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This video showcases the state of inner city education. Clearly the teacher tries to de-escalate the tension, however the student decides to fight.

After the first round, where the teacher got the upper “head,” the student comes back for Round 2. His weapon? A LAPTOP!

We recently posted footage of a fight between a teacher and student at this very same high school in Philadelphia. Yet again at Lincoln High School in Philadelphia we have a student-teacher brawl.This fight supposedly involves a Computer Science teacher and one of his student.

In that clash the 16-year-old threw punches at a 44-year-old teacher, who fought back.

During the altercation, students are heard commenting, cheering, even laughing in the background.

This is the state of education in America, particularly the inner cities. What could this teacher have possibly said to warrant an attack by this student?

So many questions could be asked about this fight. However the main question is why do we fund this? Who do put more and more money into a system that spits out uneducated thugs.

What would have happened if this teacher hadn’t fought back? Do you think he could have continued teaching these hooligans?

Sources say the student has been arrested and charged with simple assault, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person. However, the teacher has not been charged. School officials have not yet revealed whether the teacher will face any disciplinary action, and he certainly shouldn’t.

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