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By Tami Jackson

Five-year-old Jocelyn Rojas was snatched from her front yard on Thursday, apparently lured with an ice cream cone.

But in a time when all the news seems to be bad, 2 teenage boys did a very good thing. Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia canvassed the area on their bikes until they found a suspicious car. Watch the video and smile.

Oh for more news reports like this, where decent people and good kids step up and just do the right thing.

Thanks to Temar and Chris, little Jocelyn is back with her mommy. Thanks to 2 good teens, Jocelyn’s grandma, Tracey Clay, has her precious grand-daughter back.

Temar and Chris will long remember rescuing a potentially kidnapped and harmed little girl, and know the irresistible joy of having saved a child from brutality and a family from untold grief.

At a time when the news too often highlights our society’s callous disregard for ending babies’ lives, this story demonstrates the mighty power of saving lives.


Editor’s note: The Black Sphere Team will try to find an address or email address where cards of thanks can be sent to Temar and Chris–stay tuned! If you have such information, please email me at or on Twitter at @tamij


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • Jason_L

    It’s not about race: It’s NEVER been about race….

    • flintlock1949

      It’s not what race you are, it’s about WHO you are, – at least it would be if certain groups, Black, White, whatever, didn’t insist on having an agenda of hate and use color as a basis of the hatred!

    • Gregory

      Oh grow up.

      • Jason_L

        You first….

  • Mike Butler

    And the good citizenship award goes to… (congrats, young man, you’re a hero)

  • Callie Carver

    Thank you Kevin for sharing this. We know the MSM would never televise this.

    • tamij

      Actually Kevin did not share this, I did! Tami…the editor?

      • Barrustio

        Tami… rock…… best story all year

  • nvst18

    let’s start a college fund for these heroes!!!

    • DPMP

      How can WE start a college fund for these young men ?

      • tamij

        I’ve reached out to the reporter who interviewed Temar, I’ll see what I can do!

    • tamij

      Great idea!

    • Barrustio

      Start it ….I’ll pitch in

    • denise0513

      I’m in! These boys need to know we all appreciate what they did and a college fund would be a nice way of doing it.

  • BigUgly666

    Well Done, Sir! …. to this young man Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia, and their friends – this little girl owes much to you.
    Thank you.

  • Kathy W

    They chased the car on bikes. I admire them so much that I’m crying.

    • tamij

      I feel the same way! I’m doing my best to find these boys so we can all tell them “Well done”!!!

  • Kathy Young

    Where is THIS news on the MSM??

    • tamij

      Hmmm…the MSM is too busy trying to agitate everyone over the George Zimmerman verdict. I loved this story precisely because it lifts people up at a time when we sorely need to see American heroes who are mostly unheralded

    • Barrustio

      Where is Jackson and Sharpton and all the media to talk about a Black AND Hispanic who did something wonderful TOGETHER

      • Gregory

        Uuuum, hello this is America. We love fomenting racial animus here. These kids are just tooo young to know any better. Give them a couple of years.

        • jeanbean14

          I believe the majority of Americans are done with racial divides. A LOT of people of all colors, ethnicity, backgrounds, economic status, etc., work together and honestly don’t judge others by their skin color. The race baiters hate that, so they have to stir up anger and hatred among the useful idiots. Jackson and Sharpton are the extremely racist themselves, and they have arranged a nice income and lifestyle for themselves by feeding off of other people’s racism, so they have to work hard to perpetuate it. They desperately need to perpetuate the lie that white people are racist in order to excuse their own hatred of whites. They need that excuse so they never have to face their own hideous racism. As ugly as they are outside, their insides are uglier. They are like cancer cells.

          • Gregory

            LOL………your funny. Where can I catch your stand up act in person?

        • Barrustio

          spokem like a regular sharpton

          • Gregory

            Not really, I can’t stand the sight of Al Sharpton. He makes me wretch. :-)

          • Barrustio

            Thanks for the help …I understand your need to show that perfect people make no typos. But you are right about one thing….English is NOT my first language…it’s Spanish….my third is Portuguese then Latin,Italian, French and Vietnamese…..however I’m sure for convenience sake you would see me as White. Sharpton, by the way could be more relevant and credible to modern Black America if he started by getting rid of that stupid process of his.

          • Gregory

            Your welcome :-)

          • Am

            You meant you’re welcome. :)

          • Gregory


  • kkkahn

    I firmly believe it all gets back to PARENTING! Temar & Chris obviously have been raised to care about their fellow human beings. Kudos to them both and their parents, for jobs well done

    • tamij

      I could not have said it better! Bravo to the young men and their parents!

  • Cougar Smith

    Bravo! These good kids deserve the best! I wish them the best… what a refreshing change after so much Trayvon the punk garbage going on now.

    • tamij

      I agree 100%

  • Peggy Savage

    Isn’t it wonderful to hear such good and great news, Thank you Boys you did a good thing I am sure your parents are proud as they should be.Best of luck in your future.

  • Kakarot

    Way to go, guys.

    Chasing a car with bikes takes some guts.

    • pateboo

      Not caring that the girl was WHITE was gutsier.

      • Gregory

        He couldn’t help to chase her, Blacks love White girls.

        • jeanbean14

          You are a jerk!

          • Gregory

            I know you are, but what am I?

        • Idahodoll

          You’re a sick SOB

          • Gregory

            Sick how? Oh you mean my pointing out the inconvenient truth of Blacks and Hispanics love of White? So are you saying its sick for any of God’s creations to love other races? Your the sick one since you clearly have a problem with miscegenation. Here I thought this site would have more tolerant people.

          • nam

            The problem is you are phrasing it as if black people do and should put white people on a pedestal. They saved her because it was the kind, humane thing to do. Why does it have to be because “they cared that she was white.”

            Inconvenient truth? What is inconvenient is generalizations that feed supremacist sentiments. If you would feel less affected by a black/asian/hispanic child going missing than a white child then you have a problem.

          • Gregory

            You sound like a typical liberal cry baby. So your saying with everything that White people have done for Blacks, they shouldn’t put Whites on a pedestal? Who is really being racist?

          • nam

            If conservatism equals white supremacy then I’m out of here. That’s not what I believe in and not what I signed up for. Tell me, sir, what have white people done for me? And I’m sure black people are thankful for all the years of slavery :) Thank the lord for giving us White people. They put the shoes on my feet. It’s not my degree nor capitalism that got me a job but White people. I’m sorry for forgetting that I should judge you by the color of your skin and what you looked like, rather the content of your character.
            If you don’t see these types of thoughts as delusional/wrong then you really have a problem

            No sir, you are still the racist here. I thought people have since evolved in the 21st century. I genuinely thank you for proving me wrong. I feel enlightened.

          • Gregory

            Take a look around you lady. Is anybody defending your point of view? I’ll wait. Hmmmmm, no defenders huh? Let me ask you something. If I am such a white supremacist as you say, what makes you think your point of view will alter my world view? I see you as a joke. You let your emotions dictate every word that is banged out on your keyboard. You spew assertions about some one you don’t know. Would it surprise you to know I have only dated black womenr? How could I be racist if all I date are women from the race you say I revile?
            Let me tell you about REAL racists. A real racist can never be pegged by anything that man judges. You can’t look at a person and say your racist. You can’t listen to what a person says and say your a racist. You can’t even tell by what they eat or drink either. The reason why is racism is a state of mind. It is a belief system. So regardless of all the racially insensitive things a person may say or do, you really can’t proclaim who is or isn’t a racist. The reason being is that person may in fact be looking to get a rise out of you or just seeking someone to hurt. Ever heard the term misery loves company? The only one who can really know who is a racist is God. Your not God are you?

  • talkradio200

    If Obama had a son, he wouldn’t look like Temar Boggs. Sad that Trayvon Martin is supposed to be the poster boy cause for black people instead of Temar Boggs, who most people will never hear about.

    • Mark Peterson

      I do agree with that statement 110%

    • Barrustio

      Amen brother

    • jeanbean14

      Exactly! People are taking to the streets in defense of a violent, drug-dealing, drug-abusing, thieving, racist teenager who tried to beat a guy to death for being a “creepy ass cracker.” At least they pretend that’s why they are smashing other people’s property, beating up white people, talking trash, and behaving as mobs of animals. But of course, they just like to run around destroying what other people have worked hard for and hurting random, innocent people, because that’s who they have chosen to be: violent, foul-mouthed, threatening, abusive, murderous, evil racists. Kind of like Trayvon.

  • sha49tn

    God bless these two boys!

  • DallasChic

    God Bless both Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia!! You both did an awesome thing, and deserve to be recognized for such!! This world needs more of both of You and your caring in it :-)

  • TxPatriotGal

    What great guys! And what a terrific story to hear about today! We need to get as much press on this type of story and a lot less about the senseless violence and anarchy that is being pushed by the left.

  • Denise Sanchez

    Great job boys and you listened to your guts. YOU did save the little girl <3

  • gaigene_bob

    These are hero’s they listened to their heart and followed the guidance.. Fine young men.

  • concerned

    Good for these young men and their concern for this little girl. Listening to the spirit talk to this young man led to the rescue to this special little girl. Good for you!!!

  • Rob Greene

    FINALLY! Some Good (GREAT!) News!

    These young men should be Rewarded!
    But I’m sure they did it w/o expecting one…

  • Robert12Disqus

    now this is refreshing; people acting like people and helping others out. way to go!!

  • jeanbean14

    EXCELLENT!!! Good boys!!!!!! C:

  • Discontentwliars

    Ok, this is what people are about! Taking care of each other! Hope this goes viral, since he and his friends deserve it!

  • Gene Gower

    That young man rocks! ‘nough said.

  • Jo

    Those young men should be commended by their community and the news stations for being heroes.

  • blackyb

    Those kids did a great thing. I really am proud of them. I cannot imagine the horror those little boys saved that little girl from. God bless and keep them.

  • blackyb

    That made my day. I was feeling anger and sadness over the state of affairs this country is in, and I saw this and it has given me hope and gratitude. Those kids will never know who all they have helped by being who they really are. God led those little boys to that child.

  • wecare_doyou

    Way to go Temar and Chris for making the extra effort and helping save Jocelyn! You are HEROE’S and this is encouraging news! May God Bless you both. These are the type of teens that are great role models for others teens in our Nation!

  • wecare_doyou

    I got to see this on my local news just as I was reading and commenting about this! It is good to see the media finally putting on some uplifting news! Again, nice going Chris and Temar! You made my week so far!

  • StephanchucknorsStenzel

    Way To Go! Tamar Boggs! Proud Of Ya! You Seem to Have The Righteous Attitude Like Several Students I’ve Taught To Brown And Black Belts! I Know They Would Do The Same Thing! Your A Hero! Tamar! You Took A Chance! And You Rescued A Very Worried Mothers Child~ God Bless You!~Midwest U.S.Cowboy*of MN & Sometimes Texas*Too~ lol Stephan aka’chucknors’Stenzel

  • Gregory

    When I heard about this story, I was really pleased about this story. It made me so proud. Then I saw the hero and I was struck that here was a black child acting without regard to his own well being. I guess it was just a matter of time before even blacks started acting heroically. Wow will miracles never cease?

    • pappadave

      Your comment is an example of racism by “faint praise.” “Even blacks started acting heroically.” Blacks have “acted heroically” throughout out history. It’s just that the MSM is loathe to TELL those stories–first of all out of sheer, racial animus and secondly out of trying to maintain the narrative that white America “oppresses” blacks and blacks react with rage in their never-ceasing effort to keep us divided as a people. Too many folks, black AND white, simply don’t know or understand the truth…that it’s DEMOCRATS who’ve always been the oppressors, while they smile and hand out pittances of other people’s money in an effort to buy blacks’ loyalty. The tragedy is that blacks allow themselves and their loyalties to bought so cheaply. We’ve been giving away “welfare” in a wide variety of forms since 1965, which is also about the time Congress started raiding the Social Security trust fund for the same purpose–buying votes. It was Democrats who opposed both the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act of 1964 and 1965, respectively, but LBJ (a virulent racist himself) KNEW that passage by a Democrat administration would secure black votes for the Party for a LONG time to come. His exact words were, as he signed the Civil Rights Act into law, “That’ll keep the ni**ers voting for us for the next 100 years.” A comment that was suppressed by the press, strangely only coming out when they started examining the NIXON tapes, and just went too far back. It’s also little known that neither of those two landmark bills would have passed in both the House and Senate had it not been for overwhelming support from Republicans, which even LBJ acknowledged.

      • Gregory

        Hmmmmmmmmm you know its really presumptuous that the first thing you utter is racism without understanding my point.You seem to be a typical individual who screams racism and by doing so decreases the power and meaning of the word. Its clear your a little sensitive and ignorant so let me tell you, racism is the act of believing ones race is inherently superior and other races are inherently inferior. My comment in no way spoke to me stating I have a belief in my races superiority. As an American I am constantly bombarded with images of the violent, lazy, stupid, cowardly black male. There are no negative white stereotypes. I can’t help that I’m not used to seeing blacks as anything other than what the media portrays them as. Maybe you should work on being better people, so comments like mine don’t sting so much. I believe God made all men good. It man’s inhumanity to his fellow man that causes our turmoil. This is no doubt due to our sinful nature. My comment if anything was simple insensitive sarcasm. It was meant to illicit a knee jerk response from individuals like you. Your so quick to blather the same tried and true Liberals bad Republicans good diatribe. I got just what I expected and wanted from this site…….a good laugh. Thank you.

        • pappadave

          First of all, I’ve never said, Liberals bad Republicans good. Liberals ARE “bad” (actually “evil” better describes them) but Republicans aren’t “good”. Conservatism is good…good for American society, at least, but NEVER make the mistake of conflating Republicans with Conservatives. “No negative white stereotypes?” What universe do you live in, anyway? The left portrays conservatives as either ignorant, rural white rednecks carrying shotguns, wearing mullets and with green teeth OR as fat-cat banker-types, wearing Rolexes, big diamond pinky rings smoking a fat cigar, riding around in limos. Your comment was, ” I guess it was just a matter of time before even blacks started acting heroically. Wow will miracles never cease?” Maybe you did mean it sarcastically, but it doesn’t read that way.

          • Gregory

            HAHAHAHAHAHA. Wow are you breathless yet? Again thank you for being so amusing in your typical response to me. Did I strike a nerve? I must have since you casually ignored everything else I wrote. So my comment doesn’t read as sarcasm to you. That is not my fault that you suffer from a profound lack of comprehension and a sense of humor. Go cry to someone who cares.

          • tamij

            The point of this story, and what resonated with millions, is that there are good young people who have been raised by fine parents–no matter the color of their skin.

            I was raised by very strict parents in a “household of faith” and never heard a “racist” comment. I do remember Dad telling us “If I EVER hear you kids making fun of anyone for an immutable, physical attribute, you won’t be able to sit down for a week! You understand me?” We were taught to do the right thing, love God and people and choose friends who did the same.

            Temar and Chris evidently have been raised in a similar fashion and showed true character and courage.

            This is a story that should bring praise from all of us and the derision should be directed toward the Main Stream Media and the race-baiters who try to agitate and play the race card every day!

          • Gregory

            Tamij I’m kind of at a loss. It seems that you are admonishing me but I don’t know why. I’m glad you were raised by good people. I too praise the heroism of these youths. So we all agree here. YAAAAAY!!!????

          • tamij

            We do agree! I just didn’t want discord over my story which is such a happy one! Every day I have to write about sad stories, lack of sanctity of life, etc. and this article was a joy to write! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

          • pappadave

            Your comment doesn’t read as sarcasm to ANYONE, apparently. It reads as derisive nonsense. These two young men behaved in a caring, responsible and courageous fashion and deserve our praise and admiration…period.

          • Gregory

            Pappadave how long did it take you to come up with the word derisive? I’m asking because I already explained myself yet you insist on trying to take me to task for no valid reason. If I say these youths are a credit to there kind will you stop crying?

          • Bosco Nephure

            “To ‘there’ kind.” Aside from it’s obvious racial tone, you have used the wrong there. It’s their.

          • Gregory

            Thank you.

      • Kakarot

        Democratic heroes of the Civil Rights battles, in their own words:

        FWIW, Johnson did all he could to gut the 1957 Civil Rights bill that Eisenhower and Nixon were pushing.

    • ppxg

      Have to say, this seems like an outright racist comment to me.

      I take you at your word that you are not a racist person. But instead of launching into defensive comments about being presumptuous, take another look at what you said.

      Using the word EVEN and implying that it is a MIRACLE that a specific group would act a certain way is, by textbook definition, prejudiced. Did you really intend to say that it is so unusual and extraordinary for an African American young man to act in a certain way (good or bad, doesn’t matter, it’s still PRE judging) ?

      “That old lady parallel parked her call all by herself. Even though she was Asian. What a miracle!”

      • Gregory

        Have to say, you obviously didn’t care to read my other comments before you decided to take me task.

    • nam

      Wow, you’re racist and you genuinely don’t realize it, do you? You must not have many black friends, and your views must be based entirely on the media because your perceptions on the race is completely wrong. It was a good deed for *anyone* regardless of race. And way to undermine all of all the black firefighters/police officers/. Just because heroism doesn’t meet the news doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I’ve met many people like you. “For a black person, you’re rather intelligent.” “For a black person you’re really pretty.” “For a black person you’re quite [enter whatever racist generalization of what “black people shouldn’t be”]”

      • Gregory

        Read the rest of my comments, then repeat that pablum. One of my comments was comment if anything was simple insensitive sarcasm. Get off your soapbox already. Nobody cares what you or anybody thinks.

  • Barrustio

    May I say wow….these are the stories we need when others are not satisfied with pitting Blacks against Whites and resort to turning Hispanics into Whites just for the appearance of a White oppressing a Black

  • Chris Yang

    Temar is a true hero along with his friends who all risk their own lives to find that girl.

  • pappadave

    Great story. These are two kids I’d welcome into my home any time. They’re probably going to make someone great employees, too. If you have an opportunity, snap them up. You can’t BUY good character.

  • SomeGalNTx

    Exactly what this country NEEDS to be seeing! Kids being raised to be GOOD, caring kids, willng to do the right thing, and this little girl was saved because her momma raised her not to fear people who “look different” either!
    God was with all of them that day!

  • Jeff Noncent

    why don’t we hear this on regular TV? we have a black young man did something good for the world to see that we have a hero to save a little girl where is the president on these issue?

    • Lobo VNVMC

      I guess if Temar was Obummer’s kid he wouldn’t look like him, a hero.

    • tamij

      Guess it doesn’t mesh with MSN’s agenda! I knew immediately I had to get this story up–it touched me and I thought “You see, there are good kids and good parents out there…the media just focuses on the dysfunctional!”

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        Of course they do, dysfunctional sells, good doesn’t. Why do you thing there are TV shows such as Jerry Springer and Maury? Why are there no TV shows that show the goodness in people?

  • sreynolds

    Great job kids. that’s it. :)

  • denise0513

    These are the stories that should FLOOD the nightly news! God bless them! These 2 young men are heroes!

  • Kepha Hor

    Good for Temar and Chris. I’m sure there are some very proud parents and teachers out there now.

  • Lowell Sharrah

    Thank God there are still some good kids in the world. Good job guys!

  • James Frazier

    Where is Al and Jesse? Here is a young black man who is a real hero and they are silent along with Nobama. I don’t suppose Nobama will tell this young man if he had a son he would look like him because there is no political benefit from it.

  • Tony

    Did you notice the language he used? Law enforcement, meters? How dare he? This is obviously a very well educated and ethical young man. Thank God someone like him and others were around.

    • Gregory

      I know it’s amazing to hear them speaking proper English.

  • Sruss745

    Awesome! That’s the story that should get out to our country. What do you know?
    A black boy, hispanic boy and a white girl are all involved in a story that will touch your heart! The race baiters will not acknowledge this one! It’s a shame that they love to hate, when loving to love is so much better!

  • Hillbilly

    With kids like this, there is still hope for the USA. Thanks Temar and Chris!

  • jalina susan stutte

    God Bless These two young men! Forget the trash that are committing riots and violence for Trayvon and focus on the good people of America! This is a wonderful story and makes us know, all is not lost.

  • Marty Wall

    No hoodie, can complete thoughts, this is the guy I would want to claim as my son.

    • felix1999

      Same here. His PARENTS must be PROUD of him! HE is the real deal.

  • felix1999

    We need MORE good guys like this!

    A heart warming story.

  • TombstoneLizard

    Three thumbs up, gentlemen! Thank you!

  • norhymenoreason

    Good job guys!

  • Jimmy Rivera

    great job gentlemen may our god bless you and yours.

  • A Guy In Texas

    Okay who is starting the college trust fund for these two, I got some money to throw their way, not much, but some.

  • OffensiveAndPeculiar

    How many times can you say AWESOME!!!! LOVE THESE YOUNG MEN!!!!

  • gfsomsel

    Well done ! We need more kids like this. He’s well-spoken too, not like some kids who can’t say 2 words without inserting “like.”

  • MilagrosGV

    Yup every black child /man os not a THUG

  • Soupermeister

    These boys are the definition of great neighbors and solid citizens.


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