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Duck Dynasty - A&E

Abysmal failure Barack Obama is nervously rooting around to find someone to blame for the disaster he’s created and for the roadblocks preventing him from wreaking additional havoc on America.

The president is impugning the Republicans as well as radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, but maybe he should blame the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty.

As President Obama’s poll numbers have plummeted to a point where only 47% of those low-information likely voters still approve of his job performance, an A&E cable reality show featuring a close knit-family of God-fearing, pro-life, gun-toting, beard-sporting, patriotic entrepreneurs from the backwoods of bayou Louisiana is growing in popularity weekly.

Much to Barack Obama’s chagrin, the Robertson family’s God-and-country values evidently appeal to the nearly 11.8 million viewers who tune in.  That’s why a show that embraces everything Barack Obama rejects, and personifies everything he spurns, is poised to make cable history.

The fact that a family from West Monroe, Louisiana, is gaining more and more recognition proves that besides their “guns and religion,” Obama’s vision and values are not the same vision and values most Americans cling to.

Phil Robertson, patriarch of Duck Dynasty, was a college football star that turned down an offer from the Washington Redskins because it interfered with duck season.  Phil went on to build a mom-and-pop business and called it the Duck Commander.

Then, after Phil’s son Willie graduated from business school, he helped his father turn Duck Commander into a multimillion-dollar operation.  As a result, the Duck Commander now employs half the Robertson’s neighborhood.

That kind of selfish, self-centered, small-business-owner attitude is exactly the type of behavior the president has attempted to discourage for the past five years.

What could be worse for Barack Obama than a family who’s made a fortune selling duck calls fashioned out of salvaged swamp cedar wood somehow managing to capture the level of attention that Obama himself craves?

To make matters worse, his rivals are prayerful, bullfrog-eating, deer-hunting men with ZZ Top beards, pickup trucks, and red, white, and blue bandannas.

The president probably doesn’t realize it just yet, but without ever mentioning Barack Obama’s name, Duck Dynasty American dream hijinks have subtly exposed his liberal drivel for what it is: drivel.

Yet President Obama, who actually tells people that he still “got some game,” continues to perceive himself as the patriarch of his own dynasty.

When not adjusting his newspaper crown he remains very busy pushing a healthcare system no one wants, demanding Americans’ tax dollars pay for abortions most of them reject, and running around the country like a hyperactive schoolboy. Obama remains indefatigable in trying to convince a nation who disapproves of almost everything he does, that progressive liberalism is the way to go.

One would imagine that if Press Secretary/Presidential Propagandist Jay Carney were asked what the President thinks about the Duck Dynasty phenomenon, Carney would likely say the President hasn’t watched the show.  And why would he?  The Robertsons’ redneck rags-to-riches story illustrates the totality of everything Barack Obama has tried to either destroy or demonize.

Rest assured, if the president’s popularity continues to wane expect Obama – much like he did with Rush Limbaugh – to try to point the finger of blame at Duck Dynasty and their rebellious audience for encouraging the Republicans in Congress to thwart his plans to move America “FORWARD.”


Duck Dynasty

Duck Commander Classic Commander Call



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Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • Ajean72

    The only excuse Obama has for his failures is the blame game.

    • Alexxthegreat

      …and he is running out of people to blame…so NOW he is attacking the hard, working class who built their own business and became successful….

      He is barking up the wrong tree.

  • djmdgo

    These guys may appear to be back woodsey but their resumes are just the opposite.
    Watch and weep little tin dictator.

  • Alexxthegreat

    Our ‘leader’ insists on thumbing his nose at people in positions beneath the Office of the Presidency.
    I am thinking that he does not have the right creds to be around WORLD leaders…they think he is a joke….so he avoids them and picks on this kind of fight.
    He is in for a huge surprise…These people DO NOT PLAY….
    Obama’s sissy game is going to bite him on his skinny azz…..

    Leave these guys alone, Barry……they fight back.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      And Barry won’t win!

  • uksofie

    Phil has a master degree.. a teacher . These ‘rednecks’ are educated. I love this family. Capitalism via redneck philosophy! God Bless!

  • jennyVT

    I am sure that Jay Carney would say that Obama has never watched the show, however I bet that Obama knows all about Duck Dynasty!!!

    • jeannieology

      Exactly my point

    • mac12sam12

      He has enough time to watch. Barry and Reggie watch with a bowl of popcorn.

  • Don Pace


  • Dewayne Fisk

    Leave them alone, the only threat they are to you is they would do a better job of running this country than you and your cronies would. They stand for what this country was founded on, you don’t plain and simple.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    BHO’s bitterness towards God, the Second Amendment and America, his clinging to secularism, gun control and globalism is the reason why I didn’t vote for him.

    • Marlin208

      He also has bitterness towards hard work

      • urbanvrwcmom

        . . . while clinging to sloth.

  • Mongocutwood

    Didn’t they already try to shut them down? I recall they wanted to force them to stop Praying on the show and they said No.

    • Tired-Of-Thier-Shit

      They can not say Jesus,as it may offend the muslims.They do not believe Jesus was anything but a man.They can say “Praises be to Allah though”.


        Well, this country was founded on Christian beliefs and, so far as I know, it STILL is. If we offend Muslims by the mention of the name of Jesus….why not they offend us Christians with the word Allah and get them to STOP IT !!! What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, it seems to me. But what do I know?

        • Starcitygal

          Sounds like you know a lot! :)

      • urbanvrwcmom

        Never mind that Mohammed, Islam’s founder, was a pedophile.

  • Leslie Anderson Hoffmann

    He can blame away The lord’ s protection is with the Robertson’s. I still can not believe that this man remains in that sacred office spewing his socialist and Marxist agenda. We need to get louder get madder and get him out of our house!!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    Plain and simple. The Robertsons are an example of everything that is/was RIGHT with this country and the Obamas are an example of everything that is/was WRONG with this country. If more Americans had the values the Robertsons do we might be alright…sad part is most Americans now a days just want to know “what’s in it for them”

  • Bill Macrides

    I am wondering when they are going to get audited by the IRS and when the EPA will come down and say that they are having a negative impact on the environment and then produce some “victim” that claims they were prejudice against them… just saying…

  • Dona Prescott

    Gotta LOVE Jase Robertson’s alleged “facial profiling” remark!

    • urbanvrwcmom

      What a blessing it would have been to see Oprah handle her situation with the same class and humor that Jase did.

  • gac

    Bet Si would love this.

  • Donald Congleton

    Frankly I am surprised he (Obama) has not tried to blame; Santa, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, Mother Nature and Father Time, not necessarily in that order yet.

    • coachanthony

      Wasn’t there some guy from the IRS who testified the reason he was at the White House a lot was because of the Easter Egg Roll????

      • urbanvrwcmom

        Since Easter commemorates Christ’s resurrection, the IRS agent was SHELL shocked at this event being held on government property and took issue with it.

  • Herb

    They have to be careful, the EPA may come after them. Is the swamp cedar they’re using be construed as a protected wood and be sued? Never know about this stupid administration, they don’t reward hard work, just try to tear it down.

    • BigUgly666

      Maybe so …. but it’s really easy to lose a federal in the swamp.

      • Herb

        Throw a party and invite a couple of bus loads.

    • kjenkinsaf

      Just ask Gibson guitars.

    • coachanthony

      EPA, IRS, FCC, you know this leftist/socialist administration is looking at every angle to tear down Duck Dynasty…….Forward, Comrades!!!!!

    • Tired-Of-Thier-Shit

      Gibson got hit with similur crap.

  • kay

    Shame is Si would make a better president than what we have now. Why can’t Americans vote for the people who proved they can run a business instead of the ones who can’t find their own behind without twenty or more aides to help them? Simple fact is the man who takes nothing and builds an empire is more qualified to run our nation than one who has done nothing but ride the coat tails of others.

  • Fred Turner

    twenty or more aides can find Obama’s backside. what they are doing with it is another matter best not disclosed here.

  • Fred Turner

    they are doing with it what Obama is doing to the USA.

  • Fred Turner

    We used to call it the BOHICA MOMENT. bend over, here it comes again.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Talk about messing with the bottom line!

  • Kathy W

    It’s Donald Trump’s turn.

  • ruth berry

    Phil would tell his butt off!

  • Don Oberloh

    Can Obami even use a duck call?

    • Jackie

      I’m sure he could, but not for a purpose remotely related to the one for which it was intended!

    • Jeannieology

      No but he sure knows how to use a gerbil.

      • Ozzy Snozzlethorp

        ….time to call PETA.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Why use a duck call? Obama himself is a quack. Obama(doesn’t)care is proof.

  • Glenn H

    Wouldn’t it be something if Duck Dynasty could tear down the Obama administration, Just wishing!

  • Helen Davis

    The trouble for us with Barry is that he is not an American, regardless of whether he has a legitimate US birth certificate or not. He did not grow up here, he did not grow up with the American mythos, American values, American history in the land around him, guns, individualism, Yankee know-how and ingenuity. There is no way he can value those things, they are foreign to him. He cannot be expected to understand, for example, why artificially keeping gas prices high is a bad idea because neither Indonesia nor Hawaii has an interstate longer than 30 odd miles; how could he fathom what it means to have to drive 90 miles on the interstate to get to a decent store or medical care? Where I fault him is that he can’t overcome his attachment to his perspective long enough to try to get that there is another perspective that is the American perspective and that the people he serves are the American people. Ooops, I mean the people his office is supposed to serve. I think we know who he serves, actually.

    • Jeannieology

      His birth certificate was signed by Dr. Ukulele

      • urbanvrwcmom

        . . . . as opposed to Nurse Ikulele.

  • Robert Govan

    Wow Ya’ll need to to sit down for this one my friends. Here me out on this one please. First of all, all the people you see on Duck Dynasty are ACTORS reading a Hollywood script. They are not real people like they want you to think they are. And yes they sell duck calls but they had nothing to do with it. Like the Mark Zuckerberg dude from Facebook co-founded nothing and never went to Harvard. Now all this about them being actors and playing the part of lovable hillbillies is really no big deal. All reality shows are like that. Real as a three dollar bill. But what I want you all to know is that Phil Robertson (his stage name for this part) played the part of CHARLIE MANSON (his stage name then) in that FAKE Hollywood hoax. That story is also FICTION. Phil Robertson is CHARLIE F#cking MANSON. LOL. .PS now the fact that Phil speaks the truth about abortion and the bible doesn’t make him any less of an actor. He is just playing the good guy now. He is controlling the opposition. Its the oldest trick in the book. Thats what they do. They control the left and the right, make up a bunch of stories and hoaxes (Sandy Hook Hoax, George Zimmerman Hoax, Chris Lane Hoax, Syrian Chemical attack hoax) and get the people divided and fighting all the time. Divide and conquer is the game. Order out of chaos. The LYING mass media is the great illusion. Get out from under mass media MIND CONTROL. They lie about everything. Nothing they tell you is real.

    • Duane Boyle

      Did you research this or just use your own opinion?

      • Robert Govan

        So far it’s only an opinion. I’m waiting for Dallasgoldbug to confirm it. Phil would need to take off his boots to prove how tall he is. I would need to see him do it in person and not faked on tv

        • Juvenal

          See your doctor to have your medication and aluminum helmet adjusted. Phil Robertson has a know history in his area, in high school, college, and careers. Manson is still in jail. You’re very delusional.

          • Robert Govan

            You are very closed minded. Manson is not in jail. He is an actor. Here he is in just two of his rolls today.

      • Robert Govan

        This just in from Dallasgoldbug. Phil Robertson is Will Sasso from MAD tv.

    • Joshua Ewart

      Man, youre about as idiotic as they come.

    • lmath12

      wow dude…you are f@#$n nuts!!!

    • ThinkPink414

      This is the second dumbest comment I have ever read!!! And I read ALOT! To say sandy hook wasn’t real is just stupidity, carelessness, and insensitivity. The parents of these poor kids that were executed would surely take you out of your misery if you say this to their faces. Your a piece of crap spreading this around. You are invalidating real people’s real suffering! Please check into the mental hospital asap!!!

  • Ozzy Snozzlethorp

    They symbolize what America IS about. Entrepreneurship, innovation, family values, and charity (not by the force of a law-maker’s “gun”). Polar opposite of what Obama and is ilk is about. Fear not, the current regime will blow away like a fart in the wind, and we will rebuild and become a better country.

    • 2EdgedSword

      Instead of pity trippin when the outlook is abysmal, hillbillies, swamp rats and such just get a jug of ingenuity out. Sooner or later we meet Jesus and the sordid details become history. Only a few get $$$-rich, but all of us get heart rich. Happy happy happy.

  • Joe_Mosty

    …Mama come WIPE me free-be pimp lossers: Teach yer tots to shoot a whity: get free food stamps curtexy of O man, and box of exlax for yer mind… Deo gracias… RIGHT?
    When every honest man leaves town… Only scum remain to feed on themselves.

    • venturamickey

      Yo Joe not sure but get help will ya your scaring the rest of us rednecks who just shoot ducks

  • Joe_Mosty

    PS… I 100% Duck~!

  • 2EdgedSword

    DD is a capitalist success story, and the entire family represents the enemies of Obamaism previously sited: people that cling to their guns, pray, and thump their bibles. DD is southern. Come north to WV mountains and you’ll find more – the Appalachians are full of us…and Obama wouldn’t last one night walking up a single holler. Y’all come on down to Tug Fork.

    • Joanne Treccagnoli Tamburro

      A lot of us New Yorkers don’t much care for BO either!!! Our votes don’t count in the electoral college. Now you know why a lot of us are moving south. Let the Libprogs keep their Socialist programs and run NY into bankruptcy just like the dorks did to California! Government doesn’t create jobs, small business owners do. But what would Oblamer know about work, he never worked a real job his whole life!

      • 2EdgedSword

        Many have more chance of getting a job with a visiting Mexican drug cartel than we do in the evolving socialist utopia. When Keynes was pressed at Harvard to show precisely what his economic model was, he couldn’t do it. He wrote a small book that was a dismal failure. All Keynesian “Economics” ever was was a radical left credo. There isn’t much hope at any point on the compass for becoming anything other than underemployed. I wish you well in your search.

  • Duane Boyle

    Great reading this

  • rlampton

    The whole family is classy and yet humble.

  • susan

    OBAMA should wake up to the fact that most Southern Americans live off the land & deal with problems with others as humanitarians should! Get off the Duck Dynasty People! They’re just living their lives & making a living! DON”T START NOTHING, WON’T BE NOTHING!

  • Steven Chaisson

    Will said today he leans to the conservative side. It didn’t say any endorsement of the tea party. Interesting. I bet Will carry health insurance for all his employees and family. I bet he doesn’t have a problem with the ACA. Just conservatives who don’t want to pay for health insurance for their employees.

  • venturamickey


  • spiral_stairs

    somebody should really buy these guys some camouflaged ski masks so that
    they can stop wearing makeup that makes them look like a redneck KISS
    cover band!


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