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In Merrimack, New Hampshire, bank robber John Griffin Jr. paid the President of the United States a very high compliment. 

John put on a Barack Obama mask, a suit coat, a tie and jeans (not Mom jeans), and headed over to Daniel Webster Highway to rob a Bank of America, which in itself was a patriotic choice of banks to rob.

Mr. Griffin was in possession of a loaded gun when arrested. After being charged with robbery, John was put in jail and is presently being being held on a $75K bond. Obviously, John doesn’t have the $75K, not only because if he had the money he wouldn’t be robbing a bank, but also because the guy he dressed up like has his and everyone else’s money.

Wait! Why would Mr. Griffin be arrested?  He was just doing what President Obama does, which is to pilfer from the American people. Barack Obama set the example; if a person is in need of some cash, and it happens to belong to someone else, don’t hesitate, go take it!

Not only that, but the Bank of America should have been more open to the president’s suggestion and ‘shared the wealth’ with Mr. Griffin.

As for the mask, maybe John felt if he could trick the tellers into believing he was really Barack Obama they would have gladly handed over the money without an argument.

As for the gun, Griffin probably figured if Eric Holder and Barack Obama are cool with drug cartels in Mexico waving American-provided weaponry around, why would it be a problem if a guy from New Hampshire had a gun in his hand when emulating President Obama stealing people’s money?

Barack Obama, demonizes evil banks, robs the American people of every cent they have, and gives guns to drug cartels. Then, an American citizen imitates the president and robs an evil bank with a gun that’s a whole lot less intimidating than an AK-47 – and he’s arrested?

This has got to be some kind of terrible misunderstanding!

Bank Robber


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"The money in diversity is enormous, even bigger than former sportscaster turned political pundit turned sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s ego. Wouldn’t you like to be a “reverend” and father children out of wedlock without repercussions? If you study hard, this book will teach you how to have your non-profit organization pay your mistress and your child support – all at the same time. You must be so black that if you eat sushi, watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek and Friends, or enjoy the ballet, you will hang yourself."

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  • Alexxthegreat

    So…they’re getting tired of those Nixon masks?

    • sikntyrd

      Not to mention Bush’s mask.

      • Sam

        Have to admit, the obamy mask is MORE scary!

  • sreynolds

    LOL If ovomit had a son….

    • sikntyrd

      John Griffin is most probably NOT black. He couldn’t be BO’s “pretend” son.

      • Sam

        YOU FORGOT! Half black. I think mommy was white…..

  • ObozoMustGo

    NEWSFLASH!!!! We have located the REAL robber and he’s behind bars already.

    • freedomfigther

      Unfortunately he doesn’t.

  • Pat De ESposito

    This is obviously satire. But…remember the basis of satire is truth!

    • sikntyrd

      I agree… a joke is half-meant.

      • Sam

        BUTT; are you really SURE?!


    O’Bozo is the biggest crook in the history of america .. Not only does he steal our tax dollars and hand it over to the most useless of all , he steals our freedoms , spits on our constitution , and lies through his teeth to the very people who’ve misguidedly supported him and his scumbag friends (i.e. unions) .. Funny how the unions are now against O’Failure care , they were the one’s pushing the hardest to force this down the throats of americans , and should be equally force fed this failure of a healthcare plan ..

    • sikntyrd

      That’s because the union was for it before they were against it. They also voted for it so they would know what’s in it. Maybe they should go after Pelosi for encouraging them to do so. The unions do not have a mind of their own. A Democrat yells, vote for this… and they do! They don’t ask, “What’s in the Bill FIRST?”

    • Son C. Loya

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  • g-man

    Nice to see the community orginizer and chief finally working….hey it not an honest living…but it a living!

    • Sam

      obamy does the same thing to US taxpayers; just he doesn’t use a gun….

      • Bob Martin

        Yes he does have guns, the whole US Military and Fed, State and local law enforcement is his guns.

        • Oldtex

          Oh yes, he was on the internet supposedly shooting skeet with a 12 gage over and under at Camp David this year.

    • Loyal


    • Reddy Martin

      Was he a member of a bank-robbing union?

      • WrinkledThought

        No, unions are to lazy to rob anything on their own.

  • Loyal

    He needs to be released, given a medal, and a Nobel peace prize. And I don’t mine tax money used to defend Him. Hooray!

    • Reddy Martin

      I’m a bit dubious about his release, but I like the angle of getting the Peace Prize; how about being pelted with rotten peaches (sort of an ‘impeachment’), as punishment…to complete the irony!

  • djmdgo

    Can’t put BOA in the same sentence as patriotic since they told McClellan firearms to clear out their substatial accounts. BOA is no better that Well’s Fargo, a seriously left leaning organization.

    • mogul264

      Whatever! But, I’ve been screwed by B of A, so has my sis-in-law, and I know others in the same boat, and have been helped by Wells Fargo, so I tend to give WF the benefit of the doubt! If they’re leftist, it isn’t evident to me. Pray tell, elucidate!

  • Mary

    What edifice would work the BEST for blahblah’s presidential library? TADA! Outhouse.

    • Keith “Lucky” Luxton

      Contents of container in outhouse

  • Myles Standish

    The dummy! Now he’ll be charged with TWO crimes: Robbery AND impersonating a rodeo clown without a license!

  • mac12sam12

    This is blatantly racist! Barry is not a bank robber, Barry is a rodeo clown!!

  • Reddy Martin

    I love the irony: BoA has been robbing the citizenry for years; they were bailed out by Obummer, which didn’t seem to help much…and BoA continued to rob its clients; so here comes a rodeo-clown imposter (Thanks, Myles) to retrieve for himself some of the spoils! Now, you tell me…who’s the bigger robber? (Whoever said Obummer wins the prize!)

  • WrinkledThought

    Funny, I figured since the BoA got kicked off the DOW this week, nobody would figure they had anything of value left to rob.

  • guest

    I’d prefer Griffin the bank robber as president.

  • Melissa Katsmom Votano

    How racist of the bank robber……SMH

  • Keith “Lucky” Luxton

    Well he chose the ideal mask. The face of a person will to steal everything from everybody in America, banks, businesses and all.


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