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doomBy J. Andrew Peak

Brace yourself. It’s gonna get bumpy. Obamacare is about to be implemented.

A train called Doom, headed for Deathpanelistan, is departing Fantasyland Station on Track 44 and all the rails have yet to be laid. Once the congressional circus in the caboose ends, (regarding the issue of defunding) politicians – doing what politicians do best – will adjust to the new politics of Obamacare.

On the Republican side reality will set in that, whether for bad or worse, Obamacare is here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future.

Tickets purchased, politicians on both sides will see that a recalibration of both tactics and strategy are in order. On board, the caboose will temporarily fall silent as the brakes hiss and Doom lurches forward.

Upon exiting Fantasyland, Republicans will face the most significant and consequential choice in the entire post-implementation era. Indeed this single decision will lay the foundation for the fight to come. If the past be any guide, republicans will most likely first disagree on what strategy to pursue, then start infighting, next fail to unite publicly, and ultimately be weaker and disorganized thanks to petty squabbles, personal disagreements and interpersonal rivalries.

To fix or not to fix – that is the question.

We all know there are problems with Obamacare.

So what happens next?

Well, as the train picks up steam around Rationville, both sides will realize they have a problem. The grade will slope precipitously and the wheels of Doom will start to shimmy. While traversing Pelosi Pass and heading toward Reid Ravine, the question becomes who’ll blink first and request some braking action.

If Republicans were smart – a very big if – they’d grasp the armrests and white knuckle through it. This would be wise because so far, they haven’t built the train they’re riding on. In short, they’re not responsible for Doom. However, once they tinker with it or attempt to fix it in any way – they’ll own it too. Furthermore, if they tamper with it, they’ll legitimize Obamacare.

So, as everyone hurdles toward Election Junction, eventually the Democrats in the caboose will sober up and want to fix the parts they’d rather not talk about – or take credit for. But first, their strategy will be to spin the horror stories coming from the fifty Exchange cars in front.

To a real extent, that spin process began back at Fantasyland Station. But get ready because as the screams from up front become louder – so, too, will the democrat spin machine.

This should come as no surprise. It has more spins than Iranian centrifuges.

But I digress.

Anyway, at first Democrats will deny the horror stories and portray those tales as only being anecdotal or outright lies. In other words, they’ll try to convince everyone aboard Doom that their own personal nightmare is unique only to them. When that doesn’t work, they’ll yell at Republicans about hiding the wrenches to fix the train while simultaneously telling everyone up front to shut up, look out the window and enjoy the scenery as they approach Election Junction.

Meanwhile, across the aisle, Republicans will be screaming at one another about what to do. After all, Election Junction is fast approaching!

“Who will the people blame?” the GOP establishment will ask as they’re jostled to and fro.

Some Republicans will breathlessly argue they should do right by the passengers up front. Others will correctly point out that to only fix certain parts of Doom, still leaves a massive train running out of tracks headed toward Deathpanelistan. They’ll argue that by fixing some of the more deficient parts, it falsely makes Doom somehow seem track-worthy.

Somewhere over Lameduct Barack, Democrats will look out uneasily at the gorge below and hear the trestle moaning under the weight of Doom. Hysterically, they’ll convince the media to recall that Republicans, while back at Fantasyland Station, were screaming about how unsafe Doom was to begin with. In other words, Republicans know about it too.

“They’re aware!” Democrats will shout. “They know how defective Doom is! And yet, they won’t pull out the wrenches to fix it!”

The pressure aboard Doom will build, not only in the boiler up front but, in the caboose as well.  After all, these things have to done before Doom nears Hillarytown!

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Deathpanelistan, both sides will remember they’ve exempted themselves: so Obama thankfully pulls the pin on the caboose and Doom hurdles off into the distance toward its rendezvous with a derailment replete with massive fatalities.

Should Republicans fix the bad parts of Obamacare?

Not on your life. The train is headed to Deathpanelistan anyway. Let the Democrats own it.

So, will Republicans compromise themselves by pulling out the wrenches to fix it?

Of course they will.


Because there are too many tempting goodies offered in the caboose.

In the process they will legitimize Doom. And own it too.

All Aboarrrrrrrrrrrrrd?


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  • Washington76

    9, 27, 2013 It Doesn’t Matter If the Obamacare Defunding Gambit Fails By Matthew Vadum

    • Silky Wiley

      Pretty good article. I might try out American Thinker

      • Washington76

        Just that read the whole world here!

        The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) is an independent research and media organization based in Montreal. The CRG is a registered non-profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada. In addition to the Global Research websites, the Centre is involved in book publishing, support to humanitarian projects as well as educational outreach activities including the organization of public conferences and lectures. The Centre also acts as a think tank on crucial economic and geopolitical issues.

  • maestro

    wonder when the morons in the front of the train will get it? probably never, cause, hey – we get free birth control – woohoo!

  • Brooklynresident

    You must be born after NOV 1938 to stay on board.

    Like you must be born before NOV 1992 to buy cigarettes…

  • Zundfolge

    Ya know, if it wasn’t for the fact that I think Obamacare’s collapse is the plan from the get-go I’d actually welcome its implementation followed by implosion with excrement all over the Democrat’s faces.

    But since I suspect that’s the plan I really don’t want to find out what the Dems REALLY have planned for us (yeah, I know pure Socialized Medicine is the end goal but what other damage are they banking on?).

  • Joanne Long

    1st step to global national single payer health care, where you wait for treatments for 6 months or more. But in meantime they can bully their way into your home for any reason they care to use.

  • Silky Wiley

    Pretty good.

  • William Luke

    Stop giving trains a bad image….

  • Mary Brown

    Or we stop paying taxes and defund the entire government.

  • rick0857

    Well, well, well now the rest of America is about to find out just what kind of health care you have provided to your Veterans for the past 100 plus years…ENJOY!!!

  • rivahmitch

    On the one hand, I agree, let it crash, though I think (and hope) the revolution will begin before it hits bottom.

    On the other hand, I believe it was designed to fail as a part of the great globalist “plan” to destroy America. However, it will fail only after all options for healthcare coverage (which worked well for most of the middle class) have been totally destroyed. Think about it, the Communists worst enemies have always been the “bourgeosie”, the middle class which sees itself as being able to create a better life without the “help” and management of the government. The purpose of this exercise is to make sure that everyone is destitute and without hope. Then, along will come the Kenyan fascist on it’s white horse and “save” (and enslave) everyone with it’s “single payer plan” under which it has total control over not just which treatments are available but over who lives and dies. This has never been about health care but about the lever to allow the government to sieze total control of the economy and peoples lives. In the government’s eyes, it’s fine if Americans have much less as long as it’s all controlled by “those who know best”. Is life so dear or peace so sweet? think it will stay that way? Semper Fi!

  • DockyWocky

    With the unstoppable onset of ObamaCare, it is time to begin reflecting on what the citizenry will decide to do with the responsible party(s) once the ugly pieces begin to show above the white foam of rhetoric.

    We know that the main perp, Obama (and Michelle) will undoubtedly have to undergo the Nicolae Ceausescu treatment, but what about the eager supporting cast, like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? It wouldn’t be fair to leave them un-impaled for long with all the other numerous congresscritters going up on sharpened sticks lining the National Mall, or would something special be reserved for them?

  • Brontefan

    I have to admit.. I hope you 0bama voters actually get a good dose of this 0bamaCare… and then, maybe you will wise up. It’s going to be devastating and probably will destroy our entire medical profession –like it did in the UK–as no decent doctor will practice with handcuffs from the government. They will retire or escape… and all we will have is doctors who don’t care and are willing to practice whatever the government mandates. I could make one hell of an argument that the 17th Amendment contributed to this Marxist take over in our country today.

  • Kathy

    I kinda agree – let it collapse and let the idiot dems live with what they’ve created. But, how many good, decent (as opposed to the people who created this mess) hard-working Americans will be hurt terribly, possibly lose their homes, cars and lives with the implementation of this monster. I don’t think congressmen on either side of the aisle have any idea the disgust, disdain and utter contempt the American people feel for them.(and I’m sure they don’t care) They who go into congress as ‘normal’ people’ promising to do their best to represent us; and leave as multi-millionaires; all the while cramming this kind of junk down our throats and then exempting themselves from it. I fear that civil war is coming soon. (already in Chicago)


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