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BAT-CRAP CRAZY Nancy Pelosi Giggles in Tough Questions

Nancy Pelosi is goofy.

How she became Speaker of the House remains a mystery. She must have pictures on somebody important.

This woman once said “the word” is her favorite word. That’s cra-cra!

If Pelosi and Hank Johnson married, that child would be named Barack, that is how bat-crap crazy she is.

And if Pelosi weren’t already a laughing stock, she recently offered more proof.

During her weekly press conference, a reporter asked her a question about what she thought about the fact that San Francisco stands to be threatened by aggression from North Korea. And Pelosi giggles as the reporter poses the question to her.

Watch her strange behavior below:

What’s most disturbing is Pelosi had no reason to giggle in the lead up to the question.

I got curious and decided to see if there might be another answer. Sure enough, there is, and it’s medical.

According to, Pelosi may have Pseudo-Bulbar Affect.

PBA is a condition that causes uncontrollable crying and/or laughing that happens suddenly and frequently. It can happen in people with a brain injury or certain neurologic conditions.

A person having a PBA crying spell may cry when they don’t feel sad or when they only feel a little bit sad. Someone having a PBA laughing spell may laugh when they don’t feel amused or when they only feel a little bit amused.

Let’s face it, leftism is a brain disorder, and that’s no joke.

Consider that leftism almost got Hillary Cilnton the presidency, and you then know how serious the disorder is. While the Left say global climate change is the number one threat to the world, I disagree. I believe leftism exudes a far bigger threat to humanity.

Check out Pelosi as she honors Refugees International.

She speaks like she’s two sheets into the wind, and still howling from the dog that bit her.

The woman can’t read, she’s mispronouncing words. And if that’s not enough she’s slurring her speech.

And if you think Pelosi is the only sufferer, then you haven’t seen Hillary Clinton.

Check out her PBA that occurred during her Congressional testimony.

Hillary Clinton laughs during questioning about the death of 4 people in Benghazi.

Let’s see who gets the last laugh.

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