, cranky kids, wasted food negatively affects the district’s budget. Although not accusing her directly, Shofroth intimated that the first lady’s plan teaches students that it’s “OK to throw away.”

In fact, so much food was discarded that a waste study involving three different schools showed that huge amounts of food including fruit, vegetables, and milk ended up in the trash bin.

Exercising the right to choose that Mrs. Obama and her husband are always blathering about, some students chose another route.  Instead of hitching a ride to the local abortion clinic in the school athletic van, and rather than endure the pain of three-quarters of a cup of lima beans, many Carmel Clay students skipped lunch completely.

The loss of lunch customers was so great that it resulted in a $300,000 decrease in funding for the school district.

Besides, the more determined students just wait it out until they leave school, and then “hop in their BMWs and go to McDonald’s.”

Amy Anderson maintains that just like Michelle Obama has been known to bop on over to the Shake Shack for a 1,700-calorie lunch whenever the mood strikes her, children in Carmel Clay, Indiana, “can stop at Panera and pick up a sandwich that meets none of [the] criteria” imposed by the bossy woman slurping on a 710-calorie Chocolate Shake.

Greek yogurt anyone?





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  • Nancy

    She is so into herself that she thinks if she does it, everyone will like it. NOT

    • MCzwz

      Thing is, she does not care in the least whether “eveyone” likes it or not.

      When it comes to dictators, such as we currently have in DC (and NYC, for that matter) they could not possibly care less what “the people” think about anything.

      Their intent is merely what both Herr Obama and Herr Holder and Frau Pelosi and all the liberals have clearly stated: We have to just sit down, shut up, and take it.

      What the effect is on citizens makes no difference at all.

  • jeanbean14

    Lol, well-said. (I enjoyed your last line. Greek yogurt is gross to me, so grainy, no tang, yuck!) I was shocked when she got so ridiculously controlling with her campaign to get kids in shape. Micromanaging, dictating stupid rules and limits…so negative and unproductive. It fits right in with her socialist agenda of central planning, which of course has never worked and never will work – the most inefficient, failure-guaranteeing system ever.

  • Phoenix

    It is none of her business what the kids and adults eat. Are we as a nation overweight? Yes, but who made her ruler over what we eat. I believe she THINKS she can tell me what to eat. I also believe I can tell her where to go. I’ll be nice enough to give her directions.

    • hibp

      A much better attempt to get children’s weight under control is to mandate more physical education classes and less ‘social engineering’ type classes. 3 times a week of an hour of Phy Ed would be great for these kids. And guess what — when they play games, some kids will win and some kids will lose. This ‘everyone is a winner’ approach is not teaching kids how to deal with adversity.

  • Mike_Travis

    What? Michelle and Barry eating fries and drinking soda? How DARE they! Don’t they know it is bad for them, full of evil sugar? OMG they may die!

    What HYPOCRITES!!!

    • dancingontheheadofapin

      Ya think??

    • Dave Dowding

      We should be so lucky.

  • Derekf900

    Another case of do as I say and not as I do from the Obama’s. As always Obama leads from behind and in truth never leads at all……

  • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

    Paul Joseph Watson
    July 12, 2013

    The Black Panthers Party has predicted “unrest all over America” if
    George Zimmerman is acquitted, although the group denied that it
    was organizing riots in light of claims its leader had vowed to burn
    down white communities….

    A quote being attributed to New Black Panthers leader Samir Shabazz
    by numerous Internet sites states, “This time we’re doing it right… This time
    we’re not burning down our communities. This time we’re going out to Whitey’s
    suburbs and burning down HIS community. We’re going to make Whitey feel the pain.”

    Once again the blacks are planning on murdering people, destroying property
    and creating mayhem. Will they be charged with a hate crime? Nope.
    Only white people and Christians can be charged with that.

  • andy

    Both my mother and my mother in law just retired as “lunch ladies.” Every time they got together with us it was a constant litany of how awful the school lunch program has become. No sugar, no salt, menu items most adults would send back to the kitchen if given to them in a restaurant. And, of course, lots and lots of food in the garbage.

    I only have one more in high school. We have decided we will be sending lunch to school with him for his senior year.

    • MCzwz

      Make sure your child has the wherewithal intellectually to stand up to the food nazis in the school when they force him to open his lunch bag, take his food away, try to force him to eat the “officially approved” meal, or eat nothing.

      That, to me, is what parents will need to start doing to protect their children from the school nazis in general: be able to calmly, intelligently, and strongly stand up for themselves when browbeaten by the adults in control.

      Kids also have to trust that their parents will wholeheartedly support them in these situations — that they will go directly to the highest level of the administration and fight for their child’s well-being — not only in terms of food, but, more importantly, in terms of the stuff being shoved down their
      throats in the name of “progressive education.”

      Parents: the future of our country — the country’s children — is truly in your hands.

      Be courageous!

  • gawxxx

    just another mouthy nigga with no brains !!!!!!!

  • jensensah

    Mooochele had to PRETEND that she was doing something. With her loathing of the American people…attacking their children’s food, was right up her alley. She could careless, about whether or not they are healthy, she cares even less if they starved to death…what she cared about…was power and control…and depriving them as much as she possibly could.

  • hibp

    HYPOCRISY! The woman is such a hypocrite, she’s really a person who is like “DO WHAT I SAY and I can do whatever I want”. The way the woman is so 2 faced about this, is totally unclassy and unbecoming of a first lady.

  • T. S, Rabby

    There is nothing classy about either of the Obamas and nothing that we need to learn about how to live our lives from what they SAY or MANDATE or LEGISLATE.

  • Ron Powell

    What qualifies the ewok to tell people what to eat? Is she related to Bloomeberg? Someone needs to tell her how to avoid a 4X4 butt, that’s from sitting on it too much.

  • Donna Arthur

    Why is it that the Obamas want to make the kids eat something they will never eat and take a hot meal per day from our soldiers??? Can someone tell me why they act more like a king & queen (which they’re far from)?? Or maybe a couple of dictators?

  • Chris McMullen

    “Then, if those three-quarters of a cup of vegetables are something the children don’t like, which is the case three-quarters of the time, ” LOL Classic!


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