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16-Year Old Student PUMMELS Milwaukee Teacher [VIDEO]

And you wonder why black teens don’t have jobs?

No wonder teachers don’t care about teaching anymore. The job now requires hazard pay.

Fox 6 reports:

A cell video records from the back of the classroom– as a 16-year-old is seen shoving his teacher. Eventually, punching him repeatedly in the head.

The man falls to the ground as the teen keeps hitting him.

The school is not sure what caused the fight. Well, you can bet it wasn’t a discussion of what college this young thug wanted to attend.

The article continues,

Police say the student was arrested at the school and faces possible charges of battery.

A Milwaukee Public School spokesman says the district is cooperating with the investigation.

“MPS is cooperating with the Milwaukee Police Department to investigate a situation that occurred today at 1515 W Lapham Blvd. Due to this being an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment further.”

Ironically, the school’s mascot is the fighting cardinal. Well this teacher certainly didn’t know how to fight. Imagine for a moment if he did.

As you watch the video (again), listen to the students say things like, “Damn!” when the teacher hits the deck. These kids will never see authority as they did prior. Authority can be beaten.

But if this teacher had kicked the crap out of this thug, things would be different.

As a trained fighter, I will tell you that this kid can’t fight. He beat an old man who likely had never fought in his adult life. Nevertheless, now this teen thinks he’s a bad ass.

But if he gets convicted and sent to prison, the definition of “bad ass” will be dramatically different for him.

According to police, the teacher’s injuries were not life threatening. As for the teen, charges will be presented to the District Attorney’s Office in the coming days, as the teen committed Battery to a School District Official.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan issued the following statement on this incident:

“Violence at MPS is a great concern to the community. Actions like this need criminal charges to send a message, and hold the student responsible for their reckless and dangerous behavior.

“I applaud the many great teachers and students at MPS, however, there is a segment of students who choose to behave inappropriately and criminally, which robs other students and teachers of an opportunity to build a safe learning environment.”

Having pulled my youngest son from public school recently, I can report that incidents like this are no surprise. And you can bet they escalated during the Era of Obama. Sadly, it will take some time for them to wane, even though President Trump is all about law and order.

Leftists created these hooligans, teens who have no respect for anything, including their parents. Teachers subject themselves to harm daily, by what suburbanites think of as innocent kids.

To a degree, they are right.

These kids are innocent in that they didn’t ask to be raised in crime-infested Third World conditions. Nevertheless, they aren’t blameless.

They know right from wrong. And they live in volatile worlds where life is meaningless. Far too many of these kids believe they will be dead or in prison by the time they are 21.

Leftists convince black teens that their lives are full of despair. If they taught empowerment, a very different outcome would occur. Leftists do have bold (crazy) ideas. TBS reported on one such crazy idea a while back:

Susan Rice got promoted for helping get four people killed in Benghazi and Hillary Clinton uses it as a badge of honor in her run for president. So why not pay street thugs for menacing society?!

And that’s just what the state of California is doing.

As reported in Yahoo News,

Dawaun Rice is just 19 years old, but he’s already lost seven friends to gun violence, he said. Two of them were brothers who were shot on the same day.

Grappling with an urge to avenge his friends’ violent murders, Rice pulled out his phone and considered whether to set a plan in motion for retaliation.

“I have to sit back, and I’ve gotta think, whether to go left or whether to go right,” he said.

After a few moments, he puts away his phone without making a move.

This potent mix of pain, anger and teenagers with guns once made Rice’s hometown of Richmond, California — across the Bay from San Francisco — one of the deadliest cities in the country. Here, the streets are hunting grounds where young men run for their lives as they try to escape the bullets.

In 2007, the city brought in DeVone Boggan, a youth development policy professional with an expertise in chronic violent offenders and the founder of the Office of Neighborhood Safety, who came up with a controversial solution: Pay young men like Rice not to pull the trigger. The better the behavior, the better the paycheck.

This month, Rice got the maximum — $1,300.

Rice is just one of two-dozen men in an 18-month-long fellowship that’s run out of Boggan’s Office of Neighborhood Safety or “ONS,” mostly funded by taxpayers.

I understand the concept of getting these kids out of their instinctive elements, but society must look at the root causes of what created their elements. These kids live in war zones created by Liberalism.

America will soon be forced to deliver tough love to these mostly latch-key kids. And tough love won’t be trips to Hawaii.


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