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vacationIt’s generally agreed that Michelle Obama loves to vacation, and vacation she does.

Rumor has it that during the president’s first term, the First Lady spent a total of $10 million on vacations.

What we do know is that on more than one occasion, with zero concern over Air Force One costing $181K per hour, Michelle has flown to Hawaii ahead of her husband. But this time it’s different. After an extended 17-day, estimated $4-million family getaway in Oahu, Michelle has decided to linger awhile after hubby and the kids headed back to Washington DC.

Usually there’s an excuse for Michelle Obama’s luxurious self-indulgence. In 2010 when unemployment was at 9.5% Mrs. Obama spent approximately $500K of taxpayers’ money on a trip to a resort on Spain’s Costa del Sol that included 40 people who tagged along.

The ‘you better not criticize’ excuse that time was that she was on a “private, mother-daughter trip” with Sasha.

This time, the spin is that “As part of her birthday gift from the President, the First Lady will remain in Hawaii to spend time with friends ahead of her upcoming 50th birthday.” Judging from some of the photos that circulated during the family portion of the vacation, it looks like Michelle remaining behind might have nothing at all to do with a pre-birthday gift.

But whatever the reason, most Americans would agree that it’s important for the birthday girl to chill out with BFFs at Oprah Winfrey’s “exquisite” Maui estate.

So, while sick people are storming out of emergency rooms, because although they enrolled in Obamacare they have no insurance, Michelle is enjoying additional time relaxing with friends in a “remote up-country region, where the houses that dot the moss-covered rock [Hawaiian] hillside face the ocean.”

After all, in anticipation of hitting the big 5-0 the first lady does need to rest up before the Dougie dance party the White House has planned for January 18th.  Not only that, but 17 days of vacation does have a tendency to wear a girl out.

With that in mind, Michelle has sent the kids home along with the old man and is now officially part of a “Waiting to Exhale”-style “girls’ getaway” attended by Oprah’s best bud, CBS’s Gayle King, Barack Obama’s best bud Valerie Jarrett. Also invited, Sharon Malone, Attorney General Eric Holder’s wife and co-owner with her sister of Old National GYN, an abortion clinic building in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Hawaii home of billionaire media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, has been described as “an ordinary little gray ranch.”

However, it has been renovated and is now “the perfect 21st century farmhouse.”  Horses surround the ranch, which has raised ceilings and French doors throughout, and is wrapped around by a porch that looks out over the Pacific Ocean.

That’s why the American people should breathe a collective sigh of relief that our very own first lady isn’t bunking just any old place.

In a story for, Ms. Winfrey spoke fondly about her Hawaiian house. “I love, love, love my house,” she said, “[i]t’s a gem, so sweet and exquisite. Such a real, normal house. It feels like a nice blanket. A lovely and soft cashmere one.”


Oprah has described her estate as a place so tranquil and “sacred” that she’s had New Age experiences she’s described as “some transcendent, powerful and revelatory moments on the island.”

That’s why there’s a chance that Michelle Obama is having similar “transcendent, powerful and revelatory” experiences, which could bode well for America.

Perhaps after sitting on Oprah’s “front porch …[watching] the greatest light show on earth” for a day or two, “sip[ping] drinks inspired by whatever is fresh and delicious — mango, guava, pineapple, cucumber, basil,” or riding “horses to the top to watch the moon rise over the ridge,” Michelle’s weary, overworked soul will be restored.

Then, after Mrs. Obama has had that long-overdue revelatory moment, hopefully she’ll finally come to realize that her depraved indifference to the suffering of others is really starting to irk the restless natives stuck back on the mainland with Barry and the kids.



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  • Alexxthegreat

    It’s nice to be the Queen.
    Three more years of her majesty….three more years of tax payers footing the bill for these cretins.

    FTA~~””Perhaps after sitting on Oprah’s “front porch …[watching] the greatest light show on earth” for a day or two, “sip[ping] drinks inspired by whatever is fresh and delicious — mango, guava, pineapple, cucumber, basil,” or riding “horses to the top to watch the moon rise over the ridge,” Michelle’s weary, overworked soul will be restored.””

    Then she comes back to tell US how to eat and drink.

    • Gwamma

      He regifted

      • DL Sly

        That was classic.

    • Ron Schmidt

      No matter how much it costs (us), I think it’s less expensive for the Queen to remain away from D.C. than to have her meddling in the affairs of state and directing the king.

      • Grant Watson

        Definitely true for Barry. While he is away, the stock market climbs. When he returns, it tumbles. A smarter man, one not a complete narcicist, might see that and off himself for the good of mankind.

      • Alexxthegreat

        Perhaps the ‘other queen will foot her massive bills….and they can all go home with smiles on their faces.

        • Elizabeth

          she openly said she didn’t want Op in the WH

      • FreedomTrainUSA

        Time to send these 2 LEACHES from the WHITE HOUSE to the BIG HOUSE…

      • patriotgrammy

        Are you kidding?! She’s with Valerie Jarrett…the real power in the White House. They’re running the country from Hawaii….Obama is nothing more than a mere puppet.

        • Ron Schmidt

          I’m afraid you are correct.

    • S. Wicks Jr

      Why the HELL do We the People have to pay for that witch? She is NOT the president. Let HIM pay for it OUT of HIS pay. Whilst Americans are back at home JOBLESS and groveling for food, she TAKES an EXTENDED VACATION on OUR DIME? How long after obamy leaves office do you think they will stay together?!!!

      • Alexxthegreat

        I would give you an answer but I don’t want to be seen as racist.
        If we’re talking George Bush and his family, I would feel comfortable discussing that situation…But Barack and the Mrs….well, let’s just say I’d rather not comment in the open.

        • FreedomTrainUSA

          I know what you mean……If I descrbed those 2 LEACHS on here in the way that I REALLY THINK about them….It would get BANNED FOR SURE…

      • FreedomTrainUSA

        Put MOO COW MOOOOOCHELLE on a Broomstick and she and Qween PIGlosi….The Wicked Witch of the West….Can Fly off into the SUN…

      • Elizabeth

        she wont stay with him long after he leaves the WH, unless of coarse we file charges against her too for treason

    • patriotgrammy

      There can’t be 3 more years of this…..the time is NOW

      • MARYANN33

        There won’t be three more years…They will be arrested and charged before then.

        • patriotgrammy

          Let’s pray that’s true.

        • Elizabeth

          we will win the senate in 2014

  • Michael Wright

    She is sickening to behold.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      LIKE “BARF”

    • pup081

      Then what was Barbara Bush?

      • The Infidel

        A lady. You seem to be quite jealous!

      • MARYANN33

        A lady.


    The first tramp has to get it in while she can, because in 3 more years she will go back to being nobody, a has been and no long lasting affect at least Betty Ford has her clinic

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      The GHETTO TRASH…can go back to the Chicago Ghetto…..

      Maybe we should send her to one of Projects on the South Side….but they have torn most of them down…

  • Leenie Vunghn

    Been thinking about this alot!! How can a mom take a vacation from her kids (if they’re even their kids) , when they’re returning to school? (They’ve already been on vacation for 17 days) Does she need a vacation from all the lying they do ‘cuz she doesn’t have any peace of mind??? Is she worn out & depressed from living a life of lies?? Do they even have a conscience ???

    • sgosher

      She’s taking advantage of spending other people’s money.

      • FreedomTrainUSA

        Called Taxpayer Money and Borrowed Chinese Money…that the Taxpayers are responsible for …

    • Jack

      well, No, no, and no

    • HappyG

      Because she cares only about MooMoo…

    • Leenie Vunghn

      I hope everyone realizes I was being sarcastic with my above stmt. I’m sure that the —-2 men raising the girls just need a break from raising someone else’s children. They probably figured it’d be for only 4 years & not 8 years (after 4 years, they could return the girls to their real parents) and since they never had children b/4 the election, it’s gotta be wearing them out. The only woman in the girls life is Michelle (Michael’s) mom, that lives in our WH. YES, I’m being snarky & i am ENJOYING IT.

      • Elizabeth

        I also believe that these children are not theres

  • norweb

    I read Michelle was over heard in the White House screaming at Barack after the Mandella funeral she has seen an attorney for a divorce as soon as Barack’ s Presidential term is up. She is also having his clothes moved out of their Chicago house. Rumor has it she is fed up with his homosexuality.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      That would all be for SHOW….Since it was an Arrange Marriage by the Rev WRONG…Wright….She knew all about it….Just like after Hilary’s Fake Outrage when she found out that Slick Willie had his SEX WITH MONICA AND THE BLUE DRESS…

      • CJeanne

        However tune in to Moochelle’s traits…. “Her” legs, “her” upper arms, “her” fingers and hands, “her” walk…… I don’t think she can take enough hormones to totally change the characters. With obama’s homosexuality,”she’s” the perfect match for him. Do some online searching and you’ll find quite the background for “her”…

        • FreedomTrainUSA

          What specifics on Moo Cow MOOOOCHELLLE are you refering to?????….

          I have done Massive Research on both of these LEACHES….I have always noted that she has VERY MASCULINE FEATURES…And looks very much like her brother who is the Basketball Coach at Oregon State…I have never come accross any specifics on her sexually…

        • MARYANN33

          She looked like her football player picture the other day…Total male.

    • Elizabeth

      I heard the same report

  • Leenie Vunghn
  • David Hendrick Behrens

    Michelle will never divorce Obama or never disclose his homosexuality, she is living her life long dream, to live like a royal queen, with American tax payers money, cardblanche, endless money for her to be extravagantly spending, a she desires, and she will continue as long as Obama is kept in power……

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      The Arranged Mariage by the Rev WRONG…Wright….of a HOMO and GHETTO TRASH…

    • CJeanne

      Well Moochelle has her own sexual closet issues! She and obama are made for each other!

  • pajamakat

    I don’t know who angers me more – her or the clueless idiot she’s married to. Honestly, some days I just need to not even think about them. They live rent free in my head. Just like everything else is for them – FREE.

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      Are you refering to those TWO ILLEGAL SQUATTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE…..And how long will it take to FUMAGATE the place after We throw their A$$ES OUT THE DOOR…..Because the Stench IS OVERPOWERING…

      • Mac Boy

        . PRINT this page, and tack it to your wall, so you Don’t forget in 2014 !!!

  • FreedomTrainUSA

    Right after the 2008 Fradulent Elections that put MOO COW MOOOOOOCHELLLE AND THE BOY DICTATOR in the White House…She stated that NOW IT IS PAYBACK TIME…..This GHETTO PIG…..Is Milking the American Taxpayers for EVERYTHING THAT SHE AN BOY DICTATOR CAN GET…

  • Peter Furman

    How can anyone justify,accept the same tyranny,the same excesses,the “looting” of what’s left of the people’s money to “indulge” in this “grotesque” gluttony,this “Lifestyle” that only the wealthiest of Americans can afford?

    As was said and as wasn’t said there are 50 million people who need food stamps to survive! The country itself is desperately Bankrupt,These Tyrants,these hypocrites,these criminals STEAL,Destroy,Regulate the lives of most everyone while just a FEW years ago before they were “gluttons” living a lifetime on the “dole” Racism is One thing but living on other people’s money to get an education,to party,to “Fail” and deceive for a lifetime speaks volumes about them and “volumes about why America is FAILED!

    $ 3 thousand dollar suits for a man who dressed like he came straight from a garbage can is hard to accept,tolerate! A woman who is living off the suffering of others with numerous chefs,maids,”staff”,”slaves” to cater to anything,everything she demands including a “Free Lunch” for her mother to live in luxury in the “People’s” house,in the People’s House with the People unwittingly paying for it all!
    Obama “Stole” %500 billion from the supposed”lock box” the money a generation of those who “worked” for 30-50 years promised it would be there when they needed it is the act of “Grand Larceny”,Theft by a dictator who Just took it,is redistributing it and/or spending it without the authority,the “right” to “steal” what is NOT his to touch!

    It is incredible,depressing,outrageous that Politicians can/do LIE,Steal,Bribe,Intimidate to then spend their ill gotten gains as the “Pariah”,the Sociopath’s that they are,the Pathological,Amoral,devoid of Conscience,piranha they are to consume Everything,to devour everything and then do it again!

    Winfrey is the Poster Girl of an Ingrate,a self absorbed hypocrite who accuses everyone and anyone of the most Foul “Racism” as she “wallows” in the “lap of luxury” that the very same people gave to her,handed to her as they supported her grotesque t.v. show that exploited the suffering,the Gluttony,the depraved,the pathetic and/or tragic lives of others for MONEY!

    Millions and Millions of “sheep” watched her “Daily” parade of human tragedy,the very same people,the very same country where she became a “billionaire” for What?

    These are the people,a few of the many who cannot “stuff” themselves,cannot “gorge” themselves,cannot “satisfy” their “obsessions” enough and who can manipulate,betray,prey on the disenfranchised,the poor,the “sheep” who need someone else,anyone else to “take Care of them” and Brother,Sister they are Sure taking Care of turning America into the “antithesis” of why millions and millions of “Legal” immigrants risked everything to come here thinking the “Left” Tyranny behind!

    • patriotgrammy

      Very well articulated.

  • Juanita Soos Richards

    Cancer patients and about 6 MILLION more are still reeling from the SUCKER PUNCH of Obama-care and the lies/malpractice of the cult and its leader.
    I don’t know how this BEAST is allowed to get on TV and lay blame on Republicans for going on CHRISTMAS vacation knowing a little over a million people unemployed (thanks to Obamas failed handouts and lies about job growth) were SCHEDULED to RUN OUT of benefits (THEY KNEW they had USED UP the benefits) with no mention of the 6.2 MILLION Obama DECEIVED/LIED TO/ROBBED of their insurance benefits and headed to the ISLANDS just a few DAYS in advance, for ANOTHER million dollar vacation paid for by those very victims. DUH!!!

    • Mac Boy

      *** try 8.5 Million ………………….

    • MARYANN33

      Let the sick and elderly pay for it all.

  • louisk

    We ain’t seen nuthin yet.

  • msueh

    she should try surfing – where the sharks linger.

  • Mac Boy

    Is that “Aunt Jemima” Moochelle standing in the front yard ???

    • pup081

      What a racist statement? You right-wingers are some of the most racist people in this country. Since Pres. Obama came into office you have done nothing but lie and attacked him and his family.
      Where were the nasty comments for other GOP first ladies who went on vacation. Former Pres. G.W.Bush went on more vacations then the Obamas, but you are all silent on that one.
      And Christians most of you certainly aren’t, you don’t even obey one of the 10 Commandments that say “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” Jesus pointed the your neighbor was the whole of mankind on the Earth.

      • HappyG

        Bite me…Americans are starving to death and giving up all hope and this couple don’t even want to let the people eat cake…Their optics are as offensive as any other tyrants who gorge as their flock suffers…

      • mac12sam12

        From FBI/DOJ black on white crime figures blacks are more racist than whites.
        Bush went to Camp David or his ranch in Texas and they were mostly working vacations. If the Bush’s took separate aircraft to the same destination you would be outraged.
        False witness? Obama is the worst and most unqualified president in U.S. history and the numbers back me up. You must be one of the free stuff people.

      • MARYANN33

        No false witness here…Obama is totally false…

      • magsntx

        Blasphemy! The mention of Obama, Christian and the 10 Commandments in the same post!

      • Elizabeth

        he has done it to himself you left wing jerk, he has done nothing for this country but put it in jeperdy from our enemies, yes Bush took vacations mostly to his own home in Texas you jerk. I am a Christian and am no bearing anything false, and if you were smart you wouldn’t listen to the jerks that create havoc in this country and research the truth about these Jerks in the WH. what is the matter with all you left wing nuts, do you believe this liar in chief that lies every single day of his life, the only true thing he said was he was going to fundamently change America and in that he is doing a great job of leading this once great nation to being a communist third world country. This man and his racist wife make me sick

    • survivor33

      I see the rear end of a horse….is that what you see too? Yup, that’s Moochelle.

  • medivac

    The obama’s need to vacate immediately !! From Washington D.C. !! BTW, did someone forget to chum for the sharks in Hawaii or are the sharks just waiting for something better to eat ??

  • Jim

    She looks just like the hookers on the stroll in Oakland……………… But they have more class than she has.

    • Ed839

      I don’t think those hookers in Oakland bear the same resemblance to a chimp like moochelle does.


    Let Oprah take over her upkeep Moochel is a unnecessary government expense and WTP are fed up with her ostentatious ways…..the woman is nothing more than a big mouthed lobster eating machine with no class….

  • Jacqueline Lynn

    The beheaded queen of France is supposed to have said “then let them eat cake” when told her people were starving for want of a loaf of bread!
    True or not people like the Obama’s and their high living and elite pals should remember what happened when their subjects grew tired of watching their families starve! Viva La France, Viva La Revolution! (no, I can’t speak French).

  • Virginia Dell Lichac

    AND THE BEAT GOES ON! Heaven help us!!

  • Timewarped

    Lots of rug munching going on there…

  • flatbedbill

    Exactly what does this pampered, selfish, greedy, spoiled rotten bimbala need a
    vacation from? What does she do besides dreaming up one more ridiculous
    program after another? Talk about rubbing our noses in it. Most of us middle class
    folk can’t take a vacation, or haven’t taken a vacation in ages because we
    can’t afford it. These two? We’re trying to make ends meet putting gas in the car, food on the table, heat and lights in the house, and putting aside tuition fee’s for the kids because they are’t here illegally and can’t catch a break because they were born here to US citizens. What is this now? Vacation #20?


    She can eat her grits out on the porch….

  • magsntx

    Barry can hit the bath houses like in olden times.

  • Wilks

    Just another Anti-American POS!

  • Neelie
  • sadnana

    How did Michelle, who has openly insulted Oprah and banned her from “waddling” around the WH, manage to convince Oprah to allow her to use her exquisite home? What does Oprah get out of this? It must be something amazing.

    • Elizabeth

      Oprah is a left wing JA like the rest of the dems

  • Elizabeth

    I heard the rumor that she was thinking of divorce because of his selfie with that blond Swedish rep or whatever an also heard of two more incidents of his running with two others that the protectors didn’t tell about, so go figure, wonder if the two others were guys or gals )?


    He prefers males;). Always.


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