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BullettG2 Research has released a new round that is an engineering marvel.

Called the Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P), G2 aptly describes the  round, “[it] redefines State of The Art in personal defense ammunition.”

Law enforcement and gun owners around the country are rushing to get their hands on this next generation ammo: G2 has just gone where no man has gone before in the ballistics universe.

G2 Research recounts:

It started with an un-compromised idea of creating the ultimate personal protection round. The geometry at the tip of the projectile has much to do with the way the projectile travels through tissue. It has been long known in the medical industry that a trocar point penetrates the dermis layer more efficiently…the G2R RIP Round

Watch and be AMAZED!!!

“The power, innovation, and extreme capabilities of the R.I.P. cartridge will revolutionize law enforcement capabilities, as well as give civilians a much needed advantage when it comes to self-defense.”

G2’s site lists the awesome specs:

G2 Research R.I.P. 9mm
* 16″ Penetration
* Up to 6″ diameter spread
* 96 gr projectile
* 2″ grouping at 25 yrds
* 1265 FPS / 490 Muzzle Energy
* 9 Separate Wound Channels
* Precision Machined
* Solid Copper / Lead Free
* Defeats all known barriers such as sheet metal, sheet rock, windshields, plywood, heavy winter clothing

Of course those are just the 9 mil specs, but don’t fret. G2 has plans to develop a .380 ACP, .357 Sig, .40 caliber, .45 ACP, and shotgun slugs.

G2 Research proves the adage that no federal agency can rival the power of private entrepreneurial innovation. Ever.






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  • middleman 121

    Yes, let us all celebrate yet another more deadly projectile in a world where mass shooting are on the rise. Well done Blacksphere.

    • jimmy jack james



      You mean mass shootings done by liberals are on the rise. Not a single mass killing was done by a conservative like Kevin Jackson. So perhaps…take your ignorance back to whatever little fascist blog liberals get their info from.

    • Wayne Ogilvy

      I think I will celebrate another tool to stop the loony lefties on Psych, drugs shooting up innocents in gun free zones !!

      • middleman 121

        Correct, so let us not keep putting our kids on those psychotropic drugs.

  • AR154U

    Great looking ad,.. but I am not that easily convinced. Cost has to be considered and liability is always an issue with me. I noticed the one ballistic gelatin target being fired upon also had pieces of the round escaping and tearing into the paper target as well,.. not good ! When does the AMA chime in to ban this round? Just like the black talon rounds or teflon coated rounds (a.k.a. Cop Killers !!). Leftist Media will love this !!

    • Fred Hedrick

      My first thoght exactly. It will go the same way as the Black Talon. I also agree with good hits make good stops. I see however, that their inference about the temporary wound channel vs. permanent wound channel has a bit of bearing on this round. If you also notice, there is a central part of the projectile that continues on a straight and true track deeper into the medium. It is “scary and impressive looking” to be sure. I agree with the person citing aggrandizing by a Prosecuting Attorney about the “heinous nature” of such a projectile. Hornady Critical Defense is an excellent round for my money, in my humble opinion.
      And in response to middleman 121………….I can’t think of anything nice to say so I will just let the intellect of their statements speak for themselves.

  • slrassoc

    I’m going to send some to Zimmerman. Call it the hoodie stoppr round.

    • CharlesD

      “What you goin’ to do nights, Mr. Teece?”

  • The_Frog_Prince

    Next thing we know they’ll be outlawing copper so save your pennies.

    • Timothy M O’Reilly

      They already managed to shut down the primary lead smelter in the USA


    I am not much impressed with magic bullets. Remember the ‘Black Rhino’ round?

    Remember the three rules of terminal ballistics. 1. Only hits count. 2. Fluids out, air in. 3. Bigger bullets make bigger holes.

    Everything else is rubbish.

  • Timothy M O’Reilly

    I prefer FMJ solids, possibly because of my military background. The Geneva & Hague Conventions, to which the USA is a signatory, ban the use of frangible rounds such as this, or hollow points by the military because they were considered to be inhumane and the use of such to be a war crime. Interestingly, the US police forces decided upon hollow points decades ago purportedly to reduce the chance of bullets going through to many objects and striking innocent people nearby – a legitimate concern – although I sometimes wonder about the answer.
    Which begs the question, are they engaged in inhuman conduct when they use such? If there were another revolution in America, would the use of hollow point or frangible ammo such as this be considered a war crime as it would for the military now?

    • kenstaff

      Your “humane” view is interesting. You should feel proud being so “pc”. In a gunfight there is only one objective…..”to live”. As a retired peace officer, there is no such thing as sympathy during a gunfight. Kill the bad guy as effectively as you can! This looks like a tremendous round.

      • Timothy M O’Reilly

        Ken – noted – I agree there is no sympathy in a gunfight, but were we to go to civil war police officers would be guilty of war-crimes due to their violations (because of the use of hollow point ammo) of the conventions signed in Geneva and the Hague.
        What that translates to is opening themselves up to reprisals for violations of the same.
        Example in WWII during the Battle of the Bulge a number of German soldiers dressed in US uniforms and infiltrated our lines. Those that were caught were lined up against a wall and shot – no big trial, no years of appeals, no Guantanamo prison for years on end. What was their crime? The conventions require that combatants wear distinctive dress (uniforms) in order to separate themselves from the civilian, noncombatant population. Attempting to pass oneself off as either a noncombatant or as a member of the opposing army are both not protected actions. Therefore the quick executions.
        Basically what I am arguing here is that if there are any restraints/controls left in such a worst case situation, those would protect those who abide by them, and do not protect those who violate them.
        We could also discuss the Nuremberg trials after the war and the hunting down of Nazi death camp guards that continues to this day. Etc, etc.
        But do not mistake my preference of FMJ as being any form of sympathy in the gun fight – I reserve that for those that I’m trying to protect.

      • Timothy M O’Reilly

        Oh and Ken and whoever else is out there and concerned about it … I am not “pc” not at all. see my reply below to Ken … regards all

  • PWe72

    After some thought I’m very much afraid they have “created a monster” that may turn around and bite us. The anti-gun, pro-criminal element may be able to use this round as a means of getting our liberal court (or obummer’s pen) to outlaw all but FMJ rounds on the civilian market. I surely hope not as this design offers increased potency badly needed by the .380 and 9mm round.

    • dasbunker

      Of course this round will be deemed illegal as soon as it is marketed.
      This round will not pass muster with the Geneva or Hague convention for small arms in combat.( this will be the argument of the Left )

      However the Police in any country and the populous of the United states have no obligation to follow these rules,unless the opportunist District Attorney wants to make a name for himself for prosecuting a home owner for using this “unusual or special ammunition” while defending themselves killing a home invader.
      Cops,Thugs and civilians use hollow points because they work the way they are designed to work.
      Good penetration,low chance of collateral damage from over penetration.
      The Cops always load hollow points that are illegal in conventional warfare.
      Will shooting armed Americans by the Police, the U.S. or the Foreign military in the upcoming Martial law be called conventional warfare ? I think not.
      This round will not defeat a bullet proof vest.
      This round will however, kill anyone you shoot at without ballistic protection.
      Good job guy’s, great idea.
      If the government shuts you down, please distribute the solid models of this round far and wide.

      Solid copper machined on a CNC should not be a problem.

      By the way PWe ,you have some great options for .380 in +P ammo for your pistol. Check out Golden Saber Ammo.

      Stay safe my friend.

    • Mark Tipton

      The .45 FMJ rounds can be very effective with more than a ninety percent record of “one-shot and drop” abilities as long as the bearer can hit their target under pressure they would be fine … and substantially cheaper. For my .44 special however, I discovered some rounds that were legally classified as FMJ though with a flat tip almost like a wadcutter round … though jacketed and serrated providing a copper shredding to penetrate and still allowing the lead round to penetrate deep and hard and create a nice wound cavity for the stopping power I needed.

  • edro3111

    Well, my feeling is this. Buy many and buy often. This is THE ideal home invader defense round. As far as the Geneva Convention, who cares. Nobody follows it anyway except the U.S. and we get laughed at. After some dude’s arm or leg gets blown off, maybe the word will hit the street that we’re tired of the punk crap. Just my opinion.

  • C. Y.

    The accepted procedure for the predictability of success of a handgun bullet is getting the largest piece of that bullet to disrupt the signals to the parts of the body that fight back. Meaning that the spinal cord and or brain must be disrupted in order for instantaneous stopping. At handgun velocities it takes a bullet that stays together and continues on to the brain or spinal column. Spreading a lot of small pieces around is like using bird shot and expecting it to work like buckshot. Rifle bullets work completely different. Of course this bullet will probably cause death, but if the bad guy continues to cut your throat or hit you with that bat or pull the trigger of their weapon, it’s not doing it’s job. The FBI protocol tests bullets and I doubt this one would pass all the tests. This from a 25 year LE firearms instructor and student of interior ballistics. Very interesting bullet but needs tone tested in your specific firearm and how expensive is it?

    • Bp. David

      C.Y.–You are right. Flechette rounds, made of little “spears” were tested by the Army back in the 80’s and were discarded for that very reason. They made hamburger of the enemy, but that hamburger patty could still continue the charge and kill you!

  • DeCater’nDC

    A’course the good ol’ 45 ACP is going to be cheaper, and it will sit you down just as fast as that new bullet. I mean, how dead do you have to kill someone?

    • Sam

      Probably do not need something as large as a 45 caliber with that design. It has to fragment and that’s what kills the target.

      • violater1

        No good ole fashioned gun control is what kills the target!When shot in the heart an fmj stops its beating as does a hp or one of these sarrated monsters! Dead is dead! What will the autopsy read oh the fmj just stopped the heart but the G2 Sent slattering parts all over each one particle killing target over and over!lol As Decater said dead is dead! All the rest of the issues here are in essence hype!

    • drkennethnoisewater

      I’d rather have a Glock stick mag of these than a .45 if confronted by a flash mob.. Quantity has a quality all its own..

  • Alleged Comment

    Just one question? Has it been tried on humans in a battle?

    So, you can’t say it is the greatest since sliced bread.

    • Mark Tipton

      Given that it is for all intents and purposes a serrated hollow point, it would likely not be allowed to be used legally by the military.

      • Alleged Comment

        A conundrum of sorts. It needs to be tested in real life, but can’t be tested ON real life.

        • Mark Tipton

          Preventing the military from using it does not necessarily mean that the government will be unable (or even unwilling) to give it a go.

      • justdooit

        Now a days…A Soldier would have to say, “Please…may I shoot you?” By that time the enemy has killed you…maybe. IF I could, I’d choose claymores surrounding my house…

    • Sam

      That has to be nasty if it hits human flesh or organs. Makes the home made hollow points look harmless.

  • Myles Standish

    Impressive design. The blue balloon demonstration was quite amazing.

    Very expensive looking. VERY.

    It’s worth remembering that whatever is available for the consumer is also available for the criminal.

  • ShilohKB

    I would like to see new design manufacturers refuse to sell to the government .

    • Dan S.

      The unfortunate side of that is that the government will find ways to buy or steal all the ammo they want. That is why we have had such a shortage of ammo for the average Joe on the street.

    • violater1

      You betcha but in so many of these Companies they get the lust for ultramoney! And fall under the controls of Gov. contract svcs. A Company of integrity is what we can hope this G2 ammo will be!

  • Flybob

    Sorry kids but there is NO replacement for GOOD placement. I’ve done pretty extensive tests with the wet phonebook routine and as far as I can see, if you hit a toe with a 45 or a 22 it aint gonna stop the dude. A .17 wmr will pretty much stop anything if it hit’s the right spot. It’s all about WHERE someone is hit not with what. A frying pan is a lethal weapon. As for the diehards that HAVE to have the perfect stopping power I say hit what you’re shooting at and stop bragging about your ballistic knowledge. It’s worthless if you don’t hit the right target or even have a shot. And for the guy who HAS to have the perfect drawing holster and says if it’s in your pocket it’s useless, well I’d rather carry a glock in my pocket (and have to rack one) than have a empty hand. It’s all a matter of timing and hitting the target. I’m an NRA instructor and I saw and use a demonstration at the school I trained at and if you think you can draw and stop someone from the hip starting from 21′ away then you’re a better man (and shot) than me. You’d be surprised how fast a person can cover 21′. Send someone 21′ away (down a hallway is perfect) and put a pistol (airsoft please) on a table where you can see it and get to it easily with your back to the assailant, have someone say “GO” and their job is to get you and your’s is to shoot them before they get to you. You’ll be surprised at how difficult it is to pick up the gun, aim and shoot before the assailant gets to you. Try it, it’s fun….just make sure you wear protective glasses and use a weak airsoft with the lighter pellets.

  • KalevEfrayim

    What about .357 Mag or .38 Spcl+P/ .38 Spcl?

  • all4HIM

    Years ago they banned the “Black Talon” rounds made by Winchester….so why were they so much more lethal and dangerous than these rounds they were also segmented hollow point rounds ?

  • PatCindyCunningham

    Something ain’t right about this. This YouTube video would be in a whisper considering we are an occupied Nation. The Obama Administration would raid the Manufacturer and confiscate every last bullet. Not buying it but, sure would like a couple hundred boxes of 9 mm and 380 LCP.

    • CharlesD

      You think this country is an occupied nation? Try living in one of the countries that the U.S. has invaded over the years or a Palestinian living in the West Bank and come back to talk to us about an occupied nation. You dirty hippy.

      • PatCindyCunningham

        Are you crazy? Who is us? The Countries you you so eloquently said America has invaded, is because they posed a threat to our National Security like 9/11? When did America invade the West Bank? You buddy, Obama is declaring war on anyone who oppose him and is using the power of the office to do it. IRS, DOJ, Treasury, and the EPA have all taken part. No, we aren’t occupied as you put it, but for America, we are closer than at anytime in our History. One more thing, I bet you call People names and then run away and hide don’t you?

        • CharlesD

          Am I crazy? I doubt that I am although people genuinely crazy rarely recognize that they’re crazy so maybe I’m not the most reliable source for an answer to your first question. “Who is us?”? Do you mean “who is this?”? Are you asking who I am? If you are, I’m a person who is disturbed by people who resort to hyperbole when describing what they’re afraid of. I’m also a person who dislikes people who fear things irrationally. Well, most fears are irrational anyway. Also, “Countries” and “People” don’t need to be capitalized. To get to the meat of your argument, the countries that the United States invades are rarely an immediate or even an indirect threat to our national security. Those two words don’t need to be capitalized either. Iraq posed no threat to U.S. security and had no part in orchestrating the attacks that occurred on September 11th. Nor have Grenada, Panama, or Haiti posed any threats to the national security of the United States. And while I did not claim that the U.S. had invaded or currently occupies Palestinian territory, large sections of the West Bank and Gaza have been illegally occupied by the Israeli settlers with very little of a rebuke from the administration in D.C.. “You buddy,…”? Did you mean “Your buddy,…”? When did I claim that I supported the current administration? My only claim in the above post (which to be fair was implied rather than explicitly stated) was that your original argument and the pronounced absence of logic is absurd. And what do you have against the EPA? Do you know why the EPA was originally founded? I would love to hear this. I guess the word “read” would be more accurate than “hear”. I suppose this reply is enough to invalidate your final comment about hitting and quitting a discussion or whatever it is you want to call this grammatical nightmare of a discourse. Do feel free to respond at your leisure. Or a moderator can simply delete my account and my comments which is far more common on this type of website which seems counter-intuitive considering so many people claim to love the freedom of speech in places like this.

          • PatCindyCunningham

            I am pretty sure they don’t give out awards for stupidity on these websites but, if they do you get would get first runner up for tons of wasted words. Why do you trolls always resort to name calling and then correcting spelling or grammar? Don’t you see you are only calling attention to just how wickedly dishonest you Liberal Zombies are?
            Your right about one thing, my grammar isn’t what it used to be but, my message is still strong and righteous. We are going to defeat all you Liberal Zombies because People are starting to see what you truly are. There will be no more answers to you so you need to switch your name again. You trolls are like Chameleons. You change names when you where one out. Go ahead and change it Chuck because your apparent stupidity is front and center.

          • CharlesD

            Well PatCindy, that is a very fascinating reply although I was hoping for a little better than that. To address one of your first comments, I point out grammatical errors because they reflect poorly on whatever it is you’re trying to argue and imply a lack of education. If your grammar is not what it used to be I would encourage you to begin reading well-written books more frequently and maybe find yourself a pen pal who’s also an English teacher. And while Liberal, Zombies, People, or Chameleons do not require capitalization nothing I have stated here is dishonest although you clearly do not like it. But not liking something or being afraid of something is not enough to make it disappear or become false. You’re either getting my actual opinion on a topic or you’re getting facts that can be verified by going into any library or book store if you’re able to make it past the brightly colored children’s picture books. Your message is self-righteous but hardly strong.

  • Kenneth Stout

    Looks like that’s what they intend to use against us!

  • jimpeel

    We’ll see how long it takes for the antis to start sniveling for the banning of thiss round.

    Remember this?

  • OldNorthState

    They’ll end up banned for civilian use, just as the “Black Talon” was. Same ol’ double standards, always. As Gomer Pyle said in a famous TAGS scene, “There’s two sets of laws – one for the common folk, and one for the po-lice!”

    • ONTIME


  • Frank W Brown

    Sweet, can’t wait for the .45ACP version!

  • myfordtruck

    all copper thats the reason its made like it is. any bullet will work as long as you put in right place


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