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Michigan schools want non-Christian teachers, because they want to destroy your child’s faith in God!

Yes, I said it. There is a conspiracy of the Left, [vast Left-wing] to erode Christianity, so America can practice debauchery openly. It starts slowly, then next thing you know there you have a Muslim communist in the White House. It could happen!

I heard a stat that 88 percent of church-going students who enter wackademia no longer attend church by the end of their freshman year in college. Whether that’s true or not, what I do know is that Liberals hate God. Remember: Democrats BOOED God at their convention.

So why not start earlier, as Michigan is doing. According to the Heritage Foundation,

A provision in a Michigan teachers’ union contract calling for “special consideration” to be given to “minority” job applicants including “those of the non-Christian faith” was removed by the Ferndale School District this week after the language was identified as a violation of the Federal Civil Rights Act.

Michigan Capitol Confidential reported on the union contract which, for teachers applying for promotions to vacant positions, read: “Special consideration shall be given to women and/or minorit[ies] defined as: Native American, Asian American, Latino, African American and those of the non-Christian faith.”

So what the “non-Christian” language is a violation of the Civil Rights Act. When it comes to Christians, the Left says, “Off with their heads.”


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