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If you follow the logic of Al Sharpton, black people must live in crime-free neighborhoods.

I know that news is shocking, given the statistics that prove otherwise. We are told that black communities have the highest crime rates; however, these stats are demagogued to make black people look bad.

And though there is no crime in black neighborhoods, white cops routinely visit black communities to target black people. “Stop and frisk” is applied indiscriminately, at almost 100 percent, in black neighborhoods on black people.

Then they plant drugs or guns on black people, which accounts for the disproportionate incarceration rates of blacks in the criminal justice system.

Given these heinous statistics against blacks, it makes sense then that there are no black cops in America, right?  All the cops in America must be white — white racists, in fact. Because black cops would not arrest black people — at least not real black cops.

Those cops would be sellouts. If there were black cops, they would know that their duty “to protect and serve” would apply only to black people.

I’ve watched Law and Order and other cop shows, and I have seen Hollywood cops, like Ice T, rapper-turned-cop. But he’s an actor. In the real world, there can’t be black cops, or else they would have to be part of the system that is keeping blacks down.

I know that it is customary for the police to put cops of the same ethnicity in their neighborhoods. According to law enforcement psychologists, sometimes people want to talk to people who look like them and have a common cultural bond.

However, this can’t happen in the black community. The people arresting black people, unfairly of course, must be white cops.

If for some reason America allowed black cops, and I know there aren’t any, there would certainly be no blacks in charge of law enforcement. Have you ever heard of a black police chief, police commissioner, or sheriff? And God-forbid that a black man be put in charge of the Department of Justice! What kind of country would America be, if blacks were to reach the pinnacle of law enforcement?

There is no black law enforcement leadership, because no self-respecting black in power would allow blacks to be targeted, arrested in record numbers, and then fed to the corrupt whitey-controlled criminal justice system.

And that is why there is no possible way there are black lawyers in America. Sure, there was one, but he died. The late great Johnny Cochran…{the Lawd done took him too soon!}.

Oh and there was that “sellout” black lawyer who prosecuted OJ, who dated the white lawyer with whom he worked. He doesn’t count, because he is a Stepin Fetchit black lawyer. The passing of Johnny Cochran took the only black lawyer for black people.

Because there are no more black lawyers, black people are convicted at outrageous rates. White lawyers can’t possibly understand black people’s problem; thus, white lawyers collude with the prosecution to lock black people up. Because there is a conspiracy to arrest all black people…yes, including Oprah.

How else could so many black people end up in prison in disproportionate numbers?

But even if there were black lawyers, they would have to deal with white judges. America would never let a black lawyer become a judge.

I know what you think you see, when you watch Judge Joe Brown, but he’s not a real lawyer, is he? He’s an actor. Judge Greg Mathis doesn’t count; because he was a criminal before he was a judge. There is no way a black man could come out of the criminal justice system as a perp, and become a judge for real. Don’t be stupid…another actor.

Judge Lynn Toler, Judge Mablean Ephriam, Judge Glenda Hatchett…actress, actress, actress. Everybody knows that a black woman could never become a judge in white America.

The idea that a black person could get a law degree, then rise high enough to become a judge is ridiculous. What will they want me to believe next? That a black man could sit on the Supreme Court?

If we follow the logic of Sharpton, it’s clear that there is no crime committed by blacks, there are no black cops, no black lawyers, and no black judges. We’d have to believe in an America that would not allow a black man to lead the Department of Justice, an America that would never elect a black president.

Oh, and we’d have to believe that there is a roving band of George Zimmermans terrorizing black neighborhoods, particularly black teenage boys.

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Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"The money in diversity is enormous, even bigger than former sportscaster turned political pundit turned sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s ego. Wouldn’t you like to be a “reverend” and father children out of wedlock without repercussions? If you study hard, this book will teach you how to have your non-profit organization pay your mistress and your child support – all at the same time. You must be so black that if you eat sushi, watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek and Friends, or enjoy the ballet, you will hang yourself."

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  • John LaRosa

    “Al Sharpton is a Reverend like Colonel Sanders is a war hero.” — Chris Rock (before he went 100% moonbat)

  • John P. Gilles

    What planet does this guy come from, where blacks don’t commit crimes? ROTFLMAO !!!!!! Maybe he’s also a stand-up comedian ? Cuz he sure as hell isn’t a “reverend” , and from this article he’s been smokin just a wee bit too much crack!

  • EdTheZ

    stupidity run amok

  • John P. Gilles

    Oh, and we’d have to believe that there is a roving band of George Zimmermans terrorizing black neighborhoods, particularly black teenage boys. (I musta missed that in the last white peoples only newsletter!)

  • bull57

    What a fu€ken n*gg€r. I don’t use those word often, but Sharpton is a lying arse I just can’t stand it!

    • Sam

      He is definitely a RACE BAIT-OR! He stirs up the sleeping race haters and sets them off to do HIS dirty work of creating conflict between the races (white, yellow, black, red or green). One day he will HAVE TO stand before GOD and repent for his sins!

      • boone1

        Hell it will be to late then.

    • Nancy

      If he can call people names, you are allowed to call him a name and you sure got that one right.

      • Tony D’Angelo

        Thats fantastic logic. An eye for an eye right? How about instead of sinking to Sharpton’s racist level we decide to be the better person because as long as people like you two “geniuses” think its okay for a person of any skin (white, black, purple, pink, green, or yellow) color to call any person of any skin (white, black, purple, pink, green, or yellow) color a ni**er, ni**a, ni**ette, bi**h, h*e, sl*t or any demeaning term for that matter. Maybe the problem is that pop culture has instilled a right for us to call our brothers NIGGERS and our sisters HOES. WTF is wrong with allyou people.

    • Tony D’Angelo

      You’re an idiot. I don’t use that word often.

      • bull57

        You can kiss my arse too. I have to assume you are a ignorant as that race baiter Sharpton!

      • bull57

        I grew up in the front lines in the 60’s and the 70’s friend. I have let all that hate go until just the last few years with Obama and Holder doing their race baiting bullish*t! Your an idiot if you listen too and watching all the blacks thinking they are untouchable. You can kiss my arse…

  • Jimmy Wayne Barnett

    It’s true what they say “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!

  • Pulfnick

    Excellent article!

    But you say: “Given these heinous statistics against blacks, it makes sense then that there are no black cops in America, right? All the cops in America must be white — white racists, in fact. Because black cops would not arrest black people — at least not real black cops.”

    I found an African-American cop years ago in Chicago when I had just entered my car (legally parked in a marked parking spot) and was hit by an African-America driver. I, being white, got the ticket, and the driver tried to sue me for whiplash!

    By the way, after trying to do business in Africa and getting first hand experience with Africans, from the President of the country and his Cabinet on down, I consider the term African-American to be very derogatory and would never use it to describe a black person.


    • sreynolds

      LOL I live in Baltimore,,,,, no black cops hear either,,,,,,,

      • Randy Fitzpatrick

        I’ve lived in Detroit and now Saginaw. No black cops here. A sea of white in uniform

        • sreynolds

          In all honesty, when you go to a city or state office here in Maryland, you would be hard pressed to find one white for every 8 minorities…. And they all act like,, like democrats,,,,

          • BBJOHN

            Ok Cracker,Spread em

  • Richard Kreitenstein

    Well done, Mr. Jackson.

  • Larry Stauth

    Yeah, only one thing let off.. let us not forget, that Juries must also be all white, too.

  • Sandy Leger Dehn

    Never mind what Al Sharpton says, I kind of figured out hes suffering from Retardiness, nothing he says makes no sense at all, he loves to blow air from top and bottom.

  • Elton Willis

    Saying blacks don’t commit crimes is like saying spoons make people fat…

  • Charles Kahaealohaulaokalani B

    I guess I missed this news flash. Can you give me a reference or corroborating article for this quote? Is it a quote?

    • Loyal

      Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy, and they say liberals are dumb. But no! It’s dumberested!

  • Elizabeth Ross

    you cant help what idiots say or how many idiots believe him

  • Heywood

    Sharpton: Blacks Don’t Commit Crimes

    And Tawana Brawley was rapped. Al thinks everyone is as dumb as him and rev Hyme Town Jackson.

  • jeanbean14

    Al is a charlatan and a bizarre psychopath.

  • jdibbs

    What a MENTAL CASE AL is! We all know BLACKS COMMIT THE MOST VIOLENT CRIMES!!! What kind of DRUGS is AL on??

  • Melissa Katsmom Votano

    Nice. I can almost hear your voice cracking in part of that because of the annoyance you must be feeling.

  • Donald Congleton

    Of course blacks don’t commit crimes, the gun and knifes do. This idiot has his head so far up his A_s that he needs a glass belly button.

  • freedixie

    15% of the population, yet they commit 85% of the crimes. Al Sharpless, you are just breathing up everyone else’s air. Stop breathing.

  • sk4

    He’s a worm…

  • Hotnike


  • sreynolds

    WHy is it, a guy so black, straightens his hair and combs it back like a white italian guy??????

    • sreynolds

      CUx, that’s definitley not the natural napp of an afro. LMAO

  • gemini34

    Every time he opens his mouth you can see right through him. Where was he when the three black boys beat up the white boy on the school bus?

  • chabooya2004

    The laziest group of people i ever worked with.they are lazy, complainers and mysteriously all have bad backs .im speaking about the majority not all because i do know a few who i respect as hardworking people and character.

  • bvdees

    Kevin Jackson is sooooo right on! This is a quick and clever read that shows how truly ridiculous black pimps like Sharpton really are!

  • chabooya2004

    he looks like the alien with that elongated head

  • jim mckinnis

    Kevin, I know how it is often difficult to wish to stand apart from your “community” on whatever issue. I also know that as a “white Hispanic” as NBC would define me, I am also “defined” by demographics at times, as the “progressives” are so concerned for and committed to the well-being of Hispanics and African Americans, or so they advertise. I also see that when an African American or Latino, whoever, “joins” the opposition, most often by educating him/herself and realizing self-empowerment is the best way of defeating any “handicaps” which the progressives have been committed to removing from the minority communities for half a century, with little success, that the individual Hispanic or African American who speaks in opposition to the “progressive propaganda” is ridiculed, attacked for his or her apostasy, succeeding despite the odds, whatever they might be.

    Instead, all Latinos and Blacks should remain safely within the confines of the Democratic/Progressive camp and allow their self-appointed spokespersons to articulate why they are unsuccessful and how it is evidence of racism on the part of the white majority.

    I despise this hypocrisy of deception and depressing or disregarding the individual successes, decrying them rather than applauding them for their achievements. I feel that as more African Americans see through this deception and discover their own empowerment, more and more will follow the prescriptions for success.

    Our nation is not perfect, but rather than celebrate the achievement of an African American becoming the president and uniting us, too many in the democratic camp have sought to gain further strength by targeting success (without their “enablement”) as antithetical to the “cause” of racial progress. They have taken every opportunity to divide blacks and whites and push us to extremes and many “white-guilt” progressives refuse to call them out, bowing instead to their divisive tactics in hopes of totally destroying the conservative paradigm which was the foundation of America’s political and economic success.

    Thank you for revealing the hypocrisy. I will close with one suggestion for individuals to compare–a tape of Deneen Borelli and a second of Rachel Geantel, and determine which is the Democrats’ poster girl–it is a tragedy they are perpetrating, for Blacks, Whites, All Americans!

    • Ddenney1

      From plantation to welfare and entitlements for all races! From the well meaning DNC! Their “FEELING” are wonderful and NEVER, NEVER allow thinking to interfere with the PLAN!!! I believe Karl Marx would be proud! I mean look at ALL of the LIBS accomplishments…the WAR on poverty 17 trillion since ’65, 50000000 babies DEAD since 1973(PLANNED ,parenthood),NO MORE GOD in the public square!!( Worse SAT’s, more drop outs, less college attendance and graduations more teen pregnancy’s drug epidemic and ZERO ACCOUTABILITY!!!! Hooorrraaaayyyy for the DEMONRATS!!!!! The plan IS working just ask BAROKE INSANE OBLAMMER!!!!

  • frankenbiker

    Al Sharpton is a race profiteer, plan and simple, get rid of racism and you have a bunch of black activist that go broke over night, and they just can’t have any of that. Otherwise, Sharpton and Jackson and their ilk would be talking about educating blacks, about keeping the black families together instead of black men throwing their sperm in whatever whore will take it and produce litter after litter of illiterate black children that are destined to be sucked into this racial vortex that Sharpton perpetrates.

  • shirley collins

    I hate to take him down, but there are several black cops and they go into black communities also. He is so dumb “he don’t know nuttin”.

  • armydadtexas

    Sharpton is the worst type of RACIST. He is full of hatred and in his irresponsible way, shoves it into the young minds of AMERICA’s youth. The only thing Sharpton and folks like him should be is ASHAMED of themselves

  • Obadiahs Attic

    Hi Al, have you ever looked in a mirror? You are sooooo ugly, with those bugly eyes and that slick hair-doo.
    Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, taking my white American tax dollars to pay your salary.. while lying out of your donkey arse??

  • grannie

    As my daddy used to say…”This guy is blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other.”

  • doris lott

    LOOOOL thanks Kevin!

  • Sheryl Holden

    Good grief Al. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Michel

    Geez, what an idiot. I just can’t believe anyone would be so stupid as to claim something like this. Must never have seen programs like “48 Hours” which oftentimes documents black cops arresting black criminals who have killed, robbed, raped and murdered other blacks. But then idiots like Sharpton and Jackson would no doubt jump in front of the camera and shout set-up or fake without ever investigating. Vomiting up their racist, inciteful rhetoric just to get their ugly faces in the media. Thank God they’re both getting old…just not quick enough. We need more righteous, honorable men like Martin Luther King….he was never divisive. I have to believe he would be ashamed of these two morons…and others like them. The blame-game needs to end. My family never owned slaves, had nothing to do with the oppression of anyone. And if blacks really knew their own history, they would know that some of their own ancestors sold enemy tribe members into the slave trade. They didn’t care about their own people then anymore than they do now!

    • newyorker

      that is 100% correct.Al Sharpton is a race bater. and liar like all of these excuse’s that they give. screw him and that kind of black b.s. get a job AL, YOU DISHONEST BASTARD !!!l.

      • violater1

        The Black Piers Morgan A lying shiftless spineless piece of dog defication!

    • Sam

      Now there is a person who knows nothing about MLK and his perverted self serving agenda that requires a sealed record for 50 years.

  • Robert12Disqus

    stupid is as stupid does. he’s enjoying the current limelight because the mainstream media is giving it for their purposes. the elites are just itching to get a race war going so they can declare martial law and then, so they think, do whatever they want with impunity because it’s martial law. problem is americans are not cooperating so much with all the stuffy hot air and quackery. maybe sharpton can get something started in mexico if he makes it out alive were his stupid comments transitioned to hispanics instead of using the word whites. what a buffoon!

  • Carol

    What a racist moron!!! When will black people wake up and see he has his interest at heart not theirs?

    • Loyal

      It had better be soon, I for one am getting fed up, with the fact that very few Blacks will stand up and be counted for the truth, it will take them to put a stop to sharpton, and rev. Us whitey’s will work on the white trash. As and example: Japan after, Pearl Harbor thought America would put their tail between their legs and run and hide. How did that work out?

  • eganstew3

    Lets get rid of welfare then they would need to find a job. If they had a job then they might want to better themselves by getting an education. Look at Ben Carson who lived in poverty and he is a world surgeon. It can be done if you get an education. Makes no difference the color of the person, if you give them money to live on you take away the initiative to pull yourself out of you situation. Work gives a person a form of pride, accomplishment to do and be better. When you take handouts from the government you become a slave.

    • parkerglp

      If they had a job, they wouldn’t be sitting around being bored, making babies, and burglarizing our homes while we are at work!!!!!! Sharpton has an IQ in the low single digits!!!

      • violater1

        What IQ he is brainless,Spineless and useless! he is a good for nothing race baiter!

  • eganstew3

    Here is a link to Pastor Manning. He may be a little rough, but I enjoy what he has to say. He is a black pastor.

    • violater1

      Tells it like it is doesn’t he eganstew3? I also enjoy Pastor Mannings videos!

    • urbanvrwcmom

      John the Baptist was rough too, to the point that it cost him his head. Mannings epitomizes a true minister of Christ.

  • PatCindyCunningham

    Yes he does! He knows exactly what blacks do, he just makes sure he cashes in on it. You see Al Sharpton is nothing but a blood sucker. he uses race as his bread and butter. He would be nothing if it wasn’t for racial attitude, and Al Sharpton has a lot of attitude.

    • Daisy Jones


      • PatCindyCunningham

        Amen to that. I just hope blacks realize what Sharpton and Jackson are. Not when they are dead and buried either. Now or sometime in the not so distant future.

      • Barrustio

        During the early days of segregation I learned my art as a musician from a Black guitar player in the dressing stalls of the “Black swimming pool” ….Whites , Blacks and Hispanics all were segregated and had their own pools. Living right across the street from the Black pool it’s obvious who my first friends were… I don’t need to develop “street cred” when it comes to issues of race. I KNOW who the real Black leader were and while Sharpton and Jackson may have started out with good intentions ….they have totally deviated from MLK’s dream of the day when ALL children of all colors would be able to play together and be judged by the content of their character

  • Doug Taylor

    This is also what they want you to think about radical Muslims all being peaceful.

  • Loyal

    Mr. Jackson, We all seem to be rather upset, by whats going on in the World, the United States in particular, and the anger, seems to increase, how ever the anger is not at the White, Black, Brown, Yellow, or even Pink, but, at right or wrong. By the way, Mom always used to say count to ten before you let anger discharge, but she never did. Darn!

  • Tom Andy

    I’m surprised that someone hasn’t vaporized that POS by now.

  • i2luvmyusa

    Sharpton is a disgrace to the good black people! Educated, informed minorities do not have time for this ugly spewing racist crap coming out of this Black mans mouth demonstrating his hatred for the White citizens of this country! This is true RACISM!

    • Tony D’Angelo

      Than why do they continue to listen to him? Maybe because they think he’s right?

  • loran

    What would anyone expect from the worlds #1 racist. Yes I said racist.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      He certainly gets plenty of competition from Chicago’s Jessie Jackass…for being a Racist….And I need to add another Chicago Racist in the mix…The “Reverend Wrong” Wright…
      How can any of these people call themselves Reverend…They are a disgrace to GOD….and Humanity…

      • urbanvrwcmom

        Christians are already under attack in America. Jackson, Sharpton, and Wright are providing fodder.

        • Barrustio

          Please don’t lump Jackson and Sharpton with Christians …..there is nothing Christian about their message

          • urbanvrwcmom

            Frankly, I doubt if they’re born-again Christians. Other than that, they’re Christians in name only.

          • Barrustio


      • loran

        Freedom train, You are absolutely correct. I’d forgotten all about the Rev. Wright. I tell you, there is so much that Obama, Holder and these characters have done that one person cannot remember it all.

        • FreedomTrainUSA

          Loran…Nothing surprises me anymore…But when you think that Liberal STUPIDITY Could not sink to new low…I just turn on the computer each morning….AND WOW….I FIND A NEW LOW…

  • Jeanette Ferree

    Is this guy for real? He’s insane.

  • Bob_from_Iowa1

    Guess that’s why the prison system is overflowing with black inmates. Al needs to spend some time in a cell with one of his black brothers and get educated.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      While he’s there, Sharpton should grow a pair and tell those jailbirds that their thuggishness is what got them in jail.

  • Nancy

    Time for this man to get back on his meds. People, He is completely off his rocker. He needs to go to Chicago and let them know its not blacks killing blacks, they are just white people and white Hispanics who have painted them selves black. Surely, Surely the black people do not buy this BS from him, do they?

    • urbanvrwcmom

      I don’t; for that I’m a sellout and a race traitor. Guilty as charged!

    • Dawn Elkins

      The type of people who buy this from him are just like him.

      • Dawn Elkins

        oh I left out … they are just like him; delusional.

  • FreedomTrainUSA

    Al SharpTongue….DULL BRAIN….is a complete BRAIN DEAD MOROM…

  • belladonnacotton

    Al Sharpton if that is his real name should be horse whipped and sent to jail.

  • shatwood

    Where’s the link to Sharpton saying Blacks dont commit crimes?

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Only in Sharpton’s warped, addled mind.

    • dancingontheheadofapin

      Kevin didn’t supply a link to the original article or statement, but I can tell you, I’ll believe what Kevin says without a link to verify, way over and above anything Al Sharpton says even if he does supply a link because he’d get his sources from very liberal (i.e., lying so-called journalists) who all have their own agenda.

  • Ragman69

    Sharpton’s message is the same as a skid mark in my “drawers”. Unwanted and never there. Hurry up and die you racist freak.

  • debi feldet

    Al Sharpton is probably one of the most ignorant people in this world, along with Obama and Jessie Jackson, they have disgraced their selves. The great Martin Luther King would probably never agree with their racist rhetoric

    • louluna

      You forgot Eric Holder,Booby Young and Charlie Rangel

      • sreynolds

        You can NEVER leave out hank johnson when talking stupid, LMFAO he is the idiot who thought Guam would capsize if we sent to many troops there. ( No joke, I watched him say it on video, this was NOT a taken out context remark. The man IS actaully THAT stupid ) and yet, just the kind of guy democrats vote for….

  • repubboy

    He did.. He presented A fraud in a court case.. He is a race baiting criminal..

  • Pyro Rob

    REv Al, you are a moron. I suppose Tawana Brawley is also innocent. Speaking of which, when will she have that court imposed restitution paid off?

    • GomeznSA

      Aw that’s easy – sooner or (much) later – after all, she finally did start paying here in the past week or so…………

  • carolrhill814

    I not certain in what dream world he is in but it is not here on Planet Earth and that is for sure.

  • bobmead1960

    Al is no man of God. I am a man of God and the Bible says that “there is none righteous no not one.” Romans 3:10 All mankind is sinful. It is not based on color or social standards. Evil abounds in all mankind. Only God can stem the tide of evil in man…

  • chiefpontiac

    Hey Al, I guess that predominantly black areas of DC, LA, NYC, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Camden and Philadelphia, where black on black crime is astronomical are just anomalies, right?

  • cub68134

    Anyone who believes this man’s rhetoric is a fool.

  • Harold

    First off he is no Rev. Next off he is a certified moron, next in line is he, Jesse James Jackson, Barry Soetero are all of the same clan, ANTI-AMERICAN. If he had one viable brain cell, it would be the loneliest place on planet earth.

  • regulus30

    and Al “not so sharp” Sharpton is not the race baiting user of the stupids of his own race to enrich himself and extort more WHITE MAN’S MONEY;; when is the killing going to heat up?

  • louluna

    I watch the First 48 Hours and most of the murders on that show are committed by Blacks like 95% of them

    • JayJCee

      And most of the victims are black as well.

      • Justin_Igger

        Which, of course, means it is not really a crime after all… It is a blessing for everyone. One dead, one imprisoned for life. Win-win, if anything ever was.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    What parallel universe is this buffoon sinister minister living in? When I escaped that hellhole of Detroit, it wasn’t white, blue eyed blondes wreaking havoc there. It was “brothas” doing so, thus oppressing the decent black people who live in Detroit. Where’s Sharpton’s outrage at these cretins? Never mind; since it’s “his people”, they get a pass.

    • Sun Tzu Lao

      Sinister minister, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to pirate that phrase! I always called him irreverend sharpton.

      • urbanvrwcmom

        Please do! Here’s a couple more: Irrelevant and Rearend.

  • Guest

    Guess he’s never watched ‘The First 48’.

  • voncile fullwood

    maybe a cop should stop and frisk him and see what he is hiding and what heinous crimes or drugs,or guns he is hiding or fixing to comment you are one sorry piece of trash

    • Barrustio

      They could start by looking under that process

  • Richard Paris

    It really ashamed that when Sharpton was stabbed, the knife didn’t do the job! It couldn’t penetrate the layers of lies, distortion and perversion Sharpton spews out daily. Where’s Twana Brawley when you need her? She must be being “minsipulated!”

  • Don James Cooper

    It seems to me that this Al has target out blacks and put the blame on whites. You know it is not one certain color it all color that breaks laws, Not every cop is dirty. I truly believe that Al is Anti American.

  • Grant Waguspack

    oh really Mr. Sharpton, so all the black gangbangers out there dealing drugs, shooting innocent people and cops that protect and serve (including black cops) are just a figment of our imagination. Shut the hell up, you’re an idiot. There’s a lot of good blacks out there, but there’s also a lot of bad ones too. Just like good and bad in every race

  • MARY

    You know if you keep saying the same lies you start believing them yourself. Hello Al.

  • a_goodtarheel1

    No matter what you happen to think of pre-marital sex, the Bible, which is the reference point for all Christians, speaks against it. How can a man pretend to be a Christian pastor while telling Sandra Fluke that her parents should be very proud of her demand for public funding of her sexcapades? It just boggles my mind.

    • Kathy Garrett

      Al is what’s called a matchbook minister, there used to be advertising on matchbooks and I remember there used to one where you could buy a certificate saying you’re a minister. I think him and Jackson shared the same book of matches.

      • a_goodtarheel1

        It’s not too much of a stretch to think that may have happened. No one has ever been able to figure out just what these two justice brothers actually do for a living. Extortion can only be profitable for so long.

      • iwojimafan

        I think he got his minister’s certificate out of a Cracker Jack Box. He and Jackson are nothing but REAL PIECES OF SH#T

  • tony

    Well old Al is right in Al’s eyes. He defines “crime” as anything he deems bad. Since he is a racist, he deems that only Whites can commit crimes. Blacks have a “right” to act as they please and if they happen to attack a white, is is ok, the white deserved it for the crimes he thinks whites committed. If blacks attack each other, then it is the fault of the ‘White society”.

  • Kenneth Stout

    I have black friends, a son in law who is black all good people. But you Sharpton, your black ass needs to be in jail for inciting others to violence. Maybe you and Jessie Jackson can share a cell together. All those people who have been murdered or left maimed or disabled due to the violence created by you and your hateful group of corrupt commies need to rot in jail, and pay restitution to the victims of your violence.

    • Justin_Igger

      Your daughter married a n1gger? Nice parenting there, big guy…. Way to fail.

      • Kenneth Price

        Comments like this are just as bad as Sharpton’s and only add fuel to the fire. I say we lock people like you in the same room as people like Al so you can fight it to the death. The winners remain locked in the room with the door welded shut forever.

        • Justin_Igger

          Truth hurts.

          • Tony D’Angelo

            I feel sorry for you man.

      • A.c. Volper

        And hows that marriage working out with you and Bob or is it Steve?

  • mark oheron

    why does anybody care or listen to this race baiting piece of sh-t. he said nothing about those 3 thugs that beat the hell out of a white student on the bus or the white girl that was standing at her front door after work when that black animal stabbed her 7 or 9 times for no reason. black on white crime is at an all time high and the media refuses to tell the public about this epidemic so they are emboldened to commit more heinous crimes because they dont perform hate crimes and they get away with it. I carry a gun and if you f–k with me , my family , my friends and even some I dont know I wont think twice about smoking your a-s. I live by this motto liberalism is moochers electing looters to steal from producers.. Romney was dead on when he said 47 % of the freeloaders are taking sh-t for free at the producers expense. Grab your ankles because oscuma is going to bury it in our a-s and steal from us to give to his lazy no count bothers. Prepare for the inevitable war. someday whitey is going to have enough and will stand up and say f–k you . Are a least I hope so

  • bluesky71

    No black police chief or cops? Check Detroit. Stop making excuses.

  • Paul Davis

    Hay Al…FUCK OFF!!!

  • SupportMcCarthyism

    He sounds like your typical liberal. Just like the liberals in Washington these days, playing down everything that everyone is saying about them.

  • Daniel Boone

    I knew he was STUPID this is the proof!

  • Tricky Dick

    When you come down off of the crack binge that you are on right now , please show us your home and your neighborhood . I am willing to bet it is not inner city Detroit or anything remotely similar . PLEASE put up the best latest high tech security fences available around your crime free , safe and secure communities of blacks to keep we white people and all the others trying to bring blacks down , OUT OF YOUR Utopian neighborhoods . Stay safe behind your fence , enjoy your model citizens wonderful life and pray that we heathens can survive outside the fence on our own …….

  • tessaprn

    Sharpton is an idiot!

  • Chad Hendricks

    Apparently Al Sharpton has fogotten that he represended Tawana Bradley.

  • Dawn Elkins

    I have received speeding tickets from black cops, I also know white people who get treated the same way by cops.. its hard to find a good cop now days no matter what race they are.. The only reason I dont believe in the death penalty is because we dont know how many innocent people of all races are sitting in prison because some cop was too lazy to catch the real criminal so they keep an innocent person locked in a room until they finally plead guilty even if they arent. So stop crying with the race card life sucks for everyone in this country. Get over yourself. You know you are full of it you just like to stir up the crap is all and go home and laugh at all the damage your ignorance causes. Because you are miserable and hate your own darn self so you have to bring everyone down with you. If you are lacking attention at home they sell many sex toys in the sex toy stores.

    • FAAQ2

      Dawn – you really need to leave the hard drugs alone – you have destroyed what little brain you have left – yeah all those innocent people in prison – Manson- OJ – yep all innocent..

  • icemancold

    Al Sharpton:: This black idiot needs some old fashioned Apache treatment and have his tounge cut out that would stop the racist speel from flowing out of his pie hole

  • newtiffen

    Only morons believe this creep.

  • Filly

    this guy is a total IDIOT and is ot of touch with reality that’s for sure,

  • russinmaine

    This photo reminded me, Al looks just as stupid as he acts. I guess in a sense you could say that he is the complete package…..of ignorance that is!

    • Martha Benton

      You just can’t fix stupid no matter how hard you try. But it will be fixed on Judgement Day! And it sure won’t be to this moron’s liking then.

      • Sun Tzu Lao

        It would be good if he was stupid. He’s brilliant and cunning, like most successful, evil men and women.

        • Justin_Igger

          That’s nig’s not brilliant…. Have you ever met a brilliant n1gger before? He is told what to say.

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        His kind only learn through pain. Give a horseman a whip, a bridle for a donkey, and a rod to a rebels back.

  • Mike

    The shame of Sharpton is the damage he does to Black America. His constant race baiting is just like an infection that won’t allow a wound to close and heal. Black Americans should turn 180 degrees from Sharpton, and embrace the values of the Conservative Party, they serve the Black community far more than the Liberal Democrats that seek only to keep Black America dependent on the Government and not on themselves, the real key to FREEDOM.

  • James Maxwell

    Al “Race Baiter” Sharpton must have enjoyed one joint to many. To bad he doesn’t
    live I Murder City (Chicago) without any body guards or in his high rise appt. Of
    course his definition of crime might be different of other peoples. To him lying,
    cheating, stealing, murder are just ever day folks doing what they do normally.

  • Martha Benton

    What about the black Muslim President? What about the crooked black Attorney General?

  • zachlen

    He has been looking ill lately.Looks like he might be Dying. Can’t happen soon enough.All should boycott MSNBC for giving this troublemaker a platform.

  • Allen Hudson Veasman

    Now that is sarcasm!

  • James Nolan

    Kevin you are one courageous Author,I pray one day we will not need your poignant message’s,Best Wishes!

  • ConfusedAmericanCitizen

    What Al Sharpton does to exploit ‘his’ people and keep them down should be considered criminal.

  • Noah Salakk

    I knew it!!! It IS A CONSPIRACY.. How could over 50% of the Black population be criminals????? It makes MUCH more sense that Every Cop, Judge, and Jury is corrupt in EVERY town, city and State… “THE MAN” is more powerful than I’d EVER have guessed!! Someone NEEDS to Alert The President!!!!

    • Michael


  • Jaclyn Barnes

    I guess that is why Chicago has one of the highest crime,rate committed.By blacks!!This article is extremely wonderful Kevin it just points,out how.Far Sharpton will go to blame everything on white people,but then.Again I’m not at all surprised because since day one,all Muslim Obama!!Has done is divide white against black and LIE to the,black community!!!They now have the highest unwed pregnancy rate in,the black community,also unemployment.Also in New york crime rate.

  • PhilJourdan

    Sharpton has never been to the Capital of the Confederacy. Richmond Virginia had, just recently, a couple of black Chief’s of Police. One was very good (Charlotte NC got him), and one was very bad (a crony of the DC chief).

  • americalandofthefree

    Al Sharpton must have missed school on the history days. But to diss your own people many who are famous in every aspect of american culture from actors, doctors, politicians, law enforcement, judges, the list is endless. To make the statements he makes makes him look uneducated and out of touch with reality. Black people have contributed a lot to this country and for Mr. Sharpton to make stupid statements to get the young black people to riot and destroy is just wrong. By doing this he harming his own people more than anyone else.

  • Sun Tzu Lao

    Seems to me the chief of police in my city is a black man… Odd, one would think sharpton is nothing but a pied piper of racism, out to get rich off of hatred and discord.

    • Justin_Igger

      We had a nig police chief in my city too once…. Until he got caught trafficking cocaine and muh-dikkin prostitutes. We are now one nig less.

      • Sun Tzu Lao

        probably no different than the white Chief of Police before him, where a culture of corruption exists: there are few exceptions in places of power.

  • Sean

    I suppose that our black president really is an actor too….?

    • Kenneth Board

      Yes, he is an actor, because he sure as hell doesn’t know what he is doing in the real world as president.

    • Justin_Igger

      He acts like he is an American citizen, eligible for office in the first place.

  • Patriot42

    Does he live in our universe as this guy is wacko. He will do or say anything to keep the black community down he is willing to sacrifice them for his gain.

    • John Holmes

      Sharpton does not live on this planet clearly. All you need is eyes to see the crime in the streets. What a piece of work.

      • Jeff Scism

        The day the Black Community will be able to cast-off these false leaders is the day the Lord calls them to face him.

        I pray that his time will be short, and that others, MUCH less racist, will replace him.

  • John Holmes

    isnt it time to put this old horse to sleep…?

  • eastenders87

    This individual is totally disgusting……….
    I think I’ve figured out what’s wrong with
    Quite obviously, it has something to do
    with the shape of his head – wouldn’t
    you say!!!!!!!

    • John

      You are correct.
      Also I would never shake his hand ….I don’t know where that thumb of his has been.

      • FAAQ2

        No John you wouldn’t want to kiss him – as you know where his head had been !

  • CQQL33

    WWHHAAAATTTTT ??????? LMAO !!! Talk about stupid people, this guy takes that cake, along with all of his blind followers….

    • Jeff Scism

      Who mentioned Stevie Wonder? OOPs I did.

  • nicholasstix

    Logic kills.

  • Neal Gaylor

    This guy is a braindead, liberal, Jacka$$ MORON!!!!!

    • LeSellers

      You said the same thing four times. Liberal and moron and brain-dead and jack ass (no need to disguise it: “jack ass” is a legitimate term for the male of the species Equus africanus asinus) are all words that describe, at least figuratively, the same thing.

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • Neal Gaylor

    He’s one of the BIGGEST racists on the planet and is a total DISGRACE to the title Reverend. THERE IS NOTHING CHRIST-LIKE IN THIS MAN WHATSOEVER. What this MORON doesn’t understand is that using the title “Reverend” makes him even MORE accountable to God when His judgment comes down.!

  • tncdel

    Trying to “out-Pelosi” Nancy Pelosi at making idiotic statements.

    • LeSellers

      Even he needs a head start to make that happen.

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • Calvin

    This guy makes Pelose look intelligent.

    • LeSellers

      That, sir, is an impossibility. To do that, he’d have to have a negative IQ, which is, according to the rules of arithmetic, not allowed.

      He does, however, make her look like an amoeba, instead of a virus.

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • Jeff Scism

        The Jobs economy is BAD on purpose, it is a TOOL to bring down the US infrastructure so it can rebuilt along his agenda’s lines.

        • LeSellers

          Of that I have no doubt.

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

          • Bandit

            Of course not he does not want any jobs for the white people obambi only wants jobs for the mexicows and the blacks if they can learn how ti fill out a job app.

          • LeSellers

            Or, better (from His point of view), a welfare application. That way, he get a two-fer: another person/family dependent on government welfare, rather than private charity, and another government worker employee (who may just happen to be white — even better for Him) who will also vote Democrat without applying any critical thinking skills.

            Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • Ancoman

      I don’t think even he is that stupid! (although I could be wrong)

    • Average_Joe56

      The sad reality is that….Pelosi is smart enough to keep getting re-elected and Sharpton is making a fortune spreading his special brand of stupid….with complete media backing.
      What does that say about the electorate (us) for allowing them to be where they are? Unfortunately, by even discussing them, we legitimize their existence. But they are too dangerous to ignore…..
      They say that wisdom comes with age.
      All too often though…age seems to come alone.

      • Jeff Scism

        I am of the belief that racism is inbred generationally, and taught at an early age to children. My father says we have to wait until the older, race indoctrinated blacks die out, and less indoctrinated blacks replace them. The problem is the Indoctrination is in full throttle all the time, and there are not many who can escape its influence. Racism is born where racism is voiced, and if we allow that voice to speak racist content unchallenged, then we are also at fault. The problem IS that the black community, and some others, have been taught that Racism within their own community against the OTHERS is a virtue. That is why they say only whites can be racists, because they believe that no matter what, its OK for blacks to be racist against others. That is “Social Justice” not racism.

        • jorgaone

          That is one of the most profound comments here…thank you.

  • octavian61

    And this from a guy who wore a wire and ratted out his friends so he could avoid going to jail for a long time. What a real fink!

  • Rod Graham

    What a moron, black people should be ashamed by this self appointed spokesman. Remember Tawanna Brawley? He will do anything to push his warped agenda. He should be in prison for perjury, not allowed to broadcast his views to the low intelligence audience that flocks to him, Jesse Jackson, & barack obama. What a disgrace to humanity…..

    • Wallstreetbulls

      we blacks already know Sharpton is a clown, problem is there are so many blacks who only desire is to join the circus!


        They like being part of the blame others game. It is someone else’s fault, that they are uneducated and on foodstamps. He is their champion giving them the excuses they need to feel self-worth. I know too many educated and successful blacks to know without a doubt all that the civil rights Comedy team of Jackson and Sharpton spew is pure baloney.

        • Rod Graham

          I have been getting a lot of flack from the moron coalition, it seems I offended them greatly by calling al sharpton a moron.

          I wish to retract my comment concerning al sharpton being a moron.

          I’m very sorry for my free use of the term. & will think twice before I use the word again.

          • Rod Graham

            al sharpton is an imbecile…..

          • Bandit

            That’s closer to what he is. If you take a close look at him you will notice that he is more like the zombies off of The Walking Dead.

          • PASSTHEWORD

            WHY? They must learn the TRUTH hurts. He is a MORON and that is being nice.

  • FAAQ2

    Yes Al we know your IQ is “1” we’ve always known that !

    • Jeff Scism

      I think you over-estimate him. If he had ONE more IQ point, it would still be in the negative numbers. If he had TWO more, It would be lonely.

  • FAAQ2

    Thank you Lord – for not letting black people live anywhere near me !

    • Ancoman

      You lucky dog!

    • Creepy as crackers!

      I gave you a down arrow only because I am jealous.

    • Diane Kiner

      Well, well..thanks again for penning the “we really are racists cuz we’re white”..I do not like whats going on but not all black people are like the ones stated here!

      • Rubygirl

        Then these people need to band together and stand up for what’s right. They don’t need to let a few race baiters bring them down. i’m while but whenever one of these idiots speak, I’m embarrassed for my fellow black Americans!!

        Stand up and stop this racism. I think at this point only the blacks can take their communities back and teach their children right from wrong. Just run these race hustlers out of your communities!!!

    • Bandit

      How many black people live in the desert I can tell you not many, they roast to fast.and the coyotes don’t like the taste.

  • alcan44m

    Actually, there is a good case why blacks (at least one certain black) should not be in charge of the department of (in)justice. This particular individual discredits all of the great black men (and women) who have done great service to our country (Colin Powell, Allen West, Condi Rice and a very long list of others). Come to think of it, his boss isn’t that great either.

  • Clancie

    Sharpton is a disgrace to himself. Can’t believe anyone would refer to have as ‘reverend’. He’s desperately trying to hold on to relevance… and money.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      He is a Disgrace to God and the Human Race…along with the others 2 Racist that have Reverend in from of their name…Jessie Jackass and the Jeremiah “WRONG” Wright

  • Average_Joe56

    Don’t you folks know? Sharpton holds high position in the world.
    He is in charge of the White House Cooking Team.
    Sharpton fans the flames of racism.
    Jackson stirs the pot of racism
    Obama and his media helpers…..serves it up in large unhealthy doses to the ignorant masses feeding at the government trough….
    Tonight’s menu includes Racist pandering with a side of voter fraud and liberal mantra on a stale dinner roll.
    Fan it Al!
    Fan those flames!

  • Jim

    So blacks don’t commit crimes Mr Sharpton. I guess my eyes were deceiving me when I thought it was two blacks that broke into my house and one used a butchers knife to slash my roommates throat and killed him. Then the other who I also thought was black used a gun to shoot me and luckily he thought he had killed me. In court later, I thought the person who shot me was black had admitted that he was guilty of the crime. I wonder what race they were because they sure looked black to me.
    Now are you going to try to call me a liar?

    • Bandit

      That is funny, back in 95 I guess that 15 year old that shot me twice in the body armor was just painted black, and I guess the bullets that hit me in the chest were just make believe.

  • Jeff Scism

    Race baiting Socialists like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are leading their own self-segregated campaign to destroy Blacks as a part of America. They campaign to keep the Blacks at the Government teat. They also actively promote racism, and by diverting all arguments to racist motivation, keep racism alive to fill their pockets. They absolutely do not want Blacks to integrate.

    • Linda2955

      thats how him n jackson make their money

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      The Real Black Leaders…..Al SharpTongue…Dull Brain….add to that the Extortionist Jessie Jackass…and we can’t forget the Racist Rev “WRONG” Wright…

    • Giovanni Rain

      Well I don’t want them to integrate either. I am all for a separation system where they can do good IN THEIR COMMUNITIES.. just don’t integrate into mine. I actually want more separationists speaking.

  • DockyWocky

    Sharpton has flipped his lid, so to speak. After the indignity of losing his Brawana Bradley scam, and having to call in markers from all of liberal-land to pay off the cops who sued his ash, and won, Albert has gone from bad to worse.

    He has a death wish, which explains his behavior whenever he senses a black/white broohah boiling and rushes in to fan the flames. Someone as ignorant as Al is sure to fall for his scam and make him into a black hero instead of a black joke – his current social status.


    I don’t even know where to start with this idiot. He is so blinded by hate and contempt for whites that it has clouded his ability to think rationally and in turn he leads his own people down a path to destruction and reliance on the state with his ranting about black oppression by whites. His poor advice to his own people leads to them being products of their own environment and without an education and a black leader to build them up he is in turn forming a new generation of criminals by instilling hate, racism and lack of an education. The only criminal here is Sharpton himself. He creates a criminal ideology within his own race and then once again tries to blame it on whites. Take some responsibility you racist pos and lead your people to better jobs, stronger communities and a better education. He should be preaching stay in school rather than wasting his time preaching hate to his own race. This man is a traitor and a sellout to his own people.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      SBFLA….Your first sentence explains where you start and end….IDIOT…No more needs to be said..

  • Jim Britt

    Sharpen is a fool

  • Christian

    someone get that man some much needed medical care for his stroke.. lol

    I dislike LLE as well but it does not matter what color the LEO is, they hate everyone black, white, brown.. everyone.

    • John Johnson

      Yes, please…medical care…sign him up for Obamacare…that should take care of him.

      • FreedomTrainUSA

        Since the program is really “Death Care”…you are correct…it should take care of him…

      • Rowwdy Colt

        He will get one of Obamao’s exemptions.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      He is like all Racist Radical Liberals…He is in the FINAL STAGES OF THE MENTAL DISORDER CALLED “LIBERALISM…And in his case he also has a Terminal Case of Racism…The end result is TOTAL MENTAL SHUTDOWN OF THE BRAIN…

      • Bandit

        He is also color blind all he sees are the white people that he hates so much.

      • quarkie009

        Are you telling me that Sharpton and Jackson have a brain???

        • FreedomTrainUSA

          Not in the Real Sense of something that Functions…The Cavity between their Ears is filled with some type Weird Substance straight out of a Science Fiction Movie…

  • bubbaron2004

    So 3 black teens breaking the arm of a white boy who reported them for trying to sell him drugs is not a crime? Get real AL!!.

  • shflbroker

    Great article

  • jibbs3

    I do not care for Al Sharpton, he is a pos racist. But Kevin offers no links to where he found this info. KEVIN, please provide the info. before I pass this on.


    It is time for the black communities to form their own cities so they can properly rule themselves and stop all of these injustices Oh wait, they did, it is called Detroit. How is that working for them? Does Detroit have any crime?

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      Detroit…along with Chicago and a few more cities are SHINNING BRIGHT LIGHTS OF THE LIBERAL VERSON OF “UTOPIA”…Now all of those supporters of this need to move to their Liberal Utopia of Choice and ENJOY THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR…Please feel free to enjoy the Crime…Murders…Assaults…Slums…Gangs…Drug Dealers…High Taxes…Muslims…And we can’t forget that You are not allowed to have a Gun to Protect Yourself….and all the rest of the Wonderful Benefits….

      • Bandit

        Yjay is sooo true, But remember that sharp toung does not see the black people that are in office he only sees white people.

    • Stan D Mute

      For Sharpton, Detroit’s failure is also whitey’s fault. Whitey left Detroit, taking with him all the money he stole by enslaving blacks (stay with us here, ignore the fact that Detroit never had slaves and fought against the slavers in the south in the Civil War). In Sharpton’s view, Haiti also failed because of whitey. In fact, anywhere there is black failure of any kind, it is somehow whitey’s fault. And since blacks, like every other human group, will always have failures about which to complain, Sharpton has lifelong job security as media’s designated Whitey Blamer. In a place like Detroit, jam packed with some of the most densely concentrated black failure on the planet (and equally packed with whitey haters) where most successful blacks left long ago, Sharpton has his perfect congregation.

  • junkmailbin

    and we know the de Rev Al is not full of sh_t

    • evantoo

      Actually, yest we do know he’s full of it. Along with that other “Reverend”. You know, the adulterous one?

    • urbanvrwcmom

      He isn’t full of the Holy Spirit, that’s for sure!

  • Fred Turner

    being from the southwest I’ve never seen a pimp. Is this what one looks like? fits my mental image, anyway.

  • Bandit

    Well gee whiz I guess holder is not a black person after all, if that is the case I would like to know what color he is. And gee that Bradley person that was chief of police in Los Angles also was not a black person There have been a lot of black people in law enforcement but sharptoung does not see it that way all he sees are the white people, he is so racist that he is color blind.

  • denoferth

    Sharpton must have watched a lot of Amos-n-Andy TV shows growing up because he sure fits the Kingfish mold to a T

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Joseph Goebels, Adolph Hitler’s propaganda chief said, “If you tell a lie often enough, people will begin to believe it.”

  • Jared Murray

    BIGGET AND A LIER sharpten.

    • Stan D Mute

      I hate to be the guy who points this out, but really? Really Jared? You misspelled 60% of the words in your comment. And since 40% of the words were “and” and “a” this may set some kind of new Internet record.

      Bravo Jared! Bravo!

      • Jared Murray

        It’s that new english. It is there for people like you that have nothing to do but correct the spelling of others that don’t carry a dictionary. Like me. Spelling is not a subject I excelled in school. Class clown was..

      • Jared Murray

        {Elvis} Thank ya Thank ya very much

  • DenverKitty

    Kevin, you are a HOOT…and I mean a fun person. Do you think Sharrpton will read this? He’s wayyyy too stupid.

  • Jerry Lewis

    The sad thing is, with the influence they have, people like Sharpton and Jackson, should they truly be driven by the Lord, as they claim to be. If that were the true case, I would assume that at some point they would have an epiphany, and begin reversing the trend. They have the power, they have the influence, and they would be revered and remembered as heroes were they to do so. They would be placed on a level of MLK in history if they reversed their message now, and began helping instead of harming their community and the country. That’s sad, because the only legacy they will leave is that of two ridiculous clowns in checkered suits that kept the races apart throughout their pitiful, miserable lives, for the meager crumbs of a moment in the public spotlight – and money, of course. It’s a sad and unforgivable legacy. They could be a true pivot in history instead of a reviled footnote, which will be their true legacy. This time will be remembered as a time of racial division and hatred, thanks to these men and men like them.

  • shama12

    Here we go again, someone always trying to put down somebody black to fit their agenda, i dont believe sharpton said their is no black crime, he knows better than that, propaganda again

  • mfernandez57MN

    FInally, an answer that explains the numbers. Whitey did it.

    • Jared Murray

      Not the Whitey thing again. Cant any one do any thing right any more.

  • quarkie009

    Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and others will never accept the truth because their blinders tend to get in the way and they can’t afford to have the truth to come out and rain on their parade.

    • cHUCK

      I think they’ll never accept the truth because promoting the lie is their “bread & butter.” They make money and achieve power by doing it, which is why we have corrupt politicians. When the American people stop buying the lie, it may turn around and bite the corrupt activists and politicians in the backside – may the teeth be sharp and the bites deep.

    • Denmark Vesey

      I guess you believe the same thing is true for Rush, Hannity and other conservative mouth pieces.

      • quarkie009

        Conservatives tell the truth more times in one day than a house full of liberals would do in a thousand years. Conservatism will always be better than liberalism a million to one. I have seen what liberalism does to the freedoms that people have had and take it from them through outright lies and false promises that will never be met. True
        conservatism will triumph in the end, despite all the efforts that liberals
        and mindless drones (of which you are one) seek to destroy the USA.
        Enjoy your five minutes of lies while you are able, because you will
        regret your bad choices you make in the not too distant future when the truth will be staring you in the face.

        • Denmark Vesey

          I feel sorry for you. You seem to be paranoid and delusional. Liberalism or conservatism doesn’t matter when it comes to lies. Politicians lie. They are beholden to the people that elected them into office.

          Each party claims that the other is trying to “destroy”. The truth is that neither political philosophy is trying to destroy America as a whole. They choose to empower or disenfranchise different segments of America.

          As America becomes more diverse, the voice of social conservatives is and will continue to be diminished. As long as the voice of social conservatives is dominated by the likes of Rush, Hannity, Palin,etc the more antiquated their message becomes.

          Most Americans will no longer endure the hateful. fear mongering message of social conservatives. This is evidenced by the defeat of conservative candidates, the re-election of President Obama and may also result in the election of our first woman President, should Hillary decide to seek the office.

          Since you probably voted for Bush, maybe you feel comfortable in knowing that because of his incompetence, hundreds of families have forever lost their loved ones in conflicts that could have been prevented. Then again, maybe you think this is patriotic.

          • quarkie009

            I will vote for any conservative over a liberal because liberals and Obama koolade drinkers like you are part of the uninformed voters that are only concerned about their own selfish desires and want to be totally dependent upon the federal government for everything and in turn the federal government will take everything you have. You are one of the many fools that will never accept responsibility for anything, the same thing that Obama does. Obama would rather go golfing or play midnight basketball instead of learning how to govern. Everything that Obama touches turns to dust. Obama has never stopped campaigning since 2008. You need to get a job and get a real job instead of being a welfare

          • Sharon

            Do you feel the same about all those who died in Vietnam because of LBJ’s politics? Or does that not matter? You sound more and more delusional with every post.

  • YTisPissed

    The idea that a black person could get a law degree, then rise high
    enough to become a judge is ridiculous. What will they want me to
    believe next? That a black man could sit on the Supreme Court?

    Only through Affirmative Action could this ever have happened in the first place.

    • Jared Murray

      Thomas that was not Affirmative action.

    • Sharon

      You might try reading facts before opening your mouth. Justice Thomas did not arrive where he is through Affirmative Action.

  • Jim Wyche

    Mr. Sharpton, Judge Porter in New Iberia is an excellent judge and you had better hope you never appear before him because he dispenses justice!

    • Tom Pierce

      Why would Rev. Sharpton, or for that matter anyone want to go to New Iberia LA?

      • Jared Murray

        They would fit right in.

  • Stan D Mute

    I saw a Thomas Sowell interview video clip where he made the relevant observation that Sharpton is a one trick pony. Blaming and hating whitey is ALL he knows how to do and it’s kept food on his table for at least 40-50 years now. Instead of asking why Sharpton is being Sharpton, we *should* be asking why the media chooses to show us this instead of an entire universe of other things they could be showing us. Long before Sharpton appears on your TV screen, some media executive decides, “what’s really important here is to get an angry black man to blame whitey for EVERYTHING. That’s what we need to sell our viewers!” After that decision is made, then they call Sharpton to come on and be himself.

    I believe digging into that subject will be far more interesting and eye-opening than staring at our navel pondering why zebras don’t change their stripes.

    • cHUCK

      Mr. Jackson presents a beautiful case study in logical absurdity. About half way through, one wonder how a majority of the American People can buy the lie presented by our mainstream media. If, in fact, they DON’T buy the lie, then one must wonder why/how they choose to ignore the brutal truth. If Jackson’s tongue-in-cheek presentation is, as it’s intended to be, the exact opposite of the real truth, then why don’t the American people rise up against the corrupt system that calls the truth a lie and a lie the truth?

      Forgetting the fact that the MSM simply will NOT pring/broadcast the truth for purely political reasons, and we all KNOW that, the corrupt legal system has its roots in our communities, rises to state level and finally to national level. The place to correct the problem is at community/state level.

      We know that people who know they’re being lied to buy the lie and insist on electing corrupt judges and sheriffs, and insist on letting corrupt attorneys practice law on their turf without public objection. We know that those same people insist on electing corrupt politicians because those politicians will “send them a check” and/or because they don’t want to expend the effort to get corrupt officials out of their local and state government. We also know that corrupt officials, having cut their teeth at state and local levels, march on to positions in our federal government.

      Fact: corruption breeds corruption. People who profit from the actions of corrupt officials help keep them in office – at the expense of the taxpayers who pay those officials’ salaries and fund the corrupt benefits those officials offer to bribe lazy, corrupt citizens to vote for them. It’s a vicious circle that won’t stop until the nearly 75% if conservative eligible voters who don’t vote go to the polls and vote their conscience, and the nearly 47% of OUR OWN CITIZENS who live on the bribes perpetuated by their corrupt elected officials realize what they’re doing to themselves and to their country and turn into dedicated conservative voters.

      Then maybe we’ll be able to take back our country. Greed begets greed, corruption begets corruption, and it’s been going on for generations. We, the People, have the power to stop it… IF we do our duty as American citizens and commit ourselves to protect and defend the Constitution that gives us the freedom to do mostly as we like. Otherwise, we will lose that freedom.

  • Paul Huggins

    Sharpton is one of the biggest race baiting fools i have ever seen or heard. He is NOT a man of God with all this hate in his heart ! Martin Luther King was a man of God not, Sharpton

  • Taquoshi

    About six or eight months ago, I happened to be talking to the principal of one of our local middle schools. Her school was getting ready to have another bake sale to help out with the expenses for a funeral of a former student. He was the third one who was killed in an on-going Hatfield/McCoy situation over the last two year period. She said that she was getting tired of having to do this and that her students were becoming increasingly hopeless as they were seeing this all happen. Big Al was nowhere to be seen, I guess because this sort of thing doesn’t really happen in the black community, apparently…..

  • Dale_G1

    If blacks don’t commit crimes then it must be ghosts or fairies that killed more than 530 people of color in Chicago since 2008. I don’t hear the blamestream media, the pResident or Opracist Winfrey talking about all of the families who are grieving over all the B on B crime. Do they grieve more when a “white”-Hispanic kills an African-American? It seems to me that blacks in this country have a lot LESS to fear from the KKK, white racist skinheads, 5 million George Zimmermans or the AIDS/HIV myth. The have more to fear from each other ( thanks to a loathing self-destructive, self-hatred egged on by cRAP music ). Thanks to Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood,
    President Obama-nation, poor education and work skills and near self genocide, they are making themselves into an endangered species.

    • Denmark Vesey

      White people commit crimes and kill people too. This is not unique to blacks. Criminals prey upon the people in the communities where they live. It’s that simple.

      • Grayzel

        Please keep your head in the sand with your @ss in the air. Ignoring a problem does not help to improve the problem, it only allows it to grow. Yes, all sorts of different skin colors commit crime, the point is people who call themselves African American commit a disproportional amount of crimes for their population. Please remove your head from the sand. Your argument is childish.

        • Denmark Vesey

          Believing that the majority of blacks are criminals doesn’t make it so.

          • damonleesmith22

            No, but FBI facts do.

          • LifelongAstorian

            A HUGE percentage are! Especially males between the ages of 16-35

          • Justin_Igger

            90% or more ni66ers are criminal. This isn’t wishful thinking, this is the truth of the matter.
            You’d be very hard pressed to find a ni66er that is NOT a criminal.

      • damonleesmith22

        Yes, other races commit crime, but not at the rate of blacks. Blacks make-up a mere 12% of the total population, yet commit more than half of all violent crime. You are ten times more likely to be attacked by a black man than a white or Hispanic combined… Go figure.

    • blackyb

      Black people are being used. The racists are baiting for the youth to do the crimes they want to commit themselves but are too cowardly, as I said.

      • damonleesmith22

        You are correct… Blacks are being used. They’re being used by democrat politicians and race baiters like Jesse and Al each and every day.

        • blackyb

          I have been doing some thinking on this and have concluded that Sharpton, a Muslim Brotherhood thug, wants black youth in prison so they can be targeted to join that Muslim Brotherhood and help destroy America. Sharpton knows where the people who commit crimes go. He also knows it is hard to corner black youth unless they are in jail. The jails and prisons are a main recruiting station for the recruitment of the Muslim Brotherhood. Old Sharpton has lost about 350 pounds or so since hisk. youth. He and his thugs used to beat up on Jews or anyone in their neignborhood they could pick on. He is a bully, but is too old to boogey himself. Sharpton is an evil man. Beware of him and his ilk.

    • Anthony Brian Hurley

      Yeah, the spooks are committing the crimes… But not the supernatural kind of spooks.

  • blair152

    That’s what Obama’s Justice Department believes too.

  • Spartacus

    Nice piece… Now, where’s the article about the Knoxville Horror ?

  • TexasJester

    So – I guess – al sharpy is saying blacks are too dumb to commit crimes, so they have to be set up by whitey???

  • RLJR1


  • bluealiendevil

    I guess he is saying that black people are not smart enough to accomplish ANYTHING at all. Gee, I need to tell my girlfriend she is not smart enough to have gotten her Masters Degree in English and to not be teaching. At least that is what the black man says.

  • anoesis

    I personally know 2 black police chiefs. 1 is so black he shines. They both started as patrol cops, been at for years. Al Sharpton is an idiot but he makes very large money with his race baitin and hate mongering. I just wonder why there are so many very intelligent black people on these internet news sites but most of them in the every day world are so blatantly worthless. Welfare queens and dope dealers are the name of the game.

  • Rick

    For the first time in my life I am proud to be an American,

  • timmy

    Their were 5 crimes committed in Anne Arundel County Maryland recently (August 2013). All were committed by black youth. In fact the article on page 6 of the Gazette mentions that all the suspects were black. “Anne Arundel Police investigating string of robberies” The suspects had armed guns and were threatening innocent citizens of Maryland. They robbed or beat all of their victims. When will the African community wake up and take some responsibility.

    • Denmark Vesey

      I guess white people don’t commit crimes at all. You need to check out the crime stats in Howard county or Ocean city. Idiot! ALL ethnic groups have elements within their group that commit crimes.

      • mike jones

        No I did not say that only blacks commit crimes, all races do indeed commit crimes everywhere in fact, but the article says that black people don’t commit crimes and I am just giving examples that they do. Also, as a percentage of the population blacks do indeed commit crime (non-drug) at a much higher rate than white’s and asians and even hispanics, esp in Urban areas. Some people out there are ignorant and living in a haze who choose to ignore problems in society. Again, in college Park the RJ bentley’s was robbed. 2 blacks are the suspects there as well. They did not bring up race on NBC but they showed the tape. Looking at the crime statistics issued by the state of Maryland and in Howard county, you will find no race/gender attached to crimes vioilent or otherwise, since Maryland is Politicaly correct state, which ignores real problems in society. But if you watch the news and are honest with yourself most crimes are commited by black and hispanic youth followed by white non-hispanic and then asians last. And although women do commit crimes, most are done by men. These are the inconvient truths that people don’t want to admit in society. Look in Chicago at the headline’s , all black young gunned down. Some were just kids and byestanders. It’s really sad.

        • timmy

          Commissioner Raymond Kelly credited the controversial stop-and-frisk
          tactic for helping to push New York’s crime rate to record lows.

          In a television interview, New York’s top cop defended his
          department’s use of the crime fighting tool and blasted critics who say
          it targets a disproportionate number of blacks and Latinos.

          “The stark reality is that crime happens in communities of color,” Kelly told “Nightline” co-anchor Bill Weir Wednesday.

          “About 70% to 75% of the people described as committing violent
          crimes — assault, robbery, shootings, grand larceny — are described as
          being African-American.

          “The percentage of people who are stopped is 53% African-American,”
          he continued. “So really, African-Americans are being understopped in
          relation to the percentage of people being described as being the
          perpetrators of violent crime.”

          More facts for you to read.

          • Denmark Vesey

            Just more racist non sense. The racist echos of the past can be heard today. This is why it’s important not to forget America’s support of the murder, rape and discrimination against African people their progeny.

            Since a higher percentage of white men to go into schools and kill children or go into movie theaters and kill people or are serial killers perhaps white men should be stopped and frisked by the police at schools, movie theaters and while walking the streets.

            Since a higher percentage of child molesters are white men, perhaps white men should not be allowed to be around children.

            Since a higher percentage of white men in rural areas tend to use, make and sell methamphetamine perhaps we should just stop white men in rural areas and search their homes and cars on the chance that they could be involved in this illegal drug trade.

            Using your “logic” it would be appropriate to target white men because they tend to be child molesters, serial killers, child murders and methamphetamine manufacturers, dealers, and users.

          • timmy

            Finally, some real facts. “Since a higher percentage of child molesters are white men, perhaps white men should not be allowed to be around children.” Now that is going a bit far. But your overall fact is indeed correct. And so to answer your question if a crime of that nature is indeed committed, and their is some just cause, you got to question the old white guy first. Practical solutions dude. Society on average should do what it takes to stop crimes and not ignore them. Remember failure is not an option. Think of all the innocent people that die from stray bullets and children that get abused all because we as a society are trying to be too politically correct.

          • blackyb

            Read the statistics. Proportionately, especially now, blacks are committing more crimes in their neighborhoods and everyone elses’ because of men like Sharpton who are encouraging behavior that is sending these kids to jail.

          • blackyb

            If they don’t want the name, then don’t play the game.

          • damonleesmith22

            You do understand the article was written by a black man that seems to understand that lying about the facts, as Sharpton does, doesn’t solve the problem.

          • LifelongAstorian

            Actually blacks tend to be disproportionately serial killers as well (i.e. well over 12% of them) just not as much as they are of other violent crimes. Certainly of child murders and molesters as well. Congratulations, blacks – you are the KINGS of crime!

          • Justin_Igger

            Ni66ers are not fully evolved, fully functioning human beings. It is unfair to expect the apes to be capae of behaving as such.

        • Denmark Vesey

          Just because when the news reports crime, which usually usually has a black or hispanic face, does not mean that this is an accurate representation of black and hispanic youth or the frequency at which they commit crimes. The whole “per capita” argument isn’t really germane because you can point to various societal issues that disproportionately impact black and hispanic youth to explain these differences (i.e. disproportionate sentencing for drug possession).

          When you look at the crime stats and you merge the racial composition of a given area (i.e. Howard county or Ocean city) the stats suggests that whites are committing those crimes. The same is true for PG county, where there is a higher number of blacks, therefore the criminals and their victims are black.

          I think we can agree that if a family member was killed by a black person, white person, etc it really wouldn’t matter. Your loved one is dead and there is no solace in knowing that they were killed by someone of their own ethnic group or from a different group.

          • timmy

            You should read posts more carefully. I mentioned non-drug related. It is accurate in fact. Because if you watch the news like i do, it’s disproportionally African American or Hispanic. It’s not because the news media is biased.

            Here is a fact for you. (buried in the MD crime reports) In 2010, in Maryland there where 287 people arrested for Murder and not drugs. 77% percent of them were black. Do African Americans make up 77% of the Maryland population?

            Following the thought above, your second paragraph falls apart when you take the population as a whole. If I ignore segregated populations and take the whole USA into account in aggregate you will find that the African Americans population commits more non-drug related crime as a percentage of the population. The color of your skin has nothing to do with crime, but societal differences do indeed. You are one of the people that ignores that crime in the African American Community exists and sites excuses. They do commit crimes at rate other ethnic groups do not. This is what is wrong with society. We all make excuses instead of acknowledging problems. Viewpoints like yours, get people killed everyday. You might prevent some discrimination, but at what cost. Someone’s life. Some innocent kid gets shot because you and others that ignore real problems and won’t admit a racial group has real societal problems.

            I wrote my posts because guys like Al Sharpton are living in a haze of ignorance. They disregard real problems in the African American Community and then people die.

            Your last paragraph has merit, but it is not relevant to the discussion. The difference between a predjudiced person and a non-racist is that the non-racist always tells the truth.

          • Denmark Vesey

            If we are to follow the alleged facts that you and others of your ilk present, then we would conclude that blacks have a propensity or are genetically programmed to just commit more crimes than whites or any other ethnic group. This is yet another fallacy from slavery days that was used to justify the enslavement of blacks. You then follow by stating that if we ignore the realities of segregated populations, when we clearly can’t do that and maintain any semblance of reality. If you are going to present statistics then you need to present the source and a link to the data you used not just quote the “hidden” stats that you have so conveniently found. White people are the criminals and the victim of crimes in predominantly white neighborhoods and communities.

            We also know that there is a huge disparity in the sentencing of black and white defendants for the same crime. Blacks receive more harsh sentences than whites. There is clearly racial inequality in our judicial system, which has been documented using validated statistical methodology.


          • timmy

            “If we are to follow the alleged facts that you and others of your ilk
            present, then we would conclude that blacks have a propensity or are
            genetically programmed to just commit more crimes than whites or any
            other ethnic group.” I don’t think that and I don’t think most people do. But you seem to stereotype people and conclude what people think based on your own stereotypes of people. And this is true Prejudice and ignorance. Just because people look at facts and well examine them correctly does not make them a racist. Your facts try to support the fact that the African American community commits crime equally with the other ethnic groups which is really not true.

            very well – search the word offenders.


            You will not like what you read.

            Agreed that much of the crime in African American society are remnants of segregation. But this is NOT negate the fact that there is crime in society. Looks at the staggering numbers in Prince Georges and Baltimore County that are predominantly African American. The African American leaders need to step up to the plate and admit there is a problem instead of blaming others.

          • blackyb

            Stir the pot Denmark. You are getting even more stupid.

          • LifelongAstorian

            Blacks commit over 50% of all murders in the U.S. while making up only 12% of the population. That is why “racial profiling”, “stop and frisk” etc. are such vital tools. If you don’t like it, stop being such a criminal race!

          • Katherine McChesney

            Actually they commit 85% of all crime and 65% of VIOLENT crime.

          • Littlegunsar Better

            Maybe judges are just getting sick of seeing black people more often than white people committing crimes. So they are adjusting the sentencing accordingly, to send a message? hmmmmmm?

          • Justin_Igger

            1% ni66er population is too much, we have to do something with the ni66er apes.
            They should be glad they’re only going to prison and not dead.

          • blackyb

            Quit making excuses Denmark. You sound stupid.

          • LifelongAstorian

            You are a moron and sniveling apologist for widespread black savagery and violence. Even in the majority white areas of Chicago, NYC, DC etc. the overwhelming majority of crime is committed by blacks – especially violent crime.

      • damonleesmith22

        But, no where at the rate blacks commit crime… Blacks are a mere 12% of the total population of the US, but commit more than half of all violent crime. Al Sharpton would have us believe there is no crime in black neighborhoods, that the police plant evidence and make arrest, that blacks are simply victims of mass white prejudice. All the while blacks are dying, and he could care less, unless it happens to be a latino that kills a black person in defense of their own life.

      • LifelongAstorian

        Except blacks commit FAR FAR MORE. They are by any measure THE criminal race! They need to at long last join human civilization and abandon the subhuman savagery to which they are at present so attached.

      • Justin_Igger

        White people are human, however, ni66ers are not. This is the difference that must be acknowledged.

      • JustAnotherWhiteGuy

        Because two small areas can counter the millions of black-on-white crimes committed in the US.

  • timmy

    I am hispanic myself and I recently talked to 3 other African people on separate occasions who immigrated from Kenya and Sudan 10-15 years ago. They told me that they live in Prince Georges County, a predominantly black community, but don’t want to associate themselves with African Americans, who they find Rude, abrasive and lazy. They said that African people are not like this and that the African American community is messed up. I have to concur that i find this to be true in my experience as well. I can’t tell you how many times at a gas station, a young perfectly healthy black has asked me for 50 cents to a dollar looking like he will beat me up, if I don’t give it to him.

    • Dale_G1

      I work with a man from Ghana and he would echo what the people from Kenya and Sudan said. He also sees many blacks in this country as lazy, whiny, loud and so on. He’s lived in this country for decades and can’t believe how low blacks in this country have sunk. Some of it is due to racism against them he’s sure. But much of it HE ( and I ) believe is SELF imposed. Blacks in this country have gained little or no “hope and change” from Obama. If anything, they feel more entitled BECUASE of him. Blacks in this country ( like everybody else ) need to learn that a proper education and hard work are keys to success and thinking that rapping, sports, or a life of crime ( theft and drug dealing ) are sure ways to INCREASE the black population in prisons AND graveyards. If they don’t wake up, grow up and get off of this self destructive path of devolution, then they may as well put THEMSELVES on the endangered species list. I don’t want that. Hopefully THEY don’t either.

    • Alexxthegreat

      I shall concur…
      We must hire health care workers for my invalid sister….and for our brother who had the same condition…..Most are black….some are from places like Ghana, Jamaica, Nairobi, and have emigrated here due to the very sad conditions in their own countries….
      They are the MOST hard workers….kind, caring and we consider them as family members…who sit with us at our dinner table.

      They ALL…without exception, have at one time or another, stated that AMERICAN BLACKS are lazy, spoiled and shiftless. The conversation at dinner is very telling…. they open up and are ashamed that these people, AMERICAN BLACKS, are so violent and destructive.

      IT is very revealing to speak with these people…to learn their story and to see what they ran from and how they have bettered themselves here…but they are sad, over the racial situation which exists here…in this free country full of so many promises.

    • Justin_Igger

      Did you shoot the ni66er? That’s what guns are for, you know.

      • Sharon

        How about you take your racism elsewhere? I am not black or Liberal. However,I find your constant racism disgusting.

        • PhilJourdan


  • C.J.

    This article is so far fetched, It does more damage then actual good because it takes the point out of context. Sharpton is not the best example of a leader for the black community today but he is right in much of what he’s saying here. The problem with articles like these is they try to sarcastically tease the real racial issue by blowing the point out of context.

    The problem is these things do happen every day in this country and there are prime examples everywhere. Most times the average joe american is an idiot that will believe whatever they see on the news. These are issues that really affect the black community but if media downplays them, they will be vastly overlooked.


      The issue is that White on Black crime is a hate crime, but Black on White crime isn’t. Pure hypocrisy. This is only an issue when it brings the comedy team of Jackson and Sharpton can use it to get notoriety.

      • C.J.

        I don’t endorse Al Sharpton as an ideal leader to stand up for blacks politically. He has good intention yet he takes an approach that does more harm than good. Hypocrisy is not the issue here.

        Even for black people the issue is not hypocrisy. I have endured many life experiences where I could tell that race was a factor, and situations when race wasn’t. They don’t need notoriety they are what they are. The public already views them for what they are so political or financial gain has little to do with it.

        I guarantee you if someone else emerged as a leader in defense for black people when the next racial crime/issue arises. You would not think of them any different regardless of what their resume or past credentials show. You would cast them out as a bad person simply for advocating for the rights of black people.

        • Luke Stammen

          so basically, you’re dancing around saying this poster is a racist. that’s exactly the argument. over-sensitivity is making the racial issue counter-progressive. a white person can’t even say the word black anymore without eyebrows being raised. the issue here isn’t with Sharpton’s race, it’s his ideas on racial issues. If Sharpton was white, and still an advocate for the black community, the argument in this article would not change. I think a huge racial issue these days is how so many things become incorrectly perceived as a racial issue and hence, written off and labeled ignorant. Which ironic, because the ignorant ones are the ones doing just that.

        • Light_V_Dark

          I’m afraid that you have a pretty bad case of Pernicious Political Correctness, C.J., Sharpton is a pig of a human being. But, we have been a godless nation for so long now, even the so called Christians WILL NOT JUDGE ANYTHING OR ANYBODY. WE ARE FUCT¡

          If Sharpton were a white skinhead, he would be a political leper, spurned everywhere but the fringe. But far from being spurned, he is shown much deference. Democrats embrace him. Politicians court him. And journalists report on his comings and goings while politely sidestepping his career as a hatemongering racial hustler. 
          I despise unrepentant, ENVIOUS, PSYCHOTIC, PSYCHOPATHIC, SEXUALLY_DEPRAVED, COWARDLY, JUVENILE, EVIL PEOPLE. Millions more are wan, than, pigmented.

          • Light_V_Dark

            Addendum, C.J.–

            wan “adjective” 1. 
            pale, white, washed out, pasty, faded, bleached, ghastly, sickly, bloodless, colourless, pallid, anaemic,
            discoloured, ashen, sallow, whitish, cadaverous, waxen, like death warmed up  “(informal)”, wheyfaced He looked wan and tired.

            2. dim, weak, pale, faint, feeble, (Liberal, progressive, inclusive, sissified, supercilious, pusillanimous, pussed over)

        • Justin_Igger

          We wouldn’t cast them out, we’d assassinate them. You ni66ers never learn….

        • bobwadas

          I would take them seriously if it was a real injustice. I dont know any white person that would not stand up for injustice against any race. However, when a community backs a criminal who tried to take a gun from a cops hand after he robbed a store then credibility gets thrown out the window !
          There are real injustices that support should be given.. not this crap going on in the news now !

        • bobwadas

          Al Sharpton has no good intentions, he is only in it for fame and fortune for himself !

        • bobwadas

          What would the black community say if the White community had a National Advancement for White People or a White Miss America or White entertainment television. Time for any organization to be labeled based on race. Please dont come back with a lame arguement that Miss America has always been white or there are white only tv shows in the past. If we want to move on everyone needs to understand and respect others on both sides of the race. The past is gone, let it go !

      • C.J.

        not true a hate crime has to be proven hate, & you’re insinuating that white on black crimes that have been proven hate crimes arent


          No insinuation at all. The disparity is clear. It is always a hate crime, or at least reported as such, when the perpetrator is white and the alleged victim is black. You are tap dancing the issue.

        • Justin_Igger

          When ni66ers attack human beings they must be put down for good, there are no exceptions.

    • i2luvmyusa

      Sharpton and others like him could care less for the unfortunate minorities. They jump on the band wagon only when a buck can be mad on their on their blood! We have so many beautiful black citizens, who want to help their brothers and sisters, but the RACIST Liberals call them names such as, Uncle Tom. They will not invite them to speak to minorities, good example was this week with MLK, not one Black conservative was invited to speak.. The Black Liberal Racist want to keep slavery alive and well, to increase their financial standing. The slogan to keep Blacks uneducated and uniformed, so they can be controlled is exactly what they are presently doing. Keep them on Food Stamps, reduce their ability to find a job,throw them a Free Cell Phone for a vote, so sad!

  • David Sims

    Al Sharpton has made himself into a comical figure, searching high and low for a just black cause to champion, but picking the wrong one time after time.

    Some cities are more violent than others. The most violent cities are the cities having the highest percentages of blacks in their populations. A curve-fit to the data found in “Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1996” is

    R = 748.168 (1.01562)^b

    where R is the annual number of violent crimes per 100,000 residents, and the exponent, b, is the percentage (0 to 100) of the population that is black.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Liberals are annoying peasants, regardless of skin color. Ask for a drink of water, you get a poem.

  • Light_V_Dark

    I believe there must have been a time in this country, when evil men were held to account for spilling innocent blood. I personally can’t remember when it was, though.

    Freddy’s Fashion Mart Massacre. ZZZZzzz

    Burn down the Jew store!” and simulate striking a match. “We’re going to see that this cracker suffers,” says Sharpton’s colleague Morris Powell. On Dec. 8, one of the protesters bursts into Freddy’s, shoots four employees point-blank, then sets the store on fire. Seven employees die in the inferno.

    • Alexxthegreat

      Booker T…..another GREAT man of color…class and grace…and RESPECT.

      Saddens me to think on what this nation COULD have been were it not for thugs such as Sharpton.
      He is out of control…and needs to be held accountable for inciting violence and disorder.

      • Light_V_Dark

        There have been some GREAT black men, none of them Liberal, though. James Meredith, for example.
        A Mission From God
        Television and film dramas, even documentaries, romanticize then-President John Kennedy and his Attorney General Robert Kennedy for dispatching all that aid like the cavalry coming over the hill when Gov. Ross Barnett withdrew the local police and was going to let Meredith get killed. A Mission from God, among other things, sets the record straight, flatly stating, “[The Kennedys] were not civil rights heroes…but super-rich politicians who spent their lives ignoring the plight of Black Americans and had to be forced to do the right thing.”
        Meredith also goes on to detail for several pages, including a transcript of the telephone call, how, while his life was on the line, the president and attorney general pussyfooted around with Barnett, each side wrangling to try to construct a course of action that would mutually save political face. “The national press,” Meredith writes, “was covering every move and countermove of the drama and, as the chief protagonist, my name became known around the world.”

      • Light_V_Dark

        Alex, now that I think of it {cartoon lightbulb over my head}···There is NO SUCH THING AS A GREAT LIBERAL PERSON. IT’S ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY.
        Einstein liked Communism. MOST BRILLIANT ATHEISTS ARE MISANTHROPES¿¿

        “I must add… my gratitude to you for the attention with which you have listened to me, for, from my numerous observations, our Liberals are never capable of letting anyone else have a conviction of his own without at once meeting their opponent with abuse or even something worse.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “The Idiot”

    • blackyb

      Now this man is smart. I wish he was alive today. This is a thinking man who would have told Sharpton who he is. Too bad he is not in the White House instead of that Foreign agent we have in there.

  • blackyb

    Everyone knows Al Sharpton is a fool. He is getting old and on his way to hell. I would not shed a tear if he dropped dead. He is evil and has done nothing but cause all communities to divide. He is using the black youth to commit crimes he is too cowardly to commit himself. They get to go to jail, while he rides around in a fancy car and nice suit, telling everyone how wonder and successful he is because he is special and they are not. Look closer and you will see a beggar, a user, who trusting people are losing their very freedom and lives over. Let him do his own dirty work and see how quickly some White dude leaves HIM in a blood mess.

  • Jim

    The statistics come from facts, we just heard a black psycho responsible for mass shootings. Crime rates went down since stop and frisk. They are dangerous things

  • jeannie wray

    Why is this even a conversation the guy is obviously insane!

  • davinci38

    Don’t take responsibility for your own actions. A true liberal.

  • Littlegunsar Better

    Well then, let him move into an all black neighbourhood in detroit. With his grand kids playing in the playgrounds there. After all. No black crimes are committed in black neighbourhoods.

    And we will see his hipocracy in 3, 2, 1……”you just can’t help these people” he states after he was beaten by totally random “youths” aged 12 to 18. (we white people get that Mainstream media joke)

  • ndk13

    al should be in prison with his friends , charlie and jessie ! They are all career criminals !

    • Erica Daniels

      Jesse Jackson Sr isn’t in jail. his son is. Sharpton shouldn’t go to jail for his stupidity though. He should be ignored and have his funding taken away from any organization he is linked to.

  • Doug

    Yes they are just like the rest of us….except they rob, violently assault, Rape and leach off the taxpayer at the same rate as asians and white people,..and those evil High IQ Asians play the “knock out game” at the same rate…even higher than black americans really say it often enough and it is true!

  • Marina Smith

    blacks are the stupidest most violent species on the planet

    • Justin_Igger

      The mere birthing of an ape ni66er is a crime against all of humanity.

      • Pilgrim22

        I can’t believe you got 4 up buttons for this stupid, stupid statement.

        • Strandwolf

          You two are tied-up at this moment, if that makes you feel any better.

  • Cotten_Fields

    The magical jig that wrote this tripe is the same as Sharpscoon.

  • LadyGunfighter

    Good grief…don’t you people understand satire and sarcasm??? Geeze you all sound like a bunch of ignorant morons and I don’t give a rats rear end what color you are! Thanks Kevin for a great article!!

    • Becky Cheney

      Thank you. How can people not know that he is being completely sarcastic? Maybe they should reread the article again and use their heads. Is common sense completely dead in this country? When people read this article and don’t see the sarcasm, I guess so.

    • bobwadas

      Oh, After reading the comments I thought something was wrong with me because I thought he was being sarcastic, yet nobody was treating it as such. Thanks for helping me maintain my sanity !

  • Marion Lambert

    Wow…police should refuse to go to these neighborhoods.

    • schrodie

      Around here, there are a LOT of heavily-black apartment complexes where the police refuse to go or are NOT ALLOWED to go alone. That means two squad cars, 2 cops per car. Apparently, the ‘residents’ have been known to call the police and then ambush a lone car or officer.

      Wow, such a wonderful and upstanding race of people, those blacks

  • Spartacus

    You know, we don’t have a lot of blacks here in Romania, and I hope we never do . You’re not even a race of man, you’re a disease…

    • RWR4TX

      Antibiotic-resistant mammalian bacteria, perhaps?

  • DeMarquise Elkins

    If blacks don’t commit crime, why am I in prison ??

    • RWR4TX

      Cawz de kourts am rayciss!

  • ndk13

    niggers are scum not people !

    • Rule

      At least they don’t resemble pigs!

  • Lothar the Impaler

    Lol, ya blacks don’t commit crimes it’s the guns fault.

  • Evermyrtle

    Black’s don’t commit crimes because it is their motto, as long as blacks are doing it, anything goes, but let a white man commit the same act and he can be put to death it is such a severe crime. They are Satan’s chosen ones and he backs them all the way.

    This is not GOD’S way he will hold blacks responsible as well as whites to their every act. It will not be good is bad and bad is good, but we will be judged fairly precisely for what we have done or not done. We best prepare for that, ignorance is not ans excuse!

  • schrodie

    What word starts with N… ends with R… and is something that you should never call a black person?


  • Bigrob

    WTH???. No crimes in black areas??? Ummmm… I lived in the hood. I seen blacks murder each other every single day. Some times up to like 9 a day on the east side alone…. Yea ok lol. No crime in the black community. I guess those gun shots where just really loud farts. And those drive by shootings where done with nerf guns. Sounded real and the bullet holes where so real.. And the dead bodies… WOW.. They looked so dead! Didn’t know nerf guns could kill lol.

  • Bigrob

    Also for the record. If blacks don’t commit crimes.. Then I guess all the blacks in prison are there just because they are black. Someone should tell the people they raped and family members of the people they killed that they are black and can’t commit crimes lol. So they should just set them free huh?

  • Diane1976

    I think this guy and his followers live in a sci-fi movie. He needs to be committed and a reality check.

  • Jon

    The real issue is, and continues to be …is that black people themselves are completely in total denial! They know exactly what goes on in the vast majority of black neighborhoods, and on also a regular basis! They both accept, and embrace the ongoing levels of violence, and crime in general. But, always want to play the victims! Why, march and complain that “Black Lives Matter” ,..when the national Crime Stats ..clearly show that blacks commit a disproportional number of crimes in the US, and they’re less than 13% of the US population, and no one kills more blacks than do other blacks! That’s a fact! Black people…”and I’m also a black man myself” I’m beyond embrassed to see this ongoing, stupid behavior…then turn right around and want to blame white people for their behaviors!

  • Lourdes

    What? but american blacks are the ones committing the crimes everyone is trying to run away from. Youtube video LIBERTY CITY watch it for an update on the mentality of these black criminals.

  • cruizerdave

    So when my grandmother was violently mugged, twice, but black males, what you’re saying is that it didn’t happen. She just made it up, spent time in the hospital just because.

  • Trigger_Nash

    Problem is niggers aren’t human. Expecting them to behave as such is unrealistic.

  • Steve

    Obama has made a nation of dependents.but we all know he doesn’t lie either.ha’s not the color of the skin it’s the mentality that everybody owes you .face it some people are just lazy and they have to have a excuse not to work so they call you a racist to get out of working.I did work with a couple of guys like this.they showed up at work but they never did actually work but they could not be fired because the company had to have so many black guys by law and these guys knew how to play the system because it took three supervisors to fire them and if they tried to fire them they would say it was racism and try to sue the company for a ungodly amount of money .the supervisors tried to keep them separated because if they got together they would try to out do each other to see who could be the laziest.the white guys would try to see who could out work each other.I’m not saying all black people are bad because I know there are bad white people too.I know it’s the mentality and not the color of the long as any race thinks another race owes them they are using this for a excuse to be a dependent on society they are hurting their own culture by doing this.


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