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Welfare QueenHey feminists, you created this welfare queen, and we have been stupid enough to pay for her.

And this conniving fraud, who calls herself Lucy, is coming for more of the American taxpayers’ money.

Listen as she brags about staying home, sitting on her lazy butt and smoking weed. But that’s not the bad part, as she knows that
Liberals are out there fighting for her to be a lazy, no-count taker of the highest order.

I guarantee you there are millions of Liberals at the ready to make excuses for her. They will excuse her, because she is a product of their creation. Can’t go talking about the “chirrens,” now can we Liberals?!


Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"Meanwhile, you are firmly in control. If (actually, when) you experience problems with poverty, crime, gangs, lack of urban development in cities where you have a black mayor, a black congressman, a black city manager, a black superintendent of schools, a black county treasurer, a black chief of police, a black fire chief, blacks on the county Board of Supervisors, blacks on the school board, etc., find ONE white man, preferably a Republican to blame for all those problems. If one doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to refurbish one, even if you have to blame Republican Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, or T.R. Roosevelt."

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  • Rick

    I can’t say I blame her and others like her. She has been given a blank check by the government and they will never have to pay it back.

    • mjsorl

      When there is talk of reparation to the slaves, they have been getting it all along.

      • Fanniece Fancy Lucas

        I really don’t agree with this comment. Welfare is not a form of reperation, and I am disgusted that you would even have the tiny mind frame to state that out loud. I understand that you are entitled to your opinion, but in my opinion you are representing a prejudice, stereotypical attitude with a bias.

  • ruth berry

    Please find this woman and put her butt to work! There are about 1 million women like her, and she too stupid and get on the radio.

  • jwrennie

    However immoral her choice, unfortunately it is perfectly rational to behave as she does.

    The state will pay her to sit around and do nothing and punish her if she tried to stop.

    We need to change the incentives.

  • Mike

    This POS Lucy and everyone like her need to be removed from ALL government aid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a broken system creating slaves!

  • lovingparentof2

    She needs to be cut off. She is on welfare because they are wanting her to be on it.

    • CharlaS

      She is one of MILLIONS.

      • lovingparentof2

        Oh, of course, but it needs to start with one, and the one who’s bragging about it on the air is the right one to set as a model. If courts are so keen on giving out multi-million dollar settlements in order to set precedent and serve as a deterrent, I have no problems with punishing individuals with hefty fines and having them serve as a lesson too.

  • Badgerbabe

    We have reached the tipping point. Today you end up with more money and “stuff” by sitting home, then by actually working. Thank you so much Liberal’s… you have managed to destroy every incentive to work and contribute to our society. You will need to come up with a “New Slogan” to incite your welfare base, when they turn to you and you have to explain that they shouldn’t blame you for their misery, lack of education, inability to find anyone who will hire them and they are starving in the streets… homeless, unable to clothe themselves or their children… you’ve used up ALL those excuses with your good intentions… these people will shred you like lettuce in order to take what they need… you have done a fine job indeed.

  • Irish78623

    Hey Lucy you stupid idiot! Obviously you don’t realize that if everybody did what you did and didn’t work and pay in their taxes then the Government wouldn’t have the money to give her to pay for her lazy ass.

    • CharlaS

      Then these useful idiots who caused the government downfall will be killed by the totalitarian government because they won’t contribute to society.

  • Irish78623

    I have to say though listen to what she says because she actually does admit that it’s a problem. They make it easier to stay on the programs then it is to get off of them. They litterally almost trap people in these programs once they are in there.

  • Fanniece Fancy Lucas

    This was utterly disgusting! The audacity of Lucy, I cannot believe she was really bragging about the fact that she is able to smoke weed, kick it with her friends all day, but what about the kids. That’s what government assistance is suppose to be for, for the children. I bet that she sells her food stamps, it doesn’t matter about illegal immigrants, she is clearly raping the system with no remorse. OH MY GOSH! I can’t believe that she doesn’t want anything else but welfare. That is crazy, this is just sad, I am flabbergasted.

    • FortunateSherry .

      And fake!!! 😉 Don’t believe what you hear or read, most of it is bullshit.

  • Dale Zeller

    AND…..she can vote…..which is the important part…..

  • Renee Amber Hollister

    >> Where I Stand <<

    Obama: Gone!

    Borders : Closed!

    Language : English only

    Culture : Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!

    Drug Free : Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!

    NO freebies to: Non-Citizens!

  • Renee Amber Hollister

    ……Just where in the Constitution of the United States
    Does it say that a
    president has the authority to extract
    Vast sums of money from a private
    enterprise and
    Distribute it as he sees fit to whomever
    He deems worthy
    of compensation?


    An African American author and

    TO RIDE ?¿?

    • HoneyTree EvilEye

      Thomas Sowell is incredible.

      • Renee Amber Hollister

        @ Honey Tree
        Yup, he’s Flat Out AMAZING ツ

      • Renee Amber Hollister

        @ Honey Tree Evil Eye
        Here are a few of my favorite thoughts of the Dr.

        “No society ever thrived because it had a
        Large and growing class of Parasites living off those who
        * Dr.Thomas Sowell*
        “I have never understood why it is “greed’
        To want to keep the money you’ve earned,
        But Not greed to Want to Take Somebody
        Else’s money”
        * Dr.Thomas Sowell*
        “One of the consequences of such notions as
        ‘entitlement’ is that people who have
        Contributed nothing to society feel that
        Society owes them something
        Apparently just for being nice enough to grace
        Us with their presence.”
        * Dr. Thomas Sowell*
        “If you have been voting for
        Politicians who promise to give you goodies
        At someone else’s expense, then you
        Have no right to complain when they take
        Your money and give it to someone else,
        Including themselves.”
        *Dr. Thomas Sowell*
        ……Just where in the Constitution of the United States does it say
        That a president has the authority to extract vast sums of money
        From a private enterprise and distribute it as he sees fit to
        Whomever he deems worthy of compensation?


        * Dr. Thomas Sowell*
        African American
        Author and economist.

        • HoneyTree EvilEye

          Thank you for the quotes. I have only recently gotten into him. Especially this video of him

          • Renee Amber Hollister

            Oh Yes ( Honey Tree ) I Love a man with a head on his shoulders and Not Up Someone Else’s Rear!!. I’m happy to hear You Do Too

          • HoneyTree EvilEye

            Yeah i feel the same way. I try as much as possible to not be just another dodo following the herd off the cliff.

  • Renee Amber Hollister

    _ Because The Kool-aid drinkers
    Wanted FREE

    More than they wanted



    Take – Take – TAKE..

    I Want More.

    Work is beneath me

    The Government Owes Me.

    I Don’t Have To Work
    Or Pay My Fair Share Of

    This Is My Lot In Life

    I’m Special,

    I Want MORE

    It’s Owed To Me –

    And This B. S. Is
    Multi Generational
    Too Their Tradition don’t cha know

    • FortunateSherry .

      Has does the koolaid taste? It’s fake, it’s an actress!!!

  • Steven Ramos

    I Might Be called A Liberal,Which I’m Not..But I Dont Support Lazy A$$ M.O.F.O.S Who Want To take advantage Of Anything Just Like Rich Folks & Big Buisness Too.Taking Advantage Is Thinking Theyre Getting Over..Time To End The B.S..

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    Her point doesn’t work. It isn’t about a million $. It’s about the fact that these men could be doing the same thing yet they choose to work. Of course this woman also believes she’s a good person by abusing the system and stealing from others. She is yet another punk who was raised by parents to be just like them. If they want her to make a better example for her children then she needs to start voting Conservative.

  • Guest

    If someone offered me a million I definitely would not take it without asking what the strings are; is it stolen, what do I have to do for it, etc…That’d be like taking help in prison no questions asked. Because you can be sure that their gift is going to come back on you with interest that you won’t want to pay.

  • Abby Rexroth

    She doesn’t deserve any respect and she is the epitome of the “N” word!

  • Roger Long

    SLOTH: One of the deadly sins. I worked 52 years before I retired. I enjoyed my job and didn’t really want to retire, but at age 69, working construction, the legs just won’t hold me up good enough. If you work for a company that treats you good and decent pay, it’s something you look forward to. The lazy people take no pride in themselves and I have no respect for them.

  • Joshua Mcclain

    at the very least she was honest about her actions and intentions. you have to admire that. most would deny, deny, deny. then when push comes to shove, they would call you a racist.

    • FortunateSherry .

      She is a PAID actress Joshua, not a welfare recipient and I am sure Kevin knows this, think it’s time to unlike his page.

      • Kevin Carroll

        Prove it.

        • FortunateSherry .

          IF I must but you will have to wait as I have to go to work. I guess you are just too stupid to research and do the work for yourself?

          • Joshua Mcclain

            fortunate sherry, thank you for the thought. i am curious though, as to how yo know she is an actress. also, if you proposition something, the burden of proof is on you, not other “lazy people.”

  • ShilohKB

    Understand however that the welfare rolls are being deliberately filled and this attitude being publicized so that fed up people will vote for socialist eugenicist agendas like forced sterilization, euthanasia etcetera. We are being manipulatively herded toward their goals.

  • ShilohKB

    I work full time and make much better than minimum wage but I am being pushed toward welfare by what I call secondary beneficiaries. Landlords are big welfare leaches. They want you to be signed up. I found listed rentals that I could afford, turns out they are actually subsidized, so I pay some the government pays a lot more…if I make a little less money. So if I worked part time, quit some shifts, I would be “better off”. This is how govt./golden goose has messed up our economy and bred greed….Of course after exhorbitant property and income tax, business tax and costly regulations, landlords feel justified in getting it back in whatever way they can….This game is destroying our nation.

    • Indixie

      TRUE.. BUT many actually need the help..OR many more gonna be homeless, old, on street , an starving.. No way they can just cut it cold, an stop helping people. PEOple need to be saved, more than the DOGs an cats in the world. OH PEople fight for them, But people wanting to SHOVe peple out an help them NO More. Instead of JUSt stopping the fraudulent, an getting them off the systems feeding them a free ride.

  • FortunateSherry .

    Are you sure about this, this article was attached to a white woman with 3 mixed race kids the other day.

    • ShilohKB

      Whether this example is real or not….it is reality generally.

  • ShilohKB

    For those in the administration of welfare,case and social workers, having people on welfare is their job security. If they don’t have people sign up for the programs and use up the grants/moneys, they lose their funding which is also their salaries etcetera!

  • FortunateSherry .

    I’m so disappointed in you Kevin, it’s FAKE and you know it.

  • FortunateSherry .
    • Kevin Carroll

      Your link does not offer ANY evidence that this call is a fake. Come back when you can prove it.

      • irtechie

        It is on the author to prove it, not us to defend against your misleading posts. Considering your track record is 36/37 for 50 I think the above has a valid point.

      • FortunateSherry .

        I have several links, but it’s not my job to do the work for you, IF you are dumb enough to believe it, by all means…believe it.

  • Colin Rafferty

    She’s a fraud, and no one defends here. I just wonder why Jackson choose to use a picture of a black woman, when the majority of people on welfare are white.

    • DD

      How can that be? Memfrica is only 17% white. How can there be more whites on welfare? Sixty three percent black. Twenty % other than white. How can the whites be a majority of anything? You are full of crap. Dumbass.

      • Colin Rafferty

        This call is into an Austin, TX radio station, not Memphis. They say the caller is from Riverside, which is a part of Austin.

        A sign of racism is when someone makes unfounded assumptions about facts in order to support a racist assumption.

      • FortunateSherry .

        You are the dumb ass DD, lol sad but funny!

      • Indixie

        THE only one dumb is you look in your mirror.
        An I did not say white was majority, if you reread , I said black an Mexican still have large number babies, where whites seen they cannot race large families no more. but also in the reading you see all races are getting welfare. its just they turned my moms down. step an real mom. Sorry for lte reply..they make it hard to find the remark from the reply. THEY need folder an put ya comment in as mail.

    • Indixie

      HOW do you get that? More black an mexican have babies, just to get more money. Whites stop having more kids long ago, knowing they cannot afford to raise them. I once seen a black woman , she had 12 kids, an pregnant again. Was drawing 1200 a month.. that was in the 70’s.. I seen my step mom, go an try for help they tuned her down, because she made to much. An hourly was less than 6 an hour then, she was not worked 40 hours, an had 4 kids at home. An Race aint a lot to do with it now no way, its about all races frauding the state an government.. An they the cause, of making people want to stop the whole welfare an other means, of helping those really need the help. PEople like grandma, Grandpa, uncle Joe Blow down the road, with disabilities they cannot work.. They need shelter, food, health coverage.. They can have no means to pay, if not working.. An HEALth does not let some work. Cannot cut them off.. HAS to be better way Knowing who is FRAUD, an Who is legit in need..

    • lovingparentof2

      Even if there were whites (I’m not saying there are), you really need to look at it statistically based on population. There *should* be more whites than blacks because there are more white in the population overall. But I actually think there are is a bigger percentage of blacks AND in total number too.

      • Colin Rafferty

        You’re doing your statistics backwards. Since there are more total whites on welfare than blacks, given a person on welfare, it’s more likely that she is white.

        If half your green socks have holes but only a quarter of your red socks do, but you have 90 red socks and 10 green socks, if you pull a sock out of your drawer and it has a hole in it, it’s most likely red.

        • lovingparentof2

          You didn’t read what I said. I said that there are more blacks on welfare, than whites. You said it opposite of me.

          • Colin Rafferty

            I can’t find the welfare numbers broken down by race and gender, but here are the numbers of poverty by race. There are twice as many poor whites as poor blacks. So if someone wanted to use a stock photo to designate a poor person, it ought to be a white person.


          • lovingparentof2

            How do you come to that conclusion? The very link you provided says on the top line that in the US, the poverty rate by race/ethnicity is 13% and 35% black. How do you come up with the conclusion that there are “twice as many poor whites as poor blacks”??? If poor person = welfare recipient, then it’s not only twice as many black than white, but actually THREE times as many black than white. And that’s a straight percentage. When you weight it based on the fact that there are more whites than blacks in the population, than the 35% blacks rate is even weighted higher.

          • Colin Rafferty

            Because there are far more Whites than Blacks, you need to look at absolute numbers, not percent by race. Click on the “Number” button. There are 26 million poor Whites, and 13 million poor Blacks.

            So while a random Black person is three times as likely to be poor than a random White person, a random poor person is twice as likely to be White as Black.

          • lovingparentof2

            “So while a random Black person is three times as likely to be poor than a random White person, a random poor person is twice as likely to be White as Black.”

            Bingo!! The former statement is the main point. The latter is irrelevant. Now stop manipulating the figures to prove an irrelevant point. The main thing is the former statement. Period.

          • Colin Rafferty

            You are wrong, lovingparentof2. This is about the picture at the top of this editorial. We don’t know what race the caller is, therefore it’s a random poor person, and therefore twice as likely to be White.

            If you don’t get this, go find your 9th grade math teacher and ask to be retroactively failed. The picture at the top should be of a White woman, because there are twice as many poor White people as poor Black people.

          • lovingparentof2

            Who says that the picture is, OR HAS TO BE, a representation of the caller???? You’re making fraud assumptions and conclusions. It’s just a picture of a person. It could have been of a child. Stop trying to be so PC and divert from the real issue at hand. You’re not fooling anyone. And the fact that a black person is 3 times more likely to be on welfare than a white person is enough reason for me to be ok with the picture. Go back to your Al, Jesse and Oprah loving brainwashing.

          • Colin Rafferty

            The issue at hand is that Jackson made a choice when he chose a picture. He chose to portray someone on welfare as being Black. I was asking him why he did that, when the caller was twice as likely to be White.

            If he had chosen a child or a man, I would have questioned why he did that, since the caller was obviously an adult female.

            Given that a poor person is twice as likely to be White as Black, people who think that a typical poor person is Black need to question their own predjudices.

          • lovingparentof2

            Why do you continue to be ignorant and miss the point??? More blacks are on welfare than white, if you account for population disparity. PERIOD!!!!!!! THAT IS THE POINT!!!! Do you not understand that????????????

            Your lack of common sense in your “argument” is what turns off a lot of people and invalidates your credibility.

          • Colin Rafferty

            In the USA, 26 million whites are poor, 13 million blacks. If you put them all in one room, there would be twice as many whites as blacks. If you took a picture of a random one, it would be twice as likely to be white.

            I’m talking about what an appropriate picture for this article should be. I don’t know why you keep talking about the opposite statistics.

          • robin Grace

            Colin. Wake . Up. The pic is of the real person who said it. What drugs are you on today?

          • Colin Rafferty

            robin Grace, it’s a stock photo. If it were a picture of the person, Jackson would have provided a link to the underlying news story, rather than just the audio.

    • robin Grace

      Colin, I have to admit you get the prize for the lamest
      response . LOL. Because it is the “Real’ person who said it, is why it is her picture.

      • Colin Rafferty

        Really robin Grace? Please provide a link to a news story that actually shows her picture. All we have here is an audio of a radio call-in.

  • irtechie

    Black Sphere is the enquirer of the right, don’t reference them. I spend more time debunking him than I do democrats.. Kevin is a drama queen with a podium quit giving him play. He makes money on ad revenue and is more interested in getting you to his site than giving you valid information.

    • irtechie

      Want to change this opinion. Then always take the opinion that your story is false and try to prove it. When you cannot disprove it and can definitely prove it. THEN post. You are making 100’sof conservatives reference incorrect data and putting egg all over everyones face.

      • Guest

        Finally if something is as audacious as this. “playing right into what we think of the other side”. Then it is more likely fictitious. the left does this a lot. start a republican page, start making racial slurs then trying to push that on republicans when they had nothing to do with.

  • lovingparentof2

    Of course these people should be caught, but we also need to have laws on the books that set heavy fines in cases of fraud. If there is a big promotion letting people know that a big crack down is going to occur (or fear getting penalized via fines), hopefully many will get off of it themselves.

    If government agencies cannot stop this fraud (as is obviously the case), then it needs to be contracted out to the private market. The private company can be paid every time they uncover a case and that person is cut off from government aid. Since this would save the government millions of dollars, paying an outside company a few thousand dollars per case is a no-brainer. Even regular citizens should be given financial incentives to turn in these fraud cases too.

    • Indixie

      I Don’t think giving incentive is good thing though.>BECause many will use tha tin getting extra money. THEY would turn even their mom over for fraud, if means they get paid, or some benefit. PEOple are COLD in ways they do things today.

      • lovingparentof2

        That’s the whole point. If their own mother is stealing from the welfare system, she should be turned in and who better than their own relatives. Paying that person a bonus is going to be a lot less than the total benefits you’re going to take away from who he reports. Let them report each other. That’s the point!

    • JJ

      Fraud in social welfare is extremely rare because they regularly vet recipients. They thoroughly investigate people, statements of income, bank accounts, credit cards etc etc. Everything that is tied a persons social security number. The only time it becomes difficult is when there are untraceable sources of income like in the case of drug dealers. Of course most successful drug dealers don’t need welfare, it would be a waste of their time. A big part of why I think that radio program was falsified is the The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. This federal law requires that anyone receiving public assistance must work 32hrs a week at some form of job training program hosted by their welfare office. They are required to treat it like a job & can have their benefits cut if they don’t. The problem is that most people on public assistance are employed & don’t make a living wage. What this means is that their employers aren’t willing to pay their employees enough to keep up with rising costs of living & therefore are requiring the taxpayers to cover the bill. This is the real source of exploitation within our system. Esp. in regards to highly profitable companies(McDonalds – who actually advise their employees to seek public assistance, Wal-Mart, KFC etc etc.) who annually report higher & higher earnings & yet still pay their employees an unlivable wage. The solution is to increase the federal minimum wage. It estimated that doing this would reduce the number of people currently on welfare by half. Hence all of the debate regarding that issue. The rest of the people on welfare are the disabled(many of whom are veterans) the elderly, and children; all of whom I considered to be a wash in the debate. I believe it is our responsibility to provide for those who have already served &/or those that can’t help themselves. To disagree with that I find to be morally reprehensible. The biggest problem is that Congress only sees this in terms of percentages instead of the people it actually effects. They are too far removed from the public they are sworn to represent.

      • lovingparentof2

        You lost me at “Fraud in social welfare is extremely rare because they regularly vet recipients.”. That’s like saying child abuse is extremely rare because we have social workers who keep track of families and sex offenders. Please wake up and smell the coffee.

        • JJ

          Interesting analogy. It really does demonstrate the regard you have for those less fortunate than yourself. The poor being the equivalent of sex offenders. I encourage to read beyond your initial mental hiccup. It makes more sense when you have the whole picture.

  • JJ

    Yeah, this interview seems totally legit… is anyone really daft enough to believe this? If you’re feeling victimized by “the welfare system”, quit your job, get on welfare , go through the process for a couple months & then get back to us about your experience. Cause otherwise you’re pulling “your facts”, and subsequent opinions directly from your derriere. I’ve gone through it, it’s neither fun, nor easy. Every recipient is vetted on a regular basis & fraud is prosecuted to the full extent of the law; as it is a federal offense. Yes, there are people who work the system(there are people who cheat on their taxes too), but 9 out of 10 recipients of public assistance are the working poor, disabled(mostly veterans), and the elderly. 60% of that remaining 1 out of 10 are children. That is who is affected by all of the sweeping cuts Congress just made to SNAP. People who can’t work, or those who are already working(sometimes 2, or 3 jobs) & still fall under the national poverty level that was est. in the 1960’s. This line of argument is more hyperbolic BS that the wealthy use to convince the dwindling over-taxed middle-class that it’s somehow the poorest people that are draining their pockets. It’s political smoke & mirrors that sways you from the 1-1.5 trillion(that’s 1/3 of the national budget) reduction to annual tax revenue that the Bush Era cuts to capital gains are still causing. This is why you are paying more & receiving less. In the end social welfare only accounts for 1% of the annual budget(90% of welfare is actually given to corporate enterprises). By comparison that underfunded education system everyone complains about receives 3%. Bush’s cuts to Capital Gains tax? 25%. So who is really draining your pocket?

    • JJ

      @ jim: I’m sure you’re aware that “liberalism” is the basis behind our country’s break from the monarchies of Europe & the central theme behind self-governance which lead to the Declaration of Independence & eventually our Constitution. Without it, we’d still be paying an allowance to the Royal family, or asking the Pope’s permission to elect new governing officials. This is why American conservatives are regarded by European conservatives as “being just another branch of liberalism”.

      Your grammatical missteps are enough evidence for me that our educational system is failing to produce students of adequate learning(you needed quotation marks [“”] and a question mark [?] after your “Underfunded educational system”, a question mark [?] after “Crappy school system”, “Don’t tell teachers don’t make enough” is missing a word. etc. etc. I won’t even bother with your lack of punctuation; I’m sure you were in a hurry) The central issue in the educational system is whether, or not schools are being adequately funded to provide our children with a valid education. Not teachers salaries. Furthermore, to base the entire of your belief system, and retort on a article that you improperly linked demonstrates an inability to think critically, and stay on topic(hint: the topic was welfare).

      Here’s a fun fact to mull over the next time you’re bloviating about what a moron everyone else is: Our annual tax revenue(that’s the funds collected by our govt. each year) is roughly $2.5 trillion(that’s 12 zeroes). I know when people toss around numbers like $75 billion it seems like a lot, but it’s still only 3% of our budget. If the Bush Tax cuts weren’t still in place our tax revenue would be $3.5 – 4 trillion. That would make that same $75 billion just over 1% of our annual budget. Are you beginning to see how percentages work?

      Kids are failing because schmucks like yourself get caught up in the chump change of seemingly related information, and allow them(the kids) to slip through the ever-widening cracks in our system. It’s that we, Americans, no longer “ask what [we] can do for [our] country”, but instead complain that the average teacher makes a living wage. It’s both myopic & pathetic.

  • Indixie

    I Do not trust this first of all..
    BEcause a set picture.. NO ONes seen, not even the men who suppose to be Talk show hosts, or radio show hosts. THEy use her first name, they mentioned street shes on an city.. THey questioned her much, an she was honestly telling truth, I MEan behind a NO Show me, so more honest in what she is doing. BUt with info they gave, WELFare knows what city, look for girl 32 on that street, with 2 kids. An KNow she is frauding an cutting her off yet? An should question if she pays back, or prison time?

    TRUTH is she is right on much of what said, about aliens…
    NO ALIEN should be getting the benefits first of all..
    YOU Do not make legal way to be a citizen, an pay tax.
    Why should you be took care of by America HElp ?

    MAny are abusing the system like this girl is !

    An its a LACk of WElfare system, not doing better LOOk at the individuals

    MANY DO need the HELP though, An They do not need the problems that arises from Trying to get rid the CRooks using the System of USA.
    MANY Truly Disabled an cannot work, needs all this help..

    This girl should have been screened, to KNOW she could work at something.. Old man too.. Welfare needs to say only so many children can draw, then they stop having babies, just to get more money, stamps, wic, Chips, SS Checks, Medicaid, etc…

    PEE tests need to BE done for DRugs that are illegal !
    IF doing them, throw them OUt the programs..

    The answer is NOT cut OFF help to those truly IN NEEd of IT !

    THE answer is BEtter evaluation OF the individual, an all in the household.
    See if they can work or not at something…
    All is connected on Computer now with state an gov.. Social security does a decent job, to see can this person work at something, before we grant this approved to get SS. So Welfare could look to that file in Gov, an say OK they said they can, or cannot work by their eevaluation. So let us evaluate, an see if they can, or cannot, an see if they match up now?

    There has to be way to get the frauds off the help, an ones needing it to stay getting help. MANY OLDEr generation are on it, That can No longer work do to health issues…

    BUT less I SEE faces.. I No longer believe most news an articles being passed around.>Too many are not legit ! Day they let ANYONE make ARticles, it Ruined the REAL NEWs being told ! NOW we so not trust whos is telling the NEWs ! I MEan ya get this star dies, its all over the news on tv, papers, fb, etc.>Then down the line you see REal live tv an the dead walk on stage.. IT is BALoney methods to keep tem in news, OR to keep article people in news reporting something..

    ALL Popperazies to SELL what they SElling !

    IS this pic of this girl real? IF so more the state should be looking into her frauding.>Cause she done told SHe is ! IF this is not all set up to make news for their purposes to get you to vote their way !

    • Dana

      My husband actually heard this interview on the radio. It is legit…

      • JJ

        She is a fake caller…

  • Tanille

    Does no one remember the video that came out of the woman who was bragging about being on welfare? It was all over the social media sites for a while. Maybe the story is fake and maybe it isn’t. Were you there when it was recorded? Did you take part in it? No? Then stop with all of the bickering, and calling people names. What help does calling someone stupid and ignorant give? None. Maybe you should start researching things for yourself instead of just taking other peoples word on it.

  • buddaman1260

    I posted this a few days ago on fb and only one person liked and no comments that tells me There are many more like her out there too afraid to say anything

    • robin Grace

      It is an old story.Most people have already read about it. Most don’t comment twice. Personally I am glad you posted it. Two things happened, Conservatives are just as guilty as Liberals for commenting with no facts, and the good news is, it got reported again.
      I for one, woke up in my early 30’s.. and have been waiting for others to wake the flip up. Been a long wait .

    • JJ

      Because absence of proof is proof in your opinion?

  • robin Grace

    Well, I for one, give her Kudos for waking up, whatever the reason. Everybody in American is not ‘awake’ yet. but we try to tear those down who have the nerve to state they were wrong.

    • JJ

      Yes, by the grace of God we have you & your ever watchful alert & awake mind to save us. You’re quite the elitist for claiming to be a conservative.

  • Guest

    It isn’t a fake story. This is an old story.

  • robin Grace

    Yes this story is legit. It is an old story. Find out for yourself, instead of posting a 300 world reply that it isn’t, without any facts. Sure you guys aren’t Liberal?

    • JJ

      Define “Liberal”.

  • JJ

    Old story? The date on the clip is 10/30/13.

  • JJ Their conclusion? Fake. Turns out “Lucy” had a busy morning. She admits on another radio program that she invented the story because she’s tired of people abusing the system. Ironic much? It was a ratings ploy. KLBJ News Radio(the same “unbiased” channel that hosts the Alex Jones show) admits “it was on a talk show, not news.” Meaning they are in no way responsible to promote factual information. This was just as real as Orson Well’s “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, complete with the same schmucks that ran outside with their shotguns looking for aliens. Here’s to all you bleating(as in sheep)-heart Tea-baggers. Get your own party & stop making Republicans look like gullible, racist morons.

  • mrdonthompson

    Truth on one point: being penalized for trying to work. I and my wife have been in the position, due to the exemplary financial moves made by our government, of having to accept assistance to care for our three children (food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, etc.). By accepting jobs that paid $10.00 PH or less with no benefits we were automatically denied most benefits and our children suffered until we were able to manipulate our resources to a point where we could properly provide for them. Much macaroni and cheese, shopping dollar stores, couponing, clothes bought at Salvation Army store, church and community food pantries, etc. But my children have developed a strong work ethic and have/do attend college; which they pay for. My one daughter works five part time jobs, my youngest daughter attends college and works two part time jobs, my son attended welding school and now works full time plus private side jobs and my oldest daughter has trained in horticulture and schooled in nursing and is presently working in nursing and at starting a business in a greenhouse growing exotic and ornamental plants. I am proud of them (exceptionally) and feel they have become productive members of their community because their mother and I would not allow ourselves to become trapped in the system of social welfare and set them a proper example of citizenship. They also have a serious love for God and always share His love by being helpful to others who may have a need. Unfortunately, they will be the ones stuck with the bill for all the BS social welfare programs that our government is imposing on us. It is for this reason that I strive to keep my powder dry and try to educate others of the direction our government is taking. Whatever it takes, I will not leave my children with an oppressive to deal with. Live Free or Die Hard. Much Love, God Bless.

  • Flavius Josephus

    Lucy’s point is the system has offered her all of these things so she takes it. That makes sense. She didn’t set that system up. That system was set up to destroy the family and to get her vote.
    What hasn’t registered in Lucy’s mind is the fact that she and her family will live a life time in abject poverty and subjected to a government that controls every aspect of her life. Just imagine what type of neighborhood she has to live in.

  • Bob Judd

    I am happy to pay extra taxes to support Lucy. There are ALWAYS going to be people who cheat and use the system that fall through the cracks and many eventually get caught cheating the system and some don’t. The funny thing about this thread is how ENRAGED it makes Conservatives and people who are generally selfish to know people are living off of their taxes. The good thing is that people like Lucy are still generally rare and most folks prefer to work for what they own.

  • Ron Kells

    For the 30 Bucks A YEAR that our taxes put into these programs. It is well worth it, to take care of millions of the country’s elderly and children. Sure there are those that abuse it, but the numbers of those in need far outnumber those abusers. 30 Bucks people, from the normal taxpayers income. And all the vile, name calling, tagging complaints come from those that declare their Christian Principles…….

  • Michael Skok

    I am grateful to the tax payers for my disability benefits and Medicare & Medicaid and food stamps. And I’m grateful the tax payer’s children and children’s children who will have to pay for all these goodies with the national debt being almost $17 trillion for the rest of their lives. I am grateful to Communist Red China, OPEC, Japan, Europe and whoever else lend us the money which we will probably not be able to pay back. Most of all, I am grateful to God Almighty for allowing me to live relatively comfortable in my little apartment from all that tax money and borrowed money I just mentioned above.

  • Alfreda P.

    Come on. Obviously, something is wrong with this woman. She is calling in to confess her crime and welfare fraud! Stop being morons, people. No one- even welfare recipients- are that stupid. She is “mental”. If she wasn’t on welfare she wouldn’t be a regular tax paying citizen anyway. So stop behaving as if she is an example of what welfare creates.

    She would never be able to function and would be costing tax payers money in as a homeless person being rescued or swept up and moved on by police. Or in prison once she panhandled too much or yelled at passeres by to get attention.

    Conservatives (especially black male conservatives) play racial games too much. Just deal with the real welfare population, instead of paying black men to create Willy Hortons for you (without promoting black MALE stereotypes).

    Welfare needs to change. That won’t happen by letting black men cast black female devils (while they live their lives however they choose).

    {{{All black men are conservativeS…..because they are always talking about SOMEONE ELSE.}}}

  • Bill Mullen

    And who actually belies this snot, this racist gruel ? Are you so stupid that you accept this made up character as reality? No wonder I cannot begin to respect your foolish arguments; they are based on ooze.


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