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Sharpton can’t help himself from “HELPING!”

He has invited himself to a funeral of which he was specifically told NOT to come.

Well, leave it to wise-beyond-his-twelve-years C.J. Pearson to set ol’ Al straight.

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CJ Pearson, the kid who went viral saying President Obama doesn’t love America, is now calling out Al Sharpton.

Pearson references Michael Brown, Walter Scott and other recent situations where race has been pinned against race. His contention is that Sharpton doesn’t really care about actually helping the black community.

The 12-year-old goes on to say Sharpton is “a waste of human flesh.”

Recently, the Scott family told Sharpton not show up at the funeral of Walter Scott. A source close to the Scott family noted that they didn’t want “another Ferguson type of circus here.”

Sharpton is going to South Carolina anyway.

I guess “Funeral-crashing” is the new “party-crashing,” at least it is for Al the race pimp.

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