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Phil Robertson

By Tami Jackson

Every time Phil Robertson shows up for an interview he makes news: in an industry built on glitz and glamor, Phil has no facade.

Duck Commander’s interview with GQ has made more news, and landed the patriarch in Duck Dynasty time-out. Phil quite openly told GQ that he could not imagine men enjoying intimacy with other men. And yes, he was quite plain-spoken, as always.

When asked about sin Phil responded:

Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.

Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong… Sin becomes fine. 

Of course GLAAD took immediate offense to Robertson’s statements and the organization’s Wilson Cruz noted:

Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil’s lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe. He clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Louisianans — and Americans — who support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples.

Phil’s decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.

Phil issued a statement in answer:

I myself am a product of the 60s; I centered my life around sex, drugs and rock and roll until I hit rock bottom and accepted Jesus as my Savior. My mission today is to go forth and tell people about why I follow Christ and also what the bible teaches, and part of that teaching is that women and men are meant to be together.

However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.

Now the next move was from A&E, who have reaped the high ratings from the Duck Dynasty show. Rather than side with Phil, who has never displayed hateful behavior, but always been forthright and immovable with his biblically based worldview, A&E caved to the gay and lesbian activists.

Just this evening A&E issued this statement:

We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series Duck Dynasty.

His personal views in no way reflect those of A&E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely.

As for me, I support Phil Robertson and am wondering what the fall-out will be. Millions of people across this nation watch Duck Dynasty and love the Robertsons. Why?

Because Phil and Miss Kay, Uncle Si, Willie and Korie, Jase and Missy, Jep and Jessica are real people who love each other, love God, love this country and happen to excel at making duck calls!

Does A&E have any idea how hungry good people of faith in America are for entertainment that does NOT insult our faith but celebrate it? Do those A&E executives have an inkling why the show is a hands down, smashing success?

The Robertsons live by the Book. They’re not perfect, and that imperfection makes it all the more funny and relatable. But ultimately they stand for the principles of the Word.

I would caution A&E about bowing to the whims of GLAAD and other groups: that may be 2-5% of the population at most.

But there our MILLIONS of us Americans who are sick and tired of being called hate-mongers and homophobes just because we recite and live by scripture.

And those millions who tune in to watch the Robertson clan every week? Well, we may not be so inclined if you leave Phil off the show and monkey with this family.

Think about it A&E. Think long and hard about what you’re doing.


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  • David Lagassee

    apparently a&e is one of those orgs that only believe in their own free speech. maybe we shouldn’t watch a &e until phil is re-instated. you disagree with phil? fine. i’m not offended. i’ve hears much worse from the lbgt group. you claim you want diversity, but when you get it, you try to stamp it out. hippocritic scum.

    • David Lagassee

      oops. heard

  • DaveinUtah

    GLAAD does NOT speak for me or most Americans. We Do Not accept your behavior as in any way normal. We really don’t care what you do behind closed doors. But YOU are creating the problems by trying to force the 97% majority who are normal to accept your behavior in public.

    • Strider

      You don’t speak for me.

      • GumpForrestGump

        Just so long as you realize that neither do YOU speak for the rest of us.

        • Strider

          The rest of who?

          • GumpForrestGump

            Strider, you’re telling Dave that he doesn’t speak for you. I’m telling you that you don’t speak for the rest of us. How difficult is that to understand?

          • Strider

            Who put you in charge of speaking for the rest of us? (or them, as the case may be.)

          • GumpForrestGump

            What? My statement doesn’t indicate that I even WANT to be in charge of anyone. It simply indicates that you don’t speak for anyone other than yourself. I certainly haven’t delegated my speaking privileges to you. Nor will I. Nor do I see anyone else that is waving their hands and jumping up and down and saying, “OOOH! OOH! Strider! Speak for me!”

          • Strider

            Who put you in charge of “the rest of us”?

  • FreedomTrainUSA

    This is the PERSECUTION that is coming to all Christian who stand up for Jesus and the Teachings in the Bible….The LIBERAL POLITICAL CORRECTNESS…is destroying this country…and God is removing HIS BLESSINGS FROM THIS COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE….We are headed straight to the same Destructon that happened to Sodom and Gomorah…and there are many more of the same messages throughout the Bible…GOOD HAS BECOME EVIL…AND EVIL HAS BECOME GOOD….All of those who have turned their backs on and mocked God….WILL PAY THE PRICE When Jesus Returns to this Earth VERY SOON…If this country and its people do not REPENT and turn back to God…We as a Country and as a People…WILL FEEL GODS WRATH..

  • Ms Ryan

    Stupid A&E.. only reason I have ever heard of that channel is Duck Dynasty.

    • Troy Berkely

      Hell on Wheels is pretty good too. Only because I love the Western frontier.

  • billmichael

    I think Phil should not have been placed on “hiatus”. He has a right to say what he wants, even if I don’t agree with him. He believes what he believes but if I could talk to him I would explain that gay people DO NOT CHOOSE to be gay. It just happens. One is born gay just like one is born with blue eyes or blond hair. One may be able to hide it but one can’t change it because it is who they are. Many Christians are taught that it is a “choice” but this is not true. One day Christians may learn that they have been wrong and they will probably be ashamed of how they have mistreated their fellow man.

    • Sandy Pfaff


    • where is reagan

      Hate the sin, love the sinner. Lets don’t spew hate and intolerance like the liberals.

      • Strider

        Oh I just hate it when you get all passive agressive about us liberals.

      • billmichael

        Nonsense. Christians use that phrase to excuse their hatred. In the Bible it says you “will know them by their works” so it is that you cannot separate the sin from the sinner because they are two pieces of the same part. You can’t say that you hate only the sinful part of the person and forgive the good part. You must be willing to forgive the whole person.

        • Troy Berkely

          Yes! You are wrong and way off base! The Bible teaches, as in God loves every human, but not their acts. The actual actions of a person is quite different than the person themselves. I have Gay friends, and while I certainly don’t approve of their lifestyle, nor agree with it, I don’t hate them, in fact I love them. So while there are some who are hypocrites to this rule that you speak of, as is in any belief, they too are a sinner, and have weaknesses, but to label all Christians and to say they use this aspect to hide their hate is way off base and offensive!

        • GumpForrestGump

          Dude, obviously you don’t understand us Christians at all. We DO hate sin and we DO love sinners. We, after all, are sinners too. There’s no difference between me and a gay person in the eternal sense. We’re both equal in God’s sight. We both have the same opportunity to call out to God for His forgiveness and receive it because of the sacrifice of His son, Jesus. The only reason some will go to hell and others won’t is because some rejected that forgiveness. It has nothing to do with being gay or straight. As for your position that someone can’t hate the “sinful part” of a person and love the rest. The whole person is sinful. There is no “the rest” when you consider the “sinful part”, because that part is the whole of the person.

    • dontdoitagain

      We aren’t mistreating them. We don’t want our noses rubbed in it by arrogant bigots. We don’t think that being homosexual should be glorified. Very simple. What happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom.

      • billmichael

        I agree with you about being “in your face” and “down your throat” and “what happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom” but gay people have, in fact, been persecuted, beaten, imprisoned, tortured, burned alive, banished, and a lot of other nasty things just for the crime of being alive on this earth. Maybe not by you, but there is no doubt that some gays have been mistreated. I always tell people that if I am not welcome at the dinner table I politely leave and go elsewhere as I am not into forcing myself on anyone. I’ll make my own life and pursue happiness on my own terms and if no one likes me they can at least just leave me alone.

        • dontdoitagain

          You are welcome at my dinner table. As long as we don’t have to talk about how “mistreated” gays are and how you are actually a superior being simply on the basis of what you want to do in the bedroom. It’s ludicrous. (my hetero friends don’t go there either)

          One of my best friends, now dead from AIDS, described how he wasn’t even allowed to see his partner, who was dying of AIDS because he wasn’t a “family member.” That stuff is long gone. You guys ARE equal in society now. But that isn’t enough for the militant gay people.

          People have a right to their opinions. You and I have the right to associate with each other or not. I’m not buying the victim thing any more. I certainly take exception to special rights for gays. You don’t have the right not to HEAR or see another person’s viewpoint. I have my own viewpoint as well. I have a right to say it without repercussions, just like you. You have the right to be who you are. You don’t have the right to force me to abrogate my free speech rights and not be who I am.

          • billmichael

            Thank you so much…!!! You ‘re spot on.

          • billmichael

            And before I run off and forget, have a very “Merry Christmas.”

          • dontdoitagain

            Merry Christmas to you as well.

        • GumpForrestGump

          Many other groups, including Christians and Jews have suffered even more, (in numbers, at least), than gays have, and this simply for our religious views, not for something that many in society view as perversion. The fact is, I have had gay friends since I was a child and never persecuted gays because as a Christian I believed it was wrong to do so, but recently it has been thrown at the world as an “us or them” scenario and I have to say that I won’t give in to that kind of pressure. When you back people into a corner they’re most likely to come out fighting, and that’s what militant gays are doing in society these days against Christians. I won’t stand for it. I’ll debate anyone in any forum, internet or podium, but I will not go down without a fight. If it’s a war for the soul of our country you’re after then you’ll get one you didn’t bargain for. I have nothing against anyone doing whatever they wish in the privacy of their own home, but when they bring it out into the public and use it to attack, it becomes a weapon and I have no problem disarming them in any way necessary. You and anyone else that is hungry is welcome to come to the house, visit and eat, but keep your bedroom activities in your bedroom. Me and mine have no business hearing about them.

          • billmichael

            I am so in agreement with you. The “Us and Them” mentality is very dangerous and it just doesn’t fit because that’s just not the way I was raised. I was never raised to just hate people for any reason and I am not going to start now. I really wish I could understand what the militant people think they are going to achieve by putting the public in a state of alarm. It’s wrong. It’s not who we are as a people, as a country. We will never get along well until we mature enough to respect and even appreciate our differences. If you want to live in a place where people are all “alike” you shouldn’t be in the USA. This is a fantastic nation to live in. If I were in Iran, my head would have rolled across the parking lot many times already.

    • GumpForrestGump

      Sir, I won’t get into the debate today about whether you were born gay or not, suffice it to say that according to Darwin, if people were born gay and followed that predilection unwaveringly, they would all die out within a generation or two.
      But I will say this to you. Some people are born with a predilection for killing, but if they follow their natural predilections they are viewed as murderers, serial killers or worse. In other words, even if gays were born with that desire, following your natural predilections isn’t always conducive to the betterment of society, which is why the Bible calls it homosexuality and adultery and fornication and covetousness and disrespect toward your parents and disrespect towards God sins. Your actions ARE a choice. No MATTER what you feel in your heart or think in your head or find attractive. You’re right. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But to say that you are born with a certain predilection and therefore it is not a sin to follow it is to call God a liar, because He asks us to die to ourselves and follow Him.

      • billmichael

        I can tell you from personal experience that being gay is not a “choice” unless you mean the choice between being gay and blowing your brains out with a shotgun. I looked in the mirror one day and decided to stop playing with my shotgun and just be who God made me. You must understand that when backed into a corner one may reach the conclusion that their choices are very limited. I have been happy since then, have found a partner with whom I have spent thirty years of my life and I know that God made me for a reason, if for no other reason that to publicly beg forgiveness from people who don’t understand what it’s like being gay. PS: I didn’t say it wasn’t a sin.

        • GumpForrestGump

          Like I said before, homosexual behavior IS a choice. You say “being gay” isn’t a choice, but that depends on your definition of what it is to “BE gay”. To me, it’s a choice between following your nature as a human being and pleasing your flesh, or denying yourself and obeying God, who says that it is not right that a man should lie with another man as with a woman. True Christians won’t have anything against you as a person. They’ll invite you to the house and enjoy your company, but they won’t, and shouldn’t be expected to, compromise on what they know to be right and wrong. When asked, they will express their belief. so that people will understand that God doesn’t approve of certain behaviors and of choices to behave in certain ways. What you like or don’t like, what attracts you or doesn’t attract you is of no concern, since God’s call to us is to deny our flesh and follow His ways.

          • billmichael

            May I ask, do you follow the Old Testament or the New Testament? Why do we have a New Testament? Can you tell me what Jesus said about homosexuality? What was the meaning of the story about the Roman soldier and his male servant who was sick? What do you know about David and Jonathan and how their souls were knit together as one? What about Ruth? Did you know that science is what allows us to climb into a CAT scan machine to find tumors without getting cooked and that science has also identified the actual group of human genes that make one a homosexual? If you would answer anything at all please explain why we have a New Testament when the Old Testament seemed to work just fine.

  • W Randall

    GLADD pushes the lie that the “majority” of Americans are sympathetic with the “plight“ (/sarc) of homosexuals. GLADD is following the progressive stance that if you repeat a lie enough it will become fact.

    • Michael Hill

      Of course GLAAD is way off as far as the majority of America siding with them. It took a left leaning SCOTUS to strike down the will of the people in perhaps the most liberal state when they declared the law upholding the ban on gay marriage in California as being unconstitutional. The majority in California sided against GLAAD and the LGBT community, so we know that GLAAD lies about what the majority believes.

  • PPD

    Relax A&E. Dont get so excited. Duck Dynasty is gone then I will be too. Main reason I watch it.

  • J Alford

    This is for you A & E this family will no longer watch Duck Dynasty without Phil Robertson’s participation……There are more people than you think out here who think the same way as he does about homosexuality. We may even consider NOT TO WATCH A&E AT ALL……….

  • Jesse Oaks

    It seems that some people can’t handle the truth. Phil tells the truth and the homosexual ‘community’ gets their shorts in a knot. I think I would tell A&E what they can do with the show. I don’t believe that many people swallow the nonsense coming from that segment of society. They have managed to get the ‘bully pulpit’ of the MSM but they are making a big mistake.

  • Andrew Lopresti

    bigotry based on religious beliefs is still bigotry.

    • dontdoitagain

      Bigotry based on the homosexual agenda is still bigotry. Homosexuals are the bigots in this case.

    • ganderdavis

      So when gays bash straights for their opinions isn’t that being bigoted ? Easy to demand people accept your way and if they don’t then attack them. If gays want acceptance then they also have to accept how others feel. Or should we all bow down and give into the demands and not worry that if we have to answer to our maker will we be able to say We didn’t deny you Lord. Gays feel their way and should understand that not everyone else agrees with them. GQ used answer to their questions to further their agenda of trying to make the world believe that people hate gays. When what the true facts are most people who don’t choose the gay life style don’t hate them.We just don’t agree with their choices. Thank you Phil for not bending to the ways of others and following the Lord. Judgement will come and then people will have only one person to answer too. Then if your wrong i hope they can endure the fate that will follow !! Merry Christmas Everyone and Wishing all a Safe and Holiday Season !!

    • GumpForrestGump

      Fortunately, there was and is no bigotry in the case of Phil Robertson or millions of others who believe in Christ. Just because we believe the Bible, which declares an act or type of behaviour to be a sin doesn’t make us bigots. Bigotry is defined as: intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. Which is exactly what GLAAD and A&E are guilty of in this and most situations that involve this debate. Most Christians, or should I say TRUE Christians, hold the belief that the Bible is true and therefore homosexual acts are sinful, and therefore homosexuals, just like us and everyone else on the planet, are sinners in need of God’s forgiveness which He offers freely to all who accept it.. Now how exactly is that bigotry? You are entitled to your opinion and it doesn’t change the way I will treat you with the exception that I won’t agree with you on this subject. You need to learn to understand the things you argue about BEFORE you make your arguments.

  • EMGoldstein84

    The problem is that Phil had the audacity to state what the Bible actually says. The GLAAD folks can point to main-line churches which are fully behind their agenda because those churches have abandoned scripture. Don’t worry about Duck Commander. He is on the side of the angels.

    • tamij

      I could not agree more! But what I hope my article does, at least in some small way, is demonstrate to Phil and family that millions of us still believe the Bible and agree with and support him. We can love people and be gracious, but still maintain our biblical standards.

  • AWB

    I wonder what it would take to move the show to another network, and take the majority of the viewers with them?

    • Jessi

      I think they should move “Duck Dynasty” over to TheBlazeTV (channel 212 for Dish subscribers). They would find tremendous support and more importantly, a non-judgmental following – with malice toward none. A perfect example is Glenn Beck’s non-profit group “Mercury One”. A part of their Mission Statement says: “Mercury One will inspire, organize and mobilize individuals and organizations to improve the human condition with malice towards none and charity for all.”

  • lisa

    Why is it that we are forced to except homosexuality, it is accepted in every arena, but if we disagree or prefer not to hear it, we are wrong…. I was raised by two lesbians and the toll it takes lasts a lifetime. I am NOT homophobic, but have experienced it first hand. For those of you who think, no harm, you should be forced to walk in the shoes I have worn.

    • Troy Berkely

      Wow Lisa! I would be really interested to learn from your perspective. Have you written anything detailing your personal experiences? I would be willing to bet that if you did it would be a big seller and many would support you if you did!

    • GumpForrestGump

      I agree with Troy. Write a book or something! Let the world know about your experiences and the damage that you incurred from your upbringing. You could do it under a pseudonym just to avoid the bigoted backlash that would come from the LGBT community.


    It seems like there is no Freedom of Speech or “tolerance” for the conservative point of view. He is entitled to his own beliefs…

    • Ruth Burg

      Sadly he is not entitled to his own beliefs in their politically correct world. They do not see his as a point of view. They see it as hateful and discriminatory, regardless of the fact that Phil’s actions show otherwise.

    • Jessi

      During the past couple of days a Sleeping Giant has been awaken. The proverbial “Tipping Point” has been reached and we, Conservative Christians, aren’t going to take it any longer. BTW, during the time it took me to add the picture and type the comment, over 29,000 new ‘likes’ were added on the Boycott A&E Facebook page.

      On a side note. Isn’t this already much more successful than the government’s epic fail: www(dot)healthscare(dot)scam ??

  • Strider

    And here I thought it was uncle Si that was the crazy one.

  • Steve Randolph

    GLAAD screams about the truth that Phil expounded because they are ashamed and guilty of their own sins and cannot stomach the honest criticism. This is what is wrong with the liberals and all the gay community. Guilty as sin. Three cheers for Phil Robertson, a true honest American.

  • Katie Beth Pike

    He is telling you that Gods word says that it is a sin to be gay and that is true so he does know it’s this twisted world that hasn’t a clue

  • Idaho Bob

    Visit a&e’s page for Phil,, and let them count the clicks.

  • Idaho Bob

    I used this from Congressman Steve Stockman, I slightly modified it, to contact A & E:

    Dear A&E,

    Whether you agree with Phil Robertson or not, it is WRONG to take away a man’s job for voicing his personal religious beliefs.

    I will no longer be watching A&E, Lifetime, HISTORY, H2, HISTORY en Español, Military HISTORY, HISTORY Education or BIO until Phil’s suspension is lifted, nor will I be purchasing any A & E videos.

    Thank you,


    my address

    A & E email,

  • Michael Beckman

    Yeah, Tami! Amen! Yes, the left always says we must be tolerant of
    views we don’t believe in…but they are total hypocrites as they are
    never tolerant of people of faith [esp. Christians] who have traditional
    and patriotic values.

    It is actually those of us on the right
    who are tolerant of different views…it is the left that are intolerant
    of anyone who doesn’t agree with their politically correct, secular,
    anti-Christian bigotry.

  • EMGoldstein84

    Phil Robertson has been “put on hiatus” by the A&E network for honestly answering questions about his faith and sin. This has triggered more traffic on my Facebook page than any issue since the Benghazi attack. I would take exception to a lot of the folks by saying. This is not a 1st Amendment Issue. The government is not restricting his speech or his exercise of faith. His employer (A&E) has done the math that the corporation is better off by suspending one person whose comments has created a storm of negative responses from the gay community and their supporters. The terms of the contract which the network has with Mr. Robertson probably does support this action.  

    What the network probably did not count on was the tsunami of response of those who watch and support the Robertson family. They likely this was going to go like other network events such as changing from the old Darrin to the new Darrin on Bewitched. In other shows, you can replace or write out characters when the actor has to go to rehab. But the Robertsons are family – and not your typical dysfunctional, father knows nothing TV family. A&E has just put the Robertsons in a position where they cannot continue the show. Does anyone think that Miss Kaye will continue without Phil? How about Si? Willie? Jase? A&E has essentially pulled the plug on the most popular series in that network’s history. I don’t know if that was part of their calculations.

    What the hate mongers who drove this action probably expect is that Duck Commander will perform a secular auto da fe – begging for forgiveness for his offensive words. They expect him to retract his statements so that he can protect his paycheck and his celebrity. They don’t understand him or his faith. Those of us who are true fans of Duck Dynasty know that the Robertsons are enjoying their newfound wealth, but are not chained to it. They have lived poor and they have lived rich, and know that they have been laughing all the way to the bank. If you watch Phil, you see a man who knows who he is and what he values. You can almost see him chuckling to himself that all these yuppies are willing to pay him so much to be in show which has been a great marketing tool for the Duck Commander brand. But you can also see that he is not going to miss the celebrity because he will be free to focus on what he values – faith, family, and ducks. 

    • Michels

      Well said EMGoldstein84. Of course GLAAD expected groveling because they do not understand the Robertsons or the millions of us who are just like the Robertsons. So the joke’s on them. The Robertsons have the capacity to support themselves without A&E or Hollywood. It’s likely that their Duck Commander business will soar in the near future.
      The big question is what will A&E shove in our faces as a replacement for our beloved Robertson show, “Duck Dynasty”?

      • binky354

        A&E can shove anything they want. I have control of my tv remote!

    • Troy Berkely

      The other aspect to all this, and I agree 100% to what you just stated, is that there are a dozen or so networks waiting gleefully for an opportunity to pick up the show should A&E and the Robertsons end their relationship, considering the immense success it has had. So your right, they are the ones having the last laugh, and I hope that happens, it would send a loud and strong message to all the other networks about standing on your principles, and freedom to speak ones mind. Its not like what he said was offensive, only the LGBT community thinks its offensive due to their wanting to keep their agenda of some political correctness. 14 million viewers who share similar values can’t be wrong, and it is time that voice is heard over the already liberal minorities of this country that dominate the media! Enough is enough, Darwinism has to win out eventually!

    • GumpForrestGump

      You’re right on the money with your comment, but although it’s not a 1st amendment issue it is a possible legal issue for A&E. based on the 1964 Civil Rights Act, ( they just might have broken the law. This information is courtesy of Rhymes With Right ( and was posted recently in another post in this comment thread by Bruce A. Frank. Thanks Bruce! I doubt Phil and the Robertson family will take A&E to court over it. They’ll probably just move on with their lives and possibly wait out the end of their contract with A&E and then move to another production company.
      Whatever they decide, I’m with them.

  • Ruth Burg

    The problem with asking or expecting A&E to not consider what the gay community says is that there is an extremely good chance that A&E, like many organizations in the entertainment world, employs people and even has leadership of their organization that are members of the gay community themselves. Asking them to respect the Robertsons faith and views is like asking them to disavow the lifestyle choices they have made. My guess is that that is what is driving this decision.

    • tamij

      I’m sure you’re quite right, Ruth. I have friends here that I KNOW have made such choices, though they are conservative in other areas. They are well aware of my biblical standards, but they know I absolutely love them in spite of their choices. If they ask my opinion, I give it. And it’s biblical and in the context of love.

      But we are coming to a point in America where so many folks do not want to think there is transcendent truth and a God who is holy. It’s tough to admit you’re a sinner. And all of us are.

  • pupster40

    Generally when something is said that I don’t agree with, I change the channel, read the post and snort, or turn the page. I don’t think it is my place to jump on someones opinion, even if asked. I have my opinions and voice them sometimes. I guess that makes me an opinioned a##, but I can live with that.

  • RIC54

    They need to tell A&E TO GO F THEMSELVES.I will never watch A&E again last i heard we still have the first amendment.

    • Troy Berkely

      The funny thing about this is that they actually can do that. (Tell them to go F themselves.) Its not like they are chained to their money! I also think another net work would pick up the show if they should decided to pursue it in another venue sort of speak.

  • disqus_wuGZajqQAq

    I think GLAAD needs to grow a pair. Seriously!

  • Jessi

    Sadly, this is another example of how the “tolerant” left demand the freedom to [fill in the blank] insisting everyone embrace their choices no matter how much it infringes on our rights, freedoms, morals, values, beliefs and Christian convictions..

    Most MSM failed to include the rest of Phil’s comment which illustrates he isn’t judging anyone. He’s just giving his personal opinion. Here’s what most didn’t report (because it doesn’t fit their agenda of “hate”):

    “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job,” Robertson told GQ. “We just love ‘em, give ‘em the good news about Jesus – whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ‘em out later.

    It’s too bad the progressives don’t give us the same consideration that Phil did them. That is to let God sort it out. But since God and Christianity are under attack by the progressives, I guess that won’t work either – they would just try to get that ‘banned’ too. The progressives would rather wish harm, illness, some other type of vile treatment or, in some cases, even death to those who disagree.

    Although It’s long past due, I do believe we have reached a tipping point in society. I think this is the beginning of the end for us – Conservative Christians. The days of “going along to get along” are over.

    To the progressives: Your rights end when they personally infringe on My rights. Freedoms cut both ways. Me, and a lot of like-minded people, are reaffirming our commitment to embrace OUR God given rights…starting now.

  • kcir321

    I deleted A&E off my TVs at home and work<we now call it Gay&E

  • Bruce A. Frank
  • GumpForrestGump

    I think GLAAD needs to be told where to get off. Honestly! How large a demographic group do they represent? Why should the rest of us care that they don’t like it when someone answers a question honestly. If the gays were to boycott A&E it would make it worth my time to watch more programming on that channel. I can’t imagine any sector of this society’s free market system that would be adversely affected by a gay boycott except possibly the porn industry.
    And what is so offensive about what Phil said, anyway? He said he can’t imagine a man enjoying intimacy with another man. Why SHOULD he imagine that? Why would anyone expect him to? He’s not gay and that’s an obvious fact. If he went around imagining a man enjoying intimacy with another man he might be gay, but since he’s not gay it makes no sense for him to imagine that. The worst part about this is that GLAAD represents people who are always clamouring for tolerance but have none for others and that A&E actually gives two cents for their hypocritical opinion.

    • appraiserman

      HUGE donators to the Democrat Party, HUGE. They do not appear to care about anything other than sex, abortions and allowing weird things to be considered normal.

      • GumpForrestGump

        We need to do something about the Democrat Party, too. But this isn’t really the place to discuss that.

  • hangman57

    If the genitalia don’t fit ,you have to acquit ! Give back Phil his job .

  • dangerouspatriot

    I believe A&E is going to suffer a very big ratings drop if they go ahead with their so-called punishment of Phil Robertson. I would almost bet that the whole family will just all of a sudden tell their producers, directors, camera people, etc. to pack up their things and leave and they will no longer use A&E as their vehicle for their show. I’m quite sure almost any other network would be clamoring for their show. I read in another comment where the person said, mylie cyrus can masturbate on tv and dance her lewd and overtly sexual dances but Phil Robertson is crucified for his belief in the Bible and family values. Supporting these gay people is most assuredly a bad idea as they are and abomination to our Lord and I’m sure A&E is going to suffer a lot for their idiotic values and good riddance. It’s time we Faith based Americans rose up and took back our country and get it back to the values that made our country great in the first place.

    • Lady Patriot

      I agree with you. The entertainment industry, however, is rampant with gays, lesbians, transgenders, etc. I wish more of the American public would just turn their backs on that ugly industry that promotes depravity. There are a lot of sick puppies in the entertainment business that make their living off the adoring public. How do I know? I’ve been there.

  • Conservinator

    Ii just bought 2 t-shirts with his picture on it and a sweatshirt with his picture on it

  • Johnny

    All followers of the show Duck Dynasty should stop buying Duck Dynasty products because that is the products A&E makes their big bucks on. Instead buy Duck Commander products because it is owned by The Robertson’s and A&E dosn’t receive any profit from Duck Commander sales. Duck Dynasty will not be the same show with out Phil. When Contracts are up they might consider changing to another production company. I hear there are several cable companies including the Blaze that would not mind scarfing up 8 million viewers. By the way I am sure GLAAD, and other gay organizations don’t watch Duck Dynasty anyway, so the only ones that will feel the effect of this shunning of Phil Robertson will be A&E themselves because i will no longer purchases any item sold by A&E. PERIOD!!!

    • gac


  • Cat27

    But if he had raved on about the awesome virtue of same sex relationships including graphic detail and bashing of heterosexuality people would be applauding. I personally have no issue with alternative lifestyles, I believe we love who we love regardless and that God loves us ALL. However I am DAMN sick of the huge amount of tolerance expected by small, loud individuals who ooze intolerance and by in large do NOT represent the feelings of all the individuals in their social group.

  • 17_tparty_patriot76

    I hope Fox network picks up DUCK DYNASTYand we can again watch this great show….POO, POO to you A&E!!!!!

  • Don Roberts

    I will NOT watch A&E again until Phil returns to the show…

  • appraiserman

    Tolerance….as long as you agree with the leftist kooks…they will tolerate you…or if you act like you agree and you are Alec (Father of the year) Baldwin…you can use the term “Faggot”, directed at someone you think is gay and GLAAD will ignore or make excuses for you. Wake up America, how can we have an intelligent conversation when the left acts the way it does on homosexuality, race and anything they deem to be covered under political correctness…Christian’s be dammed, ANY other religion is good, even if they murder gays, lesbians or anyone else they disagree with. It is mindless!

  • Robert

    98.3% of the US population is straight. That means 1.7% of the population is censoring the 98.3%. Maybe it’s time to wake up and stop this tiny little group of intolerance. Let A&E live with them. We can get FOX to pick up Duck Commander.

  • Middleburybigdog

    A&E has shown their lack of spine. Phil has shown he has one. A&E lost.

  • Independent Voter

    I support Phil Robertson.

    Next is The Bible having to be changed to sell in this country.

    You just watch.They want to eliminate Christianity because it teaches that homosexual sex is a form of adultery. But they won’t say word about Islam, which mistreats women, and teaches that homosexuals should be exterminated.

    Aren’t double standards fun?

    Especially when the country is under Islamic rule?

  • RevG

    Boycott A&E refuse to watch their programming or support their advertisers. Phil is 100% right.

  • gac

    How about the entire family say the same thing. See if A&E fires
    them all. Let Fox pick the show up. Duck Commanders fanmail address Let them know what you think and offer
    support for Phil. I’m going to DD’s online store right now and make a
    purchase. A&E apparently does not believe in freedom of speech. The
    show should find a station that does. Anyone who watches the show knows how
    close Phil and his brother Si are. Don’t be surprised if you hear that
    Si has quit the show or just says the same things and gets booted
    himself. Without Phil and Si both the show would not be nearly as good
    and would fall in the ratings. I think A&E has made a serious
    mistake siding with the homos and other perverts. You go Phil. Say it
    like it is.

  • gac

    Those of you with Direct TV, channel 272 LOGO, (an MTV network)
    highlight the channel itself and you will see the description of the
    channel. You will find that LOGO is “for gay and lesbian viewers”.
    Needless to say I bypass that channel. Think of the outrage from the
    perverts if a station described itself as “for straight viewers”

  • Teresa

    What is vile and extreme is men doing men and women doing women.

  • Steve

    No A&E for me! God bless Phil Robertson. What does it mean that a man is no longer entitled to his own views?

  • gac

    statement from the family

    • billmichael

      I read the Robertson Family statement and looked at the family portrait and counted twenty-seven happy faces. I guarantee you right now that at least three of them are gay or have had or will have a gay experience in their lifetime. At a bare minimum, there IS a gay person somewhere in that picture.

      • gac

        I’m afraid statistics don’t work that way. Just because a certain percentage of the population is gay doesn’t mean there is one in every group of a certain size. And if one happens to be gay they have plenty of money to seek the much needed psychological help.

        • billmichael

          You may try to deny it all you want but there IS one.

          • gac

            One of three things. Either you are trying to show your ignorance, You have first hand carnal knowledge (pun intended), or you have a trained eye for gays and think you have picked one out. Which is it?

  • Joe Mosley

    I’ve never watched Duck Dynasty.I’m not a hunter.But I am a Christian,and I agree with Phil Robertson.We are losing our rights to the Atheists,the gays,and the Liberals.People who are tolerant,as long as you agree with them,but if you don’t look out.This American is willing to fight,for what he believes in.And I believe in God and Jesus Christ.

    • GumpForrestGump

      Hi Joe. The show isn’t really all that much about hunting, although that is an element because they are a family that hunts and built their business on hunting equipment. The show is more about the fun and foibles of a three generation family who is very traditional in the way they do many things. A&E knew that when they started the show and it’s almost as if they tried from the beginning to take these serious people who have serious values and caricature them. A&E has tried in many different ways to compromise the morals of this family in appearance if not in deed. I think the family has already won this battle by standing up for what they believe in. A&E will lose quite a bit by performing this stunt.

  • Donnie J McDonald

    Phil will stick to his guns. A&E loses by bowing to the political correct whiners Americans are fed with political correctness. We treat folks well, but we damn well say what we want without censure!

  • Glenn H

    A&E has clearly violated Phil Robertson’s 1st amendment rights, Where is the Federal Communitions Commision? Pull their damned license, they’re not serving the publc interest!
    Sucking up to a hand full of Queers while pissing on millions of Christians isn’t serving the public interest!
    Lets see if we can boycot these bastards and put them out of business!

    • GumpForrestGump

      Since A&E is not the federal government, they have not violated the First Amendment, per se, because the First Amendment protects us against the government’s suppression of our speech and ideas, but the Civil Rights Act of 1964 DOES protect all American citizens from workplace discrimination because of the expression of our religious beliefs. But the Robertsons will probably only resort to legal action against A&E in the event of A&E sticking to their decision and not allowing the Robertsons to continue their show with Phil at the helm. In that event they will likely only sue for dissolution of the contract or release from it, so they can legally continue their show under a different production company.

      • Glenn H

        What they did was for political reasons so I still think a 1st admendment violation may on the table.
        But you are more than likely correct and loseing that hugh money maker and a signifigant porton of their viewing audience over their stupid gay rights posturing would be punishment enough. You could see me smiling through my keyboard!

    • Bob Judd

      The 1st Amendment doesn’t guarantee everyone a slot on a TV reality show. The duckman can continue to toot his horn until he’s blue in the face. He could even sponsor his OWN show and say whatever he wants. So, no one has infringed upon his 1st Amendment rights.

      Your image of a group of queers peeing on millions of Christians, though has given me a great idea for a film. I think I’ll title it ‘Pissing on Millions of Christians’. what do you think? The title itself will ensure thousands of views and a very healthy controversy, so even without any content, it would make me a millionaire. Thanks!

      • Glenn H

        Bob, while you are at it why not just shake your little willie and give God the finger?
        Your choice to make fun of this just shows your disbelief and disrespect in the Lord.
        Go ahead and make your millions and party away, but you should also remember that God said it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of Heaven! Not mine or Phils words, but the words of God!

        • Bob Judd

          Sorry Glenn, but you can’t disrespect something that doesn’t exist. Christofascists like yourself often forget that God and the Bible, Heaven & hell are all 100% MAN-MADE inventions. It was MAN who created God, not the other way around. So, just because you’re stupid enough to fall for the lies and preposterous mythology that litters the Bible, doesn’t mean everyone is.
          So, go peddle your words of hate to Phil, who you say won’t make it to Heaven. I could never figure out the appeal of living forever and I find it surprising that those who pretend they’re going to have everlasting life are always the MOST afraid of death.

          • Glenn H

            Bob, I’m sorry that you have so little faith, maybe some day you will over come your narrow view of the real world!
            Why would you assume that I fear death?
            On September 16th 2000 I was involved in a horrific auto accident, my sternum was crushed and oxygen couldn’t find it’s way into my lungs for what seemed like forever; I found myself in a situation of breathe or die, I found a way to breathe although it was the most painful experience of my 59 years on planet Earth.
            Sometime after the accident I was in the Emergency Room at the hospital having x-rays and other test preformed when my B.P. crashed, sometime later when I was revived I was ask how do I feel, I remember telling them that I had the most peaceful feeling ever until I woke up!
            I didn’t see any bright lights, no angels and I didn’t see gods face, I did witness total peace and tranquility beyond anything on this earth and therefore I know God is real!
            I only pray that you get to enjoy this feeling, for eternity!

          • Bob Judd

            Your incident doesn’t prove God, it proves that death can be ecstatic. Similar incidents have happened to thousands of people who experience something similar. And even hundreds of thousands more have experienced the same thing and died. Doesn’t prove a thing. And if you experienced such total ‘peace and tranquility’, then why didn’t you stay dead?
            So, try to imagine how you felt as though God was real, and understand that this is just how certain I know that God doesn’t exist. There are few things I’m certain of, but the thing I can assure you with the greatest certainty is that people INVENT God’s to please themselves. The Bible is proof of that, because you might want to believe it was written by a supernatural being, but the REALITY is that it was written by men like you and me. (well maybe not like me because I believe lying is wrong). Religion is one of the most destructive forces on our planet, which is why educating people about religious myths will help them understand how to accept reality.
            As for faith, I kind of like Mark Twain’s definition: “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so!” — Mark Twain

  • bondsman

    I just hope and pray Phil flips A & E the bird pulls the plug and goes to another network. Also hope Willy backs his Dad as he’s 100% right and chasing pervert money is no life at all. In the end I am standing by A & E’s right to hire and fire even if simply because to many gays at A & E are GLAD members. If there is wiggle room for a suit sue them but the best bet is to NOT Compromise as they expect the money to keep them from doing right. They win! But saying adios going to another network and succeeding is the best bet. Phil was 100% right in what he said and God will sort them out!!

    • GumpForrestGump

      According to the 1964 Civil Rights Act there was a crime committed. They have a law suit if they want to pursue it. If they do, they’ll probably just sue to be released from their contractual obligation to A&E.

  • Rick Ragsdale

    F- A&E, Duck masters go to CMT or Fox. They didn’t pay ya’ll enough anyway!!!Charlie Sheen gets paid how much!!!WTF!!!!!!!

    • Bob Judd

      Like a little cheese with your WHINE?

  • Kitten

    Mark 6:11 KJV

    And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust
    under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say
    unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in
    the day of judgment, than for that city.
    It’s time for Phil and his family to depart from A&E and let God’s will be done.

  • bugs

    “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.”

  • Marvin Vanoven

    My thoughts are this. To be brief, Bro. Phil stated that he loved everyone and would “NEVER” incite hate. A&E followed by saying that they were extremely disappointed in reading Phils statement and that his statement was based on Phils “personal belief”. They then said that the remakes in no way reflected in the Duck Dynasty. Based on their own words they acknowledge that the statements are based on Phil personal beliefs. So”why”suspend him. He wasn’t speaking as a reality star of Duck Dynasty. He was speaking from the heart based on his convictions. It would be the same thing if he had beeng sitting at the local dinner and had the same conversation and it had been print.

  • davidsunkle


  • smknnjoe

    A&E just shot themselves in the foot….wtih Phil’s duck gun no less. I would wager to be that there are far more people on the side of Phil than on the side of A&E, GLAAD, and the LGBT community. I for one and sick and tired of those that use the victimology handbook to try and dictate to those that try and live a moral code of any sorts.

  • DockyWocky

    Just for the sake of argument, just what percentage of homosexual males are there in “committed” relationships – say, in comparison to homosexual males who are active cruisers flitting from one other homosexual male person to another on a daily basis?

    • GumpForrestGump

      Who cares? The vast majority of Americans appreciate what Phil and the Robertsons stand for. Enough is enough! If you want to give us a percentage then give it, but nobody’s interested in riddles about homosexuals.

    • don ellsworth

      I say who gives a sh%%^t

    • billmichael

      Over half of all “straight” marriages fail.

      • GumpForrestGump

        Marriages failing is another symptom of the moral decline of the West. Moral absolutes might not be comfortable, but they do keep families together and societies strong, because let’s face it, without strong family patterns a society is weak.

      • DockyWocky

        “What difference at this point does it make?”

        Any guesses as to the percentages of gay marriages that fail?

        • billmichael

          Honestly, the percentage of gay marriages that “fail” will probably be the same as for straight marriages. Because many religious leaders and families will turn their backs on their gay members, probably more will fail. On the bright side, my partner and I have been together without the benefit of “marriage”, for thirty one years. We are happy and we have made a life for ourselves.

  • Michael Kelley

    I’m sick of seeing all these posts on my Facebook news thread. Free speech and support of Phil. The vast majority of the people posting these comments who live in California voted for California’s proposition 8 which would keep marriage between a man and a woman. While I don’t agree with gay marriage I believe people should have the freedom to choose. Freedom trumps anyone’s opinion. No freedom for marriage equality only freedom for free speech. I call hypocrisy.

    • GumpForrestGump

      Well try looking at what Phil actually said. He never said same sex marriages should or shouldn’t be allowed. He just said he couldn’t imagine a man being intimate with another man. He then expounded on that by explaining that in his way of thinking a female’s parts just look so much more inviting than a male’s parts. Sure, it was a little course, but it wasn’t bigoted or anything. He continued by saying that they (his family and church by presumption), never judge anyone, that’s the almighty’s job and thhey just love everyone and let God sort it out. Now you tell me? Is that a logical reason that he should have been suspended from a show that’s about HIS OWN FAMILY? That’s what this is all about. People like that show BECAUSE the Robertson’s are real family people with down home values and such. By suspending him from his own show A&E has alienated millions of viewers. It has nothing to do with prop 8.

      • Michael Kelley

        Okay so more hypocricy. Government control over how one chooses to run their business. A&E should have the right to do whatever they want without government intervention. Are you proposing government intervention in this case so Phil can maintain his right to free speech without consequence of his actions from a private business? If so, it seems hypocritical to me to legislate A&E and dictate that Phil shouldn’t be suspended because of his right to free speech. While on the other hand you support limiting the rights of individuals to have the option of being married. I call hypocrisy again!

        • tamij

          Michael, you’re absolutely right! A&E states in their mission statement that they are advocates to Gays. Fine. They have the right to fire Phil.

          And when the Robertsons go elsewhere, the advertisers and the millions of viewers will go also. That is the free market.

          So I do agree with you. But I stand 100% with Phil. And that my friends is tolerance! We can each believe the other is wrong, but that they have the right to be wrong!

          I harbor no hate in my heart and am gracious with everyone.

          • Michael Kelley

            Are you so gracious that you would support the rights for others that you also enjoy? That’s a rhetorical question. If so, awesome! If not then it is hypocritical. I believe in consistency in my core values and will stand up for those values. I will also call out those whom are inconsistent with the values of freedom. It’s my right as an American to express my opinion as well as everyone else to express theirs even though those opinions may be contradictory.

          • GumpForrestGump

            tamij is right on the money, Michael. If A&E sticks to their guns, then they cannot hold the Robertson family to any kind of a contract because they have broken the law in firing Phil. Therefore, they can’t complain when they lose the viewers and the advertisers.

      • Michael Kelley

        A&E should have the right to do as they see fit. If they choose to alienate their audience then so be it. It doesn’t affect anyone but their own business. Again it’s about freedom to choose as you wish. Phil can go get a job some where else if he doesn’t like it.

        • GumpForrestGump

          I agree with you, Michael, except for a silly little thing called the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which states that it is illegal for an employer to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. (I find it difficult to detect sarcasm in the written word, sometimes. So I’ll just tell you that this is it.)

          • Michael Kelley

            I don’t see any discrimination taking place. Phil is being allowed to exercise his right to free speech and others are responding in return exercising their right to free speech. By exercising your right to free speech you might have to deal with consequences if others don’t agree with you, such as lost friendships or lost employment. Government shouldn’t be regulating any of this. A&E has the right to do what ever they want to protect their business. I bet iif Phil unknowingly hired some gay guy for his duck calling business and then the gay guy started criticizing Phil’s religious beliefs and opinions on gays then Phil would want to fire him. I’m sure Phil wouldn’t want to alienate his customers because of this gay employees opinion. As far as I’m concerned everybody is exercising their rights if consequences from other peoples differences or opinions arise then so be it it’s up to those individuals to run their life’s and businesses as they see fit.

          • GumpForrestGump

            You see it just fine,but you’re denying it because it doesn’t fit with your arguments, but just in the interests of allowing him who says he’s stupid to be seen as stupid, I’ll throw in the definition for you so you can make a better comparison.

            1. the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things,
            esp. on the grounds of race, age, or sex.
            “victims of racial discrimination”
            synonyms: prejudice, bias, bigotry, intolerance,narrow-mindedness, unfairness,inequity, favoritism, one-sidedness,partisanship

            In 1964 it was mainly about the blacks wanting to be treated equally in the work place and in schools and public areas such as restrooms, water fountains and busses. This law was passed to keep people from being passed over for jobs or fired from jobs based on their race, religion, gender, etc… A&E has made a public statement that the reason for Phil’s suspension from the show is because of his expression of views they do not agree with because they support gay people in America. That statement clearly shows that the act of suspending Phil was a discriminatory act and I will not be surprised if a judge sees it the same.
            Now, the Robertson’s aren’t likely to sue A&E, because they’re Christian people and they really don’t need money, but if they wish to continue making their show under a different producer, A&E won’t have any legal standing to prevent them doing so because of this.
            Who knows? They might not even WANT to continue making the show. The original article that this all got stirred up from ended by saying that Phil seemed to think it wouldn’t or shouldn’t last for much longer anyway.

          • Michael Kelley

            That just goes to prove my point of Phil’s discrimination and bigotry towards the gay community. Why does Phil care how other people choose to live their lives. That’s up to them and not up to Phil to decide what’s right and wrong. Phil isn’t being suspended because of his race, religion but because the business is trying to protect their interest. Phil is a white man which is the demographic that is least discriminated against. I don’t feel bad for Phil or his situation. Tough beans for Phil.

          • GumpForrestGump

            Phil was ASKED his opinion. He doesn’t go around offering that information outside his home freely, although obviously he’s not ashamed of the opinion he holds, which is based on what the bible says and is therefore protected as his religious view under the Civil Rights Act. If he’s anything like me, (and he appears to be), he couldn’t care less about what gays occupy their time doing until it affects him and his family and how they go about living their normal lives, which is very unlikely.
            He hasn’t tried to legislate his opinion of what’s right or wrong, nor in any other way tried to force it on anyone else. His opinion on what’s right and wrong is HIS opinion, and he IS entitled to have his own opinion just as much as anyone else is. He’s even entitled to express that opinion if he so chooses. It’s not discrimination unless he actively DOES something, (such as legislation, hiring or firing practices, gay bashing, etc…), to keep gay people from doing whatever they wish to do. Your opinions on who is more or less discriminated against don’t matter. THIS is a situation where a white man IS being discriminated against, and ANY discrimination against anyone, no matter their color, in America on the basis of their religious views, or for that matter their race, creed or gender, is illegal.

          • John King

            This is the issue underlying the heart of the issue.

            In America, the notion of Christian Supremacy encompasses both a moral attitude and a political program. In the moral realm, Christian Supremacy is the idea that Christianity is superior to all other religions, and by extension, that Christians are superior to all non-Christians. Politically, Christian Supremacy is an agenda to get America’s political institutions to reflect this superiority by favoring Christians over non-Christians and Christianity over all other beliefs.
            What is Dhimmitude?:

            Dhimmi is a Muslim classification for members of any tolerated religion, like Jews and Christians, living in a Muslim nation and under Muslim law. Dhimmis are allowed to exist and to practice their religion, but they are not allowed to proselytize or otherwise make trouble — thus they have fewer legal rights than Muslims. Christian Supremacists would reduce non-Christians in America to an inferior status analogous to dhimmis in Muslim lands.
            Christian Supremacy vs. Christian Privilege:

            The difference between assertions of Christian Supremacy and Christian Privilege are more a matter of degree than kind. Both insist that Christianity is superior and should be privileged in law as well as culture. Demands for mere privilege, however, are often motivated by nostalgia for the past and a sense of loss; demands for supremacy are motivated by self-righteousness and a belief in the illegitimacy of other religions. Christian Supremacy is a form of fanaticism and extremism.
            Christian Supremacy, Christian Dominionism, Christian Reconstructionism:

            The ideology of Christian Supremacism is commonly expressed in movements labeled Christian Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism. Dominionists believe that God has given Christians the obligation to exercise “dominion” over the Earth, especially America. This means Christians must be in charge and enforce Chrisitian law. Reconstructionists seek to “reconstruct” America along Old Testament lines, enforcing Old Testament laws in the civil sphere.
            Christian Supremacy, Christianism, and the Christian Right:

            Christian Supremacism plays an influential role in America’s Christian Right, though it’s uncommon for supremacist ideology to be expressed or defended too openly. There are close links between the “mainstream” Christian Right and leaders of Dominionism and Reconstruction. When you see the Christian Right pushing the idea that America is a Christian Nation defined by Christian beliefs, and therefore Christianity and Christians should be privileged, you’re seeing Christian Supremacism expressed.
            Christianism, Christian Supremacy and Theocracy in America:

            The only logical outcome of Christian Supremacism is the creation of a Christian theocracy. Some supremacists advocate this openly; others avoid the question whenever it’s brought up. Because Christian Supremacy is based upon the principle that Christians and Christianity are superior, a position which law and culture must reflect, it is incompatible with a liberal democracy in which everyone is equal before the law. Christian Supremacy requires that religious law rule us all.
            Christian Supremacy, Religious Intolerance, and Anti-Semitism:

            Tolerance, under its original meaning, is the idea that one has the ability and right to punish or oppress others, but consciously chooses not to. Christian Supremacy insists that non-Christians should be “tolerated” and be very grateful for this — especially Jews. In the past, Christian Supremacy has been accompanied by overt and even vicious anti-Semitism. Today this is no longer socially accepted, but it hasn’t disappeared entirely. The attitudes can be expressed in subtle ways.
            Christianism, Christian Supremacy, and White Supremacy:

            In America, at least, Christian Supremacy has often been accompanied by White Supremacy as well. White Supremacists almost always base their racism on Christian beliefs about differences between the races and the identity of the True Israel. Such beliefs were once common among American Christians; today, they have been relegated to the fringes. Unfortunately, more overt Christian Supremacists today retain strong connections to White Supremacists and Christian Patriots.
            Christian Supremacy and Uncle Toms:

            An “Uncle Tom” is a black person who is especially subservient to white authority figures, explicitly accepting their imposed inferiority and thereby justifying the system which makes them unequal. The label is also used in other analogous relationships, including non-Christians who assist the cause of Christian Supremacy by promoting the idea that America is a Christian Nation where Christians should be privileged and non-Christians should accept second-class status.
            Christianism, Christian Supremacy and the Future of America:

            Because the ideology of Christian Supremacy is incompatible with liberal democracy, any victories — even symbolic — for Christian Supremacists represent a serious loss for the American political system and have the potential to undermine American political, religious, and social liberties. The real question which faces Americans, though, is whether the victories of Christian Supremacists are ever likely to extend far enough to completely undermine America’s liberal democracy and lead to the installation of a theocratic system.
            This is certainly the biggest fear of those who watch and critique the Christian Right, and without due vigilance, people would have good reason to fear the worst. Because there are organized efforts to combat Christian Supremacy and because many of those who identify with the Christian Right wouldn’t accept a full-blown supremacist system, it’s unlikely that America would have to succumb to a theocratic government. Not impossible, just unlikely.

            This does not mean, however, that Christian Supremacy cannot do significant harm. The very intrusion of concepts and language from Christian Supremacy into general political discourse leads to confusion and misunderstandings. One example of this is the way Christian Supremacists have gotten people to believe that, because America is a Christian Nation, then the failure of the government to privilege Christians over others represents a form of persecution and discrimination. Another would be the even more common idea that freedom of religion is compatible with state endorsements and promotions of Christianity.

            Christian Supremacy would do as much harm to Christianity as it would to government and culture, yet the allure of power coupled with the hatred of modernity is too much for some Christians to resist. They are convinced that only they and their religion can save the world; even worse, they are not afraid to wield power in harmful and destructive ways to get what they want.

          • GumpForrestGump

            Wow! You seem to think you’ve got it all worked out. Don’t you? You’ve copy/pasted this speech from God only knows where, (possibly several sources), and contrived to put it together as though it’s some definitive, conclusive treatise on the ‘Christian Disease in American Culture’.

            What you DON”T seem to realize is that what you’ve written here, although written from a posture of authoritative knowledge, is simply an opinion. It’s not even an opinion shared by many people.

            Neither do you seem to understand the nature of Christ. Christ himself avoided being brought to the political place of authority he may have been given had his followers in their misguided zeal been given a free hand. He stopped them from revolting against the Romans because of the very religious zeal you say is feared. He knew that not only Christian religious zealots, but zealots from ANY religion, if not checked by their own system, can become a dangerous force if they gain too much political power. Therefore, he specifically stated that the proper time for that wouldn’t be until he returned, which Christians DO believe will happen eventually.

            Many, (likely all but for one or two), religions believe they are the only hope of salvation. This is not something to marvel at. If they didn’t believe that, then what would be their compulsion to remain faithful to that religion and not cherry-pick favorite tenets from every known religion?

            Regardless of that, Christianity teaches that love is the ultimate command. “Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.” So, while Christian supremacists do exist, along with supremacists of all other religions, you won’t find a Christian theocracy taking over in America. Ever.

            The pilgrims and first colonial settlers of the New World, which is now America, were indeed predominantly Christians. Different settlements and colonies tried various forms of theocratic and secular methods of governance and, once the colonies had grown and fought for their independence, decided upon a secular government with Christian morals as it’s foundations. This is evident in original founding documents, such as the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, as well as complementary pieces written by those who helped draft and who signed them.

            Now, you may argue that this country is no longer a Christian nation, and for some intents and purposes, you may be correct, but remember that in a democracy, which is what you chose to call America several times, rule is by majority vote and Christians CERTAINLY have the majority in America over any other religion. I would remind you that America is NOT truly a democracy, but rather a constitutional, democratic, representative republic, which means that even if ALL of the members of the Senate, the House, the Judicial system and the Executive were Christians, they would still be bound to the outlines given in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, which they would adhere to much more generously toward non-Christian people than those same non-Christian people would if the opposite were true.

            With the exception, you see, of the very few fringe extremists that actually DO exist, contrary to your presumptive assertions, Christians are, by and large, a very humble, loving, generous and merciful people. They are fallible and they do abuse authority at times, but I would wager anything I own that Christians would be willing or likely to mistreat non-Christians only fractionally as often as non-Christians would be willing to do the same given the opportunity. Yes, I know, you will cite historical evidence that Christians have behaved barbarously toward those of other faiths and I won’t argue to the contrary, but all in all, throughout history, what is higher; the number of Christians killed by non-Christians or vice-versa?

            I’ll give you the same four examples of modern history that Phil Robertson gave of societies with little or no Christian influence: Naziism, Shintos, Communism and Islam. Take your pick. Not one of them would tolerate homosexuals. Sure, it went on, but when discovered and made publicly known it was punishable by death in all four societies.

            Another thing you should consider is the difference between Christians and those who wear the name of Christianity because they think it’s fashionable or whatever. Just like there are Republicans and RINOs, (Republicans in name only), there are also Christians in name only. Many of your extremists are just such Christians. Because, you see, true Christians will follow the commandments of our Lord, which are only two. They are as I quoted above and as follows: “Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as you love yourself. And don’t get it twisted, we’re not talking about love the way homosexuals mean it when we say love your neighbor. The definition of love can be found in 1 Corinthians, chapter 13.

            To those who call themselves Christians, for whatever reason and don’t follow these two commandments, Jesus promised that on the day we stand before him for judgement he’ll tell them he never knew them. and cast them into outer darkness.

            In closing, let me assure you that contrary to your desire to wipe out all Christian influence, you have NOTHING to fear from Christians. We will fight for what is right, but as a whole, we will always have mercy on those who disagree with us. You can put your copy/paste tool away now. Rest your mind. There’s nothing to fear.

          • Michael Kelley

            Another thing. F that show I hope it gets cancelled. The dumbing down of the American if in full force. The fictitious, mythological and astrological superstitions behind all the religions are misguided from lack of understanding during the times they were created. The belief that we should be paying for all these government handouts and regulation is complete BS. Can’t wait for the whole of humanity to push itself to extinction. The world will be better off for it.

          • GumpForrestGump

            And of course you, being of superior genetic makeup, will be the only one standing. Right? You have proven yourself to be, without a doubt, one of the most ignorant people I have ever debated online or offline. I would caution you against talking if you want friends. The more you talk the more likely they are to see you for the fool you are.

          • ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

            You must live a very sad life, when folks are trying to bring hope, happiness and inspiration to others, your desire is the end of humanity. Why be so negative? Life is what You make it, don’t expect others to live theirs the way you want, just make Yours better.

          • ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

            Can you imagine if a lawsuit were to go to trial, and producers for A&E would have to admit that they knew exactly who Phil Robertson and his beliefs were, yet ‘they’ actively recruited him to join their Network?

          • GumpForrestGump

            If only! According to some sources, A&E has the contractual means to make this thing stick, but I bet they’re not counting on having to defend themselves for violating Phil’s civil rights. If for no other reason than to take the show away from A&E, I hope he DOES take them to court.

      • tamij

        Well said Gump. Also, remember, this interview took place on the Robertson property, tooling through the backwoods. A&E set it up and they know very well that Phil believes the Bible is the literal Word of God. They knew that from the get go.

        This Drew Magary wrote one of the most offensive pieces I’ve ever read! And as the Black Sphere Editor, and a writer, I read a LOT. Magary wrote this as a hit piece and it is filled with curse words including the f-bomb.

        REAL writers use civil language, not coarse language. Phil did not wish harm on folks. Phil wants to share the message of grace and mercy and Jesus love. That doesn’t sound hateful to me.

  • bugs


  • bugs

    For scum-bag evil rotten imposter destined for the Ted Kennedy circle of Hell…

  • ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

    Yes A&E can fire Phil Robertson for any ‘reason’ they like, it’s their Network and their standards. But the reality is they knew Phil Robertson’s words of wisdom long before they ever recruited him and his Family for their TV Network, and they had no problem profiting from Robertson’s beliefs, that is until the gay-friendly media and GLAAD starting pressuring A&E and they quickly responded by suspending Phil Robertson. So hypocrisy is as good a ‘reason’ as any.

    It’s been reported the Robertson Family were multimillionaires long before they ever agreed to the show for A&E, they don’t need the TV money, but they enjoy doing the show. And now their own ‘Duck Commander’ product line has expanded and they’ve created their own financial empire. A&E is said to make $400 million a year from Duck Dynasty, that’s from the show and merchandising. If DD ends, the Family can well afford to wait-out the contract and pop-up on another Network down the road, A&E on the other hand would need to fill that $400 million hole in their budget, and if revenue should drop-off too quickly it could force A&E to make cutbacks at the Network.

  • Alexxthegreat

    Libs are running out of stuff to scream and whine about….

  • KittySmith

    I don’t care what he thinks. I just want them off the air because it’s annoying. They should bring back The First 48 or some other crime show.


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