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Hannityby Jack from Manhattan   

On Monday, Sean Hannity called the Obamacare Hotline during his radio show.

You can hear that conversation here. Many on twitter worried that this transaction would result in the operator being fired from her job.

We have since learned that Erling Davis, the woman who he spoke with on that call, was in fact fired.

On Tuesday, following the call, Davis was called into HR and was dismissed because contact with the media was not allowed. Davis disputes that this was told to her during her training.

Today, Hannity followed up by having Davis call back the show and he generously offered to give her what would be a year’s salary, which would be $26,000.

See full article at Right Voice Media


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  • 1commonjoe

    Very decent for Hannity to give that lady a years wages for her and her son. You know her job was only temporary, to sign people up. I think that Lady should sue Obama and the ACA, as they act like she should have a crystal ball to do her job, and they did not provide her with one.

  • Jacobb Chapman

    Sean Hannity is evil.

    • 1NedSprockethead1

      At least he isn’t dumber than a bag of rocks like, say, yourself.

      • Jacobb Chapman

        You better enjoy the GOP in Congress while you can because the Democrats are going to take over, and we’re going to take over the Presidency in 2016, too. The Republicans are a dead party.

        • 1NedSprockethead1

          It won’t affect me, I don’t live in the states. What I will enjoy is watching the total demolition of your worthless party. Suck it, loser.

        • Alexxthegreat

          And just what are YOUR kind going to do when the honest working people of this nation become a thing of the past.
          WHO’S gonna pay the bills, jackass…?

          Communism does not work…but how would YOU know…without knowledge of what came before, you will remain clueless as to what is about to be the future.

          Nitwits and morons…..stupids….running things.

          • Jacobb Chapman

            Alex, you’re implying that Republicans work hard and don’t collect government “handouts”. well, you’re wrong for one reason; the RED states have more people living off of welfare than the blue States. Also, are you saying that you never collected Financial aid for school? That’s considered a handout.

          • Alexxthegreat

            Correct…I, nor my children nor my husband EVER considered any government aid for education or anything else.

            COMMUNISM. Does not work…..people who have been the victims of communism are forever coming to our shores in the quest for freedom….and that freedom is about to be the exact same thing which they ran from.

            I would tell anyone who wishes to come her for ANY KIND of freedom to not bother….the US government is going to be the same as what they ran from.

        • Retired Capt

          Why are so many dems running for cover right now? Could it be they’re up for reelection in 2014 and don’t want the ACA albatross hanging around their neck?

    • stephanie wilson

      no, he is a Godly man. you are insane

      • Jacobb Chapman

        Godly? He looks like an ape. Are you saying god is an ape?

        • stephanie wilson

          im not even going to dignify your question w/ an answer.

    • Kenneth Bowman

      Liberals are VILE individuals according to the Holy Bible. Isaiah 32:5-8 of the authorized King James version. Look it up!

  • SamZebra


    The Democrat’s Version of Health Insurance Would Have Been Cheaper, Simpler, and More Popular (So Why Did We Enact the Republican Version and Why Are They So Upset?)

  • Middleburybigdog

    Miss Davis was sweet and polite. I knew her job was over the minute she gave her honest answers to Hannity’s pointed questions. In the end she will benefit from this in many ways. Good for her! Hannity is doing the right thing to help back to fullness.

  • Kenneth Bowman

    Sean Hannity gave this woman over 20,000 dollars tax free. Not only this, he was able to link her up with a new employer which is a much better fit with her needs.

    Hannity took responsibility for her and took care of her and her family as well.

    VILE Liberal SCUM fired her for doing her job. How very CONTEMPTIBLE.


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