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nancy pelosiNancy Pelosi should go back to her plastic surgeon and ask him to loosen the skin ponytail on the top of her head, because it’s impacting her already-compromised ability to think straight.

Recently, Mrs. Pelosi was shilling for the left on Obama debate-savior Candy Crowley’s “State of the Union” show on CNN. Ms. ‘I saved Obama’ Crowley felt moved to read a letter to Pelosi signed by James Hoffa Jr., of Teamster hoodlum fame.

The letter from Mr. Hoffa the Younger, General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, rightly describes Obamacare’s impact as a way to “destroy the foundation of the 40-hour work week.”

This is the same Jimmy Hoffa Jr. who, before the Affordable Care Act became law, ardently lobbied on its behalf. Jimmy may still not know where his father is buried, but what he has figured out is this:

The law creates an incentive for employers to keep employees’ work hours below 30 hours a week. The impact is two-fold: fewer hours means less pay while also losing our current health benefits.

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Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • wolf2525

    Pelosi, needs to warp a quilt over her ugly communist face, it matches her brain.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      You mean that the is the same Green Slime on her face….That fills the cavity where a brain should be…..LOL…

  • wolf2525

    Of all the dirty politican’s I hated the worst, Pelosi in no 1, on my list of communist dirtbags in America besides that snake in the whitehouse.

    • paul wood

      Oh, there’s a whole crew of them! Of course, there is the poisonous hag, pelosi. But don’t forget our down syndrome stricken Harry Reid, and the simpleton, Mr Biden. And last, but CERTAINLY not least, their anti-social, sociopath, Pimp Daddy Obama. However, I fear the sickest of the sick are in the lower ranks, such as the safe school czar, the IRS brown shirts, the nsa fiends, and so on. And then there is the endless hoard of flying monkeys, their supporters, along with the wicked witch of the west, Hillary!

  • Rebekah Farabaugh

    Well…. When ya lay down with….. Jr. Should have known he was being used, the problem is, hard working Americans all over, not just unions has gotten screwed and hurt. I am in the medical field. We got the notice of the new full time work week. 30 hours.

  • Isschade

    If Pelosi takes up quilting you KNOW the only kind she can make are CRAZY QUILTS. LOL I know, my bad. hehehe

  • Friend of A Friend

    ….Pelosi only tightens the noose around Obama’s neck….


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