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Obama has the amazing ability to need to orchestrate helping somebody at his speaking events…in this instance our Pedantic POTUS was caught!

In case you were thinking the fainting of the young pregnant lady was staged, well watch this, THEN make your decision.

“Obama had to SAVE the day! Look at that — he done saved the day! Right when the camera changed that man did it…I bet that was on the teleprompter!”

Is there any reason to believe the Obama administration about anything? Obama’s entire presidency is staged, orchestrated.

America has one pathetic president, and the people around him are lower than whale crap. Just think about the traveling Obama preachers who milked town after town, like religion carnies.

The “religion of Obama” has lots of devotees, and they are nothing but destructive.


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • wanda faye rigdon

    POS trying to be your saviour !!!!

  • Gabriel Alan King

    Staged caring ? This is almost as good as the traditional “kissing the baby” political stunt.

  • tryingtomakeit

    Wanda…those are paid people faint..he has done this so many times…a person realizes he has set this up!

    I heard she is diabetic and should not have stood up there pregnant, in the sun, for so long…who knows…but there have been TOO many people fainting in front of Obama, and letting him save the day.

    • hsfred

      Maybe it’s his blinding good looks that has all these women swooning. Ha!

      • rwdodgerblue


  • AmericanLass

    Notice people in background never strain to see what’s going on. Since when don’t people watch an incident like that ? It’s human nature to be lookey lou’s.

    • hsfred

      And since when don’t the media cameras swing around and zoom in on the drama?

      • AmericanLass

        That was my second thought exactly. Gee, its almost like they were told to stay on the Pres, so they could focus only him, hmmm.

    • Melissa Katsmom Votano

      And that is probably the best point…..

  • pogo46

    keep those fainting goats away….far away….you could lose your entire herd…=(

  • regulus30

    pimp doing the pimping of the pimp ‘s law.

  • Allen King

    Hey Barry Hussein, could you give us a little space by getting out of the White House, immediately.

  • maxentropy

    They need a corpse-man.

    • Melissa Katsmom Votano


  • Hejo Reis

    Awesome job!!! Tx

  • Michelle

    I needed a good giggle. Kevin, you are hilarious. Thanks for the video. I’m surprised you didn’t make more out of the fact that all these Obamanites are fainting when watching their commander in chief.

    • Ms. Eunice

      We all get the vapors when Barry’s in da house.

  • CatGman

    Perhaps she was overcome by the excessive emissions of flatus released during the speech.

  • Kimberly Gamba

    LOL I love you Kevin! You always make my day!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    There’s a lot of proof here that Obama makes people sick.

  • 82ABNwife

    Kevin, This made my day….Note to self, do NOT eat or drink anything during all future videos. Choking from laughter is highly likely……………..I do have a theory on the fainting, I think it happened at every event, this is how…these people “drank to much of the Kool-aid” and O2 saturation was very low (how else can you get people to follow blindly, but to cut off the oxygen).

  • SniperToo

    This is a hoot!. Send this out to all your friends, unbelievable. But what would you expect from the commie who is financed by Hollywood. I guess that is what Obumer wants to be when he grows up, a Hollywood phoney actor. Clinton said that he wanted to go out to Hollywood after Washington and become an actor. Got to

    practice , practice, practice. I love the stand up comedians in D.C.

  • Mark Shipp

    Didn’t he pull this same gimmick on the campaign trail?

  • Jeff Lewis

    The Brother in the back ground speaking, what is your problem man if you don’t want the health care then just don’t take part of it.

    • doobiedoobiedoo

      It’s called narrating.

    • Ms. Eunice

      But we’re REQUIRED to take part at our own expense.

      The great part is that if you can’t afford insurance, the government will fine
      you $95 in 2014, $325 in 2015, and $695 in 2016!

      Here’s a summary that lays it out in all its glory:

      “Those without coverage pay a tax penalty of the greater of $695 per year
      up to a maximum of three times that amount ($2,085) per family or 2.5% of
      household income. The penalty will be phased-in according to the following
      schedule: $95 in 2014, $325 in 2015, and $695 in 2016 for the flat fee or 1.0%
      of taxable income in 2014, 2.0% of taxable income in 2015, and 2.5% of taxable
      income in 2016.”

    • Caitlin Baker

      Oh my goodness! So upsetting. People just don’t understand, because of the lies this “President” has fed us. This comment/opinion is exactly why America is where it is right now. “If you don’t want the health care then just don’t take part of it”….. OH!! Thank you!!! I feel so much better now. I’ll just pay the hundreds of dollars of fees instead.

  • doobiedoobiedoo

    It’s scripted. “This happens sometime”…ahahaha, this happens all the time.

  • calico_kitty

    this bunch is a bad b-movie.

  • OldNorthState

    Kevin, if not yourself (and I’m not thinking you’re the voice in the video), who is the narrator and/or creator of this? It’s not only very revealing, but this guy’s delivery had me laughing out loud. Informative AND entertaining.

  • david pope

    was wrong. i thought obama had used the saving the fainting person 3 to 4 times, but here is proof of 7 times he saved the fainting person. even hillary had to get in on the same act and save a fainting person once. REALLY? REALLY? so sad

  • ftsalonga

    Kevin, your comments during this fraudulent imposters campaign video is too funny. You made me laugh out loud. God bless you always.

  • Cindy Merrill Reed

    I thought the exact same thing as it happened. “How convenient!” Next he will deliver a baby or perform a tracheotomy.

    • Melissa Katsmom Votano

      Probably brain surgery……

    • 11 Seconds to Mars

      How convenient that a pregnant woman with diabetes would faint. Unbelievably heartless.


    This was staged, watch the red haired lady next to the black haired lady, lean over say something to her and then she is holding the “fainters” hand and has her arm around her waist. She nudges the “fainter” and then Obama turns around. The lady does not look at the lady and turns her head the other way and then finally smiles when Obama turns around.

    • Melissa Katsmom Votano

      There was also a verbal queue. He repeats himself just before it happened.

  • Mismomof2

    my goodness, Kevin JAckson is cracking me up. I love the commentary. lol

  • Carl Mayo

    Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
    Come and see the show!
    Obama changes water to wine!
    Hillary restores sight to the blind!

  • calvin

    He probably farted and she passed out from the odor…. he is full of crap, you know!

    • Kimberly Maness Litzkow

      Ba bam Calvin… nailed that one. Well said sir…very well said. Loved it!!

  • Annoyed

    at 1:27 It wouldn’t have mattered which camera was shooting, we would have seen the same thing.
    As for you not wanting healthcare, who will pay if you are in a car accident and sent to to ER? EVERYONE ELSE WITH INSURANCE will that’s who.

    • Ms. Eunice

      So now you don’t have to wait for an accident-we all get to pay the government outrageous amounts, whether we have insurance or not, and Obamacare’s premiums come with monstrous deductibles in the thousands per year. See “Individual Mandate” in this summary of Obamacare:

  • Kenneth Bowman

    Totally staged, no doubt about it.

  • 11 Seconds to Mars

    wow such a hater – so our president is compassionate and you think it’s pathetic. I ask you what the heck man! Kevin Jackson IS the one that is pathetic.

    • Douglas Dawes

      did you post that using your free internet, or free cell phone? You may need more ice, to keep your Kool-Aid cold!!!

      • 11 Seconds to Mars

        @both Douglas Dawes – I am a Blue Dog Democrat and no, you are small minded if you believe that to be true and I am from a family of reformed Republicans.
        @wassup402 – ditto!

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      Obama is as phony as a $3 bill. What’s with women fainting at his speeches? Does that happen to any other politician? How did he know when to turn around? This was probably staged.

    • wassup402

      Your moniker says all that needs to be said. Get ready for that crash landing into Mars.

    • Blake Kilcrease

      Lets not confuse you with facts since you’ve already made up your mind. Just like religion. If you could reason with a religious person they wouldnt be religious. If you could reason with an obamanaught they wouldnt be an Obamanaught

      • 11 Seconds to Mars

        We are on a two way street @Blake Kilcrease, but the reality is that I
        am open to anyone being President who is looking out for the betterment
        of our nation and our fellow citizens. Unlike the people on this
        negative string and website.
        Kevin Jackson sounds like an ignorant individual that feeds commentary
        to like-minded individuals.

        • Melissa Katsmom Votano

          If you don’t like the atmosphere here then by all means you can leave us alone because like it or not it is still a free country.

          • kali

            and like you just said Miss Melissa, it IS a FREE country. 11 seconds to mars is just as free to respond to you and everyone else on this site as you are.

          • Melissa Katsmom Votano

            I didn’t say he couldn’t have an opinion or voice it either….all I said was he was free to go somewhere else if he didn’t like what he was reading here. Thanks though for stating the obvious. Have a nice day.

          • 11 Seconds to Mars

            @Melissa Katsmom Votano – Actually Kali was restating the obvious from your post and there is a contextual difference. Thanks for playing.

          • Melissa Katsmom Votano


          • 11 Seconds to Mars

            @ Kali – :) Thanks.

          • 11 Seconds to Mars

            I don’t mind the atmosphere. One of my friends told me to come on and watch KJ rant about baseless observations. Thought I would not only find these strings hilarious, but also the fact that KJ spews so much hate rhetoric but claims to be a upstanding Christian man. My friend was right about the strings.

          • Barbara Larson

            Hey, you ignorant AH. If you follow the advice of one of your
            FRIENDS, what other advice do you follow? Not capable of thinking for yourself? Since you find this site so obnoxious
            to your oh so delicate sensitivities, do us all a favor and get the hell off. Take your 11 seconds to Mars and fly, fly away.

          • 11 Seconds to Mars

            @Barbara Larson – You are one nasty cow, but no I will not go away. I would say you need to learn to read but cows don’t do that and if you were not so blinded by your hate and negativity you would know. Peace to the herd.

          • 11 Seconds to Mars

            oh and if you are offended by me calling you a cow, then maybe next time think twice before you start name calling. A-Hole is not nice, but I can play just as hard as you.

          • Barbara Larson

            Can you really? I was unaware this was going to turn into a contest of hard ball. I’m 78 years old, a school teacher for 45. Do you realize you’ve only posted one positive comment? That was the one where you said my calling you an AH wasn’t nice. I will agree. That’s not usual verbage from me.but I was growing weary of your inabiity to use any sapient remarks. You’ve been nothing but contentious of 1st: the site, 2nd: everyone else using it. Seriously, why do you bother? I’ve had third graders whose rhetoric surpasses yours. You can only tell people to learn to read,. Now, please, you can do better than that.You keep calling people negative and hate mongers. There seems to be quite a lot of that spewing from you.
            Anyway, no,I’m not offended by your calling me a cow; I’m only offended by stupidity – no, that’s incorrect; I’m offended by ignorance which can be overcome.
            If I’m a C O W , e,i,e,i, o; What are you?

          • 11 Seconds to Mars

            I don’t agree with everything that has happened during the current administration and I have stated that before, but you boldly stepped up and called me not only an A-hole, but ignorant. Almost every string of comments on this string is negative, especially yours @Barbara Larson. I do not care how old you are, but more importantly you have no grounds to preach to me about negativity and how my remarks are lacking in sapience. One could say the same about your remarks. Oh and it is ‘verbiage’ not ‘verbage’ and I bother because of people like you.
            Great Geico plug at the end. Your lousy attempt at using a mainstream commercial as humor, is telling, kudos for trying to be funny. BTW, you asked, so I will tell you, I am a Blue Dog Democrat.

    • Jactelit2

      Libturds- 1-Ignore facts that don’t advance your stupid arguement 2- Blame someone (Bush) else. 3- Yell racist and run away. Oh yeah, 11 seconds to mars is right on time. 11, it is you and your ilk (That’s means “same kind” are the truly pathetic ones!!

      • 11 Seconds to Mars

        It might do you some good to take some reading classes. Nothing that you state was said and if you would see clearer through your fundamentalist (or radicalized views) then you would know that to be true. I am not 100% on board with every policy by our current administration, for instance the drone program is very concerning, however you prove my point about small mindedness as your intelligence shines as bright as the sun during a hurricane. Thanks for playing.

        • Drummie

          Your willful ignorance is glaring. Look around you and defend him with fact, not emotion. He is destroying the country and the middle class with his godless Marxist regime.

          • 11 Seconds to Mars

            Your the one that is dogging him, so you defend your theories with fact. In my opinion, you are probably listening to Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Sarah Palin, etc. so your claims are baseless.

    • Drummie

      Obama is NOT compassionate, he is a liar, a thief, a cheat, a coward, and a traitor. Do I need to go on? This is NOT hate, it is stating the obvious. Of course low information willfully ignorant people will not see the obvious.

      • 11 Seconds to Mars

        I had no idea that you and President Obama had been so close at one time that you would know this about him. My mistake. LOL. But please enlighten me to the obvious. I am open to your POV.

  • Myles Standish

    Staged, pathetic and indicative of this airliner crash of a presidency. Unfortunately, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    If obama willingly vacates the White House at the end of his second and last term (very much in doubt), I would not want to be the new potus. Remember how low-life demoncrap bill clinton completely trashed the WH for Bush? He’d already disgraced the presidency far more than anyone before him, so he rationalized — what’s one more despicable act on top of the four dozen (cautious estimate) I’ve already committed?

    Seemed impossible, but obama is a lower life form than billy jeff, so I cannot imagine what sort of WH a new president will inherit — especially if he or she happens to be a true conservative!! Snooping devices out the wahzoo are a given. Hundreds if not thousands of them. No expense will be spared. Booby traps. Post-dated computer viruses. Locking door knobs without keys. HVAC systems contaminated with who-knows-what. Carpets impregnated with who-knows-what. Lead paint. Freshly-dead varmints stuffed inside the walls for hard-to-trace rancid odors. Etc., etc., etc. Whatever it takes to deprive the new president of a workplace that is conducive to accomplishing anything of worth.

    If I thought I was giving demoncraps ideas, I wouldn’t say a word, but all of this kind of wickedness, and much, much worse, is right up their proverbial alley. We’re talking about life forms devoid of consciences, morality and ethics. Say hello to the democratic party of the 21st century.

  • jonjon_yo

    definitely staged. this is how two-bit thug dictators burnish their cult of personality.

  • TammyT

    How DID he know to turn around at that moment? He was instructed to that why!

    • Dave Kjellberg

      He saw the reflection in his teleprompter….lol

  • Holly Floyd Stumpf

    you haters are something else! the woman is a pregnant diabetic; you can see her going into a faint long before he turns around..

    • 11 Seconds to Mars

      @Holly Floyd Stumpf – yeah they are haters. Sarah Palin thought the woman passing out from a medical condition was funny. Thanks for your comments on this string. Good to see other compassionate people invading this string.

  • jkort

    Thank you for saying things we ‘racist white folks’ are not allowed to! Keep up your diligence – appreciate it.

  • Susie Riley West

    Your ignorance is my amusement. Really this is your BIG deal in the whole of what is going on in our world today-if the President staged helping a diabetic pregnant women or not?? Pull on you big GIRL panties and get over it. Why not try being part of the solution and not the problem.

    • Barbara Larson

      YES< YES
      Listen, you ignorant liberal, Wy aren't you doing something to be part of the solution? Since you THINK YOU'RE SO SMART.; TELL US ALL HOW TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT IS OVER WHELMING WITH THIS JACKASS POTUS. The good Lord knows I didn't vote for him – only those who are living on all the entitlements whose mantra is "why should I work when I can do nothing and still get my free house, free food, free telephone,etc. Since our ignorance is so amusing to you, yours makes me hysterical. Would you like to be our next president so you can be the solver of the problems that never existed before this muslim liar came into power. Tell us wht to do, Miss Smarty Big Girl Pants.

    • 11 Seconds to Mars

      @Susie Riley West – YES!! Thank you for your comments on this string.

  • RDWebster

    Susie Riley West – what is important is that it WAS staged. Use your head – watch the film again – the young woman who “fainted” (actually, nearly fainted) was holding hands with the woman to her right. Just before she “fainted” the woman to the right of the woman was was holding the “fainting” woman’ right and, leaned over and whispered something to that woman. Moments later (likely a squeeze of the hand was the signal) the pregnant(?) woman “fainted”. Yet, the woman who was holding her hand did NOTHING to help her – she just smiled throughout the whole orchestrated event. Now, that woman had a view of the “fainting” woman and was holding her hand – how would Obama even have known she was “fainting”? Really, use your common sense. Obama is a phony. He uses such props all the time. Repeats himself over again, figuring people in different locations won’t know any different. Finally, can you recall when this many “fainting” episodes ever occurred with other presidents? The man is a fraud through and through. And the US media is doing a great job of covering up for him. It is DISGRACEFUL. And sad that women such as yourself are so gullible you actually believe it was real!

    • Caitlin Baker


  • john p

    he should just open up every speaking event with, “Has anybody fainted out there? Anyone? Bueller?… Bueller? ..Ok, I’ll get started I guess…”

  • FormerFBI

    Great commentary on this fake POTUS that we have, who is intent on bankrupting this country with his Un-Affordable Care Act, aka No Bamacare!!!

  • Randy M.

    That’s incredible. His senses are so highly developed. Lol It’s a shame he doesn’t have that ability when it comes to our nation’s well being…. America just fainted. Can we get some water? How about giving us some space?

  • SuddenSam981

    Got message…. “Having temporary problems with video – try again in 30 minutes”

    Wow! Imagine that!

    • Steven

      Did you give it some space? A bottle of water? I’ll get a paramedic.

      • Donna Acosta


  • Carrieann1

    That’s unbelievable how many people have fainted right in front of him… and he’s always calling for help, give ’em some space, is there a medic, get some water…. Sounds like it’s his normal schtick at just about every event he shows up at! Is there a running count of how many times this has happened right in front of him? And it’s a toss up between him and Hill — which came first? Thx for exposing these frauds Kevin !! Great work!!!

    • johngaltspeak

      I think that script may actually be on his teleprompter.

  • eastedie33510

    A lot of people seem to faint or drop dead around Obama.

    • Larry

      and more will when they see the extent or lack thereof of Obamacare.

  • Bruce Harkins

    Kevin, you’re the man! Stay on ’em!

  • Erekose69

    Tele-evangelism is the presidents forte’? How transparent is this… Only thing he failed to do was slap someone on the forehead shouting they were healed. Stay tuned I’m sure that’s next…

  • moxie


  • armyvet706

    What stupid frauds. The jerk is an embarrassment.

  • jmacofearth

    Sorry, you’re an idiot.

  • Eric Longstreet

    Thnak you for pointing this out.

  • Corrupblican

    this is so stupid.

  • Arturo Rendon

    is it possible that these incidents are real.yes they could happen.that the narrator who orchestrated this display,is black,i think yes.but why would this black man,the narrator,basically belittle our president.that is refered to as manipulation.and how did this uncle tom come up with all this info,maybe besides being an uncle tom,he is also a groupy….it is a fact that politics is part theatrical.hence crus and his green eggs and ham.i rremember when the beatles first came to america,that women would faint.are you telling me obama put them up to do the narrator are an uncle tom.

  • rrkeng

    BO is all about theatrics…….always has to have a group of children or someone with out health care standing behind him. They are called the Props!

  • Susie Riley West

    RD Webster and Barbara Larson-not only are you ignorant you are racist too. You ask what I would do-well today I handed out winter coats to those on government assistance-those damn kids thank they should be warm at recess. Now I am off to pick up my two “little sisters” from the boys and girls club to make costumes-their lazy mom is working two jobs since dad was killed in Iraq-they get government assistance-damn them what did they do for it. No system is perfect-what about the rich who get the tax breaks middle class are not entitled too? Is that any better? I DID vote for BARRACK OBAMA, I would again-I don’t believe he is the problem, but maybe your hate is. Why don’t you all get off your computers and be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    • anointedsword

      Clearly, you have no idea what his polices do or do not do. Obama polices is nothing new; you can find out what they did by looking at history. Look up socialism and communism. Before you say otherwise, his polices do fall under these groups. Also, businesses and corporations love giving to the needs of people. For example, I never saw a poor person write a big check to a ministry or other private cause that supports the needy; last time I checked, it takes having money to do that. We just do not like giving to a big government that wants to dictate where the money goes.

    • Karl “ObamaisaCommie” Marx

      you said…”Why don’t you all get off your computers and be part of the solution and not part of the problem.”
      If you would heed your own advice, you wouldn’t have your panties in a wad…your are another example of a woefully misinformed and undiscerning Amerikan Citizen who is voting for and defending the same people who are stripping you of your Constitutional rights….

      • Susie Riley West

        Wow Karl “ObamaisaCommie” Marx-thanks for that insight on myself-I don’t think you crazy at all now. Yep lets get more people like you in office…..not

        • Karl “ObamaisaCommie” Marx

          no charge for that advice…hope you can turn from your lost ways before its to late….

          • Susie Riley West

            no thanks

          • Donna Acosta

            Yup, I love her educated, well-thought-out reply. Clearly accustomed to telling fellow libs about her sacrifices and being showered with Kool-Aid like a football coach after a winning game…

    • 1independentvote

      Your comments Susie are bulverism, plain and simple. Conversational terrorism such as yours does not empirically prove your point nor do your good deeds make you more righteous, evolved or better in any way than those with whom you disagree.

      • Susie Riley West

        Thanks for the laugh!

        • 1independentvote

          Laughter is a means of encouraging ourselves when faced with adversity and is a psychological healing balm. I understand your need to employ this subconscious psychological mechanism.

          • Susie Riley West


          • Donna Acosta

            Or, perhaps she’s just a little touched…?

    • johngaltspeak

      So far, the most hate I see here is from you.

    • Donna Acosta

      Actually, no one can know if you’re a racist, aside from you. Your actions could be loving, or hateful. We’ll never know. In the same way, you cannot know how I feel about other races. You can only judge my actions. I have never supported a president who supports killing unborn children, and your precious Obama not only supported killing unborn ones, but allowing born children to die, too. So, Susie, you just keep it up with your name-calling and your smugness, but in the end, we’ll see if your big deeds outweigh all the blood on your hands, won’t we?

  • Susie Riley West

    Kevin-great job-you stirred up hate, racism, and bullying with this video and stupid unfounded accusations-now if you could do it on something that really mattered-suicide prevention, anti bullying, parents in sports…just saying

    • anointedsword

      Stop blaming people that do not trust him. Try looking at the facts; maybe all the lies he got caught in has something to do with people not trusting anything he says or does.

    • Karl “ObamaisaCommie” Marx

      please expound on where the Hate, racism and bullying are in this video…I personally saw truth in presentation, awareness of deception, and eyes of a watchman in this video…you do know that the DemonCrat party is the party of Jim Crow, the KKK, Slavery, and Genocide……jus sayin
      Everyday I’m Shuffa’lin

      • Susie Riley West

        Karl-not in the video but as in “you stirred up hate, racism, and bullying” within the comments following and all you have to do is look at your responses to see racism! Hate! and Bullying-your name alone is all of these things.

        • Karl “ObamaisaCommie” Marx

          the name represents what Barry Soetoro has said about himself…He acknowledges that he has Marxist ideology as his core base, which Marxism is a train to a communist Government…now explain the hate, racism, or Bullying in stating that truth….Sometimes the truth can be inconvenient…

    • Friend of A Friend

      …lol…the only hate, racism, and being a total bigot is Obama

  • sandy_becker

    trying to get ‘billy-baggers to distinguish between the truth & a lie is like a 1 yr old arguing with a cat. they hate niggers (hell, they shoot ’em & get away with it in their racist-controlled states), plain & simple, & so they toss the bath-water out with the baby. wot a bunch of ma-ROONS…

    • Friend of A Friend

      …you are an idiot…

    • Jim Linford

      so a black man that hates niggers, how novel now sandy please go play on the highway.

      • sandy_becker

        just voicing the word you people THINK you’re hiding with your code words & actions; you think it when amongst the “public”, i’m here to expose it. it’s my ONLY motivation for using the offensive word. oh, & i’m a white guy who was brought up to love & appreciate blacks & their culture, their music, & so forth…

        • tiredofcriminals

          Who cares why you are here? No one cares – we’d rather you get lost.

          • sandy_becker

            “well, i’ve got a driver,
            & that’s a start…”

        • Jim Linford

          Yeah go take your bs to Somalia, or maybe east LA or Chicago and see where “their” culture will take you, either you are a deluded fool or an out right liar, but one thing is for sure, those with mental disorders can find “hidden codes” you really should seek psychiatric help.

        • Flavius Josephus

          We understand that. You need to help us put that mindset to rest. Black people use it enough because they have not sense of their proud history.

  • DocRambo

    Kevin, keep up the good work. Remember, though, Truth is Hate Speech to these folks.

  • Friend of A Friend

    funny how Obama turned around prematurely BEFORE the lady faked her fainting spell…

  • antilib

    This clown is pathetic with his antics. Quite the embarrassment. Cannot believe he was re-elected. Sorry stooges.

  • mxkied

    I like this guy and he’s right about Obama being a fake ass!

  • dragonladyalso

    koolaid overdose?

  • OU812

    Your time is coming to an end, dear liberals. You shall rue the day you brought socialism and communism here. You will stand on trial for your betrayal of this country and the gallows shall find you.

  • Charles Magus

    Maybe they just faint in the Presence of Evil?


    Keep another eye on the Redhead in between Obama and the faint actresses..She cues them just before the camera angle changes and the O-drama unfolds…

  • Flavius Josephus

    I don’r put anything I mean anything past Obama. Someone that dishonest is capable of anything. He can’t have any fear of God.


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