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For some time now there have been rumblings about DoD tightening the screws on Christians, by both covert and overt measures.

Former Special Forces Commander, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin likens it to a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for Christians.

CNS News’ Michael W. Chapman writes:

In an interview, asked Gen. Boykin, now the executive vice president of the Family Research Council (FRC), “Given the violation of religious liberties that have been going on, do you think that, ironically, Christians are being forced into the closet? Being forced to basically Don’t Talk, Don’t Tell, if they’re a Christian?” (at 7:43 into audio clip)

Boykin said, “Yes, it’s a real turnabout where you, at one time, had to come out of the closet to admit you’re homosexual, and now you have to come out of the closet to admit that you’re a Christian.”

“There was a meeting in San Antonio yesterday [Sept. 17] where 80 members from Lackland Air Force base came and talked about the persecution they are under at Lackland Air Force Base,” said the general. “That’s significant. And now, you’re an open Christian at your own peril in many places, under many of the commanders in the military today and that’s a major change, a major paradigm shift in our society.”

When asked whether Christians now have to be quiet in the military, Boykin said, “Well, remember when the Soviet Union disintegrated and all of a sudden the Russian Orthodox Church popped up and everbody said, ‘whoa, where’d you come from, we thought everybody was an atheist?’ And their response was, ‘no, we never went away, we were just forced underground. We couldn’t worship openly. We had to go underground.’ That’s what they’re trying to do in America today.”

“They’re trying to force Christians underground so that our faith and our values do not impact the public sector. So that’s what you’re seeing unfold today,” said Boykin, who was one of the original members of Delta Force.

In the aftermath of the Ft. Hood shootings by an avowed Islamist, and the Boston bombings by Islamists, as well as a decade of al Qaeda, Hamas and other Islamist terrorists killing and plotting against the US, DoD seems infiltrated with political operatives who have an ANTI-Christian bias.

Despite terrorist evidence to the contrary, these political appointees specialize at demonizing Christians.

Consider this contractual appointee to the West Point Combating Terrorism CenterDr. Arie Perliger, who wrote of the “right” in his findings:

They also espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional rights.

…the fundamentalist stream, which includes mainly Christian Identity groups such as the Aryan Nations…

The far right represents a more extreme version of conservatism, as its political vision is usually justified by the aspiration to restore or preserve values and practices that are part of the idealized historical heritage of the nation or ethnic community.

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin knows his stuff. For 36 years Boykin served as a member of Delta Force, commanded the Green Berets as well as the Special Warfare Center and School. He is a man who loves God, family, and country.

Too bad that combination (love of God, family, and country) is deemed dangerous in the minds of the Lefty political appointments to the Department of Defense. Guess those progressives would have despised Thomas Jefferson and the founders.



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Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • candyman49

    Why doesn’t anybody stop the insanity? Why is everybody so afraid of the Gay Muslim , fraudulently occupying the White House? We need to take out the Anti-Christ

    • TheSunDidIt

      We’re NOT afraid of them. That isn’t the issue. However, when you stand up and “push back” you are in direct violation of “good order and discipline” and you WILL be tried and convicted and put in prison. But, that is what this will take. EVERY Christian needs to stand up and declare it has gone on too long and gone too far and that they will not take it anymore. They CAN lock everyone up but, they will also find they’ve run out of troops.

      • Jeff Shum

        I wish you were correct that they would run out of troops but consider
        this tidbit. Recently I learned that psychometric police entry results
        favored those who showed some degree of socialpathic psychopathic and or
        sadistic tendencies over traditional values. Also,dumb is ok too. So
        they want mean and dumb. Don’t you think they would lock up all the
        military and replace them with meaner and dumber( thugs)? after all when
        they collapse the dollar and blame it on whoever they will need thugs to
        shoot or arrest mobs of starving or jobless Americans. Yours in Christ, 76Y,31C10P, 0352

  • Idaho Bob

    I want to be clear, I am not coming out of the closet for anybody. As a matter of fact, I have never been in the “closet”. I am an unashamed Christian who will stand for the Word of God until the day I die. There is no other religion, no other system, no other philosophy, or any other way to God except through Jesus Christ.

    This is why Jesus proclaimed such statements as, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3)” and “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me (John 14:6)”.

    Jesus also said, “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3)” and “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel (Mark 1:15)”.

    It’s time for born-again Christians to stand for the One who Saved them. It is not time to cower, it’s time to stand. We must prepare ourselves for the spiritual battle that is here and is coming.

    “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:10-12)”.

    In Christ, Bob

    • TheSunDidIt

      Did that in 1985 and was stuck in a psych ward by my Commander. Had my clearance pulled. Had a nasty anti-Christian diatribe inserted into my official files tearing down both myself and Christianity. And, had my career, at that time on Active duty, effectively ended. God turned most everything around for me in the end. I know what the Airman is going through. I was an Officer in the Army. This perversion of justice and the law has been on-going for decades folks. I didn’t speak up publicly earlier because I was still serving in the Reserve and also because it would have only been proclaiming my cause. However, now it is time to push this garbage back at these fascist and tyrants. This is NOT the America we joined to serve. The whole case against this NCO is a LIE and the Commander is who needs to be facing charges and forced to resign if not serve time in prison.

  • Jardinero1

    The article is strong on emotion and very low on details. Also, Thomas Jefferson was not a Christian and many of the founders were deists.

    • Irish78623

      Jefferson called him self a Unitarian There is a difference between that and a deist. But that being said I’m not sure what your point is or why it matters. Thomas Jefferson and the other founders of this country believed in “freedom of religions”. That would be for all people of ALL RELIGIONS to be able to pronounce and practice their Religious beliefs without fear of persecution. That would include Christians.

  • Jamie Huff

    These people think that freedom of religion means freedom FROM religion. I am not in the military but I have the deepest admiration and respect for those who serve. We live in an America today where every belief system and perversion is celebrated and accommodated except for Christianity. This has got to stop.

  • Francine Levell

    This is so wrong.

  • oldsalt6585

    I’m so glad I’m out of that nonsense. I retired from the Navy…whoops….TRANSFERRED TO THE FLEET RESERVE…in 1985. I actually RETIRED from the Navy in 1995, after 10 years in the FLEET RESERVE. Don’t want some moron coming down on me like that walking brain stem of a detailer did.
    I’m a CHRISTIAN and I’m proud of it. The anti-Christian in today’s military can go take a LONG walk off of pier 14 in Norfolk!
    Remember, what goes around, comes around!

  • netandyawho

    After reading Arie Perliger’s Expert Bio on the Combating Terrorism Center’s website it is quite evident that he is at the least an Israeli citizen and at the most has dual citizenship as an American. If push comes to shove, guess who he will side with.

    His extensive Israeli education undoubtedly has produced a Zionist philosophy on life that does not bode well for the non-Israelite. A little known fact is that Christians have been and are being attacked on a daily basis in Israel. And thus, it follows that Perliger sees the Christians as a obstacle to the goals of Zionism.
    The Zionists have as much respect for Christianity as they do for the Muslim religion.



  • alpambuena

    look who is in the Obama whitehouse: ARIF ALIKHAN – assistant secretary for policy development, for the dept. of homeland security. MOHAMMED ELIBIARY – another homeland security adviser. RASHAD HUSSAIN – special envoy to the organization of the Islamic conference. SALAM AL-MARAYATI – Obama adviser and founder of the muslim public affairs council. IMAM MOHAMED MAGID – Obama’s SHARIA CZAR from the Islamic society of north America. EBOO PATEL – advisory council on faith based neighborhood partnerships…….the foxes are officially in the hen house, and what are the chances of these islamists having major input into our military services, schools, and every aspect of our lives.

  • wildeagleone



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