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A&E’s Duck Dynasty consistently wallops every other non-scripted show week after week as the Robertson clan delights and entertains millions of Americans.

Duck Commander founder, Phil Robertson, and CEO son, Willie, spoke with Sports Spectrum about a few “editorial issues” such as “fake beeps” inserted where editors assumed there might be swearing. The editorial team also cut out “in Jesus’ name” at the end of dad Phil’s prayers around the family dinner table.

Phil Robertson related:

“They send the footage to LA…and you got about 15 or 20 editors sitting there and they’re the ones arranging the scenes…they’re the ones who said ‘I think it’d be cool here, we’ll make it look like they’re cursing.’ These people probably thought there was some profanity going on, which there was zero!”

And concerning the prayers in Jesus’ name:

“The other thing was, when we prayed we said ‘in Jesus’ name, amen’…they would have me say ‘and thank-you Lord for the food, thank-you for loving us, amen,’ So I said ‘Why would you cut out in Jesus’ name?’ They said ‘Well, those editors are probably doing that and they just think, you know, you don’t want to offend some of the Muslims or something.’ “

Every Wednesday night millions of Americans (including me!) tune in to watch Duck Dynasty and laugh at the antics of the Robertson family. It’s one show on TV that viewers know without a doubt is funny AND clean enough for family viewing.

Duck Dynasty makes us laugh and upholds the values of faith and family. The Robertson clan resonates with hunters, outdoorsmen, and grandmas and grandpas trying to influence their grandkids with the work ethic and gratitude to God.

Phil Robertson does not apologize for his love of Jesus, and he and his Miss Kay have raised Alan (a pastor), Jase, Willy and Jep to do likewise.

How refreshing to see a family whose faith colors everything they do, both on a grand scale and in the every day whacky scheme of things. How wonderful to watch the stunningly successful clan wrap every day and episode up with thanks to the One from whom all blessings flow.

As for me, don’t bother me at 10 PM any Wednesday night unless it’s life or death: I’m getting my weekly dose of clean, faith-filled humor from that West Monroe, Louisiana, family I’ve come to love. Thank-you Jesus for the Robertsons and Duck Dynasty!



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    My favorite show, when I first came across the show last year, I was flipping channels trying to find something decent to watch, I said oh no not this show there is probably going to be alot of profanity, then my friends husband who is a christian had a duck dynasty shirt on and I asked if about it, he told me about the show and how the family loves the Lord and we have been watching ever since. Love the show

  • grannie

    It is obama’s influence along with his muslim brotherhood. obama has declared the month of November to be “muslim appreciation month”. They can spread their prayer cloths in front of us…but we can’t call on Jesus’ name.
    Tough, obama! I refuse to celebrate your muslim month of November. My attention will be on Thanksgiving and giving thanks to Lord Jesus for all His blessings.

  • medivac

    I enjoy “Duck Dynasty” very much mainly because it is one of the few shows on the boob tube that is a clean cut old type humor. Needless to say, I also watch old reruns a lot because they are genuinely funny without relying in cuss words. Keep up the good work Phil, Miss Kay , and Si along with the young’uns !!!

  • DisgustedinTexas04

    I don’t want anything changed on DD. Love,love,love that program. Dear ,good ,decent people.

  • Sama

    I too like this show. It is dumb humor but it is so much better than “sophisticated” humor which usually references homosexual humor/infidelity/ nudity or some such. Every family has it’s ‘uncle Si’, the one who doesn’t care about anything but what he wants to say. The one who wants to be the center of attention. Of course they all love the Lord and don’t mind sayin’ so.

  • Sama

    I hope A&E doesn’t fall into line with the ‘don’t offend Muslim’ crowd and bleeps or cuts this family’s reference to their beliefs. They will lose the best thing they have as the Robertson’s won’t stand for it.

  • Cougar Smith

    DD, YOU are their ‘cash cow’! Pray in Jesus’s name as you have always prayed and tell them you’ll go on strike if they censor or bleep you again. Remember, YOU have all the aces, you have the power, THEY need YOU! You do not need THEM. You’re richly blessed spiritually, financially, and morally by God Himself. Don’t allow the godless TV people dictate to you! Remember YOU hold all the cards, not them!

  • Michel

    What about freedom of speech and the fact I that I am offended as hell that my Christian brothers and sisters can’t say …in Jesus’ name….but the stinking muslims can shout allah akbar as they slaughter innocent people. GOD FORBID WE OFFEND A GROUP OF MURDEROUS MUSLIMS WHO CALL EVERYONE WHO ISN’T MUSLIM – DOGS AND PIGS WHO DESERVE NO MERCY AND SHOULD BE KILLED WHERE YOU FIND THEM!!! Stupid American muslim *ss-lickers.

  • Michel

    Muslims pray for allah to help them kill the rest of us…and idiots just keep embracing the heathen political system destroying the world with rape, torture, and slaughter…but let’s not offend them.

  • DPMP

    Our whole family loves Duck Dynasty. It’s a breath of fresh air, with its real down to
    earth humor and real faith and family values.
    God Bless

  • LonnaBertelli

    Why do those people think we are drawn to Duck Dynasty? Its because of the clean living, God fearing/loving aspect of the program. No nudity, no cursing, no drugs, no garbage. Duck Dynasty is one of the very few programs I will watch on TV. Thank you Robertsons for giving us something wholesome to look forward to.

  • Patricia

    I wish the editors would bleep out the filthy talk and profanity on OTHER SHOWS! And leave Duck Dynasty ALONE!

  • violater1

    My family loves you that is grandkids and all!

  • Craig Ritsema

    Agree with what Cougar Smith said but, let’s take it one step farther, what do think a&e would say or do if you decide to take your show to the History Channel or BBC America, a&e would trip all over themselves giving DD what ever they wanted. Agreeing again with Cougar Smith about the muslims, who cares what they think, since when did we start kissing their turbin butts, I’ll tell you when, when that worthless-illegal-muslim terrorist-anti American-anti God- anti Bible-anti Christian was illegally allowed to run and then had his mininions cheat for him in the last election. DD you guys hold all the cards and Phil I loved your book “Happy, Happy, Happy”. God Bless every single one of you and in everything each one of you do.

  • betty maye

    why is the family allowing the network to do this??? they are the ones with the power – makes me wonder why they do not put a stop to it. i love the family, the show seems fake and made up but the family seems real. just makes wonder why they are allowing this to go on. last thing – i am SICK of the powers that be caring about the muslims but not caring about Christians, no matter what obama and the left say this is a country founded on CHRISTIAN beliefs and a country where the majority still are God believing and fearing!

    • Tod Thompson

      I haven’t noticed them allowing anything. If anything has changed I haven’t noticed it in the most recent shows.

      • betty maye

        well the family are the ones stating that these things are happening and this is what i was replying to.

        • Tod Thompson

          Sometimes I wonder if these articles are entirely accurate. In the latest episode (this past Wednesday night) Phil prayed in Jesus’ name…or perhaps it was “though Christ our Lord”, which means the same thing to me. I don’t believe they are compromising or will compromise on this, though I could be wrong. I guess we’ll see.

  • slickzip

    AMEN the best show on T.V. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cameron Triplett Sr

    I remember the days before we had a TV, & we listened to a battery-powered radio. We listened mostly to country music stations, & every program ended w/a gospel song. I miss those days.

  • Brian Russell

    If someone is offended by the use of “Jesus name,” stop watching or ignore the offensive words.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    I say this to A&E if you do not like the show as it is done let it go to some who will. But given the high ratings and the money that the show brings them they won’t let it go. Tell A&E we want OUR DUCKS as they TRUELLY are and if anyone is upset about it then tell then to get over themselves or DON’T watch. Duck Dynasty is the only show where people can watch without sending their children from the room and then even most adults still get sick at what other shows are doing on a daily basis. So if A&E wants to add something that is not needed or take away that one ITEM that makes the show worth watching then I say you need to loose the show. Leave the show alone A&E if you do not like it let another station run it.

  • Terry Wilcox

    When Muslims accept America as their Country… they must accept that AMERICA was founded as a Christian Nation, they must behave as all other religions within the boundaries of this great nation… PEACEFULLY and RESPECTFULLY of all other religions, allowing all to exist in peace! Not to supplant Muslimism nor to take over the sovereignty of this nation, of FREE thinking people. If OUR religions offend the greater Muslim Religion… don’t move here.

  • Driver_S

    To hell with offending muslims……their pedofelia, their abuse of women, their hate of all non-muslims, their jihad, their “honor killings”, their whole agenda hidding as a relegion is a farse……..they offend me and should offend everyone that isn’t a muslim. They are trying to take over the world and eradicate all non-muslims. God Bless and keep us strong.

  • H. Slomers

    As a fellow member of the church of Christ, as the Robertson’s are (West Monroe, LA. church of Christ), I feel thatt sometimes the actions of A&E help illustrate the divide between the ‘world’ and Christians. As long as all of us continue to watch and tell others about these fake bleeps and editing of any mention of the name of Jesus, the distinction becomes very clear. The Robertsons continue to show to all who watch that there is a worldly way, and a way that provides peace and happiness beyond worldy minded comprehension.
    I noticed another article in todays Liberty Alliance, where I first read about this article. It was titled ‘Who would Jesus party with’. A better question regarding this issue is, How would the Master handle the editing of His name? I KNOW that He would look at those who do such things, and with all the love He has for You and me, pray that all would come unto repentence. Love them that despise you. If an enemy demands you carry his baggage for 1 mile, carry it 2. That is the way to a peace that ‘exceeds all understanding. May God continue to bless this family in their work, and bless all who watch with interest and understanding. And, may God bless us all, especially the household of faith.

  • AZtejas

    Why would they allow the editors to deny them the right to pray in whatever manner they wish. The Muslim issue should not be an “issue”. Do we as Christians deny Muslims the right to pray to their god?
    Besides that Jesus asked us to pray in his name, reference John 14: 12,13 if you have a Bible. If not look it up on line.


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