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stonedI have been an outspoken critic of politicians, because frankly I believe most of them are on drugs.

Well my theory must be catching on, because many people caught Obama’s interview by Costas about the Olympics, and they asked a very reasonable question: Was Obama stoned during the interview.

As Twitchy reported:

“President Obama looks exhausted. Or stoned. Is he in Colorado?” one person asked.

“Obama looks as high as a kite on @NBCOlympics,” another person tweeted.

“Obama is stoned for sure,” added Twitter user “Mother of Dragons.”



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  • ExposeThem

    To intentionally send “represtatives” who are gay is a slap in the face to Putin & to Russia. How dare Obama talk about respect & about improving relations with Russia!! It disgusts me when any country uses the Olympics for any political reason. It should be the one time everyone should focus on the games & the athletes & the ability for all to be on their best behavior. So-called leaders of all countries should take a lesson from the athletes in how they all get along! I am embarrassed for the U.S. that Obama did this!

  • Mahakala

    So Obama was sending three gays to represent the USA at the Olympics. Cann’t he do anything with trying to push his gay agenda?

    • Questionman2

      I know, How dare he proves America is for ALL people? A real President you send straight, white, christians to represent America. that’s what you mean, right?

      • mac12sam12

        It’s the politicizing of an agenda that’s annoying.

  • keribari

    Why does he feel that homosexuals are representative of America??? They are less than 3 % of the world…many choose the lifestyle…few are actually born that way.

    • Larry ‘n Betty Loop

      Really tired of having to be PC for this lifestyle! Tired that at every venue, in every way, the gay community is pushed on Americans, like we should be ashamed to think differently than they. God does not approve!

      • Alondra

        God did NOT, does NOT and will NOT approve !!!

        God said: “You SHALL NOT lie with a male as WITH a woman; it is an ABOMINATION” (Leviticus 18)

        Homosexual behavior “is an ABOMINATION” aka DETESTABLE aka REPUGNANT aka DISGUSTING aka REVOLTING !!! PERIOD !!!

    • Jessie Phillips

      he feels that they represent him, after all, he is gay

    • Brenda Stines Mills

      because bo surrounds himself with gays….look who he gives jobs to….look who he’s around by choice….he is gay….soooooo…….

  • Richard Belloff

    Boy, he is very stoned indeed.

  • Curt Pangracs

    Dude wrecked a spliff about ten minutes before. By the way, does anyone else think that every question Costa asked was decidedly political? He’s an asshat.

    • Elizabeth Boyer Lowe

      I couldn’t be happier to see Bob Costas with a nasty double eye infection. KARMA BABY!

  • Badgerbabe

    I have never seen President Obama look like this before. He does look and act sedated, whether it is pot, or perhaps pain medication, I have no idea… but I can understand why people have commented on his appearance. I have many reasons why I oppose his Presidency, policy issues, nothing more, nothing less. I hope that this does not become another reason to add to my list.

    • Elizabeth Boyer Lowe

      Oh, you’ve seen him like this before. Remember the first debate between him and Mitt Romney when Romney mopped the floor with him? He was freaking gorked out of his mind then too!

      • Badgerbabe

        Ah ha… I actually only listened to that first debate, we had other things going on that night… I should probably pull that video up and actually watch, lol.

  • PHure1958

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  • jeanbean14

    Idiot sends a delegation that are all openly gay to make a stupid point. His very favorite whining point. Everything he does is about something that doesn’t matter, designed to make a stupid point, completely moronic. I would not be surprised if he is high in this video, but I also would not be surprised if his supporters think that’s great.

    • Questionman2

      I know, How dare he proves America is for ALL people? A real President you send straight, white, christians to represent America. that’s what you mean, right?

      • jeanbean14


      • Ewade

        There you go again. Why did you mention “White” you RACIST TURD!

        • Brenda Stines Mills


  • Minerva V

    Sorry. I just couldn’t listen to him for 8 whole minutes. And after hearing that he is cooperating with the homosexual agenda to send gays to represent all of America at the Olympics, I just couldn’t listen to him anymore. He is so full of it…..and by “it” I mean, himself. After all, he did just recently let another world leader know that the real attraction of holding the office of President of the USA is that “he can do whatever he wants”!

  • bleufishcat

    I don’t see a difference. He’s always this long winded, abstract, non-sequiturial….

  • Avery111

    They must have dubbed this because his mouth and the words don’t exactly match.

  • NC77

    annnnnd, uh, and uh, uh, uh, annnnnnd, and uh, uh, uh, annnnnd, uh, uh, and uh, LOL

  • NC77

    And I forgot to add, annnnnd, uh, uh, uh, and uh, and uh, uh, annnnnd…..

  • raccman

    Does anyone still really care what this piece of left-wing poop says ?

  • Elizabeth Boyer Lowe

    That was the only thing running through my head while I put his nasty ass on mute and watched in silence. I cannot tolerate the sound of his voice, let alone the lies he spews on a daily basis, but I will tell you this much….he HAD to have been stoned out of his freaking MIND!

    • Questionman2

      I know. He has that affect on racists like you!

      • Elizabeth Boyer Lowe

        Wow, you don’t even know me, don’t have any clue about me and you hide behind an anonymous name and you call ME a racist? What a retard YOU are.

      • A concerned american

        I don’t care for Obama because he is incompetent and uncaring regarding the citizens (taxpayers) of this country. Does that make me a racist? I’d rather have Allen Keyes, Allen West, Ben Carson-anyone of them could work circles around Obama.

      • Brenda Stines Mills

        questionman 2, incompetence is not a race…..0bama is not liked because he is incompetent….INCOMPETENCE IS NOT A RACE!

  • AR154U

    “. we are sending a wonderful delegation of Brian Boitano and Billy Gene King to represent us … ” Really? Only ALL gay athletes can represent the USA?

    • A concerned american

      Those he sent should have remained at home and Obama himself cold have gone and represented all the homosexuals.

  • Texsheva

    Just HAS to send them because they’re GAY!!!! Wow, things are upside down. Then he talks about judging people by their merits…that would mean sending them because of their accomplishments….not because they’re gay.

  • 143jeanne


  • Average Joe

    Uh UH UH UH I’m UH UH UH I’m president UH UH UH obama. I UH UH UH I can’t UH go to the UH UH UH the UH UH games because UH UH UH they might you know UH UH UH kill me UH UH UH

  • DustyFae

    He has the look of a idiot l think he is mentally ill, and need medical attention , he looks like he is about to go over the edge… liars are easy victim to mental ill.

    • Alondra

      Quote: “He has the look of a idiot l think he is mentally ill”

      Well, after 5 years you still “thinking”?
      He is a mentally ill IDIOT for sure, without any doubt.

  • Questionman2

    I keep saying Hatred for Obama stems from Racism…..and yet day after day, I am proven right! What else this type of hateful attacks especailly one for NO reason?

    • Elizabeth Boyer Lowe

      It has nothing to do with racism and EVERYTHING to do with his tyrannical regime, his policies or lack thereof and his intent on furthering the gay and the muslim agendas along with his socialist agendas. Get your head out of your ass and wake up to reality. Racism has NOTHING to do with our despising of this usurper we have occupying our White House.

    • Alondra

      I keep saying for the 6 years that the Illegal pResident is a RACIST.
      He is NOT Niger. He is Mulatto, which means that he is 50/50 and as the Lame Stream Media would say: he is a White Niger.

      But he chose to be ONLY Niger aka Black. And that is an Almighty TRUTH. But you, Libtards, as always are changing the word’s definition – the TRUTH you are calling the “hate”. Aren’t you tired yet?

      We are!!! And we do NOT care what you will say. So continue to spin your nonsense.

    • Texas Belle

      NO reason? What planet are you living on? There are hundreds of reasons to dislike his policies but none of them stem from from racism. It is you on the left who keep bringing up racism. Did you hate Bush? Was is because he was white?

    • Ewade

      I always wonder how people can be as stupid as you, but then I realize you just plain don’t care that your family will suffer untold misery for your love of this monster. You have something on your chin there questionjerk

      • DJH

        There’s no cure for stupid and ignorant!!

        • Co2

          Stupid has no cure. Ignorant can be educated and learn. Just sayin’

    • A concerned american

      Do you think he may be slightly incompetent or maybe has a huge lack of experience-along with being a doper?

    • Co2

      No, you are wrong. He is half white. He could be all white, all Japanese, all Chinese, half Mexican, all Mexican…. that doesn’t matter. Extensive tax paid vacations, surprise policies, lack of jobs … just some of the reasons for negative comments. It is You who is looking at color by calling others ‘racists’.

    • Brenda Stines Mills

      I have worked with doctors that work in ER for 24+ hrs without sleep… they function much better than this…..BO is stoned…..

  • joshuasweet

    did he say “I am sure that they will be bringing home dope”?

    • sunshine

      no ..some gold.. lol

  • Daniel Boone

    Obviously he DOESN’T WANT TO ATTEND after all he’s the PERSIDENT AND CAN “DO WHAT EVER HE WANTS” and does he look stoned ,absolutely ! I qualify that statement by admitting to being a daily pot smoker for well over ten years I’ve smoked it if been with and around people the are and have smoked pot believe me I have seen him high on more than one occasion.

  • Dan S.

    Well a he a seems a to a be a very a high a to a me. He sure knows how to put an excessive amount of a’s in his statements.

  • gavinwca

    He sent the H.o.m.o.’s what else should they want.


    Eyelids are a bit droopy but he is not slurring his circle talking style…..might be his tele prompter is on the blink…anyone smell his BO breath..?

    • Co2

      A long term user can function quite clearly, though rambles, changes subjects or states more than needed on the topic. It’s not alcohol.

  • Corsica

    I’m no fan of the president but he just looks sleepy. There’s a 9 hour difference betw Sochi and Wash DC so if Costas is giving the interview “tonight” as he says then say for instance its 6 pm in Sochi, then it’s 3 am in DC. Of course the president’s eyes are going to look droopy.

    • Texas Belle

      Are we sure it was a live interview or one taped earlier? I’ve seen sleepy but this has the look of something far different from that.

    • Freedom’sBell

      You are going the wrong way. 6PM in Sochi is 9AM in DC. To do an evening interview on the East coast, 9PM in DC is 6AM in Sochi. Costas would be the sleepy one.

      We all know Obama can’t handle the 3AM phone call, even when it comes at 5PM.

    • davienne

      i dont think he ever went to sochi

    • osteomed

      This, Dude-President, was definitely STONED! I couldn’t even think of finishing the video, I can’t stand hearing his voice and looking at him any more, let alone doing those things while this man was obviously stoned!!

      But, if your generous presumption is correct Corsica, don’t you think the Kenyan, has ever heard of just a couple of cups of coffee, to get him past his time delay?!

    • 143jeanne

      hahaha! Surely you jest or are very naive.

    • Red_Ruffansore

      I’m looking at your avatar and I think you’re stoned or lost your marble.

  • Alondra

    Hey, barack hussein obama a.k.a. barry soetoro a.k.a. barrack obama a.k.a. barrack dunham a.k.a. barry dunham a.k.a. barry Soebarkah a.k.a. barak Mounir Ubayd a.k.a. HARRISON J. BOUNEL, when you’ll make an announcement that you are a Homosexual aka Depraved aka Debauched aka Decadent aka Dissolute.

    It’s time to come out from the closet, Pervert Dunce.

  • poptoy1949

    Nah,Just tired of the all nighter with his true father.

  • bygonemel

    He can’t go because he is already scheduled for a different vacation spot !!!

  • davienne

    drug test..arrest the SOB… drugs are still illegal

  • Ewade

    Count the “uh’s” This dude’s a retard without his teleprompter.

    • pateboo

      That’s when the truth tends to unintentionally slip out of his lying lips.

  • Vinny777

    Hey Obama is rooting for his home country to win a medal, GO KENYA !!!

  • A concerned american

    This is the guy who sends our military to the front lines. Obama is either high or had a heck of a party last night.

  • pateboo

    Is it just ME, or is his head moving like a bobble head dolls?

  • Red_Ruffansore

    The idiot has been stoned since high school. The left and to some degree the right look for ken dolls because it really is more of a beauty contest to some versus their competency. Romney was imminently qualified even though I don’t agree with his RINO leadership qualities but he would have been a good steward for the general health and welfare of the nation. Sadly Barry is like turning Spicoli loose with the nuclear football. All downside.

    Great website Mr Jackson. Thanks for putting this out there.

  • down_with_BongHit_Barry

    He was wrecked. Not so sure it was pot, though. More likely coke.


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