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5th Grade Muslim Students threaten to BEHEAD Teacher [VIDEO]

I never threatened a teacher. I had too much respect for them.

In my 16+ years of education, I can easily count on one hand incidents the times a student threatened or attacked a teacher.

Now the incidents occur constantly. We’ve documented multiple attacks of students on teachers. And the attacks come from kids younger and younger.

This story involves 5th and 6th graders threatening to behead their teacher.

As Yahoo reported,

Frightened teachers at a Sydney primary school have revealed students are showing signs of extreme radicalisation at a young age, saying they have been traumatised by threats of beheading and other violent behaviour.

Students as young as in Year 5 are making the threats and pressuring peers into reading the Koran at Punchbowl Public School in Sydney’s southwest, the Daily Telegraph has reported.

Documents given to the newspaper reportedly reveal that at least three staff members have taken stress leave, received counselling and been paid compensation after bullying from Islamic students.

An Australian friend of mine turned citizen of the United States warned me. He said that Australia changed and not for the better. The country that used to be the mini-me of the United States has tilted far Left. My friend says I won’t recognize it.

From gun confiscation to 100 percent voter requirement, the Left have taken over. And as you can see, devastation follows closely thereafter.

And the situation with Muslims will only bet worse.

The article continues,

One woman reportedly claimed it all got too much for her and she eventually had to quit her job.

She said the final straw was when she received death threats to her family from her year 5 and 6 students, with some saying they would behead her.

Prior to that she claimed she made a number of complaints in 2014 about some of the behaviour in her classroom.

She said she was abused by students when she stopped them from hanging a Syrian flag in the classroom.

Check out the census numbers, then ask yourself where Australia will be in a decade?

The latest census figures reveal the Muslim population in Australia has soared to more than 604,000 people, overtaking Buddhism as the most popular non-Christian religion.

The number of Muslims living in the country has almost doubled from 341,000 in the the 2006 census.

The surge in the number of Muslims comes as the Census revealed an additional 2.2 million people registered as having no religion – surpassing Catholicism as the country’s most popular religious affiliation.

Watching Leftism is like watching children raising children.

They have no idea how to build a civilized society. Leftism creates feral societies, where the worst behaved end up in power.


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