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Here is an even better angle of Clinton’s seizure (some say).

You can see her leaning against the cement structure. As she tries to enter the limo, she begins to wobble. Was this a Clinton’s seizure?

Secret Service personnel prop her up, but apparently were unaware of her real weight due to Hillary’s “fat girl” clothes. Thus Hillary ends up on face-down at the side door entrance to the limo.

Back to weight room for a few of the Men in Black, and let’s pray Hillary has nobody killed.

As for the filmmaker? I suggest he enter witness protection, but not in America. The Clintons are too well connected. Israel might provide a new identity.

Did Clinton almost feint or what this Clinton’s seizure, I don’t know. But it verifies what we’ve been saying for some time.

I think we are past time for Clinton to show us her undoctored medical records.

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