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LunaticIn case you weren’t sure what we are dealing with on the Left (aka Lunatic Left), you need to read the letter a friend sent me.

My friend received this letter from a black Liberal. It won’t take you long to see how the illness of Liberalism has affected his brain. And this letter writer is a PASTOR.

He blames all the ills that were CAUSED BY DEMOCRATS on Republicans. Black Liberals have been programmed to be idiots, and I’m being clinical, when I diagnose them.

Hi [name removed],

I’m old enough to have seen, first hand, what conservatives, T-Bags, “true” Americans, birthers, Pilgrims, Europeans, whatever they choose to call themselves on a given day, are capable of doing when they are forced to allow others to sit at the table; they start blowing up stuff- even their own habitats.

As your former bishop says, watch this, watch this. Here is the tale of two L.A. County cities, two different decades.

City “A”; In the early 50’s, Blacks begin to move into this all white working class city known for corrupt rough and tumble politics. That they were even able to buy there was because Thurgood Marshall, then head of the NAACP’s legal fund, successfully argued that restrictive covenants were unconstitutional in 1948. There was another reason; the city fathers and the developers who owned them knew the Western quadrant of this city would soon be zoned to allow for heavy commercial/ industrial AND residential development. They just neglected to share that with the Negro families who were buying the new ranch homes being built there. As a result, many of the residents of that part of town developed serious health problems as a result of the heavy industrial presence, which included a rock quarry and chemical plants.

The new Negro families were headed by hard working, church going, socially conservative WW II vets. Many were HBCU or UCLA (the closest thing to an HBCU in Southern CA then) educated; teachers, postal, defense plant and factory workers. Just the kind of people you’d want as neighbors- if only they had been white. The goal of the city leaders was to contain the new arrivals in the Westside of town.

To keep Negro children from enrolling in the town’s namesake high school, they built a new one; very generic, with single story red brick bungalows. In it’s very first year, the new Negro high school, with a no nonsense white woman as principal, produced a championship football team, with titles in all of the other sports soon to follow. She hired and promoted outstanding Black educators and coaches, and set the bar as high as possible for her students.

Within a few years, the Negro high school was an academic and athletic powerhouse, outperforming the two white high schools on the other side of town and sending more of its graduates to college. The paths of the schools never crossed; the Negro high school didn’t even compete in the same athletic league as the two white high schools- de facto Segregation. Plus, the two white schools did not want to face the very likely possibly of being defeated in athletics by “that colored school on the other side of town.”

Between 1950-60, the Black population of that city increased from 4% to 32% Negro, as whites began to move out of the neighborhood as quickly as they could get a For Sale sign up. By the mid 60’s, the city was majority Black, yet whites retained political control of the city until the early 70’s. Then, they simply withdrew economically and financially, leaving not an economic hole- but a huge crater.

Having been kept from power for generations, the newly elected Black leaders lacked the political experience and business acumen to effectively govern, and the whites they unseated were working feverishly behind the scenes to ensure their failure (does that sound familiar, [name removed]?)

This occurred when the economic power of Blacks was on a huge upswing. Moving a business, especially a family owned one- is very risky. You are leaving behind a critical mass of customer goodwill, location, brand equity and more. Besides, there is no guarantee your customers will follow you. To make matters worse, Blacks simply were not able to obtain business loans or annuities to buy those businesses. All of these things conspired to bring about an irreversible decline of this city. Since Blacks were holding the reins of power when the city tanked, they shouldered the blame for it; like Detroit, Philly, Cleveland, Gary and Chicago.

City “B” was a bit different. Middle to upper class residents, and home to two large regional hospitals, a golf course/ country club, race track, Cadillac, Chevy, Datsun (Nissan), Buick, Lincoln-Mercury, Chrysler- Plymouth, Toyota, even Fiat and Porche stores, a world class arena under construction, one of the best school districts in the state, several quality private schools, Sears, Penneys, a hometown upscale store chain, six movie theaters, a large pristine central park and more. City “B” was the premier community in its region.

The political leaders were uneasy though. Negroes had started moving close to the Eastern border of the city, and a Southern Democratic president had just signed legislation making it harder to enforce housing discrimination. Like City A, the first Negro families to move in to the community were headed by church going, socially conservative, upwardly mobile WW II vets, joined by their younger counterparts who served in Korea. They were a bit more affluent and educated than their City “B” relatives of the previous decade. They were also more assertive politically.

This city did not have the luxury of building new schools for Negro students. The schools became integrated, and there were ugly incidents. The oldest son of the city’s first Black elected official was chased home or beat down daily by white kids his first year in elementary school. The first Negro who enrolled in one of the two high schools was spit on by white kids until she was literally soaked. These are first person accounts I heard with my own ears. As the newly arrived Negro families wondered why their neighbors could be so bigoted, white real estate agents began going door to door, urging their neighbors to “sell before it is too late”; an illegal act that became known as block busting.”

Like City “A”, whites began moving out- further motivated by a poorly conceived forced busing program, and interracial dating between Black high school athletes and white girls; not an issue in City “A” a decade before. And, like City “A”, the newly arrived Black students often outperformed the white students academically and graduated college in greater numbers. To the credit of the residents, a unified effort was made to achieve racial harmony and discourage white flight. Unfortunately, the forced busing program, racially biased media reporting and Black political assertiveness undermined those efforts.

Again, businesses left, Blacks could not obtain loans to buy those businesses and the efforts of Black leaders to govern the community were undermined by former elected officials, bureaucrats, business leaders and others who no longer lived in the community. In this particular city, those forces actually met annually to plot ways to ensure the failure of the new political majority.

Doesn’t that sound familiar, [name removed]?

My point?; the T-Bags, GOP conservatives, religious right, whatever they want to call themselves TODAY, will blow ish up if they no longer control it and are forced to share power, Erin. And, consider this; America, Mike’s peeps, unleashed their most extreme and brutal cruelty on ONE ANOTHER. The South was eating grass when it finally quit in 1865, and 600,000 (largely) white people died; more than every other war the U.S. ever waged.

Truth be told, the presence of 130,000 AFRICANS fighting for the Union turned the Civil War in favor of the North.

Narrow minded bigots like Mike Greer, Miriam Mestler and Bruce “Meltdown” Brown LOVE to blame “Democrats” (racial code for NIGGERS) for the demise of Detroit and other cities. REALLY? That city was eff’ed long before Coleman Young became mayor in 1974, and the last WHITE GOP mayor of Detroit went to prison for tax evasion! Of course, that does not excuse what Gil’s “FRAT”, Kilpatrick did; he deserves life in prison!

Believe me, there is already a plan in place to re-invent the Motor City. Count on it being smaller, richer and WHITER! Think about it; a new 18,000 seat hockey palace is going up in BK Detroit; is that for the current residents?

Am I making sense here?

America is in serious trouble, my friends!

This man has described DEMOCRATS to a tee, yet he says that Republicans are using “Democrat” as a code word. His racism is laced throughout his writing.

Republicans can’t solve this problem. It will take very different thinking to wake up lunatics like him.

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