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Muslims fight to implement Sharia Law in British Schools. Are these warning signs for the United States?

Muslim parents repeatedly threatened head teacher Trish O’Donnell of Clarksfield Primary School with death. The threats forced her to work from home. Perhaps her non-Sharia-compliant clothes justified this western-phobic behavior?

These threats indicate the resurgence of ‘Trojan Horse’ attempts by Muslims to Islamize UK public schools, turning them into Sharia-based havens for Muslim children.

clarksfieldWolves in Islamic Extremist Clothing

According to the BBC, in March 2014, an anonymous letter about ‘Operation Trojan Horse’ surfaced. The letter indicated that a group of Muslims were taking over several schools in Birmingham. Moreover, advice was offered on, among other things, “installing sympathetic school governors.”

Fast forward to 2017.

The Daily Mail reported that Mrs. O’Donnell was intimidated, harassed, and threatened by Muslim parents. What were her crimes? Wearing ‘unsuitable’ western clothes and keeping ‘offensive’ pictures of her daughters on her desk. You can bet this non-Sharia- compliant Brit didn’t dress her daughters in hijabs.

Mrs. O’Donnell is now forced to work from home because of ‘aggressive verbal abuse’ and ‘threats to blow up her car’ from Muslim parents pushing Sharia values.

Islamic Trojan Horses

The Telegraph notes that many fear this behavior signals a second wave of ‘Trojan Horse’ attempts by Muslims to Islamize UK schools. This started in 2014, as the Birmingham scandal involved a campaign targeting 21 schools.

Islamists tried to force head teachers out of their jobs using dirty tricks such as spreading false allegations and packing governing bodies with their supporters.

As The Daily Mail reported, the head teachers’ union, the NAHT reports multiple head teachers in the Oldham area contend with numerous ‘Trojan Horse issues.’

ashrafAccording to a council report, Clarksfield’s 2013 parent-governor Nasim Ashraf hosted ‘Islamic teaching sessions’ at the school.  His wife, Hafizan Zaman, strongly suggested that Asian staffers wear veils and head coverings. This duo also took exception to Hindi music and sex education in class, and stand accused of intimidating staff and undermining the head teacher. In addition, they tried to recruit parents to help turn Clarksfield into ‘their interpretation of Islam.’  However, there’s no indication the duo ‘violently threatened’ the head teacher.

Of course not. That’s what “extremists” do.

Ashraf’s jailbird sister, Shasta Khan, is serving eight years for plotting to attack Jews in Manchester. So, maybe she did it?

Ashraf denied any ‘Trojan Horse’ plot but claimed Mrs. O’Donnell should be removed because the school is failing. That was quite the lie.

Trish O’Donnell improved Clarksfield. She took the school’s rating from “needing improvement” to “good” between 2006 and the present. In fact, inspectors recently praised O’Donnell for “strong leadership that motivates staff and pupils to do their best.” Considering a majority of the school’s students don’t speak English as a first language, that’s great work.

How to Deal With It

The British government is taking the threat of Islamization of their schools seriously.


The ‘Park View Brotherhood’ of teachers exchanged some 3,000 messages in a WhatsApp group, which made offensive comments about British soldiers and the Boston Marathon bombings.

Two of these teachers have been dealt with.

Razwan Faraz, a former deputy head teacher of the Trojan-Horse linked Nansen Primary School, was put under an interim teaching ban. Next, one of his accomplices, Tahir Alam was banned from any involvement with schools by the Department for Education.

How long before these types of activities occur in America? And how many “Trojan Horses” do you believe lurk in our education system presently?

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