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For decades the chief influencers of the black community have been the race-hustlers such as Al Sharpton. But the words and actions of Frederick Douglas are bringing about a revival.


One preacher in that awakening is KCarl Smith, a black Conservative speaking out and empowering blacks AND whites to be indefatigable and courageous with the positive message of true Conservatism.

KCarl describes himself as “…an unyielding defender of the constitution and liberty. Inspired by the guiding principles of the Founding Fathers…”

“We’re having a difficult time getting people to join the ranks of the Conservative movement. The problem is propaganda. The Left does a masterful job of discrediting us.”

“Frederick Douglass is the bridge over the abyss of racism and class warfare that’s being created by the Left”

Frederick Douglass said:

I am a black, died-in-the-wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.

The 4 life empowering values of Frederick Douglass:

    1. Respect for the US Constitution
    2. Respect for life
    3. Belief in limited government
    4. Belief in personal responsibility

Nadra Enzi:

Here was a chance to take an historic figure that the Left has claimed, and use him to unite America, instead of providing people with excuses to not perform. If he could achieve — coming straight out of slavery — what excuse do we have today?

With his Frederick Douglass Republican Movement, KCarl promotes the message of Conservatism, irrespective of skin color: Frederick must surely be applauding.

Declaration Snippet Frederick Douglass


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  • Alexxthegreat

    How refreshing is this?????
    Honestly….I am out the door at the moment…will be back..and have a few things to say about finally getting the truth about the Republican party and how they worked to free the slaves…

    See ya’ll soon.

  • Koissi Riley Yotcho Adjorlolo

    I’ve been hearing the argument that the Republicans freed the slaves and therefore blacks shouldn’t be democrats for a while now. From my understanding of United States History, somewhere between the end of the Civil war and now there was a political switch between the two party’s beliefs. This can be passed off as the liberals half-assed excuse for containing a large number of minorities in it’s party, but I have recently found something to refute that claim.

    I suggest anyone who reads this comment to do this. If you compare the 1860 slave states with the states that voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, you will learn that the majority, if not all of the 1860 slave states voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.

    I am not saying that the republican party is racist by any means, this is not the intent of this comment. I am saying that a logistical error arises whenever someone tries to make the argument that the republicans freed the slaves, and therefore the democratic party is a racist one.

    (The rest of this comment is less about the article and more a rant on the political system itself)

    The definition of the republican party as one who respects the constitution, respects life, believes in limited government, and believe in personal responsibility is inconsiderate to the problems facing our world today. In 1860 we were unaware that certain chemicals caused holes in the layer of atmosphere that protects us from harmful radiation. In 1860 no one knew that oil was a finite resource, and that there was a need for more efficient, replenishable means of energy. It is petty to focus on such trivial elements of civilization when there are much bigger problems that we face in out world today.

    This article shows just how petty our nation has become. We are more obsessed with bashing the other side of the isle than working together for the greater good. Instead of solving problems that need to be solved in the name of civilization, we call each other racists. We’d much rather listen to politicians who’s only jobs are to get the people against an ideal that clashes with their own, despite how ill-informed, or bad that ideal may be.

    • the1regina

      I believe a person has the right to belong to which ever party they chose. I am a registered democrat but have been sadly disappointed at the direction they are taking. I listen to politicians with half an ear, I believe most of them are in it to enrich themselves. Our country is in trouble and our freedoms are eroding one at a time. I am sick and tired of the ‘racial argument’…I believe there will always be racism in our country from all sides. But on a whole I do not believe America is a racist country. You may have a different point of view. Yes the news media is very petty witness all the dander Miley Cyrus kicked up, personally I do not care what she does. There are far more important issues we need to talk about.

    • John Pszeniczny

      So basically you are saying that socialism will fix the “problems” we face today and that individual liberty and personal responsibility are an outmoded ideal best relegated to the trashcan of history. The two “problems” you suggest, the ozone layer and oil, are only technological hurdles, if in-fact they are which I doubt, we must overcome. Do you have any doubts we can develop our way out of those so-called problems? I have more faith in humanity than that. We have the ability to adapt.

      Progressive thought is really the outmoded model where we are all subjects to an all-powerful king/govt. Life lived that way is not really a life at all, because I would rather choose for myself how I wish to live. If you want to be merely a cog in another man’s machine, then be progressive. If you wish to live a fulfilling life of liberty and personal responsibility, be a conservative.

  • sreynolds

    Bravo!!!! Hope this movement is a total success…..

  • goodkawz .

    The parties didn’t switch, The states did. The real pernicious racists are in the north. They are just a little harder to detect. I am less racist now than I was as a sanctimonious Dem.

  • goodkawz .

    And as one who worked for Alan Keyes’ campaign, and contributed to Herman Cain’s, and would be happy to support Ben Carson, I really resent being counted a racist because I oppose the Stalinsky tactics and goals of Obama.

  • TomJoadisJob

    Sad that they would align themselves with today’s conservatives. Orwell was right and the Right has learned the lesson.

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