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As last week marked 6 months of the Trump Presidency, I would like to take this time to remind feminists that women remain one of the most privileged groups in America today.

To prove my point, I would like to share a few rights that women have that men do not.

1. Women have the right to vote without agreeing to DIE for that right:

We are all given our constitutionally guaranteed right to vote once we reach the age of 18. However, for men there is one risk. Men may not actualize their basic rights as a citizen without first signing a Selective Service card.

By signing on the line, men agree that at the discretion of the democratically elected government, they will take up arms to defend the country. Men may vote if, and only if, they agree they will face death if required. Women have no such obligation, but they do get to vote for the governments that can potentially send men to meet death. Again, regardless of how you feel about the draft, women have the right to vote without agreeing to be drafted. Men don’t.

2. Women have the right to get away with murder:

Leftists have put a “smiley face” on death, but the fact is abortion is death of an unborn child. They can muddy the waters with trimesters and other legal nonsense. However, in an abortion, a child that began like every other human being living or dead was not given a chance at life.
Thus, women have the right to kill. And they can do so without asking the father of the child for permission to do so.
In further irony, in many states where abortion is legal, if a criminal kills a pregnant woman, the perpetrator is said to have killed both the mother and the baby. In even stranger cases where the murderer is a woman who seeks a child and kills the mother and child, the murdering woman is charged with double murder.

3. Women have the right to surrender a child:

Women may surrender a child for adoption without notifying or identifying the father. Further, women may surrender an infant under Safe Haven laws and walk away from all responsibility and obligation. Women cannot be forced or coerced into parenthood, but they are legally allowed to force men into financing their reproductive choices.
In many states, men can be forced into financial responsibility for children whom they did not biologically father. As long as a particular man is identified as the father, he will be held accountable. Thus, paternity fraud is legal.
However, in no state is paternal surrender permitted without the express agreement of the mother. Ever heard of the term “deadbeat mother?”

4. Women have the right to call unwanted, coerced, or regretted sex “rape”:

Women are the only gender that can legally be raped by the opposite sex. I know radical feminists would argue this to their death, but I am speaking in the context of the law.
In the eyes o the law, if a woman rapes a man, the act is considered sexual assault–a lesser crime with lesser penalties. Legally, a woman cannot rape a man, even though women commit rape at nearly the same rate as men.
The original FBI definition of rape specifically identified women as the victims, excluding the possibility of male rape victims. When the FBI updated the definition, it did so in way that includes a small minority of male rape victims. However, the FBI excluded most male rape victims by retaining the “penetration” clause. Penetration of any orifice must occur for rape to have happened.
The FBI does collect another set of statistics though, under the category of “other sexual assault;” it’s the awkwardly named “made to penetrate” category, which includes men who were coerced, tricked, or bullied into penetrative sex with women they would otherwise not have had sex with.
The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey similarly considers the two types of assault separately, despite the fact that occurrences are virtually identical. 1.27 million women report rape and 1.26 million men report “made to penetrate.”
By collecting the information under separate categories, following the legal definitions, women have the right to have their rapes called “rape.” Men do not. Remember this the next time you hear a feminist scream, “RAPE CULTURE” in reference to the oppression of women.

5. Women get paid more than men:

Shocking, and true! Women, on average, right out of college get paid more than men do based on the skill of the labor and the hours worked by the individual. As time goes on, women’s salaries drop for legitimate reasons.
Because of biology, women eventually take time off for pregnancy. Pregnancy leave varies, however businesses must run regardless, and are forced to find replacements for those on maternity leave. Businesses must factor this into their plans or they are short-sighted. Women take maternity leave exponentially more often than men, even though paternity leave is offered to men.
Further,  the gender pay gap has been debunked close to 50 years ago. Women gravitate to job descriptions that historically have paid less. Also, women tend to negotiate lower salaries than men. And there are other factors, wholly ignored by feminists.

6. Women can complain about oppression without being labeled weak:

If a man dares to defend himself in this society, he is met with, “Well, your opinion is invalid because historically men have had more rights than women so how could you possibly be right about anything ever?” Of course that argument is moronic and illogical.
Usually, the women making these arguments are the same women who fight for equality, yet in the same breath will plea to a judge for alimony from the husband she couldn’t keep. If you’re equal to him, how come you need him to financially assist you every month?
Ever heard the term, “Woman up!?” Not likely. Men have the added pressure to “Man up!” Real men feel the “institutional” pressure to man up, to provide for their families and friends. And despite the great and appropriate gains by women in the workplace and elsewhere, men still carry the brunt of the financial responsibility for their families.
In summary
Feminists need to grow up. America offers opportunity for all. But the country is not perfect, and those imperfections impact men as well.

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