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PresidentMy recent post titled “America needs a white Republican president” has brought out the raving Leftist lunatics.

Despite the fact that I’m black, most Leftists are calling me a racist. And what is more pathetic is, they have called my friend Joe the Plumber a racist for re-posting the article.

It should come as no surprise that most of the ignoramuses who commented about the article only read the title  — or had somebody read the title to them. And in the case of the HuffPo, which called Joe the Plumber a racist, they didn’t even bother to check the substance of the article.

The gist of the article is that, if America had a white Republican president, everybody would be free to criticize him without fear of being called a racist.

I go on to make the point that disagreeing with Obama should have the same implications as disagreeing with a white, Republican president.

Apparently not. God forbid Obama should have to actually deal with life like a mature adult.

White Republican presidents need no such protection. Blacks disagreed with Bush and many wanted him to fail. Were they deemed racists? Of course not. Even for the blacks who are racists, people just chalked their criticism up to a difference in ideologies.

I made the following comment recently to a panel of distinguished Democrats at a prestigious institution:

Black Conservatives are called behind scratching, black-anglo-saxon, boot-licking, buck-dancing, butt-kissing, co-caucasian, cocktail-sipping, foot shuffling, hi yaller, handkerchief-head, opporTOMist, Oreo ™ cookie, rent-a-Tom, servant-of-the-right-wing, self-hating, self-loathing, shoeshine boy, speak-when-spoken-to, Stepin Fetchit, thank-ya-boss, uppity un-cola, Uncle Tom, race traitor, Rush Limbaugh wannabes, to name a few.

I then asked,

“Can you name me ONE thing that black Liberals are called by black conservatives?”

Answer by one of the panelists:


That’s the best that fraud could do.

Meddling Progressives believe they need to protect a man who volunteered to be the Chief Executive of the United States. The people asking for answers are not some Democrat-sanctioned, neo-Nazi fringe group like the KKK…or the Tea Party-mimicking Coffee Party, with membership of less than 500.

Rather, the Tea Party is comprised of approximately 50 million+ responsible, taxpaying, patriotic America-loving, law-abiding citizens. The Tea Party—stockholders in America—have a right to ask questions of the Commander-In-Chief without being called racists.

Bob Johnson, the CEO of BET, could handle stockholder criticism without crying racism, particularly if BET were failing as miserably as the American economy.

Oprah Winfrey’s corporation has white stockholders. I’m sure some of them question her wisdom in leaving her daytime talk show gig, and promptly losing over $100M of their money. Are they racists?

If Obama were the CEO of a private-sector company, his actions would at the very least get him drug-tested. – Kevin Jackson

As a former management consultant to some of the world’s largest corporations, I don’t know a single former client who wouldn’t have fired Obama in the second year of his tenure. In most of those organizations, Obama wouldn’t have escaped year one scrutiny before he would have been tossed. Private corporations would have seen enough. Their stockholders would have seen enough.

At the Fiscal Responsibility Summit 2009  Obama said:

And that’s why today I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term in office.  This will not be easy.  It will require us to make difficult decisions and face challenges we’ve long neglected.  But I refuse to leave our children with a debt that they cannot repay — and that means taking responsibility right now, in this administration, for getting our spending under control.

However, that man will have more than doubled the national debt before the end of his second term.

The man who called a white Republican president unpatriotic to run up a debt of $9T, will have amassed a debt of $20T+ by the end of his tenure, yet there were no calls of racism when Obama said this of Bush.

Shouldn’t America’s black chief executive be held to the same standards as others? Or is it ok to treat Obama worse than you would treat a child?

At least children are taught lessons and consequences. Liberals won’t allow Obama to learn from mistakes.

In fact, the Left continue to encourage his mistakes, because they don’t want to appear to be racist. It’s an elaborate system of cover-up. The irony being, the cover-up emphasizes their racism: the racism of low expectations, and their incessant need to coddle blacks…for profit.

Obama represents Frankenstein’s monster of Liberalism, an experiment gone bad. The monster unfortunately has been unleashed on America.

© 2013 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"The money in diversity is enormous, even bigger than former sportscaster turned political pundit turned sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s ego. Wouldn’t you like to be a “reverend” and father children out of wedlock without repercussions? If you study hard, this book will teach you how to have your non-profit organization pay your mistress and your child support – all at the same time. You must be so black that if you eat sushi, watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek and Friends, or enjoy the ballet, you will hang yourself."

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  • Fred O’Cliff

    Yeah if we had a white “republican” president, then nobody would be allowed to criticize him without being called anti-American, unpatriotic, traitor or some other derogatory term that is equally or more offensive than being called a racist. “republicans” are so damn whiny and the whiniest “republicans” are the “black” ones who pretty much do nothing but play the victim of “black” liberals and liberals in general.

    • Cindy Everett-Manly

      That might be the funniest load of whiney liberal crap I have ever in my 50 years read!

    • Glenn Hester

      HAHAHAHA….. you’re hilarious…. you ought to be a comedian….

      • SaneZidane

        Not if he sounds like a commodian, Glen. His obvious racism and lack of any intellect whatsoever belongs in the toilet.

    • CaptKing

      Really, How many berated GW every day? It happened and NO ONE WAS SCREAMING RACIST. This was the point of the article. You like many before you MISSED THE READING PART…LOL…

      • BDPSU

        Reading? Libtards don’t read – they just react to headlines and soundbites.

        • Worship Dancer

          more likely someone has to READ the headlines to them.

      • Buzz

        Shoot, GW is getting blamed for the shut down!

    • BDPSU

      LOL…and a clueless Libtard appears.

      • SaneZidane

        I guess he’s comfortable being a lunatic, BD. He exemplifies the reverse racism that is also championed by our Muslim president which this article perfectly attributes.

    • Worship Dancer

      you mean like you libturdocrats did with GW Bush, GHW Bush, Ronald Reagan? of course you ARE anti-American. unpatriotic. when you want to throw away the Constitution because it’s “old and arcane and the Founding Fathers never expected it to remain that way” you are UNAMERICAN AND UNPATRIOTIC. sorry but if the shoe fits.

    • Pam Dunn

      Nothing like an idiotic liberal troll to spew a load of garden fertilizer from the load between its ears.

    • TexanDC

      Then why didn’t that happen while Bush was in office? People were on him all the time but you didn’t hear them called out like they are now about cry baby barry.

  • Luna Nightwyn

    Thats it! The next time someone criticizes any republican, I am going to call them racist, see how they like it.

  • winterband

    What vile despicable TRASH the National Socialist Democrat party and their lapdog liberal sewer media have put into power with their ignorance, voter fraud, and Islamosocialism!

    It is not only just the criminal traitor Barry Soetoro Obama who is to blame, but the other communist scum in the Democrat party and the scum RINOs Please be sure to SHARE this post about Hussein “Hitler Lite” Obama far and wide! People do not comprehend how truly wicked and dishonest he is!

    Anti-American, anti-christian, muslim brotherhood serving, sleazy, criminal pervert traitor “Hitler Lite”in the Whitehouse! The website now contains a link to a video where eye witness testimony is given regarding Hussein’s homosexuality, drug abuse, and some very serious questions about murder. This is for real! Fox news reporter Todd Starnes. Also read about documented voter fraud and much more!

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    Share the truth about John “Hanoi Jane” Kerry another lying traitor.

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    • Jason Henry

      But he’s just so darn “Cool” (sarc)

      • Buzz

        One of the best posts here, if you read it, is in they will not publish it for this site too, as 90% of the others will not put the complete truth out for others to learn from..we oldsters have seen and researched so much that you younger ones need to know..but then, what is the use, if the ACA does not get repealed we are done.. This posts mentions the numbers of murders that have been made public by another author; well, HRC has numbers in the 40s of those she had killed…is she not as good as he, well, that is debatable but the point is, all these thugs, crooks, rich, elite have horrible skeletons in their closets and these are the ones that get put into public service and all they do is serve themselves.

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        Yeah…. as cool as frozen eskimo shiit!

  • Sarah Saunders

    Exactly Kevin! So well said. Megan’s problem with her show so far seems to be rushing the context of her interviews and playing devil’s advocate to a fault. Hopefully she will learn a few lessons Quickly!

  • Mark Evans

    Great articles.. I enjoyed both. This racism card is getting old.. If Obama came through on everything he campaigned for in 08, he might have become one of the greatest presidents in my generation. Instead, we got the opposite and more of the same.. I could give a damn if he was purple, it is the leadership I scrutinize..

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    America’s incompetent CEO, “Our Dear Leader” Comrade ☭Bama:
    Imagine that you are board members of a corporation and the officers (senators and congressmen) that your stockholders elected signed a pledge never to raise operating costs, and if they did you would fire them.
    In reality it is the CEO who usually reports to the board, so let’s imagine that in 2012, as board members, you rehired your CEO, Comrade ☭Bama, with the understanding that he would turn the company around. Since that date, you STILL HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN AN OPERATING BUDGET TO APPROVE. Comrade ☭Bama has not yet presented a strategy with goals and objectives for his management teams. As a matter of fact, Comrade ☭Bama does not even bother to meet with them. The board-meeting agenda mainly consists of Comrade ☭Bama requesting to borrow more money. That borrowing has now reached more than 40 percent of your operating expenses. The company’s debt has increased by about 60 percent; the stock price is at an all-time low when other companies are enjoying record breaking stock prices. Some of his staff members, and he as their CEO, are responsible, through their negligence, for the deaths of several employees, and the Banks which underwrite your finances have lowered your company credit rating.
    Most of the time, your “CEO”, Comrade ☭Bama travels the country promising customers and shareholders that the products and services will get better if they just will give him more time and money, or quite often, by taking extended vacations on the company dime. Comrade ☭Bama says that he is doing everything he can but that his executive and management teams don’t know what they are doing; they can’t make a decision and it’s their fault the business is in shambles.
    As a board member, I would fire the CEO, Comrade ☭Bama, based
    upon a lack of confidence in his leadership ability. Wouldn’t you?
    So, as board members, isn’t it about time to call a meeting, cast our votes, and fire Comrade ☭Bama and all of his Marxist cronies?

  • Robert12Disqus

    racists do what they do best and apparently the only thing they know how to do is to point their racist finger at anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with them and say they’re racist. mind numbing stupidity. another nail in the coffin of the usa.

    • joe_mama

      I have gotten so sick of hearing calls of “Racist!” that I started saying to people “Hell yeah I’m a racist. I just love me some NASCAR!”
      The best part is the mental train derailment that comes next as they try and shift mental gears to try and figure that out.
      Sometimes you can even hear the gears grinding away.

  • Russell Smith

    piss on him, he is worse than a child, and deserves that kind of treatment, if not worse!

    • joe_mama

      I agree. He is the ultimate petulant temper tantrum throwing chimpanzee.
      He needs the old “spare the rod and spoil the child” applied and to be taken behind the wood shed and have and strap laid on his sorry a$$.

  • dad666

    I like the frankenstein analogy and woudl like to carry it to its real conclusion.
    Good lesson

  • jayleigh

    He is absolutely correct! When i critique the POTUS’ job performance, i am suspected of being raciest. Even though the people who do this know very well that one of my best friends is Black and we’ve been friends for 60 years; even though i am accepted in the Hispanic community as “abuela” to dozens of children and “mamacita” to their parents; even though i have close friends from many nations of the earth, i am still called a racist because i rate the job performance of this POTUS at subzero, as in his performance makes winter in Antarctica feel like summer in the Bahamas! He IS protected by many people because of his race, which is RACIST in itself! My cousin had polio just after he’d learned to walk, so he was not quite two years old. Once he learned to walk on crutches, if he fell and his crutches slid away from him, his mother would NOT get them for him and she would not pick him up! At first i thought she didn’t care about this tiny lad, but she said to me, “I will not always be near by when he falls. He must learn to retrieve his crutches and get himself up. I will do him no favors by coddling him now!” And she was right. It is a similar analogy that to protect someone because of color does that person no favors. (i’m not talking about the kind of abuse that went on during the civil rights era and before); i’m talking about when someone of color makes an ass of himself, he needs to take his lumps just as anyone else would and not be protected by people who think they are being “helpful” to the poor Black man who took on a job for which he was unfit. He was unfit for the job, NOT because of his race, but because of his socialist-Muslim philosophy coupled with his total lack of experience in government. i don’t believe he taught U.S. Constitution at college level. If he did, he taught it in a way to undermine it in the minds of his students; not in a way to show that it was a superior document that granted freedoms no other country has ever granted to its people! There is plenty to criticize in BHO; race is not one of the targets for comment!

    • minowe

      It is my understanding that he taught the Constitution as how racist it was and how injurious to minorities (well, African-Americans–for real African-Americans).

      On PBS, in 2001, he commented that the Constitution is a “flawed” document in that it doesn’t sufficiently provide for income redistribution. Uh, it’s our Rule Book, 0; if you don’t like it, don’t play the game! Uh oh, too late.

      • Buzz

        He was never a professor; that came out right before he was elected in 08.

        • minowe

          No, he was never a professor. According to Fact, “His formal title was ‘senior lecturer,’ but the University of Chicago Law School says he ‘served as a professor’ and was ‘regarded as’ a professor.” And he did teach a course on Constitutional law–which he was wont to claim, ironically, meant that, unlike Bush, he respected the Constitution. Certainly a non sequitur, and certainly a lie, since he has proven his total lack of respect for it by his conduct in office.

      • jayleigh

        He’s right, the US-C Does NOT provide for wealth redistribution, but the Communist Manifesto does! He should go to Germany and asked the old folks there (the few who are left) how they liked living in the 1930s with their wealth being redistributed! Marxist-Socialism has impoverished everyone in every country except for the “masters” who scooped up all the goodies from the “evil rich” and kept them for themselves. The poor got poorer and the rich became poor, while the party bosses owned it all – art, jewelry, mansions, country homes, cars, etc. It was NOT a classless society – there was the “poverty class” and the “I am the boss so I’m entitled to all YOUR stuff, and if you don’t like it, I have the right and power to kill you” class. And, there was no political dialogue. If you didn’t like the Jewish Solution, you could join them in the death camps. No problem. Silence the critics by any means available. Yeah, redistribution of wealth was what happened all through the centuries by megalomaniacs! It’s nothing new. It’s the philosophy of jealousy and greed!

        • minowe

          Yep, and it seems to be working on the “victims” in the U.S., who have no idea what it would mean for them. Still, they’ll vote for the guy making the promise, not so much for anyone who thinks it’s great when people can make it on their own.

  • Average Joe

    He can still sit down therefor he is not treated worst than A child. Instead he is treated like A spoild rotten brat and will continue untill hes taken to the wood shed for A little one on one with the belt!

    • Worship Dancer

      can i choose the switch? 😀

  • Pete-tear

    Weird, the American Thinker has MORE comments about this piece of thw ebsite where it originated from! I expected more.

  • Kurt Cook

    it must be nice being able to use your skin as an excuse, and have people buy it, Whitey does not have that luxury.

    • Buzz

      Except this creep is more white than any other race; the balance of him is Arab and Kenyan

      • Peter Furman

        Hitler was a Jew!!

  • mreichard7

    Good article. “The gist” explains it all.

  • Chief47

    The old saying “it takes one to know one” fits in perfectly here. Obama and his cronies are by far the biggest racists in the history of this country. Say one word negatively about Obama and you are a racist, but Obama and his racist pals practice racism again any critics on a daily basis. And the supposed “objective media” shows no objectivity at all when they go along with him and report as if anyone criticizing Obama or his fellow communistic/Islamic cohorts just absolutely have to be racist. Wonder what they are going to call critics of the next president after his racist one leaves office?

    • Buzz

      They do it to divide the country; well if the GOP caves, we are done..the high taxes will eat you alive; you will never know what is in your checkbook because you give them permission to go into your account and remove money, check your transactions, etc.

    • tryingtomakeit

      Using the word Racist…is part of the Saul Alinksy/Marx way as in “Rules For Radicals”..the bible to Obama, as a Community Organizer. To this day, he STILL uses that book to fundamentally change the USA, into a Communist country. And the spineless Congress is helping him.

      • Buzz

        New word for Communist: Progressives

  • Jerry Goetzman

    To be treated as a man, you have to earn the respect from the poeple around you.Obama has earn that respect, so the need to be treated as a child.

    • Buzz

      The ACA, gee, I wish I could upload that over here from JOhn Smaldone and his piece regarding what is in it…we will be paying for the illegals to have insurance; we will be paying for ACORN like organizations to have insurance, subsidize union retirees insurances, and they can withdraw from your bank account at any point in time..see HR 3200 and I believe it is on pages 50 to 55. People if the GOP caves, we will never have a red cent to spend for anything; businesses will close and close and close again, doctors will walk away and Hospitals will close..then what

      • WandaZ


        • Buzz

          He is working on Sedition and yet, the House does nothing; evidently Palin does not think the treasonous acts already in place are impeachable; I feel he is guilty of attempted Sedition because of Syria, Libya and here and he should be arrested and tried for all he has done. He is no better than you nor I or Joe Blow down the street.

  • Mary Hajducek

    You can’t listen to the words that are said but you must watch the actions that are taken that is what’s important. Actions speak louder than words.

    • joe_mama

      You are dead on there!

      Progressives are the masters of Psychological Projection.

      Every time you hear a progressive accuse someone else of something just drop the “You conservatives…” and add “We progressives…” and it should come out pretty accutately.

    • Buzz

      Well, in that case, he does walk like a &()_(_

  • beelp

    Do they mean he is “Tweeted” worse than a child? More like an angry half-breed.

  • Ethel Winchester

    You are correct, Sir!
    A white male is the only person in America that it is legal to discriminate against.

  • Tony

    obummer is the most coddled and protected president I have seen in my lifetime.

    • Buzz

      True but he is also the only cry baby we have had…

      • Worship Dancer

        and stompy foot, whiney, petulant, temper tantrum throwing, bully, brat.

        • Buzz

          I wonder if he sucks his thumb at night and has a tumnmy ache because someone said something inane about him?? What a creep!

          • Worship Dancer

            i have no doubt he requires hello kitty pullups

  • Linda Dawson

    if being called a liberal is such a huge insult, why are they liberals?

    • Antogeny

      The liberals don’t see it that way – they think they are the ONLY ones with a moral compass – they claim to have heart. Unfortunately, they have no head.

      • Worship Dancer

        oh sure they do. the problem is they have their heads buried – deeply – up obama’s butt

        • Buzz


    • Buzz

      This may well be true of them; however, they are more than liberals, they are the new word for Communists, (Progressives), of which we have 26 card carrying in the Senate alone and I believe we are up to 7 Muslims! They run on the description as having no brains to think with and cannot connect the dots between say A to Z.

  • lokiswife

    Why do they ignore the fact that his mother was white? Oh, that’s right, being white doesn’t get you any special privileges, only being black, Muslim or an illegal immigrant gets you special privileges. The race card is what liberals play when they are losing the argument….when something a Republican or conservative says that makes sense and they have no rebuttal – yell “Racist!” and point the finger at them for being insensitive and prejudiced against blacks.

    • Buzz

      You are the only one in about 3000 that have read my comment that he is more white than black because he is also ARAB…we are cool, are we not? :) Here, for you reading, and please do this for your own sakes and pass it on: Go here..this man is a true patriot, old like me, a Conservative and a Christian man…the huge ingredient is: he is humble for all his talents! if you can find the blog for today, read it and weep, get angry and pass it on. I do not know what we can do now that it appears the House is going to cave but we can try. TY for our patience with me….we are in deep deep trouble…this bill has to go away as does the NDAA but you can get that done in a county effort with the commissioners.

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    Get over it, say what you mean. If some agenda driven liberal thinks it’s a racist statement, let him sweat over it!

  • mort_f

    Obama has done everything he promised. Fundamentally change America, a euphemism for DESTROY America. He is well on his way, thanks to ‘useful idiots’.

    • Worship Dancer

      that is precisely what i kept telling the low info voters what he intended to do. their response you’re a racist.

      • Buzz

        Research by pollsters have indicated, time and again, that freeloaders, DEMS/progressives are less educated and not as smart as their counterparts..and they walk amongst us…urg

        • Worship Dancer

          AND they breed & vote. **SHUDDER**

  • Julie

    All we have to do is wait until the next election and we will boot those sorry, unconstitutional, Republic-killing, Union-breaking, Titanic-sinking RINO Senators and Representatives out of their seats!! Just look at the amazing hordes of politicians we were able to elect into office in 2008! I mean, in 2010. Or was it 2012…?

    Well, okay, so that strategy hasn’t really worked out so well in the past. We got a couple of seemingly good politicians, but…

    Oh well, we always have 2014 to turn amerika around to a true Republic that follows the Constitution! I’m for sure thinking of someone right now I will be so happy to vote for next time, because all we need is someone else just like Ted Cruz to go in there and turn DC back around on the right direction! Look how much better DC has gotten since Cruz has been there!

    Or, well, you know, if it doesn’t work in 2014, maybe we’ll get it done in 2016. Or 2018. But for SURE by 2020 we’ll be able to elect people to go to DC and actually follow the Constitution. If not, then we always have 2022.

    (end/sarcasm font)

    When will we ever learn? Independence is the ONLY viable solution.

    • Frederikahere

      Keep dreaming.

      Wish it would come true!

      • Julie

        Dreaming is hoping DC gets itself all figured out and the Republic would somehow come back after after waiting around to vote in yet another (stolen) election.

        I’m not dreaming. I’m working towards an Independent Texas.

        • Buzz

          They joined UT in declaring their state Sovereign…that is a good start; Perry will be gone, recruit good, decent, common people now to fill the seats ..that TX will no doubt unseat! Kudos to you.

      • Buzz

        It would be better to go to work and do a few things; take your choice: work to get your state to declare itself a sovereign state; that means the FEDS do not have as much control over your state and its citizens, yes, it means more, you can check it out on Search of what that means in its entirety. You can join PANDA and help your county and state get rid of the NDAA, they are having success stories and two recently , one in NY and the other in MASS I believe. Or, go to your commissioners with a group and present the Agenda to them and work to get a ruling they cannot be in the county; enough counties do this then take on your governor.. there is more, but …

  • KJ

    I contend that skin color makes no difference whatsoever. … Or rather, it shouldn’t. As Dr. King correctly noted, we are identified by the content of our character. … Or rather, we should be.

    Satire is lost and ugliness is made based upon race. When bigots on all sides of an issue honestly assess Obama for who he really is and what he really is about, then we will have reached a sort of nirvana.

  • Robby777

    the Republicans blinked – and lost again… Dumb and dumber…. Wish there was a real alternative. If the dim, damn, dumb Dems win again it will be from voter fraud, apathy, intimidation, dead men walking, and the nuts [ACORN] growing out – again.
    Yep, HE has fundamentally changed America – by deception, fraud, and treason…

    • Buzz

      That is arguable; many of we activists see Boehner and his House as “do nothing,” hence, it has annihilated many of we Republican/conservatives.

  • 12345bda

    It is obivous that we badly need a change that cares about freedom for everybody equally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Captain Kirk

    One can only pity the liberals and their lack of intelligence when it comes to Kevin’s comments. But remember the major media is run by liberals. Explains sooooo much.

  • Jim

    obama is the worst that politics can bring to America.

  • llaw

    I have never ever judged our Pres. on his skin color, only his heart color. And not once does any liberal black person point out the Pres.’s white mother, who actually raised him. He doesn’t seem to ever point that out either. Color is not, not shall ever b Character! This race card stuff is ridiculous. One of my most favorite public figures is Dr. Ben Carson. Would vote for that man for any thing he ran for!

    • Worship Dancer

      wasn’t he actually raised by his white grandparents? i thought mommy dearest dumped him on them?

      • govman

        I’m not sure you can really believe any narrative of his life.
        He was never “obliged” to release any of his school records but claimed such a high honored student.
        The Harvard Law Review.
        With no articles written.
        There actually is no back ground except that of a pothead.
        Even a poem he supposedly wrote is most likely written by Frank Davis.
        It’s highly likely he went to college as a foreign student.
        But no one will release that info.
        You can’t even find out his grades before he graduated high school.
        He even has a Connecticut SSN but never lived there.
        And most of all …..
        He was elected President of the United States.

        • Buzz

          Columbia finally released records after a FOIA fight; he received a Fulbright scholarship which only foreign students are eligible for.

        • Worship Dancer

          wonder who died for that SSN he stole?

      • Buzz

        I don’t think so; it seems to be much written about the people in Indonesia that raised him…were they her parents? Snap shots indicate they were Indonesian blood.

        • Worship Dancer

          you’re thinking of the so-called step-daddy parents he was indonesian.

          • Buzz

            Thank you for kicking this back to this old lady! You are appreciated.

    • govman

      I have to slightly disagree with you.
      I don’t think anyone really knows who raised him.
      It wasn’t the guy from Kenya.
      The guy from Indonesia was around only for a bit.
      Mom was there sometimes but more interested in other peoples “stuff”.
      And sent him back to the Islands to her parents to take care of him.
      I even read he couldn’t make it back to see his Grandmother till after she died.
      He was just to busy.
      Was it Gramps?
      Each person in your life instills different things in you.
      I don’t really think there was enough of someone in his early life to make a mark on him.
      And it seems what he received in later life wasn’t much of the ideas of an America that was the place so many around the world wanted to come to.

      • Worship Dancer

        Frank Davis

      • llaw

        Agreed! He was shuffled quite a bit. That must have been hard. Not ok-ing his actions, only I can sympathize more.

    • marmo43

      she did not raise him. her parents did. and then she married again to a known Marxist and lived in Indonesia. he is also a citizen of Indonesia which automatically disqualifies him to be president. the main stream media won’t tell you that tho.

      • Karll

        Don’t forget that she and 0’s grandparents were proud, card carrying Communists, as was his mentor Frank Marshall Davis.

        • Buzz

          It is said that “mom” was into porn.

        • gearbox

          Frank M. Davis looks more like Barack than Obama senior !?
          some say that is the case !

      • Buzz

        Yep, and not a thing said about that; that was known from day one of his election and before, yet, no vetting was done in 08 0r12, what does that tell you of the GOP Regime.

        • Rubygirl

          At the time of “first” vetting, Nancy Pelosi was House Speaker and of course, Harry Reid, the Senate. It fell to Nancy Pelosi to lead the vetting. I think she fell in “LOVE” with him and forgot what her duties were! Or choose not to remember…she’s just a nutcase! Anyway, she “deemed” him eligible!!!!!!

      • llaw

        I had actually read that…and have seen pictures of him with his maternal grandparents. Thank you for correctly pointing that out. kinda makes you feel sorry for him…at least I understand why he can’t seem to be truthful.

    • Buzz

      He wrote in his bio, probably better put paraphrased for I always seem to get one word out of whack, “I denied my mother until I was twelve or thirteen.” She did not raise him completely, he was raised in Indonesia where he became a bisexual, smoked and sold drugs, drank and golly who knows what else. If you can find them, there are pix of him in Indonesia and the history of him while there; they also have been on the net.

  • Mr Keith Charles Johnson

    It’s about time to, “Just Say NO”! to the bullying bastard who is pretending to be the President of the United States.

    “Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it”.
    Albert Einstein

    Please go here, , and while you’re there Please Sign The Petition. Thank You.
    fool cannot be protected from his folly. If you attempt to do so, you
    will not only arouse his animosity but also you will be attempting to
    deprive him of whatever benefit he is capable of deriving from
    experience. Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time
    and annoys the pig”. Robert A. Heinlein

    • Buzz

      I was hopeful the GOP would stay strong with we the People and now that we have the POTUS kind of on the run that they would support the continuation of such; nevertheless, Larry Klayman has a Nov. 19 march scheduled for DC to remove him from the House that is Ours! What we need is the military to help We the People but they will not so it is up to us…we need some State Militias to come along and Sheriffs too.

  • frozeninbemidji

    You’re also going to have to straighten out Megan Kelly for not doing her research as to the content of the story and who exactly wrote it.

    If you can even trust Fox anymore.

    • Karll

      That’s what amuses me. Left wing idiots talking about “Faux” News being biased to the right while the rest of cable news is an order magnitude more biased to the left. Al Sharpton? Chris Mathews? Are they freakin’ kidding me?

    • Michael_in_NC

      Megyn Kelly is on maternity leave! What are you talking about?

      • govman

        She’s on 9PM Eastern time.

      • Buzz

        Nope, unless they are taping her at home, she is on Fox, both day and night; now she has moved into Hannity’s hour I believe..I do not watch Fox as it sickens me the diatribe they go on with too darn often.

    • Buzz

      There is a group of Fire Ant Tea Party and they went after Fox; as I understand, still are; dropped their rataings 22% in a year or less…join with them if you like.

  • Worship Dancer

    perhaps if the president didn’t ACT like a two-year-old he wouldn’t be TREATED like a two-year-old by the ADULTS and no libturdocrats i am NOT referring to YOU as adults.

  • The_Frog_Prince

    Nice to hear you tell it like it is friend.

  • marmo43

    you must be the first cousin of Ben Carson. I like the fact there many people who are conservative no matter the color of their skin. We all have the same heart for our constitution and country. God Bless America

    • Buzz

      Carson would make a good POTUS and thus really a true black man..

  • dumbvet

    BHO should be tested for drugs,given the Rorschach test,have an extensive background check and then run out of town” Oh and all the other mooches in the White house!

    • Buzz

      Two or three psychiatrists have examined him and one was my son-in-law”s brother; all of these physicians diagnosed him as a psychopath; watch the movie the Caine Mutiny, any version and see what they did with their psychopath.

  • John Williams

    It is a true form of racism for those on the left to constantly insist because Obama is black many of us are against him. To assume that he needs protected says only that he is weak and cannot do things for himself without the help of others, that is only admitting his weakness and is raciest and politically incorrect to point that out. After all it is politically incorrect and discriminatory to make fun of short people. When ever one class or race has to suck up to another you are actually telling them you believe they are weak and cannot take care of themselves. That in it’s self is discriminatory, this applies to affirmative action as well.

    • Buzz

      Assume makes an ass of u and me…so goes the left and the AAA*()_(_

  • patsch13

    I believe he is doing only one thing he said he would–fundamentally transforming America. That came after he was elected. Everything else prior to and after the election was and is a lie. He is NOT incompetent–although those who believe his lies may be starting to think otherwise. He was put in office to corrupt and destroy America from the inside–and from the top-down. And with the help of the useful idiots in Congress, it’s happening.

    • Worship Dancer

      oh no if the low info voters had actually LISTENED AND HEARD what he said he TOLD US he intended on changing America from the greatest country on earth. “America is the greatest country on the planet. Help me change that.” that told me EVERYTHING i needed to know about him.

  • Peter Furman

    I have worked for more than 45 years.Actually I started mowing lawns,shoveling driveways and damn proud of it! i WAS 7years old!

    My father was a “legal” immigrant! He,his parents,his 5 brothers and sisters came here with 0. They all worked at whatever jobs they could find.There was NO such thing as a job”beneath” them although they were all educated before they fled tyranny!

    They lived 8 in a one bedroom,one bath cold water flat. This was a walk up on the 5th floor. My father worked as many as 3 jobs to help pay for rent,food,a roof over their heads. He went on to work his way through Law School at Night and worked till the day he died. My aunts and uncles either learned a trade or got an education as No One became rich!

    I speak of money now because they felt very proud,rich in the sense that their kids all got an education and each earned a modest home and a Free,self-reliant life! My grandparents never did adjust and passed way to soon but were proud and grateful to live in a Free country where they and their children could pursue the American Dream turned Nightmare.

    This was the story of many millions,the American story,the story of those who risked everything to come here and leave tyranny behind.

    I am the American Dream! I have seen and lived in a country where ANYTHING was possible if you had indomitable desire,honor,a code,the FREEDOM to achieve and yes Fail which is what Freedom means. Every important person who made a difference has failed at least once. That includes Edison,Franklin,Einstein,
    Gates,Buffet and on.

    They built America! They fougfht to protect her,they fought to defend her,they fought and too often died to keep America FREE.

    Now comes Obama,Holder,Biden,Pelosi and many from across the aisle.These people like Clinton’s,L.B.J.,Nixon and Now the tyrant Obama have over 50+ years eviscerated Everything the Constitution stands for,our Freedoms,Opportunity,Security,our Present and our Future. I cannot think of even One President who has Not committed a Constitutional crime but None save the four I mention have actually violated the law,the Constitution,the Bill Of Rights,the Declaration Of Independence as these tyrants have done.

    The system has Failed!! We are now the same as the tyranny our families thought they left behind. The system of “checks and Balances”,the vision of “limited” Government,unalienable rights the Founder’s and Framer’s gave us. The Political system is a fraud,the people who swear an oath,lie compulsively,steal our money,our freedoms,our present and our future have NEVER been held Accountable for their myriad of crimes and there can be NO freedom without Law and consequence,the most extreme consequence for those who break it!

    The Politicians have brought us here as they,not we make Foreign and Domestic policy,are supposed to write and enforce the Constitution,Federal,State and Civil Law but they DON’T!!

    People used to have the courage,the character to Stand up to tyranny! The three branches of Government exist to PREVENT an Obama,a Holder,a Biden,the rest fgrom the tyranny they have wrought and the People to make sure they do!

    “live Free Or Die”

    • Karll

      Very well said. It doesn’t help that partisans in black robes keep misinterpreting the meaning of our Constitution.

      • Buzz

        The media did an awful job of interpreting what Chief Justice Roberts said about the ACA; it is nothing like we were told or what we read; in fact, it is illegal. Dr. Harold Pease.

        • Reverend Joe Ruyle

          Be of good cheer and be patient. Justice Roberts did do America a favor but it’s reward wasn’t instantaneous. By re-wording the law and ruling that the fines to be imposed were really taxes he greased the skids for a later ruling of the law being unconstitutional because of the origination clause. That clearly states that all taxing (revenue generating) legislation MUST originate in the House of Representatives.

          The PPACA sprang to life in the Senate. The reason for the delay is this. In order to file suit and eventually have the case heard in the Supreme Court the party bringing suit must show “standing”. They have to prove that the law “injured” them. Because no one has had to pay the tax YET there are no injured parties.

          As soon as the IRS begins assessing the penalty for failure to have health insurance THEN there WILL be “injured” parties who will then have “standing” before the court. At that time Article 1, Section 7, Clause 1 of the Constitution can be invoked and the law then found unconstitutional.

    • Buzz

      This is how it is supposed to be, not pay the illegals way for the rest of their lives and welcome “anchor” babies also to pay their way the rest of our lives.

  • principacia

    You can’t teach the man anything he learned all he wants to know at the knees of communists and socialists and criminals. What we need are some of the finest constitutional lawyers in the nation NOW

    • Buzz

      We have them and they have written; Klayman is till trying and corrupt judges keep defying him and Orly Taitz.

  • Thomas Campbell

    worst in the office of prez, and that includes some very sorry SOBs

    • mathis1689

      I used to think that Jimmy Carter took the cake for worst President ever but compared to Obama Carter was both a genius and a statesman to boot.

  • Strega

    Total bullshit, and if you don’t see why, you are blind. I have no issue with anyone disagreeing with POTUS. Disagree with his policies all you want. Fight to change them in the correct way.

    This President AND his family have faced unprecedented disrespect. Watermelons on the WH lawn, Moochelle, calling his kids monkeys, “you Lie,” etc. I could go on and on. From day one the Republicans pledged to sabotage everything POTUS attempted to do.

    I call people like you house niggers for a reason. Because that’s what you are!

    • The March Hare

      I call people like you communist.

  • chuckie2u

    The man is correct in stating Obama would have been long gone if he was a CEO of a corporation. Actually he would have never been hired in the first place. Those hiring a Corporate CEO of CFO do a much better job of reading , comparing Resumes and doing a back ground check than our Political in crowd. One would question the mental capacity and rationale of the Republican Party for not comparing Obama’s Resume with Mitt Romney’s and exposing his back ground to the American public.

  • cherokee_warrior

    Obama’s actions now do not speak well of his ‘up-bringing’. Growing up without a father figure and being raised by a mother, who by all that has been written, was not acting as a mother should act. Thus, raised by a grandmother and a grandfather who were affluent enough to pay for high dollar education. It would appear that they ‘doted’ on him, when instead, a few trips to the ‘wood shed’ might just have prevented the tantrums that he now throws. For a fifty plus year old man to act like a child, an undisciplined one at that, is disgraceful. He should have immediately, as a child, been corrected and punished, when he told that first lie. But, when that was passed over, he then told another, and another , and another, Had he had a few butt warmings, quite possibly he would not be an expert liar, as he is now.

    • Buzz

      Drug usage as fired his brain and it burned. He is a very poor excuse for a human being living in America.

  • stuvantine

    Kevin, you have sound reasoning, a lot of courage, and great sense of humor. Opinion writing is like figure skating, except the number of boos you get is directly proportional to the quality of your argument.

  • A concerned american

    Treating Obama bad? You got to be kidding me, he treats the majority-especilly Christians like stepchildren!

    • Buzz

      He is trying to tactfully fulfill the definition of Sedition…that would mean he would be hanged..that is if we had decent people in DC.

      • Rick

        Now that this furlough thing is over, this might be a good time for Bohener to appoint a special committee to carefully investigate obozo’s past. I suspect that obozo might resign if that were the case.

        • pandainc

          No, he wouldn’t. He’d just call anyone associated with the investigation a bunch of racists, and the MSM would gleefully go along.

        • Worship Dancer

          actually i think it’s time to remove boehner & get someone who actually has a spine & testicular fortitude. boehner won’t go against dear leader so he won’t start any investigation and DEFINITELY won’t start impeachment proceedings. as for obama resigning – **SIGH** only in our wildest dreams i’m afraid. sadly i think we will have a tough time getting him to vacate in January 2016 – that is IF he allows elections in 2014 and 2016.

  • VonZorch Imperial Researcher

    I do believe you are greatly underestimating Ear Leaders competence. His? invariable choice of what is worst for the country cannot be attributed to stupidity. If he were stupid he would have made a few correct decisions simply from random chance. No, his record can only be from competence directed to the destruction of our polity.

    • gearbox

      it is all directed by George Soros ! Obama is his puppet ! O is not
      smart enough to orchestrate the downfall of america . I believe there is
      a grand conspiracy going on with muslim brotherhood in the homeland
      security and commie’s in our congress and the administration etc.

    • pandainc

      Well said and absolutely true. I’m still amazed that so many people still think that he’s incompetent. That may be, in large part, why there isn’t more uproar than there is.

    • Observant_One

      Obama is a modern day Charley McCarthy, except that current technology does not require the dummy to sit on your lap so ventriloquist can insert his hand into the dummy’s back to make it appear alive. Instead Obama McCarthy is allowed to roam alone while being to what to sat, when to say it, and when to appear miffed that no one is listening to him. Manipulators consist of Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, et al and who can do this remotely. In this case the dummy has a chip anatomically embedded somewhere to make sure he stays on script.

  • mcbee555

    M. Jackson: Anyone who is critical of Obama is a “racist” these days. The new definition of “racist” has become “Those individuals who find fault with Obama.”
    Suddenly, the sting of the “racist” assertion has been lost, we are all coming to know how thin-skinned Obama is and his corrupt media also is. He behaves like a spoiled child, therefore he is treated as such. He doesn’t think he’s a spoiled child, but his opinion of self means nothing, it’s what we, the people believe after witnessing his antics.

    • AgathaC

      Well said!!!

  • ligersaurus

    When you possess low moral fiber, no fortitude, little decency or sense of fairness, your only option is to resort to juvenile name-calling.

    • ppanthers

      Unless it is speaking the truth and telling it like it is. The Juvenile is in the WH.

  • Buck Bazhaw

    I wonder if, in general if the Black Conservative of the day is actually more intelligent than the Black Liberal?

    • Rick

      No question about that Buck. Just picture for a minute what this country might look like if Mr. Kevin Jackson were in the white house instead of the pannsie living there now.

  • HongryHawg

    It’s the muslim way.

  • dennybara

    I love this site – long time admirer of West, Carson, Guillory, Cain and many others that speak the truth about America and patriotism. how do we get this mainstream?

  • afanaglenn

    This is rich. Democrats control both houses for five years plus and the presidency for four years and during that time SPEND LIKE DRUNKEN SAILORS, putting us in the position of not being able to pay any more bills without increasing the national debt limit to the point that we CAN’T PAY THE INTEREST and now STAND IN THE WAY of a possible SOLUTION. Americans don’t realize that default means $25/loaf of bread, $15/can of soup., etc. And they vote in a muslim communist president to boot who just loved all of the spending which he knew would bankrupt the country, just what a muslim communist wants. WHY ARE DEMOCRATS SO STUPID, NOT JUST THE VOTERS but those THEY ELECT.

    • hornman2

      You forgot two important other points. He is NOT Constitutionally eligible to be elected POTUS by definition in Article 2 Section 1; by either definition. Not born in the US and both parents must be US citizens at the time of his birth. Last, but for me definitely not least, he is very much gay. Most of his friends and his college roommate are also gay. His closest friends at Wright’s church in Chicago were members of a very exclusive gay mens club. Coincidentally all of those people died under very unusual circumstances; either just before or just after he was nominated to run. BTW All of these statements are provable by photo or written proof.

    • CG in TX

      Just asking, because I don’t recall ever hearing it happened, but did the Dems ever pass a budget? It’s been 5 years. If I let my checkbook go that long, I’d be in my own world of financial trouble.

      • Observant_One

        The Senate, under Reid’s control, did not prepare a budget for those years as they are required to do. Reid is a traitor along with Obama.

        • ppanthers

          Totally, and the instigator of the ‘stand-off’!

    • antheaura

      It’s really not that they are “stupid”. The ideas and agendas they have are just not the same as our own. That’s when the “stupid” sets in, trying to SOUND like they are doing something FOR us when everything is engineer to go AGAINST us!

  • gestr

    Very cool, intelligent, moral article. Kevin Jackson is one of my new faves, new heroes. Keep up the good writing! We need it :)

  • Kevin

    I bet you dont know what the health care law says about Muslims being exempt from Obama care, Read This. The word “Dhimmitude” is found in the new health care bill. So what does it mean? Obama used it in the health care bill . Now isn’t this interesting? It is also included in the health care law.

    Dhimmitude. I had never heard the word until now, so I typed it into Google and started reading. Pretty interesting! It’s on Page 107 of the Obama healthcare bill. I looked this up on Google and, yep, it exists… is a REAL word.

    Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslin populations conquered through jihad (Holy War). Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presenceAND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam

    • antheaura

      …so in essence the attitude toward Americans is that we have been “conquered” by muslims and will pay the price, although we never had any idea we were “fighting”? Thanks to our lying muslim nonAmerican president, we have lost everything we ever had, and he will follow up by trying to take the breath right out of our noses. Anyone had enough? I just want to know how we move!

      • ppanthers

        Yes, the one in the white house!

        • antheaura

          …that’s what I said. Lying muslim nonAmerican president. That would be the one in the white house. For the time being anyway, we still only have ONE of those.

    • Observant_One

      The NRA definition of dhimmitude is usually called AK-47, AR-15, Glock 9, 1911 .45, Colt .40, for example. A lot more descriptive than dhimmitude.

    • kris littlefield

      I just looked this up on Snopes and yes, it’s a real word, but there is nothing in the ACA about Muslims being exempt. Did I misunderstand you or the Snopes article?

  • vet

    Truth is the light at the end of the tunnel.Thanks

  • mauna

    Obama had only three or four black friends when he grew up in Hawaii. His college room mates in California were from the middle east. His black associations began when he went to Rev. Wright’s church and when he got his Community Organizer job with ACORN. There, he learned all about making himself appear to be a victim like many people working with ACORN. He continued playing “the victim” role and learned it could be profitable. He learned by playing the victim he could make people feel sorry for him, and then he could get what he wants. That is why the media will not print one thing about him that is derogatory toward him, and why they praise him when he stands there and tells lies to the media and anyone else who will listen. He brings up stories that are not true such as he knows how it is to cross a street and hear locks being locked on cars in the street, or how he could have been “Trayvon” or how he has been discriminated against. That is why he has protected ACORN and although it was illegal, he paid Acorn Subsidiaries large sums of money to handle the “get out the vote” during the Presidiential election. He is in the highest office in the USA. He has a 747 plane and two helicopters he can ride around in. He has limousines to take him anywhere he wants. He can play golf whenever he wants. He can do anything he wants and has the protection of CIA, FBI, Secret Service,our military and the press. So, when will the press stop treating him as a “victim who needs to be protected” or a “victim who has been thru years of torture during his lifetime?” He lived a wild, drug filled life in Hawaii without a worry in the world except he could have been caught using drugs or selling drugs. He now lives a life better than most millionaires or billionaires. He is no victim of anything. He is a scheaming, plotting, lying person who has used the tale of “victimhood” to get what he wants. If the media treated him the way they would treat (and have treated) a white person in his polisiton, and stop looking at hiim as a Black “victim” who needs to be forgiven because he has been mistreated all his life, their stories would be very different.

  • Julie

    The Union is broken. Independence is the only viable solution.

  • ActualConundrum

    What a great article. And absolute truth in every word. Obama is an incompetent hiding behind his race. Without the racist threat he would never have been allowed to do so much damage.

    • The March Hare

      An incompetent wouldn’t have accomplished so much damage so well. He is a competent new left communist.

      • ActualConundrum

        True his incompetence is intentional. But the racist threat has allowed him to be so.

  • kktex12

    Had the republican party chose either Allan West, Cain, or Keyes for their candidate I would have voted for them in the primary and the final vote. If Allan West would run for any office in the state of Florida I would vote for him. That said as far as I am concerned barry sotero deserves to be at the end of a rope just as benedict Arnold was.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Benedict Arnold did not die at the end of a rope. He did go to England, but he was likewise despised by the English. He died penniless, which is poetic justice in my book.

  • Tutu

    Amateur in the White House. His only job was as a community organizer and then a short stent in the senate where he voted present most of the time. He leads from behind and that is because he does not want to be held accountable for anything that may go wrong. I fear the damage he will do in the next three years.

  • jovette57

    Obummer is being treated like a child, BECAUSE THAT IS HOW HE’S ACTING! Not being involved in any negotiations until the “other boys” agree to play by his rules. He typifys the kid who has the ball, bat and glove and will not let any of the other kids play until he gets his own way. He usually has a “big kid” with him to cover for him in case there is a fight. Yeah, he’s the typical “my park type”. He carried that attitude throughout his life. No records of college, never had a job, except as a “community organizer”, whatever that is, hardly ever voted when he was a Senator, he just replied “present”! Again, he is nothing but an overgrown kid that may or may not been involved with the homosexual community in Chicago!

    • Linda Dawson

      He needs to stop whinning on the microphone grow up an grow a set

  • Concerned great grandmother

    This so like calling the anti-Zionist anti-semitic reality it is the Arabs that are semitic and the Ashkenazie Zionists Jews are actually mongolian. People are so uneducated regarding who is semitic ad who isn’t. If you speak ill of someone of Arab background and crticize the Arab nations without just cause and litle knowldge, then you are being anti-semitic.
    Who makes the issue of criticizing Obama makes you a racists is not the “black” or Afro-american populace? We are told that they do; but by whom, not the “black” community. This is all brainwshing propaganda. The racial background of the president shouldnot matter. How can you call it being racists when half of his DNS is White and his Ho’s dna has white dna as she was sure to emphasis when she went to Ireland to look up her white heritage. Call them the white couple in the White House. BTW the ancestor that is white in her background used girls as young as twelve to be his concubines and as I understand it her ancestor wasn’t much over twelve when she produced the Ho’s ancestor of mixed race.
    How can you be a racist when neither of them are puer Afro-American or people of color. Caucasians are people of color, a different color, but still people of color.
    Peopke do not dislike the Obama’s because of the color of their skin,but for their actions, attitude and what they say. They are the mouthpieces for the shadow government that manipulated to have him elected. The controllers of the Administrative, Legislative and Judicial branches of our present government are located in Tel Avi.
    People had better learn to educate themselves to the truth, but with the dumbed down schooling for at least three generations, many do not have the slightest idea how to do this and gullibly believe what they are fed by the Zionist media, newspapers and periodicals.
    Disagree with me if you like, but a little bit of reasearch will prove me correct

    • The March Hare

      This administration has been abusive to Israel and very disrespectful of Benjamin Netanyahu. The media are not Zionist, but part and parcel of the same new left that spawned Obama, took over our schools, entertainment and seemingly are in total control for the time being. Tel Aviv?? I think not. It is part of the same Israel that Obama pushes around and stirs up more resentment for in the Arab world and Egypt. This is the new left which sprang from the old Stalin communists and broke from them in the 50’s after it became clear to them what Stalin had done.
      You are just another anti-Semite.

      • Concerned great grandmother

        Remember to be respected you have to earn respect. Who is pushing who around? It is Israel government pushing the US government around. This has been proven in document after document not connected to Washington, District of Corruption or any University connected closely with DC or any think tank, but by honest scholars who do their homework before they open their mouths or write anything.

        There is nothing to be respectful about Netanyahu. You sure sound like a government troll. With all your “great” opinions, you had better do your homework on the Jewish Zionists controlling our media, government, entertainment, etc. Israel does the pushing around. I am not another anti-Semite, but a pro-Semite. There you go showing your ignorance again. The Ashkenazi Jews (Zionists) are Mongolian in their DNA. The Arabs are Semitic in their DNA . You sound like Nuttyyahu yelling Anti-Semitism when he knows from whence his heritage comes. You have much to learn although you like to make comments like you are the all knowing ne and your “opinion” is the only correct way to think. Again, do your research and homework. You never know how much more the person you are criticizing and giving false information to knows.
        Obama is just a ventriloquist’s manikin with no backbone and/or a hand puppet that the Zionists and elite control through his anal orifice. You had better learn about Semites and from when most of the population of the present State of Israel came. The Semites are the Palestinians, not the people who the powers at the end took their land from then and gave it to the Mongolian Zionists aka Jews from Bulgaria. You had better go and restudy why Stalin did not like the Ashkenazi Jews again

  • david

    If Obama dose not want to be treated as a child he should stop having tantrums every time he does not get his way and act like and adult. I would have the same opinion of Obama performance as president if he were a white guy named Sam Smith. Incompetence is incompetence and arrogance is arrogance no matter what the color. on the other hand mature and responsible behavior is the same whether exhibited by white or black and he is very lacking in competence and maturity

    • The March Hare

      I’ll go along with the arrogance part, but incompetent he is not. His actions do not stem from incompetence, but from the subversive agenda he is fulfilling and he is very competent at that. He political skills are astounding and have been learned from the Alinsky school. In fact, he is so good at it, he was asked by ACORN to train their leadership. Alinsky tactics = politics and at that, he is a master. Alinsky tactics are for manipulating the masses for or against whatever your particular goal is or who you are trying to defeat. The Clintons were good at it too. Hillary even wrote her college thesis on Alinsky and it impressed Saul Alinsky so much he offered her a job with him. She turned it down seeing her political ambitions would be greatly enhanced by the coat tails of Bill, master of schmooze. I’m sure Hillary’s radical Alinsky knowledge enhance Bill’s political skills a considerable amount. That was probably one of the things that attracted him to her.

      • Earline Mcbride

        Incompetence includes not supporting the US Constitution.

        • The March Hare

          Incompetence infers lack of ability or skill. His not supporting the constitution is deliberate.


    What in the hell?!?!?!

  • coconuisse

    If there had never ever been a picture of Obama splashed across my conscienceness several hundred times a day, his words and his actions would be enough for me to thoroughly dislike him. Being deluged by his countenance neither adds nor subtracts from my dislike of his agenda.

  • cae973

    obama, the first black president, has done a tremendous disservice to all black americans. Along with the jobs he let the illegals steal from them his incompetency, his untruthfulness and his total disregard for the military and the citizens of this country will make it difficult for white citizens to vote for another black man as they will not trust him because obama has betrayed their trust…unless it was allen west:}

    • Matt Smith

      Obama is the first half-white President.

  • u.s.patriot001

    obama has been such a dismal failure as our first black president that I fear he has caused great damage to the chances of any other blacks that may wish to run in the future. This is a shame because I thought that Powell or West would have been much better choices.

    • GardenQueen

      What the Left and the media did to Herman Cain might make another black candidate think twice, but conservatives don’t care about skin color. We don’t like Obama because of what he is doing to our country. His skin color has nothing to do with it. We have some great potential candidates coming up of all colors. I am excited to see who all comes forward to run.

      • pj4me

        I think Allen West could EASILY stand up again the trash the vermin liberals spew from their vicious, vile mouths.

    • The March Hare

      West would be an excellent choice. Powell is in reality a liberal and that we don’t need.

    • TexasOlTimer

      The interesting point to all this is that Obama is NOT our first black president – oh, his skin might be darker than most of our past presidents but he isn’t black. If you want to get a rise out of a liberal when they call you a racist for disagreeing with anything Obama does, ask them which part you are racist against! Most have no clue of his parentage!

      His mother was white. His father was either half Arabic and half black (making Obama half white, a quarter Arabic and a quarter black) unless rumors are true about his ‘black Kenyan grandmother’ who was actually a Beduoin, in which case Obama is half white and half Arabic.

      • laura

        there are black arabs.

        • Drawer22

          @laura – The color of Arabs’ skin may be dark, but Arabs are not considered to be negroid.

          De Oppresso Liber

      • Drawer22

        @TexasOlTimer – Arabs, by the way, are considered Caucasian (White), despite the darker color of their skin. Were that not the case, then Hispanics would all be considered part negroid, the Moors (Arabs) having invaded Spain and intermarried.

        De Oppresso Liber

    • Bragar

      West, not powell. I agree completely with your statement except for that.
      Thumbs up.

  • u.s.patriot001

    There have been time since obama took office that he needed what spoiled brats used to get ,A SPANKING .

  • CrapsDealer

    I have no idea why Republicans seem to be afraid of this little pansy. If he gets no respect from Americans, it’s because he’s earned no respect.

  • AppraisHer

    Obama has been pampered, spoiled and coddled all of his miserable, useless life. And, as stated above, it’s because of the racism of low expectations.

    As Joe Beiden said “He’s articulate, bright and clean” and as Harry Reid said, “He’s a black man with no negro dialect, unless he wants to have one”. He appears self-possessed, educated and typically white. A black man that “fits in” with intellectual whites. This, in the eyes of bigoted white liberals, makes him a “special” black man, not the plain spoken, hard working, “too dark” Herman Cain, but a “so different, intellectual” black man. The hypocrisy sickens me, but apparently, Obama thrives on it.

    In reality, he’s really no different than any other spoiled child of any other color, being enabled by users to gain a political end.

  • gutz22

    In a nut shell, Obozo is held to a lower standard because he is black.

    • DPMP

      He’s held himself to a lower standard because his 1/4 black part hates the rest of his white part and that why he is destroying US with his race bating cronies.

  • purplewings

    Love this article! Thank you. Simply stated and so sensible that even a liberal could understand it. :)

    • Earline Mcbride

      liberals are brain-dead sheep who wait to be told what to think by Hollywood.

  • sgtshel

    If Obama was white–he would have been impeached and removed from office 3 years ago!! Or right after Fast & Furious or right after Benghazi or IRS targeting or NSA spying or………..etc!!

    • Earline Mcbride

      so damned true!

  • William Walizer

    It is the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, William Barber (NC NAACP), etc. that are prejudice. This country will never get along, racially wise, as long as you have these type people “stirring the pot”. This country has too many double standards. Before you criticize, I have a number of Black/African-American friends, that are Liberal Democrats, and they agree. So Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Barber, and the NAACP, STOP with the hate rhetoric, PLEASE !!!!!!

  • Bragar

    Spot on my friend…

    • laura

      untouchable by who? enlighten me.

      • Drawer22

        @laura – By the Congress, by the courts ─ but I’m not so sure about the military and naval forces, not to mention one whole *halibut* lot of Veterans!

        De Oppresso Liber

        • laura

          maybe its time to get over it? reach out & touch him, not be afraid? this whole thing is really sick.

    • pj4me

      Maybe we could impeach his white half and then we wouldn’t be racist.

  • robinswebnest

    I like the reference to Frankenstein, it fits this administration to a T.
    libs have always been given a pass by lame stream media and all the liberal toadies.
    If Bush did half of what obama has done, he would never have made it through his first 4 years.

  • Paula Maricle

    Thank You Kevin Jackson for saying what white Americans are not aloud to say.

    • laura

      I AM ALLOWED, i always was allowed. who said i cant? this is the fault of white people. they are scared of negros. end of case. whites are looking for a oet, so they can patronize. the pet bites, the white loves the abuse. thats it from a non conventional white person.

      • Dione Smith

        Non-conventional white person?! It sounds like a non-educated white person to me. Do you think only blacks voted for Obama? Blacks and whites alike are sick of Obama! So what did you call it when whites were sick of Bill Clinton?? Do you not remember when whites tried to impeach him? So come up with another argument, or you not educated enough to do so?!

        • FLBuck

          Agreed. Not every black person in this country agrees with the policies of Barack Obama. Hispanics as well as members of the Asian population do not agree nor conform to what this man is doing to our country.

          • Melissa Katsmom Votano

            Yeah but the Hispanics contributed significantly to his re-election.

          • Drawer22

            @Melissa Katsmom Votano – Well, this is ONE Latino who DIDN’T vote for that PoS! Why? Because there was no proper vetting, because voting is not a right to be exercised as race-based, and because the qualifications for being in my Oval Office were ─ and remain! ─ lacking. If I couldn’t, in good conscience, follow the orders of my Commander-in-Chief, then the person holding that position can have neither my vote or my skills.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Melissa Katsmom Votano

            I know many Hispanics who didn’t vote for Obama. And those are all excellent reasons for not voting for someone no matter who you are.

          • Dione Smith

            Yes they did, but so did A LOT of other races. And it will be even worse next election because of all the illegals here that the democrats want to allow to vote. What privileges will the one’s born here, and the one’s who took the proper steps to be here have? NONE! Because they are giving equality to those who broke the law, just so they can have more votes next election! It’s so sad because they don’t even care if it will hurt their grandchildren and great grandchildren. People NEED to understand that when our government “gives” them things, it is NEVER free. They couldn’t care less for these people! But they truly think that democrats are 100% there for them and care for them. SAD!!!

          • Melissa Katsmom Votano

            Agree with you 100%. I have actually had people say, when the grandchildren and great-grand children are mentioned, “Oh what difference does that make. (Sound familiar?) You’ll be long dead and forgotten. They won’t care what you did.” Really? Stupid people….really stupid people.

          • Dione Smith

            Yes I know, “ONE” of the biggest problems today, instant gratification and no planning for the future whether it be for yourself or children. Compassion and patriotism for our country is quickly fading away. Look at how our veterans are being treated, and no one blinks an eye. No one is going to want to join our military because they are being treated just like they were in the past, not but all American’s, and not by all the government, but by enough. Everyone is wanting to stand up and fight for illegal immigrants but we need to stand up, getting our country back on the right path, financially, emotionally, spiritually, patriotically before we start saving other people from other countries and rewarding them for doing illegal things. Hell we can’t afford those of us who were born here,live here and have paid into our own government but, we can afford 11 million people that haven’t?! And if people think they are going to pay all these fines, taxes and everything else when they didn’t come here legally in the first place, they really are ignorant! We will end up paying that too, with grants, vouchers, etc., etc.! Good Lord this all makes me feel like my head is going to explode!!!!!!

          • Melissa Katsmom Votano

            Agreed and yeah my head feels like exploding every time I turn on the news..

          • Drawer22

            @Dione Smith – The compassion and patriotism of Veterans remains unsullied, save for a very few. (“Ketchup” Kerry comes to mind as being among those few.) Despite decades of perceived ingratitude, a generation of warriors so affected still salutes our Flag (for that which it stands), tenders respect for lawful superiors, and is still ready (and waiting!) to keep true to the unrescinded oath(s) we’ve taken in support of our Constitution of the United States of America. Together with other Vets, we are a formidable “militia,” one of which the present administration is so aware that Vets have been classified as “potential domestic terrorists.” It matters not a whit how our countrymen have treated us; we remain faithful to that for which we signed on ─ so much so that one branch has the motto “Semper Fidelis,” meaning “Always Faithful.”

            I for one, being a LEGAL immigrant and citizen of my chosen country for which I have hazarded my life in armed service, do not “…stand up and fight for illegal immigrants….” (I prefer the undiluted term, “illegal aliens.”) Far from it! I abhor such criminals, no matter their intentions for obtaining wealth for themselves and their illegal families. I suppose one might say that I am not among “everyone.”

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Dione Smith

            Drawer22, I thank you for your service! Knowing that saying thank you just isn’t enough any longer! I come from a family of veterans, grandfathers, uncles, my father (Navy retired), brothers (both Air Force) my husband (Navy retired after 24 years) and now my son (Air Force). It completely breaks my heart to know that one of my brothers, and my son are under an administration that doesn’t appreciate or respect them!

        • laura

          non conventional in the sence that i allow myself to critizise black people. im not sure what all this “fear” is that people talk about.

          • Dione Smith

            If you don’t understand the “fear” then you are NOT paying attention to what is happening before our eyes! The second we allow our government to overstep our Constitution then it becomes easier and easier the next time, then the next. Stop making it about race, and start looking at why a lot of Americans from many cultures are not happy with Obama. The race card is so redundant and ridiculous at this point!!!

          • laura

            the fear is man made, it is a mass mental illness. repeat something enough times, & it becomes reality. human beings are so malable. you couldnt train a dog as well as a person.

          • Dione Smith

            And some people live with there heads buried in the sand, and never use the common sense God gave them!

          • Drawer22

            @Dione Smith – Or, as the saying goes, “…that God gave a goose!”

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Dione Smith

            Yes, you are correct! Lol!

      • Earline Mcbride


        • laura


      • pj4me

        Oh my gosh. That’s unbelievable. Scared of Negroes? Are you kidding me? LOL Maybe if they’re carrying a knife!!! In that case, I’d be scared of whites too! If I want a pet, I’ll get a cat! WOW!

        • Drawer22

          @pj4me – Cogito, ergo armatus sum. And therefore, I have no need to be afraid of someone ─ anyone! ─ with a knife, whom I could (and have, on occasion) just as easily have disarmed while being unarmed.

          De Oppresso Liber

  • sborsher

    0bama is a racist as proven by his “the Cambridge police acted … stupidly” outburst. How much more Freudian can you get? Everyone is a racist, or, at least, a bigot, at some level, IMO. So, get over it. Calling someone is racist is a pot/kettle/black type accusation.A much more meaningful accusation would be calling someone an anti-country. Most politicians, IMO, are anti-country, at least in comparison to their own well-being; and there lies our biggest problem.

  • Dione Smith

    A black president with good intentions, and great values, would have addressed the racism comments him/her self and nipped them in the bud, especially one that ran a campaign as bi-racial, not black! I certainly hope Obama doesn’t ruin the presidential chances for truly great black American’s! Cough…..cough……Allen West, maybe 😉

    • Mari Upthegrove

      Benjamin Carson!

    • pj4me

      Half this country seemed to think it was time for a “black” president, no matter what his agenda. I can’t believe they voted for a color!! They didn’t even hear his words, “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Color meant more than his words. America is ready for any color president who will defend the Constitution. I’ll take Allen West too!! What a patriot!

      • Dione Smith

        Now lets just hope and pray that Obama doesn’t take over this country to the point that we won’t see the next election (In 2016), or ever again. If we actually have an election in 2016, I hope and pray that the idiots that voted for him, only to make history, have learned their lesson and won’t vote for Hillary Clinton just to make history again by voting in the first female president! UGH! The thought makes my head spin and stomach hurt!

  • Paul Cox


    I wish everyone spoke out as tenacious and as eloquent as you…

  • threebarrs

    If Obama were the CEO of a private corporation he would have been fired long ago!. Obama fired the GM CEO, why can’t we fire Obama. He had no right to do that to the head of a private corporation, however, we as voters and tax payers, surely should have the right to fire a President who is causing huge problems for this country. And I don’t care if he is black or white, his butt needs to kicked out of the Whitehouse before George Soros has his way with ruining this wonderful country.

    • f8tule

      He would have not only been fired, but brought up on all sorts of charges, found guilty and be in prison right now,,

      • Drawer22

        @f8tule – …and awaiting execution for treason.

        De Oppresso Liber

    • pj4me

      It amazes me that no one seems to be able to stop him. We hear all the sorry excuses why he can’t be impeached, but Congress allows him to continue destroying our Constitution. We elected them to figure it out! To cover us. To defend our Constitution. To defend We the People! What the heck are they doing? @!@!# It’s infuriating!

      • Drawer22

        @pj4me – On another blog, I erroneously stated that impeachment was not the correct avenue to take, for I’d believed incorrectly that the first requirement for impeachment was that the official be qualified to run for that office, the second requirement being that the subject have been lawfully elected.

        I stand corrected, and now make every reasonable attempt at amends for my error. A public official need not have been a qualified candidate or lawfully elected. Incompetence is sufficient grounds for impeachment, and intent to be incompetent need not be established.

        De Oppresso Liber

  • Gregory Tbd

    Astute article that will fall on deaf ears unfortunately.

    • michael

      The choir was attentive. Now we need to go out from choir practice ans sing the truth at every opportunity.

      • pj4me

        Ohhhhh, we’re trying, but it’s exhausting, because those who NEED to hear it, won’t listen. Very tiring, but we can’t give up.

  • UpLateAgain

    Racism is a hallmark of liberalism. Race is a key factor in everything they say or do. They assume others are racist because, in fact, they are. Minority races just can’t make it without their help in the liberal viewpoint, and any criticism of a minority is, in their minds, based on race…. because race is the FIRST thing they consider an any situation.

    They think conservatives are evil because they refuse to apologize for the racism the liberals actually feel. They think they are superior because they feel guilt over their racism, and conservatives apparently do not. The fact that conservatives are not apologizing for racism because they are actually not racist never even occurs to them as a possibility.

    • Drawer22

      @UpLateAgain – In early 2009, I expressed to a longtime friend my concerns that the guy supposedly elected to sit in my Oval Office might not have been properly vetted. My Caucasoid friend immediately ─ and without any thought for my minority-ethnicity! ─ labeled me with what I subsequently found to be the inevitable epithet: “You’re RACIST!” Being somewhat intelligent, she didn’t vote for the same, likely ineligible candidate the second time around, but now she won’t admit to having voted FOR that same candidate the first time! (That gives me plenty of laughs!)

      Thank you for your service. If any of it was overseas, WELCOME HOME!

      De Oppresso Liber

      • pj4me

        De Oppresso Liber — I recognized that. My husband had that patch! He was Special Forces, Green Beret Group Airborne, trained and stationed in Germany.

        • Drawer22

          @pj4me – Just took a look at your profile. You have some fire in you, girl! Your husband is blessed to have y’all together on this journey through life. Stationed in Germany, eh? 10th Group, I presume. Bad Tolz? Wanted that after returning from Command & Control Detachment, North (CCN) in the ‘Nam, but never made it.

          Military spouses don’t seem to get the credit so richly deserved. That was certainly a mistake I made, and I realized it far too late. To you and those like you, thanks for standing by us, not knowing when we’d be deployed in the next 15 minutes, where we were, what we were doing, if or when we’d come back (with a rucksack full of dirty laundry and a…!) With y’all’s dedication and ours, we make it a better world.

          De Oppresso Liber

  • Linda Lewis

    I see Obama as a spoiled child who is used to getting his way from childhood to adulthood. He didn’t have to sacrifice in life, having parents of adequate means, scholarships to our best universities, and a political party who saw him as their “rising star” and helped him politically and financially to get from US Senator to US President in 4 short years. He went from a community organizer to US Senator (put in only 2 years before his campaigning started for Prez). What a storybook life. He does not like to be told NO, and he’s very stubborn. People, black or white, are extremely terrified to cross him because he is black; therefore, he is never blamed for any bad decision or crisis in his administration. And so…..we are stuck with this spoiled black child for 3 more years. God have mercy on the USA…that’s our only hope.

    • chamuiel

      community agitator, not community organizer.

    • migdalia.leonie

      he could be thrown out on his ass, if it were not for dirty harry. Dirty Harry knows for a fact that his B.C. is a fraud, Harry must be on the take with dirty backroom deals and under the table. He is not going to get rid of his golden pig that is making him richer by the day. Harry is a crook and pelsoi is a dingbat who knows the truth of the B.C. Pelosi said to first vote on the healthcare bill and then we will know what is in it, that is what the Dingbat said.

      • pj4me

        And now they want us to BUY IT before we know what the plan is! They are insane!

    • pj4me

      You’re right — God is our only hope. Another 3 years of BO, and America will be burned to ashes. I’m afraid America just won’t survive him.

  • johnnywood

    Great article Mr. Jackson. Thanks.

  • midar42

    Great article! Like a breath of fresh air!!

  • livefreeordie

    Is it just me, or does looking or listening to him make you want to vomit, too?

    • Dione Smith

      Everything that comes out of his mouth is vomit!

      • Drawer22

        @Dione Smith – And O’Bamanocchio’s puke smells an awful lot like the other end!

        De Oppresso Liber

    • migdalia.leonie

      No it is not you, they don’t call him Ovomit for nothing

    • pj4me

      I’ll actually RUN for the TV remote to fast forward or shut it off when I see him or hear him on MY TV. HOW DARE HE show his face in MY house — the same lying face that destroyed my family’s lives. We lost EVERYTHING because of his lack of interest in the position of president. So while he golfed, we lost it all: Jobs, homes, cars, credit, savings, retirement, future, AND HEALTHCARE!!! We were self-supporting all our lives, and BO caused the economy to collapse (YES! liberals, it was BO, NOT Bush). Our businesses thrived for 40 years, including through the Bush years! Successful!!! Four businesses!!! Small businesses — but enough to keep our family and several employees working. Now it’s all gone. Isn’t it odd that we were successful for 40 years, then BO comes on the scene, and we lose it all. And has he done anything in the past 5 !@#$% years? Nope!!! Golfs and vacations. Hates his job, loves the perks!

      So, anyone who can’t see what he is doing to our blessed America is IGNORANT — just plain stupid! The disaster is all around us. We all know SOMEONE who has been affected by the agenda of the Muslim in the White House.

  • calico_kitty

    that last line of this article says it all….liberalism manifested by Obama in all its deception.

  • David Hedricks

    Excellent points! Excellent article …

  • chamuiel

    Go Kevin!

  • David S. McQueen

    Liberals ARE children. They haven’t matured emotionally or socially, resulting in their self-centered view of the world. They create straw men to vilify and blame. The government is their parent; they haven’t matured to the point of self-regulatory capacity of adulthood (see also the behavior of the so-called OWS bunch).

    • migdalia.leonie

      you just describe Obama to the T

    • Drawer22

      @David S. McQueen – Interestingly, I’ve met a couple of intelligent (Yes, I said “intelligent,” not to be confused with having common sense.) liberals. One of them admitted that, being a liberal, the fantastical objective, though not attainable, was worthy of the attempt to strive for it. I’d agree, were it not for the fact that in so striving, liberalism carves a destructive swath far wider that the utopian ideal, were that ever to be achieved, which it can not!

      De Oppresso Liber

      • David S. McQueen

        I absolutely agree. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. As you point out, their goal is unattainable but that’s not the real point for liberals. They see the effort as the goal, not the result. To them, if you try to “make a difference”, that’s all that counts. It matters not a wit that their efforts are creating pain and suffering.

  • notislam

    Well said, and right to the point. This “racist ” calling at any and everything is getting old. It is really dangerous now that BHO has the Muslim Brotherhood right there with Valerie calling the shots. The Libs. don’t see this? Why?

    • migdalia.leonie

      They don’t see it because they got their head stuck up their Ass

      • Drawer22

        @migdalia.leonie – A syndrome doubtless known in enlightened psychiatric circles as: Ostrichum Rectulitis.

        De Oppresso Liber

  • Michael Metrick

    Could not have said it better, except to quote a line I saw the other day, “I think, therefore I am a Conservative.”

    • Drawer22

      @Michael Metrick – A line derived, no doubt, from: Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

      De Oppresso Liber

  • Mari Upthegrove

    What is happening with Obama is what I deem extreme affirmative action. All his stupidities are excused because he is black. It is more important to have a black president than to have a good president. Frankly, I am white Hispanic and would have voted for Allen West or Condoleeza Rice in a second. I am praying Benjamin Carson runs because he is one of the only people around with the funds, courage, and stellar personal and professional life to be scrutinized and found to be squeaky clean, not to mention his brilliancy, decency, and solid good morals.

    • Jay Shannon

      Well put Mari. Why do we call him “black”? He is 50% White, 44% Arabic and 6% African.

      • migdalia.leonie

        Barry is a failure, we should call him Failure in chief

      • Mari Upthegrove

        I know his ethnic composition, but he seems to think of himself as 100% black, and so do the black sheep that worship him.

    • migdalia.leonie

      well said, you got my vote if you were running for president

      • Mari Upthegrove

        LOL, I thank you for that vote of confidence, but I am not a natural born citizen, just a grateful nationalized citizen. It pains me greatly to see my adopted country in the clutches of our current politicians and the decay of reason and civility in our nation. I was living in Costa Rica when Carter helped out the Sandinistas take power and used to think he was the worst idiot ever. I am afraid this clown has left Carter way behind in terms of incompetence, demagoguery, and cult to their ideology. May God help us.

  • Guy Slater

    Full disclosure: I am a White, registered Republican (who votes his conscious, not necessarily with the party), retired Army NCO, and pretty liberal in my stance on National Policy and politics. I also voted both times for the President in office.

    I happen to agree with your assessment of the situation: President Obama should, MUST, be held to the same standard as any other President. And that means being able to criticise his policies without the fear of being called a racist. All of us have a responsibility to our Country to encourage what we see as right and discourage that which we see as wrong. It is also our responsibility as citizens to accept the rulings of the majority of the Country. Which is where I part company with the GOP. Trying to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act almost (or is it now over?) 50 times, especially when it is known that the attempt is doomed to fail, is a waste of our tax money, Congressional time, and the public’s good sense.

    • Ivan Terrible

      Hogwash. How many “laws of the land” have been repealed? And not just by the Congressional CONSTITUTIONAL action, but by actions in the streets, often violent? Segregation, slavery, the laws authorizing the Vietnam war. Would you call those attempts “waste of tax money”? They eventually succeeded. And who knows what would happened if RINOs did not sell out once again (McConell and his billions for the dam to nowhere)

      • mudpuppysc

        You mean like Jim Clyburn’s 160 million dollar “bridge to nowhere”?

    • migdalia.leonie

      you voted for this clown twice? wasn’t one term enough for you? Obama will go down in history as the worst president ever, I thought Carter and Bush were the worst but this incompetent president has done more damage to our Country then any other president with his reckless spending and failed policies. Shame on you for being so dumb and voting for this loser to destroy our Country.

      • Guy Slater

        Your opinion, sweetie, not mine. If the damned Republicant party would put someone on the ballot that is actually worthy of receiving my vote, he/she will (McCain/Palin in ’08, give me a break, especially with Palin on the ticket, that was the GOP trying to pander to the female side of the house. Just as bad as the Dems putting up Dukakis against Papa Bush in ’88. Would not/could not vote for either ticket.) And that is provided that the candidate of either party can, in my opinion, run the country. But, I think you like playing the blame game,; Obama is ONE person and cog in the machinery of the US Gov. There are 535 others sitting there, many of whom in the House should be tried and executed for their treasonous actions over the last few weeks. Bohner, Cruz and Lee being the first to go, and they can grasp onto Palin and take her with them.

        • Light_V_Dark

          Can we safely say then, Guy, that you are a NIHILIST¿¿ EVERYBODY SUCKS…KILL EM ALL¿?

          (BRILLIANT-GAY-ATHEIST Freddy Nietzsche) renounced Schopenhauer’s ideas. That fatal break moved him away from reality. By gradual degrees, Nietzsche’s ideas tended towards nihilism, as evidenced by his statement “God is dead.” Nihilism is not just atheistic; it involves an obsession with death. During his last years, Nietzsche went insane.


          • Guy Slater

            No we cannot. I believe in a Supreme Being. Just not the Judeo-Christian one that most believe in (neither am I Jewish, Islamic, or any other “organized” religious believer.) As for my comment that there are 535 that deserved to be lined up and executed, as an Active Duty friend told me just days ago, “Sometimes, ya just gotta hit the reset button.” I think now is the time.

          • Light_V_Dark

            Let me guess…YOU ARE A DEIST…RUN PALL DISCIPLE¿¿

            Malignant Narcissism: Excerpts from M. Scott Peck’s People of the Lie

            The evil hate the Light–the Light of goodness that shows them up, the Light of scrutiny that exposes them, the Light of truth that penetrates their deception. p 179 Rather than blissfully lacking a sense of morality, like the sociopath, they are continually engaged in sweeping the evidence of their evil under the rug of their own consciousness. p 76

          • Guy Slater

            (Last Reply.) No, I would not be considered a “Deist” in the strictest of meanings. Seeing as you seem to want to push me to go there, OK. I believe that religion is man made, nowhere in the Bible, the Koran, of any other Holy Books that I have studied, does the Deity (as you wish) state that there is only one religion that it believes in. What I believe is that the Deity is female in orientation. Think about this; a mother loves her children unconditionally, whereas Jehovah orders the Jews (in the O.T.) to slaughter others of his children because they chose not worship him. Now doesn’t that sound like love to you? (Sorry, my sarcasm font is out of order.) The mother is the one to give birth, not “Our Father Who art in Heaven.” And the mother is the one who worries about the welfare of her children without demanding that they sacrifice for her amusement. As for an unasked question that I think you had; yes, I have pulled the trigger on someone before, many times, and it would not bother me to do so again.

            ‘Nuf said. Not o nly to you, but to all.

          • Light_V_Dark

            Do you FEEL bad for the poor little victims of BUSH, in Gitmo? Thou shalt not kill, means MURDER.

            If innocent children die by an AOG, they go to heaven. Adults, on the other hand, unless you have chosen LIGHT, don’t.
            You kind of like the way NICOLAE CEAUSESCU (Romanian dictator) did things?

          • Light_V_Dark

            I wouldn’t do this, where you could start screaming and howling at me. You are a Relativist. No good, no bad, but, what YOU, FEEL.


            Proverbs 6..
            The LORD hates these seven things:

            16 eyes that show pride,

            17 tongues that tell lies,

            hands that kill innocent people,

            hearts that plan evil things to do,

            18 feet that run to do evil,

            witnesses in court who tell lies,
            19 and anyone who causes family members to fight.

          • Drawer22

            @Light_V_Dark – Good to know that, were I able to get a weekend pass for the purpose of visiting hell, I’d be able to add to your misery there. In the meantime, is there anything I could do to persuade you to stay on topic, ’cause the lack of cogency in your babblings is getting quite boring.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Light_V_Dark
          • sandraleesmith46

            Guess you didn’t read too closely, or were too “blinded” and “deafened” by your own wants. Jesus nor only claimed the “I Am” that Yhwh told Moses is His Name, He also stared unequivocally, that He is THE way, truth, and life. No others do make those statements, that I’ve studied, but they do solidly make His path the ONLY viable option! Now, I will grant you, that attaches to no man-made institution, indeed, His Spirit has departed all of those decades ago, having been rejected by them. But it does firmly attach to THE Church!

          • Drawer22

            @Light_V_Dark – If your posts were relevant, they’d deserve a well-pondered response. As it is, they aren’t ─ and I won’t!

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Light_V_Dark

            You hysterical, supercilious, self aggrandizing, AUTISTIC, lunatic nihilists will be the death of us all..YOU HOPE¿¿


            4. also Nihilism A diffuse, revolutionary movement of mid 19th-century Russia that scorned authority and tradition and believed in reason, materialism, and radical change in society and government through terrorism and assassination.

            5. Psychiatry A delusion, experienced in some mental disorders, that the world or one’s mind, body, or self does not exist.

          • Drawer22

            @Light_V_Dark – Ok, now that you’ve correctly diagnosed some of your mental incapacities, you’re part way there. Call the folks who can lock you up and assist you toward the worthy goal of being able to care for yourself.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Light_V_Dark

            Oscar, you pretentious, hissing little asp…Have a banana and calm yourself..
            Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde (1854-1900) As early as 1874 Oscar Wilde set the fashion in college circles of what was described then as, “the effeminate pose of casting scorn on manly sports, wearing his hair long, decorating his room with peacock’s feathers, lilies, sunflowers,” and walking around in velvet knickers with a single flower in his hand.

          • Drawer22

            @Light_V_Dark – I have a distinct recollection of some tiny, annoying ants. I am reminded that you are less than they, and we called them “pissants.”

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Drawer22

            @Light_V_Dark – Please take your meds. Now! It’s urgent, as evidenced by your posts not being cogent.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Light_V_Dark

            Du Espresso Luber.. Please find an exorcist..


            Separating the two natures of man

            When liberals/Libertarians choose the body in preference to the soul, one way they can lose their souls is through the separation of the body from the spirit which leads to nihilism. There are two paths they can take to tear body and spirit apart: (1) materialism, and (2) an idealism that denies reality.

          • Drawer22

            @Light_V_Dark:disqus – Ok, you’re right: Seek professional assistance (“counseling”). While you’ll probably be locked away (for the safety of yourself and others), at least you’ll be relatively harmless and non-intrusive on the intelligent musings of others, (Do let the folks in white suits know that thorazine works well for you.)

            I sympathize with your inability to spell, compounded with an apparenty inate lack of potty training. Perhaps after only a few years of being where padding is there for your comfort, the psyche committee will permit you to graduate from grade school. (I certainly hope so for your sake. It is obvious that you need that boost to your self-esteem.)

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Drawer22

            @Light_V_Dark – You are even more mentally defective than the usual type of troll. Ah, well, it’s a genetic defect, so I’ll continue to pity you.

            De Oppresso LIber

          • Light_V_Dark
        • pj4me

          Apparently you preferred giving a slam dunk to the MUSLIM in the White House. Heck, ANYONE would have been better than him — even Mickey Mouse is PRO-AMERICAN!

    • sandraleesmith46

      So…just because a Dem supermajority shoved this law through, against the will of the majority of CITIZENS, you think we should just leave this health care AND economy destroying piece of communism in place? Just a guess here, but if you were still acdu, and so ordered by the Usurper in Thief, you’d open fire on citizens too, wouldn’t you?

      • pj4me

        Sandra, that’s what I’m thinkin’ about Mr. Army NCO. If he voted for BO twice, then he must not have understood the words “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Uhhhhh . . . that is the SAME AMERICA that Mr. Army NCO swore to defend! Did he swear to defend OBAMA instead? Sure sounds like it to me. Guys like him worry me. At least I know my husband, an ex Special Forces Green Beret, Group Airborne WOULD NOT defend Obama, but would DEFEND AMERICA AND OUR CONSTITUTION AND WE THE PEOPLE! I know many military who feel the same way. I believe the MAJORITY OF GERMANY LOVED HITLER TOO and all his lies and rhetoric — for a time — until it was too late. Majority means nothing. Just because the majority votes for something that they were lied to about, and too stupid to see it, doesn’t make it right! It means they are misinformed, ignorant, stupid, brainwashed, or just plain not interested in the country in which they live. I would THINK Mr Army NCO would SEE what is coming down the pike with BO’s agenda, and be ashamed that he actually voted for him twice! Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me, comes to mind. Fortunately, I didn’t vote for him, once or twice! I was smart! I knew what “fundamental transformation” meant. Apparently Mr. Army NCO didn’t have a clue. Maybe he was in another planet’s Army.

        • sandraleesmith46

          You would thonk that, but even a signicant percentage of vets from the Vietnam era fell for those lies back then…McCain, Kerry to name a couple… and the indoctrination both in schools and the military, sadly has only grown worse. Thank your husband for his service, please, and don’t hold your breath on today’s troops. Hopefully, the Oath Keepers mean it!

          • Drawer22

            @sandraleesmith46 – I’ve taken that oath several times over, and it remains unrescinded.

            As far as the ‘Nam goes, Special Forces accomplished wonders there, none of which can be demeaned by the actions of a few who were not ─ and are not! ─ dedicated to the betterment of those with whom Special Forces fights alongside, the people.

            I well understand why the present administration classifies Veterans as “potential domestic terrorists,” for it is Vets who have the skills to resist and the knowledge to win. It is my opinion that this administration fears its warriors, and that fear is well-grounded! Please don’t hold your breath, for you don’t need to. It is my belief that we have your 6.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • sandraleesmith46

            Definitely not holding my breath. But having been a nurse and done EMS as well, I’m a fair “patcher-upper”.

        • Drawer22

          @pj4me – One minor, gentle correction: Once SF-qualified, one is never ex-SF (excepting Airborne termination or less than honorable discharge). As a Decader who’s been off active status for some time, my qualifications ─ and those of your husband ─ remain on the record, and we’d be proud to exercise those skills with other SF again.

          Again, thank you for YOUR service!

          De Oppresso Liber

      • Drawer22

        @sandraleesmith46 – I suppose I should be grateful that I am not constrained by the bonds of being active duty, for I’d have to assert that my team and I would obey only lawful orders, lawfully given by an actual, lawful Commander-in-Chief, lawfully elected to office. Y’see, my breed of warrior stands by the oaths we’ve taken, for we wish to abide by our integrity with honor.

        De Oppresso Liber

        • sandraleesmith46

          I argree, we haven’t had a lawful CIC or POTUS, for 5 3/4 years now, and it appears almost no one follows the UCMJ these days any more than the Constitution, unless it’s in line with whichever agenda. I guess I’d sort of qualify as your breed, in that I also took, and reaffirmed, that oath, for all my “combat” was done with different weapons, against a slightly different enemy, being I was Nurse Corps.

  • LIsa

    I wish he were held to the same standard as any other president, but fact is, he has not. He has been held to much tougher standards than any other president, ever. He has done a heroic job in ding his job in the face of obstructionist racist tea party members who are holding congress hostage because they can’t accept the fact that they lost the election, twice! Now you say what you want, believe what you want, but President Obama was given a load of crap and has dealt with nothing but crap from the people who are supposed to be adult enough to work with him. The tea party and the republicans are the spiteful brats here. No doubt about it.

    • migdalia.leonie

      His failed record speaks for itself, There is not much difference between Obama and Bush. It is the same snake with two heads

      • Light_V_Dark

        There’s no difference between George Washington and Jimmy Carter, Sarah Palin and Hillary, Christianity and Islam, @§<3..

        From George Orwell, a long time ago.

        .. But there is a minority of {PSEUDO} intellectual pacifists, whose real though unacknowledged motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration for totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writing of the younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States.

        • Rodosbc

          You really are far emoved from reality my friend. Have you considered a talking Doctor???

    • Light_V_Dark
    • sandraleesmith46

      No you don’t; if he had been he’d have been out of office and in prison for treason, fraud and a number of other crimes, long since!. He hasn’t been held to ANY standard!

    • Rodosbc

      You must be talking about someone else. Obama has been a disaster since day one and is only getting worse…

  • Nanci1

    TED CRUZ IS A TERRORIST. I heard him complain that all Republicans did not stand with him in his efforts to keep the country shut down and defund the government. In my eyes that makes him a poor excuse for an American and a traitor to boot.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Our country is suffering mass hysteria and insanity.

  • Light_V_Dark

    You friggin simpletons who worship Dr. Doom Run Pall..

  • Light_V_Dark

    Isaiah 3 DRB,
    4 And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate shall rule over them.

    5 And the people shall rush one upon another, and every man against his neighbour: the child shall make it tumult against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.

    • sandraleesmith46

      That we got, all right, even the Secret Service say that about him.

      • Light_V_Dark

        You are talking like a woman who wants to be hanged, crucified, burnt at the stake, guillotined, drawn and quartered and devoured..NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER, SANDRA

        • sandraleesmith46

          Nope, none of those on my “to-do” list. Just stating the obvious…

          • Light_V_Dark

            I know, but we cannot do this in public. Most “Christians” would RATHER try to pass out Bibles at Gay Pride Parades, than talk to us.

          • sandraleesmith46

            LOL! That’s real likely too! I’ve got one telling me I’m driving Christians away from the “churches”, because I DARED call for national repentance, and declared America’s problem a SIN problem. Go figure. And there are several insisting the Bible says we aren’t to judge anyone. Those only skipped about 1/2 the Bible to come up with that as a teaching And that Mexican Muslim is back with his Allah and Yhwh are the same person rant

          • Light_V_Dark

            I show these verses to Christian and Pagan alike, and they start howling like dogs or chattering like monkeys, sneering about my needing MEDS, COUNSELING or a SPONSOR¿

            Luke 17:3-4 (ESV)
            3 Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him,

            4 and if he sins against you seven times in the day, and turns to you seven times, saying, ‘I repent,’ you must forgive him.”

            1 Corinthians 2:14 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)
            14 For a beastly man perceiveth not those things that be of the Spirit of God; for it is folly to him, and he may not understand, for it is examined ghostly [for it is examined, “or assayed”, ghostly].
            15 But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is “rightly” judged by no one.

          • Light_V_Dark


            The Way of Wisdom …

            7 He who corrects a scoffer gets dishonor for himself, And he who reproves a wicked man gets insults for himself.

            8 Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you, Reprove a wise man and he will love you.

            9 Give instruction to a wise man and he will be still wiser, Teach a righteous man and he will increase his learning.…

            Matthew 7:6
            “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Nope, neither do I since I found what the Holy Spirit told me about them to be true; that He’s left them all. No point in doing so; won’t get fed there anyway. And It’s apt to disrupt the “comfort zone” of the “flock” that are looking for their pablum. You know how babies are. I did my stint in a nursery as the sole adult, literally; no thanks, but I’m too old for that again.

          • Light_V_Dark

            You wrote… And that Mexican Muslim is back with his Allah and Yhwh are the same person rant..

            If memory serves, the little guy is a self admitted SOCIALIST, AND A VULGARIAN WHO HATES WOMEN…NICE COMBINATION..

          • sandraleesmith46

            Yep, that’d be he one; I see you’ve met him too… :-)

  • Jo

    No matter who you vote for, you vote for the Demo-republican party.

  • AndyNY

    Not to nitpick, but Obama said he would cut the deficit in half, and you cited how much he increased the debt. He has not cut the deficit either, but they are not the same thing. It is quite possible to cut the budget deficit in half and still increase the debt.

    • Larry Stauth

      Andy.. seriously? If one cut the deficit in half, the Debt would only increase by 50%. The fact that the National debt under Obama’s first 5 years has already matched the total debt increase of Bush’s entire 8 years, tells me, that Obama has not cut the deficit, but increased it…

      As for any true decrease, the only year, out of the last five, that has shown a “decrease” was last year. Which any economist can prove had nothing to do with Obama, it was because of the Sequester (automatic cuts) and the Republicans who did not approve Obama’s original budget request, and there by forced the cuts across the board.

  • AndyNY

    As the first black president, Obama sets an example for all blacks. Many people in this country have had little exposure to minorities depending on where they live. The (white) country looks at Obama and asks, “Is that what all black people are like?”. Apparently, the Left wants the answer to be “Yes!”, because they will not allow anyone to say otherwise.

    • Concerned great grandmother

      He is not our first “black” president. He and his wife are our first biracial president and wife. He and his wife were told by the marionet sring puller to chose to consider themselves “black” to get more votes. However, it was very obvious how prod Michelle of her white ancestry. She used taxpayers money to go to Ireland to investigate the white slave owner’s Irish history who impregnated one of his concubines at a very young age and this slave owner became one of Michelle’s ancestors. I have not read where she has investigated any of her “black” relatives backgrounds. Obama, according his public bio is half whte and half black, so this makes him neither. He is biracial or he could be multiracial, and he makes sure that his geneology can not be traced as he has it under lock and key and has a multitude of lawyers, at our expense, to make sure his background is well hidden.

  • Light_V_Dark
    • pj4me

      Excuse me Light V Dark — did you read this: We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior. Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a courteous and useful public environment where we can engage in reasonable discourse.

      IMO, what you said was totally uncalled for. Whatever your race, whatever your creed, whatever your religion, whatever your party, that wasn’t nice at all.

    • Paul Howell

      Dang you LvD. I had just commented on article about Trey Goudy how he was “A shining star in a galaxy of money sucking black holes, all revolving around a Super Enormous Black Hole at the center that lives in the White House” and thought it was an original use of the terms.

  • Sidi

    Well said, man.

  • pj4me

    This says it all: Obama represents Frankenstein’s monster of Liberalism, an experiment gone bad. The monster unfortunately has been unleashed on America.

  • Light_V_Dark
  • Kevin Carroll

    KJ is right of course but he shouldn’t invite criticism by using incorrect numbers when referring to the debt. Bush didn’t run up 9T in debt , he ran up about 4T. And Obama didn’t run up 20T in debt, so far he has run up about 7T. The numbers Kevin uses are what the total debt was and may be in the future. Inaccuracies give the opposition something to criticize instead of focusing on the message.

    • Paul Howell

      Check YOUR numbers Kevin. Obama increased the deficit last (or the year before, I forget) the deficit more than it increased in Bush’s entire term. No BS.

      • Kevin Carroll

        Sorry Paul but you clearly didn’t read my post correctly. Bush ran up apx $4t and Obama about $7T .so far. This is what Kevin wrote, it is wrong. .”The man who called a white Republican president unpatriotic to run up a debt of $9T, will have amassed a debt of $20T+ by the end of his tenure, yet there were no calls of racism when Obama said this of Bush.” . Kevin’s post is about the debt , not the deficit. Try reading it again.

        • Larry Stauth

          Actually, Kevin Carroll, KJ’s numbers are spot on.

          The Obama Campaign, when running for office made it a point to remind people that the National debt had been run up to over $9 Trillion…

          The actually verbiage suggests total of debt and not difference of debt… as in, based on the facts, the National Debt will total over $20 trillion by next year.

          Given that the National Debt increased $5,85 Trillion during the entire Bush Administration, Obama’s currently over the $5 trillion mark and still plenty of time. Based on just last years deficit, he should beat George Bush’s total spending by the end of this year, and that with zero increased spending.

          Of course, the only real reason for the decrease in spending has been the opposition, that has forced the decrease. Namely, the sequester.

          • Kevin Carroll

            Actually you should read it again. Here’s the quote, ..The man who called a white Republican president unpatriotic to run up a debt of $9T, will have amassed a debt of $20T+ by the end of his tenure, yet there were no calls of racism when Obama said this of Bush.
            Notice it says “run up a debt OF 9T” not TO 9T. And the same holds true with the 20T number.
            BUt you are right about the opposition forcing a decrease in spending.

  • Paul Howell

    The ploy of screaming racist at all who are critical of Obama’s country destructive ways is having the effect of reducing the stigmatism of the word. Civil rights race baiters are helping destroy their bread and butter generation machine. Obama himself is a major race baiter. The idea that a president who has done nothing to help but seemingly intentionally re-enforce the barriers before our black citizens on the road to prosperity, would actually care about Travone Martin is not believable. Just another farce to feign concern for anyone he hopes to retain or generate support from. I like to believe most our black citizens saw through this ruse, and I believe they did. Yet if you go by the lying liberal main media providers, you wouldn’t think so. Using racism as a tool to achieve personal goals will at the very least slow or stop the progress of the the foundering and true civilrights leaders and is outright evil. At worse, it could cause a reversal in progress. And yet, who would ever think the founders of the KKK, the Democrats, could ever be the real racist?

    • Randy Fitzpatrick

      What gets me is that, like so many other words that the left has “redifined” (forget the dictionary or English scholars who know), they have redifined the word “racist”.
      Regardless of what the left wants, the term “racist” has always been that of one who regards someone of another race inferior, or saying that a race has inherent traits (like all blacks eat watermellon or white people cannot dance,etc.,).
      It is NOT racist to point out facts as long as you don’t say crap like “See, becasue that person is black is why”.
      Seems alot like “Common Core” and trying to say two and two equals 10.

  • shagstar

    and the lefties wonder why we consider them petulant lil brats?

    • Randy Fitzpatrick

      Or use the term “Liberalism is a mental disease”.

  • Carl Dichter

    It is true that some liberals do more damage than good by being overly defensive.

    Yes, not all critics of a black president are racist, but when people manufacture false facts to bolster their case, we can conclude that bias is involved. We should not assume what motivates or causes the bias. Rather than racism, it may cognitive dissonance, religious beliefs, people just doing what is expected of them by their employer or their peers, etc.

    And let’s look at your statements for examples of bias…

    You point out Obama’s promise to cut the deficit in half, but then you measured success by the national debt– a false comparison and I know you that know better. For people who don’t know, the deficit is the yearly growth in the debt and Bush’s last budget (created in 2008 for 2009) had a $1.4M deficit, not a single Obama budget has been so out-of-balance. By 2013 the deficit was $680B– less than half of Bush’s last.

    And this doesn’t begin to take into account the hole that had been dug with the US in two major wars that we will continue to pay for in many ways (you know where do those Vets waiting in long lines at the VA hospital come from). Obama managed to pull us out of a huge recession without spending as much as Bush did in that last budget.

    Your comparison of what Black Conservatives are called vs Black Liberals are called also doesn’t hold up– even under a basic peanut butter test.
    What do law-abiding citizens call murderers? A large list of names.
    What do murderers call law-abiding citizens? We don’t care.
    What does a biased person call a fair person? We don’t care.

    So with such obvious fabrications in just your key points, there is a strong indication of bias, but there aren’t any facts to prove that your bias comes from racism. We need more facts before we can determine the motivation behind your bias.

    • disillusioneddem

      You are wrong about the deficit. Obama ran it up with the stimulus. Bush’s deficit was around 400 billion. But let’s talk debt. Obama ran it up to over 17 trillion. That is 7trillion more than he started. Are you blaming Bush?

  • J.t. Coleman



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