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Jay CarneyJay Carney knows how food is produced in America — with FOOD STAMPS!

Speaking about the importance of the SNAP program:

“SNAP is the most effective way of to combat hunger and food insecurity, particularly as food banks are telling us that they are already struggling to meeting the needs in their communities.”

Thank GOD America has people growing food stamps — ergo food stamp recipients — or how would poor Americans EAT?!

Silly me. Here I thought farmers grew the food that people eat, only to discover that without those government-grown food stamps we’d all starve to death.

A little history of farming from PBS:

The Freedman’s Bureau, established in 1865, provided relocation, education and medical relief to newly freed Africans, as well as Southern whites displaced during the Civil War.

In 1866 the Freedman’s Bureau opened 45 million acres of public lands in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Florida to settlers regardless of race. Many freedmen took advantage of the homestead opportunity, creating the first major wave of African-American land ownership.

Most freed slaves never had access to “free” land. To save enough cash to buy their farms, they worked for many years – in a climate of growing hostility from whites – as tenant farmers, sharecroppers, or in the steel or turpentine industries.

Although many political gains won during Reconstruction were lost by the 1890s, blacks continued to acquire land. A lot of hard work yielded 120,738 black farms by 1890. By 1910 black farmers had accumulated 218,972 farms and nearly 15 million acres.

The Freedman’s Bureau was established by Republicans. Which is precisely the reason Carney and other Liberals have selective amnesia.

Carney is indicative of the detachment in DC about (1) HISTORY, and (2) where products come from. Because Liberals like Carney have been running the show for decades, the new “average American” is just as misinformed.

Far too many people in America believe that government provides everything. They don’t even consider the origin of the funds that government disperses, or as Obama would say, “redistributes.”

It’s hardworking patriots — the very people whom the Left demonizes — who put food on the tables of the poor.

Using poor people for fodder is what politicians and “Carneys” do. Shame on them for their manipulations and their ignorance.



Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • onecornpone

    Although the little quote on the Freedman’s Bureau is an opportunity to recount that bit of interesting, albeit controversial history, the fact is, that group has little to do with modern American agricultural (food) production.

    Many of us who are the progeny of the plantation owners who’s land was confiscated due to failure to be able to pay property taxes after the War of Northern Aggression, are not terribly enthralled with the wonderment of that organization.

    Ever heard the term “carpetbagger” or “scalawag”?

    • Kevin Jackson

      Everything evolves.

    • Melissa Katsmom Votano

      Well said.

    • Charie

      You’re saying it’s all the fault of the moderate Republicans that the south hasn’t, as is said, “risen again”? I think that’s BS! It’s the Democrats and their friggin’ buying votes with taxpayer “stuff”.

      ****Look what we have created here in a bit less than 150 years… and look WHO and WHAT is attempting to tax and control us out of existence AGAIN.****
      Here’s the crux of your post. Who are you saying is attempting to tax and control us out of existence? It sure as hell isn’t the Republicans. Why do you seem to be yelling at them instead of the Democrats?
      I haven’t forgotten, either that Lyndon Baines Johnson and George Walker Bush are both Texans so please spare me your pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow Texas boastings. No Republicans are saying you’re racists but the Democrats are. I also know that Austin is loaded with Liberals and Dallas is on the way.
      I’ll also point out that after Republican President Abraham Lincoln (who I know isn’t thought of with affection in the South. My great-great Indian grandmother hated his guts) was assassinated the vice president, Andrew Johnson was a Democrat and he ran the government which meant the Democrats were in control which again meant that the blacks were treated evilly as being the source of all the South’s troubles. I could rant and rave a lot longer but it probably falls on deaf ears.
      All I’m asking is that you stay focused on getting rid of Obama and his gang and stop taking potshots at Republicans because we have to make peace within that party or we’ll end up with another Democrat disaster. As they did in Detroit and are doing in the whole state of California, the Democrats will ruin this whole country.
      P.S. I think Kevin is barking up the wrong tree with this one. It’s taking a phrase and embroidering it. There are so many more things wrong in our country at this time that I’m wondering why this was done.

      • onecornpone

        I’m sure sorry you missed the often, not so veiled, but recurrent insinuations that TEA Party supporters are racist – made by two perpetually constipated looking Bushes, McCain, his lapdog, Lindsey and Rubio, et al.

        I don’t have time to be a racist, I’m too busy being a CAPATILIST!
        I don’t care about your ethnicity, I care about your WORK ETHIC!

        Southerners, and Texans (I bet you didn’t know that Texans aren’t southerners) are damn sick and tired of the Northeastern Elite Ruling Class RINO banking establishment’s winks, nods and grunts. Right now, between elections is the prime time to have this inter-party showdown.

        The progressive Republican wing has been able to control the presidential, as well as the state primaries, because they were the money men. Next year we will see if the tight-wad TEA people will pony up. If they don’t, it’s RINOs as usual forevermore.

        It is not WE the People who recurrently float the Comprehensive Immigration Reform balloon. We’d just as soon forget it. Within five years of being “legalized”, a huge percentage of the illegals who apply for amnesty, will learn the ropes of the entitlement system and stop working to enjoy full-blown retirement, on the American taxpayer’s dime.

        What will we do then? Bring in another 30 M?

        Sorry dear, your rudimentary grasp of the War of Northern Aggression and it’s aftermath precludes any discussion on that topic. I will tell you that blacks weren’t the only people treated poorly in the post-war era. My forebears brought their human property with them to Texas, so that they could mentor them into their freedom. They all started over together, dead broke, farming in the vicinity of Waco, TX, in the fall of 1865, after a long wagon ride from Ga.

        There is NO “getting rid of Obama”. He has over three years yet to serve. We can only endure each attempt he makes to crush our freedoms with all the stoicism we can summon.

        Forcing our linguine spined RINO congressmen’s feet to the fire, challenging them to fight back is our only recourse. Evidently you are unaware of the tactics a competent Speaker of the House could have undertaken against ALL these new laws the Dems have ramrodded through over the last five years. Boehner and Mc Connell are a couple of dullards.

        It’s clear to me that you don’t have the stomach for the necessary political bloodbath to come, so I suggest you take a powder.

        It ain’t “boasting”, IF you can pull it off…

        In that light, you should know that Texas operates the 10th largest economy in the WORLD.

        Texas’ economy has boomed all through the latest economic downturn.

        During that time, Eric Holder was traveling to Texas weekly, coordinating the local idiot Dems in this state, in multiple attempts to undercut our prosperity.

        A guy we hired to be our Texas Attorney General, Gregg Abbott spit in Holder’s face regularly, metaphorically, of course. We all enjoyed it just as much as if it had been literal. It’s expensive fighting the Feds through the court system, but I haven’t heard a single Texan complain. Watching Holder eat humble pie was worth the dough.

        See for the article by ~Tyler Cowen , “10 Reasons Why Texas is America’s Future”. The cover of the mag is frameworthy.

        For two years I have been telling my circle of friends our state will lead the U.S. out of the economic doldrums. I am Texas.

        You can’t shut us up, you can’t beat us down, you can’t even understand the depth of our fortitude. We survived losing everything 150 years ago, only to rebuild bigger and better – our flame cannot be extinguished.

        Whiners like you have two choices. You can come to Texas and hope some of our mojo rubs off on you, or you can GTH out of our way while we wade in to try and fix this mess. Ted Cruz should have taught you that – and he’s not even a Native, although I’m sure he got here as quick as he could.

  • Steve Broshar

    He’s got the first part down food production starts with manure and this Administration has produced enough to fertilize every square inch of US territories

  • DublinIreland

    Not to mention his horrible grammar. :)

    • Kevin Jackson

      Agreed! We wrote it verbatim!

    • James Jordan

      Government schools will do that to you.

      • andyuscum

        ya lets start a voucher system or turn them over to private corporations…NOT

        • James Jordan

          Actually, a voucher system works really well; but you wouldn’t know that. Don’t fret though, most libtards don’t…!

          • Charie

            Don’t forget, all those using vouchers still have to do what the government says. It’s not money to use as you wish!

  • Joseph Gazzillo

    Very informational. I did not know this. Proud to be a constituionalist. A reformed republican now informed. Thanks

  • Mater Head

    The Freedman’s Bureau was a wealth redistribution scheme. I am not so sure I would label it as a great thing.

    • onecornpone

      Perhaps it was the ORIGINAL Pigford?!? 😉

    • Dorothy Ayer

      You need to elaborate if you’re going to make that kind of comment.

      • Mater Head

        It was the first example of the federal government using tax payer’s funds to provide welfare and education services. This, of course, was a violation of the Constitution. In the words of Andrew Johnson, “The Constitution never contemplated a system for the support of indigent persons.” In many instances in the closing days of the war, large tracts of land were seized by the army without due process of law, and were given to the freedmen. This land and its distribution were overseen by the Freedman’s Bureau. In the end, thank goodness, the land was returned to its owners. Many may look upon these attempts as noble, but they were really nothing more than masked attempts at social planning and in clear violation of the Constitution.

    • Kevin Jackson

      The Freedman’s Bureau was set up to REWARD slaves who had labored for YEARS for nothing. If wealth redistribution was EVER warranted, it certainly was then!

  • Buddy Peters

    hmmm if unemployment creat’s job’s…the economy should be booming right now..cause half the country is unemployed…And we should have more food than we could ever need if food stamps creat food..cause 47 million people are nbow on food stamps..that’s close to half the population in America..

    • James Jordan

      Not quite half, more like 20 percent – there’s over 360 million people in this country – but other than that, I agree with you

    • X3Charlie

      Half of the working* population. :)

  • Crystal Schram

    Referencing the Freedman’s bureau is clever yet you didn’t mention that the republicans and democrats were completely opposite back then. Research your history. And a snippet of a quote is a bad foundation for your argument.

    • Mike Suhor

      How were they on opposite sides exactly?

      • akatom3565

        Mike she will try to blame them racist republicans for something just watch. Crystal I was a history major so please feel free to try and lie your way out, nothing as fun as debunking liberal revisionist history!

    • Hank
    • afvet262

      Actually, Ms. Schram, you are incorrect. But I’ll forgive you, as you look young, and it is a common misconception.
      The simple fact is, Republicans have ALWAYS been the champions of the poor and disadvantaged, and this has never changed.
      Democrats formed the KKK, and the last KKK member of the US Congress was a Democrat.
      Republicans began the National Rifle Association primarily to assist blacks from being prevented from owning and carrying firearms.
      George Wallace, who fought the desegregation of the University of Alabama, was a Democrat. As was Bull Connor, the Birmingham sherriff who hosed down peaceful civil rights protesters. Martin Luther King was a Republicn.
      Here’s the really interesting part. Pay attention now: A larger percentage of Republicans, in both houses of Congress, voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act than did Democrats – it was REPUBLICANS who passed it, not Democrats. And LBJ, upon passage, made the infamous statement that he would have those “N…..s voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”
      Learn some REAL history, rather than what you’ve been led to believe.

    • Hank

      June 10, 1964
      Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen (R-IL) criticizes Democrat filibuster against 1964 Civil Rights Act, calls on Democrats to stop opposing racial equality. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was introduced and approved by a staggering majority of Republicans in the Senate. The Act was opposed by most southern Democrat senators, several of whom were proud segregationists—one of them being Al Gore Sr. Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson relied on Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen, the Republican leader from Illinois, to get the Act passed.

      August 4, 1965
      Senate Republican Leader Everett Dirksen (R-IL) overcomes Democrat attempts to block 1965 Voting Rights Act; 94% of Senate Republicans vote for landmark civil right legislation, while 27% of Democrats oppose. Voting Rights Act of 1965, abolishing literacy tests and other measures devised by Democrats to prevent African-Americans from voting, signed into law; higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats vote in favor

      February 19, 1976
      President Gerald Ford formally rescinds President Franklin Roosevelt’s notorious Executive Order authorizing internment of over 120,000 Japanese-Americans during WWII

      September 15, 1981
      President Ronald Reagan establishes the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, to increase African-American participation in federal education programs

      June 29, 1982
      President Ronald Reagan signs 25-year extension of 1965 Voting Rights Act

      August 10, 1988
      President Ronald Reagan signs Civil Liberties Act of 1988, compensating Japanese-Americans for deprivation of civil rights and property during World War II internment ordered by FDR

      November 21, 1991
      President George H. W. Bush signs Civil Rights Act of 1991 to strengthen federal civil rights legislation

      August 20, 1996
      Bill authored by U.S. Rep. Susan Molinari (R-NY) to prohibit racial discrimination in adoptions, part of Republicans’ Contract With America, becomes law

    • Christine

      You are so correct Crysta. My thoughts exactly!!!

      • Charie

        Then you’re both wrong. What you’re stating is not thoughts, it’s Democrat talking points and spin!

    • GaylePutt

      That was then, this is now…..and the Democrats are no longer Democrats but socialists. Norman M. Thomas ran for president 6 times as a Socialist. When he quit running….he said this:
      “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.”

    • andyuscum

      Touche !!!

    • Michael L Clark

      They were not opposite my transparent one.Republicans were Republicans. Democrats were Democrats. the Democrats wanted to keep slavery but they lost out to republicans. Emancipation of proclamation, does that ring a bell? 13th Amendment, how bout that one. after the war and the slaves were set free. then the democrats decided when FDR was president that the” new deal,” would be implemented,. which was geared toward socialism. FDR won the black vote because it seemed as he cared. All he did was give. People got complacent and decided they didn’t need jobs. times were hard. he wanted for the poor to rely on the government. he didn’t do much as far as getting minorities educated, Neither did he create jobs, they came with the war. all in all if you always take care of someone and don’t let them expand and do for themselves, you end up in debt trying to keep people who need help and the freeloaders who chose not to work in food clothes and shelter. I sold insurance for 2 1/2 years in that time you would have been furious at welfare recipients that sit around chain smoking and drinking and ignoring their children. that may be cool to you but it disgusts me. FYI Lincoln encouraged slaves to homestead because land was vast and plentiful.

    • Charie

      So you’re one of the believers in “The Magical Switch”. No such thing ever happened. Do you believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, too? I’ll just say you’re full of bull and leave it at that I suggest you read older history books and not the newer “revised” versions!

      • Crystal Schram

        I know my history and apparently you think I’m a sniveling 12 year old. We can throw insults back and forth all day but in the end I know that you are mistaken and that’s ok. We can’t all use our brains. I’ll pray for you.

  • Chuck_Borealis

    I must be starving because I never had food stamps, snap, or welfare.

  • Bruce Morgan

    Carney is a vapid dustbag used primarily to spew damage control talking points and disinformation to detract from Obama’s farces., fallacies and failures as the 1st black president.

    • VeteranJack48

      That’s the problem … he is NOT the first black president. He has 23 white chromosomes permeating throughout his body!

      • andyuscum

        what does it matter what color he is ??

        • Michael L Clark

          it does not matter what color he is. it is how evil he is. veteranjack is making a point that if you ask him his race he will always say black. don’t pretend one of his parents are not white. he likes to claim black because no one wants to go down that road. it is the only reason he gets what he wants. do yourself a favor and watch every clip you can find on him and watch it. don’t listen to conservatives. look it up for your self make a decision after you get your head filled with his lies. He said America was founded on muslim beliefs. he has praised the holy quran/koran. delve deeper then you dare to go and if you still feel that way. may God have mercy on your soul

        • Charie

          It does to Democrats and it’s what they are still running on. You, for instance. You haven’t read any of the comments more than the first line and were just waiting to be able to yell “racist” in one of various ways. You just did. So you win the First prize!

  • X3Charlie

    How about the government sell all that public land they don’t need or use and offer it to those very same “starving” people. Since they don’t have jobs or food they might as well have a place where their job IS making food.

    • andyuscum

      wait ?? you want the Government to create jobs ?? what are you saying ?? if Obama does that he will make Boehner and Mc con artist look bad

    • Shaggy_Bird

      are you kidding? That would involve actual work.

  • VeteranJack48

    Stupid is as stupid does!

    • andyuscum

      Thanks for looking in the mirror

  • Slappy McGee

    This idiot reminds me of small children who think all of their food, meat and all, is created at the supermarket. Then again, this Administration also has the child’s perception that if you aren’t out of check blanks, you aren’t out of money, regardless of your bank balance.

  • akatom3565

    Guess I better start telling people my family that has been farming since the late 1800’s that they didn’t feed anybody! We didn’t grow this right!

    • GaylePutt

      Gee, why doesn’t the govt provide vacant city lots for food stamp recipients to grow their own food? My home town does that, helps with the tilling and such. Seeds are cheap. Teach them to can it and even sell what they don’t need or trade for other produce. Pride of accomplishment might just happen and help teach self-sufficiency.

      • Stephen Zeigler

        better yet why don’t the local Churches do that ? Instead of Parades how about all those other do good groups step up and help. Then eliminate as many on welfare as you can, via jobs etc.

        • Charie

          Churches already do that. People also have to help themselves.

  • Glen Key

    Make sure you get your steak from a store, it comes in a styrfoam container and no animals were harmed in the making of . . . .

  • Radiowave

    Pay no attention to rumors of cows living on farms! We have cut off their ugly heads and now food stamps are feeding our happy population!-
    Comical Carney

  • ColeCraft8

    That does seem to be the mentality of some people. This also can be tied in with health care. “Oh, Americans can’t afford health care, we need to make a law to force them to, so then that solves the problem of people not having health care. Because you know, FIXING THE ECONOMY wouldn’t help those people get a job to actually afford health care.” Just doesn’t even make much sense.

  • James Letchworth

    ..I don’t think he literally meant that food stamps magically produce food. I think he was implying that the stamps were a more efficient way of getting food to adults and children (like walmart and mcdonald’s employees) who otherwise would not be able to get it. I understand, however, that you, as a rabid Obama-hater, would twist and spin his remarks to your advantage.

    • Tyla Sosa Hager

      Actually, many of the people who receive food stamps (because they cannot afford it) also smoke cigarettes at $6/day, drink alcohol and gamble. The same people who complain about the price of milk ($3-4/gallon) are more than happy to purchase beer ($10-15/gallon). People could “afford” to purchase better food if they re-prioritized the other aspects of their life. Of course, this is not everyone, but there are quite a few. Many people on the left do not seem to mind that despite making good money (because I borrowed terribly to go to school and will pay for it until my 74th birthday) my children must eat hotdogs and macaroni & cheese so that my 24% in taxes can feed someone else’s kids much better food!

      • andyuscum

        to better understand why you paid so much to go to school…see “Ronald Reagan” and is 24% too much to pay ??? you want to pay what zero ?? if thats the case move your earnings to the Caymen Islands…..Oh wait your not a Corporation you can’t do that

        • Opinionated American

          Your probably one of those people that earn $40k and get food stamps to deprive the ones who really deserve to eat.

          • Michael L Clark

            yawl leave andyuscum alone. at least he has the testicles to say what he believes even if it is wrong. his president used the I’m a christian to get nominated. fact is he has always been a muslim. not here today to attack a muslim, but he is a liar. how can you back someone who has lied as much as this man. he was born in Kenya. he admitted it. he is not an american. let you loyalties lie with the man bringing us down. why would a president fire 9 generals? let’s see, that is a crap load of military experience. get rid of the generals and you can wreck havoc on the states, or so he thinks. andyuscum keep on believing that lie, don’t let the conservatives fill you with truth. stay strong man.

          • Opinionated American

            I dislike Obama from the get go. In 08 is the first time I skipped voting because I did not like McCain either. Just get tired of reading how the republicans are trying to starve and hurt America and its reason for freedoms. But the left are blind to the fact Obama is a dictator. But I do like to have debates. Andy does have the right to his opinion. That is all good.

        • Kevin Blankenship

          Well we pay so much so Liberal Institutions can indoctrinate the Communist masses about the evil capitalistic Americans! You andyuscum are an indoctrinated fool/tool? Your ilk and your dear leader are going to have hell to pay for your anarchist ways.

        • VonZorch Imperial Researcher

          Yes 24% is far too much to pay in taxes, both for the payer and government. Google “Lafer curve”.

        • Ray Mizell

          24% is too much to pay when the useless bastards in Washington are not paying that high percentage. What % did Bay-Roc and My-Shell pay last year?

      • James Letchworth many broad, general statements it’s impossible to reply to. but a question: do you want to feed babies now for a few dollars a day or wait til they’re 20 to 50 years old and in prison for $20 a day?

    • Joanne Epperson Deist

      only a liberal would spin away from the truth

      • James Letchworth

        ..oh right…conservatives never spin when it suits them..very observant.

    • Stephen Zeigler

      James please explain if your so incline as to why liberals such as yourself start a sentence beginning with the phrase “I don’t think” Have often wondered as to what it is you do if your not thinking. Your input on this perplexing issue is greatly appreciated.

      • Ray Mizell

        They are just being honest, they don’t think. They only do what Obozo wants them to do.

      • James Letchworth

        ..hmm..i think that’s what social media is for – saying what you think or don’t think. as a patriotic American who loves the constitution, do you think you’re the only one who is allowed to say what you think or don’t think?

    • Opinionated American

      I will send the next memo to J Carney. Straight from a liars mouth to a Lemmings ear. No wonder fools like you elect Idiots.

    • gina

      If the people working at mcdonalds or walmart cant take care of their families perhaps they should get a real job……some day you may actually see this inept man for what he is…… his insurance yet?? LOL

    • Ray Mizell

      No one has to twist and spin anything Carney says. All you have to do is listen and he makes an ass out of himself. The man knows only what Obozo tells him. When someone slips him a question that he did not expect, he fumbles around worse than the muslim bastard in the White House. When you get your quote on insurance be sure and thank all your liberal friends for screwing you along with everyone else.

    • Daryl Watson

      why do you libs always reference Walmart and Mcdonalds, they pay the same wages and benefits as all other retail and fast food. Lots of times they pay better. Have a problem with big successful businesses?

    • Charie

      Are you actually of the opinion that McDonald’s employees work there to feed their families? Gees, Liberals are getting dumber and dumber. I won’t argue with you about Wal-Marts because that war has been waged over and over and Liberals cannot stand the thought of cheap food being bought by poor people and other people who have to shop frugally to make ends meet in this ugly, inflation-ridden economy.
      Tell me, why do Liberals hate the poor and middle class so much that they do everything they can to make their lives miserable?? We weren’t doing too badly until the Democrats took over Congress in 2007, then the bottom fell out of everything!

      • James Letchworth

        ..apparently you think you’ve got it all figured out and would rather call names instead of carrying on a rational discussion. have a nice da

  • Jbird

    Liberals will say anything to save their King or promote their insanity!

  • amandaleane

    Reminds me of the person who wrote Sarah Palin to get her meat from the grocery store where it was Sarah Palin bagging a caribou on her Alaska show. …

  • andyuscum

    I didn’t see anything here about food stamps producing food…Typical fox news making things up. Our economy would not be in this shape if the “conservatives” had not started 2 wars on borrowed money or allowed wall street to “rape” the people of America.

    • Ryan Farmer

      Ryan Tired

      Andy you right to a degree…housing bubble by wall street stems from deregulation of the banks through the Glass- Steagle act under Clinton . Also the NAFTA was a no no to. THEY are BOTH after Your freedoms…’Elephants & Asses, screwing the masses !

      • andyuscum

        Thanks Ryan i cannot disagree with your points. I don’t like the name calling. I would rather have open dialogue than name calling and mudslinging. Like i said earlier they no longer work for the people

        • Kara Mehmet

          You don’t like the name calling? Here is your quote a few minutes ago when a guy made a typo:
          andyuscum: “Olly ??? you mean Ali ???? back to school Harry”
          In layman’s terms you are calling the guy a dumb-a$$. You are a living breathing piece of sh1tfilled human sausage.

        • Ryan Farmer

          Andy its cool, we don’t have to agree on every point but we should be free to express our points without threats and censorship .Social issues aren’t my biggest concern
          , Constitutional issues are huge, with out that ,social issue’s don’t matter

    • Jenn McCarthy

      Members of Congress from BOTH sides, Democrats AND Republicans, supported the wars wholeheartedly. Typical democrats – refuse to be accountable when things don’t look rosy. Shame on the democrats for trying to pass the buck on absolutely EVERY problem this nation has, foreign or domestic. Shame on the democrats for trying to blame the food stamp problem on Repubs. The Obama’s shuffled 8 billion dollars AWAY from the food stamp program to fund Michelle’s anti-obesity program. Take some responsibility …. PUH -LEAZE !!!
      Here’s the story from HuffPost: (NOT Fox News)

    • Opinionated American

      You just proved a point. Liberal left thinks C-Span is fox. Very naive and ignorant. andyuscum Stay tuned to mother Jones site and eat that pack of BULL and lies they dish out like Obama and his parrot J Carney

      • andyuscum

        i dont watch C-span or listen to mother Jones but if you believe the blacksphere maybe you should broaden your horizons

    • Kevin Blankenship

      Well the two war thing is almost entirely a right comment , if 911 was not an inside job then you would be wrong, the Terrorist’s would be responsible for those two Wars. You are very wrong on part two blaming the conservatives it was Bill Clinton who created toxic home loans to subsidize inner city folk in buying houses that they could not pay for. He and Democrats and some Republicans repealed the Glass-Stegall Act of 1933 which would not allow the recent financial collapse to have occurred. You are right though on the spending by Bush and funding those two wars sometimes off the books to a very high priced tune!!

      • andyuscum

        you are right about Clinton and Glass Stegall. I think we need to understand that neither party is working for the people anymore and just to corporate and wall street…sad

    • angie

      Where did you pull “Fox news” from? It isn’t mentioned anywhere on this page, except for your post.

      • andyuscum

        My bad,

        Jackson is a highly sought national speaker, and he has graced the stage with luminaries as Sarah Palin, Neal Boortz, Herman Cain, Judge Napolitano, and Andrew Breitbart, to name a few.
        Jackson hosts a radio show and does many guest appearances on some of the more prominent conservative radio shows around the country.

        anyone who has “graced ” the stage with Ms. Palin…might as well be on fox

        • Kara Mehmet

          Anday do you also hang around Conservative peoples windows behind their bushes hoping to see something? You sound like you have no life at best, and really creepy at worst, as one of the many “Self proclaimed defenders of Liberal stuff on Conservative sites”. Do you realize how f@@king crazy that makes you? I mean, you’ll never change anyone’s mind, just as we aren’t changing yours. So the question is why you do it? I know why. Because you Anday are a huge, no friend, family hates you, gaping prolapsed smelly a n u s. That’s why.

        • Kara Mehmet

          you mean like those famous conservatives Bob Beckle? Juan Williams?

        • kim

          so you think those that grace the stage with people like anthony (look at my) wiener, Bill (lies under oath) clinton, Teddy (I killed my girlfriend and left the scene of an accident while driving drunk) Kennedy, John (screwed around on my wife while she was dying of cancer) edwards are deserving of your scorn as well right? If you want to do a guilt by association thing, you might just think twice about your buddy in the white house.

    • Kara Mehmet

      OK, so when does it end Anday? Never right? Because Obama is a f u c k tard and you need to keep making excuses for the f u c k tard YOU elected. Hell Roosevelt only needed 4 years to raise an Army of 16 million, kick German and Japanese a$$…So what’s the problem with this clown? “Oh THIS is so much harder…” Your guy is a loser. Now send your wife over, she needs a man I am sure.

    • Jeanne Bodenberg

      Watch this and tell me if you still feel the same way @andyuscum:disqus:

  • Don L Tibbets

    This idiot is such a dumbass!!!!

  • Rhonda Kelley (nee Williams)

    The author of this article completely missed the point of Carney’s comment about the SNAP program. It’s not the “making” of food but the availability of it to poorer families that is at issue. It isn’t free, you know, no matter who grows it on what farm, or whether it was a black or a white farmer… all that obfuscation was just pointless.
    I’m a Republican, and not at all a fan of Obama, or this lapdog of his, Carney. But if you write an article about someone’s statement, at the very least make it address the topic!

    • andyuscum

      i am a fan of Obama and I thank you Rhonda for at least understanding the misinformation here

    • kim

      Actually, Rhonda, he is dismissing it to make a different point. Don’t you think the most “effective” way to combat hunger would be to provide the hungry with the ability to feed themselves? The problem with Jay’s statement is his use of “the most effective” in it.

  • Colin Rafferty

    Kevin Jackson is the stupidest writer alive today. He is unable to read his own quote and understand its plain meaning. Anyone who thinks Carney is implying that food is grown from food stamps is either an idiot or a liar. Food doesn’t magically move directly from farms to hungry people. Someone needs to PAY the farmers.

    • Scot Muncher

      It’s called ironic humor. It takes a high level of intelligence to understand it (somewhere in the double digits for an IQ).

      • Colin Rafferty

        There’s a “satire” tag, and Jackson didn’t use it. Every time I call him on his “misunderstandings”, someone always says, “it’s a joke”. People need to pay attention to how their media assumes they are dumb. Don’t let him trick you like this.

        • Scot Muncher

          He expects you not to be stupid. He really needs to stop that.

        • kim

          Maybe, colin, he took exception to the “most effective” way part. And you are right, the food does not go right from the farmer to the people, They have to buy it. So, the people who work and pay taxes are buying their food for their families as well as paying for food for other people, as the farmer has to be paid. So maybe the “most effective” way to combat hunger would be a better economy?

          • kim

            not more handouts at the expense of the taxpayers

        • Scot Muncher

          I feel I must add Blacksphere is not news… It’s editorial. It doesn’t claim to be news. Good grief, you folks need a dictionary or an education.

          • Colin Rafferty

            I don’t expect original research or field work. I just expect that’s its getting the facts straight. Editorializing is not liscence to lie.

          • Scot Muncher

            There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    • AbominationOfSilence

      Usually people who work and buy food pay the farmers (it’s called “capitalism” and “supply and demand”). In an economy where people can’t find a job that’s a little harder… I’m all for farmers, but who’s there to bail me out if my business fails because of Obama’s economy? I’m not a farmer, a car company or a failing green-energy company so I guess I’m out of luck, huh? Seems like someone else has some mental challenges… I believe Kevin thinks for himself.

      • Colin Rafferty

        I’m not talking about whether SNAP is good or bask, but about Jackson’s willful misrepresentation of Carney’s statement. Jackson is lying to you. What does it mean that he has to lie in order to prove his point?

    • AbominationOfSilence

      I forgot to tell you you’re a racist, Colin. You’re a racist! (there… I feel better… I see why you liberals do that now!).

      • Colin Rafferty

        I feel better as well.

    • Kara Mehmet

      Time to clean my colin. I feel so full of s h i t

    • Scot Muncher

      Actually Colin, I’m not trying to be rude. I just feel like you’re the one who’s being dishonest. It only takes a little critical thought to understand what Kevin is saying in the article. I believe you’re using the “lying” ploy as a way to detract from the message and disparage the messenger. If I’m to believe you’re being intellectually honest I have to conclude you’re dumb as a bag of rocks… and I don’t believe that’s the case. So I’m inclined to believe you’re comfortable with using dishonesty to make a point. I personally find that tactic repugnant.

  • Irish78623

    Holy Crap all you people take things to ‘literally” ! Doesn’t any one underdstand what SARCASM or SATIRE is anymore?. I believe if you will pay attention to the last sentences of the article you might understand better that he is trying to point out that The ‘funds’ for the SNAP program don’t just magically show up, it comes from the pockets of hard working Citizens that get up and go to work for a living everyday.

    “Far too many people in America believe that government provides everything. They don’t even consider the origin of the funds that government disperses, or as Obama would say, “redistributes.”

    It’s hardworking patriots — the very people whom the Left demonizes — who put food on the tables of the poor.”

  • rch926

    He is a federal employee…he and all the rest of them have never seen or actually produced anything

  • dirtbagharry

    Doesn;t Jay Carney just remind you of chemical olly?

    • andyuscum

      Olly ??? you mean Ali ???? back to school Harry

      • Aday

        Hey could have been auto correct. I get messed up by that all the time.

  • Kevin Moore

    carney is the biggest obammy ass sniffer/kisser I’ve ever seen. What a liberal co(ksucker.

  • blair

    no, food isn’t free. but, it isn’t free because of the government. they’ve been handing out stamps for so long and leading people to believe it takes 100 of hours a week to grow a garden that people REALLY think a “normal” person can’t grow a garden. why aren’t people told that food stamps buy vegetable seeds? it’s part of the program. it’s for human consumption, yet i never hear ANY politician trying to let people know they can have four times the food “for free” if they spent $5-$10 a month on seeds.

    • Hard Boiled

      thats because people haven’t been so hungry that they felt the need to grow their food. plant those seed, and once a week bring water form where you know there are fish in the water, your veggies would go crazy over the fish poo in the water!

    • Aday

      I know they buy them….But no I don’t think many people do. Because most people are concerned with what it won’t buy then what it will buy. Plus if I am right they only give you a list of things you can not buy. Not what you can buy.

  • AbominationOfSilence

    How stupid does someone have to be to think Kevin is literally saying food is grown from food stamps??? I’m beginning to think we got what we deserve. If America is no smarter than that then I’m looking for the drawing board. Thanks, Kevin for a great piece (the biggest irony is that Carney actually has a job).

  • Hard Boiled

    time for people to start growing their own food again!!

    • Loretta Basse

      We do raise our own food and pressure can it every year. This year alone we canned almost 1300 quarts of produce. I offered my services to others who are on public assistance to teach them how to preserve food and was even going to just donate to them the produce and canning supplies. You want to know how many takers I had for my offer? 0 absolutely none, most of them said they didn’t have time, too much work, but the worst of all was the one that told me it was easier to go to the store and buy it with the food stamps.

      • Aday

        I have offered to teach them how to use coupons as well as can and grow food. All for free. I have never been taken up on a offer as well. I have had a few seem interested but they never keep in touch.

    • Aday

      Already started. The day obama got elected I told my husband we were going to start growing.

  • adamh2o

    What a stupid article. I am as conservative as they come, but he was talking about distribution, not production.

    When conservatives take this and twist and lie to try to make some dumb ass point, it makes us look just as stupid as liberals and embarrasses me that these people claim to be on my side.

    You can’t win an argument with lies and this argument never should have been written.

    • Kara Mehmet

      when someone says “I am conservative” for self-credentialing purposes before they go on to…criticize conservatives, they really mean they have Obama’s Liberal fist of social justice crammed so far up their sh!tlocker, that the fingers can scratch the back of his teeth.

      • Mark Todmaniansa

        Wouldn’t it be better to offer a cogent argument, that disproves his thesis? Mentioning things having to do with sexual habits adds nothing to the debate.

        • kim

          you know, I really never thought of shoving something up your ass as being a sexual thing. More as just a dirty place for something stupid to go.

    • Jeanne Bodenberg

      Youre obviously a troll-plant

      • Mark Todmaniansa

        Can you address his point?

    • Ted Seay

      What lies do you see here?

      If anyone is conflating food production with food distribution here, it is the White House; to claim that food stamps are THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to combat hunger (the absurd collectivist trope “food insecurity” is another story entirely) is to invite scorn of the sort Kevin Jackson offers here.

      Also, you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny.

    • kim

      He is talking about “the most effective way” to combat hunger and “food insecurity”. I see your point, but I see the point the author is making too. Don’t you?

    • Terry Handley

      Obama seems to be doing very well with lies.

  • jtak101

    Carney gives douchebags a bad name!!

    • RevG

      At least douchebags have a purpose. Carney has none what so ever, but to lie for ( . ) bama

    • jims_blog

      thought that was “OBOZO”!!!

  • walleye

    when will this nightmare be over?

    • mreichard7

      Not soon enough.

    • jims_blog

      When one of our representatives “GROW SOME “BALLS” and “THROW this “BASTARD” OUT???

  • greatjoy

    Kevin is right to fill us in with information about history, who did what, and the importance of land ownership without the govt being able to take it away from you.
    Ever since the Supreme Court decided that govt can take land away and give it
    to another private party, the problem has been severe. Those who have political connections and power, grab land to do with as THEY please. Here in my town
    I have watched several farms on fantastic bottom land grabbed by the govt and turned over to developers & turned into shopping malls that provide more tax revenue, and then, some farmers with poor land trying to sell or subdivide and use the land differently than farm land, be blocked. The power of the “Land Use Planning Commission” gives the govt control of the land and that’s not good for citizens or food production.
    Thank you Kevin for the education. You have shown how agencies evolve and can be used for other purposes than they were created for, to increase the force of power over people.
    I lived in Congo, where it is almost impossible to start a new business or production because of all the govt bureaucrats. We look at the dysfunction in Congo, and wonder at it, but it derives from exactly the same source and is worked out exactly the same way, through govt officials bothering and blocking and stalling,. with power they have been given by the president. Reports at this time are that in Congo the president has death squads that roam the countryside, sent out to murder.
    I have wondered at all the violence going on that wasn’t here before and whether it’s being coordinated to bring about “change” of the sort Obama wants. School shootings, general licentious behavior. Is he inciting it? I think so. Releasing the prurient to work what they will. Filling them with resentment and hatred for a supposedly wicked system and fueling the desire to kill, maybe even paying them to do so. I know Jesse Jackson has been well taken care of to incite for many years. It’s not just Obama, it’s also the Democrat Party all across America. They haven’t changed a bit from the days of selling human flesh. They still think they have a right to rule, a right to everything they want.

  • greatjoy

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to open federal lands to American citizens to
    homestead and develop a livelihood? This didn’t happen by chance.
    If you type “1st Republican Party Platform” into your browser, (the 2nd
    is good to read too) and read it, you will see that the people who were
    banding together to form the party were dedicating themselves to that
    purpose. Become a PCP in the Republican Party and help shape the future.
    It’s a vehicle. It can be driven by whoever joins, and bring your friends.
    There is much work to be done. To become a PCP you get elected in,
    and nobody can force you to leave. If you find that leftists are in control
    in your county, then you will need to bring about 100-200 friends, and
    take control just by showing up. The only reason the leftists are in control is because we haven’t been showing up. It takes work, but in most counties
    the vehicle is waiting to be driven by American patriots. The leftists
    don’t want you to know that you have that power. We need American patriots
    to regain control of this vehicle that has been used in the past to accomplish
    a lot of good. Remember to bow before God, seek his face, and read His wisdom
    or you will use power to become twice the sons of hell as those you throw out.

  • Pete Dammann

    If you can’t feed them don’t breed them! A hand up not a hand out. Democrats perpetuate the entilement society!!!!

  • Pete Dammann

    Carney is an embarressment!

  • Peter Kuck

    Carney is a shill for the current administration, a “journalist” who happily spreads propaganda and defends lies. He has no credibility left. A quote for the record “I am not mad at you for lying to me, I am mad at you because I can never believe you again”.

  • clif

    carney couldn’t grow grass from dirt! The presidents puppet…

  • Guest

    Carney must get no sleep at all. He is an intelligent man who is constantly using nonsense and lies to cover up for his boss’s incompetence and lack of experience at anything productive.

  • Guest

    Food stamps are being sold on Craig’s list…at a discount!

    • rick0857

      Go to any corner ghetto store where the big sign says we accept food stamps and WIC and you buy buy them direct for fifty cents on the dollar ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Glass

    Propaganda Puppet…..thats all he is

  • Leroy Eugene Hudson

    Brother, the level of dishonesty that’s being dumped here is a perfect example of why you will never achieve the ability to sway opinions. To tell lies with the truth is a skill that masters of deception expose themselves and alienates their constituency due to convincing the unbiased but informed observer that those people reading it live in a world of “what they like to hear” and not what is accurate. Then the author disappears along with his audience to avoid anything that is considered a rebuttal.
    Good luck to anyone who finds this article “informative” because its riddled with surreptitious dishonesty from the first sentence onward.

  • Mrs JJ

    Carney’s exact quote doesn’t matter. The significance of the article is that it draws attention to the devious and untrustworthy intentions of the Obama administration. It’s the objective of this administration to spout untruths and deceive the American people into believing that the government’s purpose is to provide for our every need. Self sufficiency is discouraged as Obama actively seeks to recruit more welfare recipients in order to create dependency and “loyalty.” Cars, phones, junk food, and money for brand-name clothing are great incentives to lure more people into a dead-end existence, which purpose is to empower the government. Furthermore, giving citizenship to Illegal aliens inflates the number of Americans who will rely on the government for sustenance and increase its power. “We the People” fought to gain freedom from an oppressive government; now we are actively creating one.

    • jims_blog

      “HIT the Nail on the head!!!

    • rs1123

      Slavery is back. The middle class taxpayer is giving more than half of what he or she makes to support deadbeats, who are never once chastised or shamed to be taking, taking, taking and giving nothing in return. “Oh, but they are the POOR…” Well the poor used to get that way mostly through age or disability or bad luck, but now it is a career path with full pay and benefits, and a zero-hour work week.

      Meanwhile someone like me works to earn money, pays for medical insurance, goes to the doc or hospital and has to pay a bunch before the insurance covers anything, the prices are inflated to help cover what the government gives away to the “poor” and under-pays the cost of. And I not only have the privilege to pay my own healthcare bills but I get to do so with money I had to pay tax on, unless my bills were so great they exceeded 10% of my gross pay. THEN I get to not pay tax on that money over the 10%.

      Slavery is back, people.

  • Timothy Rea

    Most assuredly a 200 IQ.

  • Ted

    It’s funny how the blacks and the poor vote for the democrats and the blacks keep getting screwed over and the poor stay poor. Wake up America.

    • jimbo124816

      The democrats love the poor, that’s why they make so many of them.

    • Kareem J. Lanier

      I’ve tried to enlighten them; open their eyes but many of them are so easily impressed by the black skin and smoke and mirrors.

      • Jeanne Roe

        He’s 1/2 white

        • Rusty

          50% white, 40% arab,10% black

        • rick0857

          And YOUR POINT IS??????????????

      • linreis

        and the freebies…

  • jimbo124816

    Whenever Carney is asked a question, he always stops and thinks for a few seconds to figure out what lies Obama told for that day, so that he doesn’t say something contrary to the day’s answer.
    You really have to give him credit because he tries so hard to say something intelligent, and people are sitting there wondering if he really gave that stupid answer.

    • WhiteFalcon

      He has to be pretty stupid to be a mouthpiece for ovomit anyway. Saying anything intelligent is a challenge for him.

      • linreis

        carney isn’t stupid, he is just as corrupt and unethical as a person can be however.

  • Laura Bradford

    What a Pucking Futz!

  • William556

    Years ago I was in a grocery in a college town. Two co-ed were talking about the items in the dairy section and wondering where it came from. They decide that somehow it was made in the back of the store. I don’t think they were joking since they seem so sincere. Carney must have had some of the same teachers.

    • D. Lenore Hutchens

      another public education shining star.

  • jimmy jack james

    just another King Obozo flunky.

  • dennybara

    After the Benghazi talking points flip flops and BLATANT lying from this POO (puppet of Obama), I don’t know why anyone even listens to him anymore – everything he says is carefully thought out and dodges the real question. He is an absolute LIAR – shame on the MSM for acting like this is journalism.

    • rick0857

      Haven’t you ever noticed that when Carnival Carney begins a press conference or daily briefing he has with him a huge three ring binder? It contains the answer to EVERY QUESTION ASKED by every reporter present.

      Those things are purely for show for the stupid people to watch. I’m convinced that those reporters MUST submit questions to the Spite Houses press office daily, from which, they pick the ones they want to answer, then they inform the reporters who will be called on and what question they should ask.

  • bannie2

    Print more food stamps!

  • James Jordan

    That’s too funny. Wonder how much food stamps bring per bushel ?

    • disgusted demacrat

      James funny not… the price is on the taxpayers back.Now sit back and bray like a donkey.Not so funny now??

      • James Jordan

        Typical response from a humorless Liberal – and you spelled Democrat wrong

      • Harvey Melton

        whether they are on the back of taxpayers, which they are, is not the point. the point is that all this free stuff will run out in time then we will have a nation full of new criminals to shoot dead when they think it is ok to break into your place to steal what little you might have, think of that, now keep your weapons handy or for those that don’t believe in guns go first through the fire then you too will believe.

        • rs1123

          Have your weapons ready, and maybe a plan for dealing with the aftermath. A handy ravine, perhaps.

  • veritasliberabit

    Let them eat food stamps.

    • disgusted demacrat

      Ughh bad bad bad… some say they taste just like licking a dirty butt crack..

  • kbrockm

    Just out of curiosity, who’s ready to “Go Galt?”

  • Jan Pouppirt Thurston

    But their putting every Evert into stopping food production…OK.

  • Michael Mcardle

    guys a phucking idiot like the whole bunch in DC puppets that need to go to jail. With their dk head friends

  • Wallace Gettys

    It’s really funny and kind of ironic that in the national parks there are signs posted instructing visitors not to feed the bears because they will become dependent and lose the initiative and ability to feed themselves.

    • ronwator

      I wish I could up vote this comment 45 million times.

    • Harvey Melton

      exactly what has happened to the taxpayers govt dependent’s from the president on down. They don’t work nor produce, yet they are the ones who get all the perks.

  • Wallace Gettys

    Jay Corney = Obama’s puppet liar.

  • Tony Swinney

    You would be amazed how many people do not know where the meat they buy in the store comes from. Here is a true story: I was telling my cousin’s husband that I worked at a stockyard. He asked what we did there. I told him that we had a cattle sale twice a week. The cattle buyers would buy cows to refresh their herds and that most of them were sold to big meat companies. He asked why meat companies needed them. I asked him where he thought hamburger and steaks came from. He looked me dead in the eye and said “The store”.

    • ronwator

      I actually saw some “city slicker” complain about deer hunters once. I can’t believe you would want to go out and kill something for meat that is barbaric when you can just buy it at the store!

      • rick0857

        Those were not city slickers they were merely DEMOCRAT VOTERS especially obama voters!!!

      • Harvey Melton

        deer meat or venison and all game is good for you and good for your table when prepared properly and saves you a ton of money and gives you a sense of pride in being independent instead of dependent on the govt trash they give out.

    • Harvey Melton

      then he would be amazed that deer meat is eaten then huh he would look all over the store and not find it there. that is called hunting and putting meat on your own table and knowing how fresh and good it is chemical free.

      • Vance Decker

        How do you know those deer weren’t grazing near some unregulated corporate waste dump?

  • RevG

    Carney can’t help it, stupid is as Stupid says.

    • disgusted demacrat

      Jay the Carney how fitting the name for the huckster of the midway in the circus know as Washington DC.

      • rs1123

        “Step right up! Step right up! A winner ev-ery time! Step right over here sir and win an um-ber-ella for the little lady! A dollar a throw, every throw a winner!”

  • RevG

    I’ll bet Carneys favorite fish is Carp, they are both nasty bottom feeders.

  • cephasalpha

    Now I know where all the news stories are coming about “panic” at Food Banks over SNAP program cuts (of average $36 per month per user) the White House planted it to make the Republican controlled house look like uncaring snobs. And most of what these SNAP users buy is expensive precooked meal items, I see that all the time when out shopping.They need to be given a guide at the very least on how to get the most out of their SNAP cards.

    • D. Lenore Hutchens

      they should be more like WIC. Very specific items only.

      • rs1123

        That, or better yet, set up government stores where they can get a package of ‘CHEESE’ or a box of ‘CORN FLAKES’ or a box of ‘INSTANT MASHED POTATO FLAKE PRODUCT’. No brand names, no convenience packages, just what they need to get by. Why do some get to live their whole lives in comfortable retirement? By the time I can finally retire the govt will tell me why I am not going to get as much as I expected, because they’ve given it all away to people who haven’t contributed a dime to their own survival.

    • Harvey Melton

      they are provided with a guide as to what snap can buy and not buy and advice is given within on how to get the best value from them but most throw that away and go on.

      • rs1123

        They don’t need that advice because as long as they have enough to spend it, they will spend it however they please. And I don’t want to hear from anyone that tripe about ‘studies show that they are actually smarter shoppers’ than people like me. Perhaps they know where to get the best prices on steak and lobster? Naah, why would it matter to them? They’ve got plenty to spend.

        Not anecdotes, by the way. My wife works at a grocery store and sees it all the time.

        • Harvey Melton

          hey not that I cared, I know people will buy whatever they want and if it involves food stamps usually the most or more expensive food items that they otherwise couldn’t afford but hey that is their choice, so it doesn’t matter.

    • rs1123

      Suggestions to the “poor”:
      1. Stop buying the shrimp and seafood and steaks I see you buying with my money, which I can’t afford myself.
      2. Stop buying convenience packs and brand names, thing I see you buying with my money that I can’t afford myself.
      3. Stop buying junk food and pop, and buy something at least a little healthy. Many of you are so fat, you’re lucky we are also paying for healthcare for your lazy fat @ss.
      4. Try buying things on sale or using coupons, the way working taxpayers have to in order to get by.
      My patience and ‘concern’ for people is exhausted when I see them blowing my money in ways I can’t afford to. They could save the $36 in no time if they tried the least little bit.

      I’m all in favor of helping the truly needy, but I see so many getting help who abuse it or maybe don’t even deserve it – especially when they get in a car or SUV several years older than mine (2001) and drive home with the food I just helped buy for them.

  • Taint Martinez

    What do carbonated sodas have to do with agriculture? SNAP should not cover carbonated drinks at all

  • Antogeny

    He’s another of DumBO’s minions who was hired to make DumBO look good – reminds me of Charlie McCarthy – the wooden talking head…………Can’t watch him, he makes me gag. Was Charlie McCarthy gay???

    • rs1123

      He reminds me of “Michael” on the old Newhart show, only not as credible.

  • feawen

    Speaking of Food Stamps.. here is one way they’re spent.

  • Vance Decker

    Yesteryears Republicans have very little in relation to today. Your argument, to anyone even marginally educated, is completely absurd.

    You might as well tell us what the whigs and torries did for blacks.


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