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Barack ObamaI’m not surprised that Obama wrote a letter to a constituent, wherein he called Tea Party members “Tea Baggers.”

No reason to take offense, as that would put Tea Party folks in the category of “gays.” Gays are the ones who can’t take the name-calling, which is part of the reason why Obama is so sensitive.

Obama is used to getting his own way. Most people simply dismissed his antics, or enabled him, which is worse. Obama has rarely been challenged in life, which is why he has so much hatred for the Tea Party. He considers the Tea Party’s disagreement with his policies a personal affront.

How dare they not either ignore him or not get with the program? That’s what’s supposed to happen. How else does a nobody with a record of accomplishing nothing be made to look like a Greek god?

Make no mistake about it, Obama believes himself to be a god. Even when he sheepishly tells “setup” members of his audiences, “I can’t do that without Congress,” he is merely playing for the cameras. Obama has no intention of getting permission from Congress.

How else can you pass a law which had to go through the Supreme Court, and then arbitrarily change it 5 times without going through Congress.

“We’re going to do everything we can, wherever we can, with or without Congress.” – Barack Obama

Last time I checked, presidents don’t change laws, but instead see that the laws are “faithfully executed.”

For Obama, “faithfully executed” means that he allows big money capitalists, unions, and politicians to exempt themselves from the law. Faithfully executed also means that when the law doesn’t work in his favor, Obama will continue to tweak it a bit, until it’s more to HIS liking.

Tea Baggers

It’s not wonder Forbes has made the case for his impeachment. But what’s taken so long. Obamacare is not the first overreach by this megalomaniac. It’s time Americans stopped concerning themselves with Obama’s race, and start putting his massive ego in check. The only group willing to do this without recompense is the Tea Party.

The real legacy for America will be when history notes that it was “tea baggers” who challenged a president gone rogue.

It was “tea baggers” who restored a representative Republic in America.

It will be “tea baggers” who destroy Obama and ObamaCare. Obama knows this, which is why the Tea Party is solidly on his radar.

The Tea Party may be just a blip on Obama’s radar screen, but it’s what he doesn’t see coming that will knock him out.

And when the President wakes up, there will be a couple of tea bags hovering over his nose.



Kevin Jackson's hilarious take on Race-Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism!

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

"In actuality, black people will go to substandard hospitals, wait in long lines behind illegal immigrants, and be treated like non-citizens, as there simply won’t be enough healthcare to go around. There will be the occasional lucky few who will receive treatment, and we will parade them around like championship rings, thus continuing the ruse. As you can see, we’ve left out nothing. We touch more on this in Chapter 10: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing. If for some reason we happen to run out of blacks, we will be able to apply our trade to the Mexicans with little disruptions. Plans are already underway for our next edition in this “How To” series: How to be a Latino "Race Pimp for Fun and Profit…even if you’re Illegal."

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  • bannie2

    We could be just as low-mannered and disgusting at the Obomites and call them “D**** Baggers.” But we probably won’t. 😉

    • Karll

      What about d****** nozzles?

  • Digital_Crimes

    Remember if the more conservative people are “Tea Baggers” then the more progressive people must have tilted their heads back and become the “Tea Baggies” prepare to receive the tea bag dear Progressives.


    I’m not above recompensating someone to do it. A he ll of a lot cheaper than we are getting now and lets do it now!

  • Guest

    Call me a Tea Bagger all you want. That’s no insult to me.

  • MickeyFreakinDougal

    After looking up the definition of “tea bagger” in the Urban Dictionary, it would seem more appropriate to call Obama the tea bagger and almost half of America the “receiver.”

  • Cindy Ellett

    Honestly, I think you nailed it! I just would like to know what is taking Congress so long to wake up and act?? Nixon was a saint compared to Obama!

  • Cindy Ellett

    I thank God for black people like you, Star Parker, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Alan West, Condi Rice, and so on! You are true patriots defending the United States of America and Americans, not defending this mistake in the White House!

  • Cindy Ellett

    personally, I believe Herman Cain (who has disproved all allegations against him) was targeted because he would have easily beaten Obama! I really wish we had President Cain right now! … or Romney !

    • carlcasino

      Or Jimma Kater, or Kim Jon Un or Adolph Hitler or even Uncle Joe.

      • Jeramiah Styers

        I wrote in bigbird for pres with cookie monster as his vp because I felt like a muppet would have done a better job than any of the idiots on the ballot.

  • infadelicious

    Obama is the last person who should be calling anyone a teaba**er

  • PJones

    At first I thought that until now there has never been, in all of history, a U.S. president who used a vulgar term for a sexual activity to characterize a famous event in American history and an American, grassroots political movement named for it.
    But then I thought, ‘Nah. I’m probably just a racist.’

  • Mary

    Mr. Barry Soreinto, you are a racist.

  • Patriot502003

    Amazing how the King Felcher would have the audacity to call Tea Party Patriots “Tea Baggers!”

    • joanc

      I wonder if he would use that term at Man’s country bathhouse in Chicago, where he was reported to enjoy good times.

  • norweb

    I think impeachment is in order for Obama. The sooner the better.

  • rhondareichel

    The bottom line is what you are willing to sacrifice your liberty for. Security? Going along with the crowd? Party loyalty? What?

    The only conclusion I can reach is people are in a stupor….a trance….mesmerized by TV pundits who obscure the truth. The reality is you are throwing your rights and liberty away with both hands. How can people wonder how this happened at all? Most of you let the foxes into the henhouse. They conned you….by endorsing men who support stealing your God given rights to liberty.
    Well… didn’t they?

    If it was about the party and not your rights, then you are brainwashed. It’s a given that all democrats are mindless low information drones, but I can’t understand how republicans can be. No party is worth giving our freedom up. I left the party when I realized the scope of the danger I was in.

    I can’t understand how republicans support candidates who support the NDAA and Patriot Act
    Their nominees always do. McCain & Romney sure did. You can’t call yourself a patriot if you approve. REMEMBER….THEY ALL VOTED TO GIVE OBAMA THIS POWER. FOOLS. NO MAN SHOULD HAVE THIS POWER.

    Did you vote for this? Maybe you don’t realize what it means….watch and see the power over you— that you condoned & freely gave them.

    As the creator of this piece, of the
    YouTube handle, StormCloudsGathering
    says, “If this doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what will.”
    ….are you going to fight to stop this now?

    Video (about 12 mins):
    The Terrifying Future of The United States

    • Jeramiah Styers

      The republicans are noting more than an extension of the democratic party at this point. The two party system will never work because there will always be people to either just vote to party lines good bad or indifferent or vote against something just because of who submitted it.

  • Blaine Smith

    O’s letter is a joke and lies as always.

  • gwhh

    I wonder if the person who wrote this so he COULD copy it. We have all seen the SMALL amount of Berry handwriting. His grammar is awful. Wrote that in there OR did Berry change it and put it in. Either way could happen just as easy the other one!

  • Karll

    Call me anything you want, except “democrat” or “liberal”.

    That’s too insulting.

  • Ken Bowman

    We are not what we say. We are what we DO!

    Biggie Rat O Bastard does EVIL!

  • IHateLibs

    IMPEACH MY A$$ . He committed FRAUD , PURGERY, and TREASON. That is a HANGIN OFFENSE

  • Jeramiah Styers

    Obama and holder and possibly Hillary Clinton should be put on trial for treason and publicly hanged in the white house courtyard to make an example out of what we to to traitors and usurpers.. That is what our founding fathers would have done and that is what Americans should do.

  • bull57

    Add me to the list of “Teabaggers”! I’m proud to be a part of the group that WILL SAVE our great country. The liberal progressives will go down in flames and hopefully the prison will fill up with them!!!


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