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Maybe you heard someone mention a particular article on The Black Sphere radio program. Or maybe a friend gave you the title of a column. Maybe you’ve tried using the search box in the right column, and just couldn’t find it. That’s what this page is for — a listing of everything we’ve ever published. Enjoy.


1 Thing Britain’s Porn Ban and Royal Baby Have in Common

Assault Rifle Ban Proponent Buys an AR-15

Hillary Is Number Six on the Greatest First Lady List?

Lecherous Leftist Men and their Enablers

Michigan targeting Christian teachers?

Sean Hannity Is Headed to the SOTU

Trader Joe’s: ‘Half-Baked Obamacare Hardtack’

Why Unhappy People Become Liberals


“Back Door” to TRUE ObamaCare Rates

“Big Sis” Pushes Orwellian (1984) Lies and Tyranny

“Chocolate City” Mayor Nagin indicted on slavery charges

“Climate changers” punked…again!

“Die-ins” will soon die out

“If I Die Before You Wake”

“Joe Biden is what you get when you mix arrogance and senility”

“Krispy Kreme Klub”…not a good idea…

“Oh, Sweet Lorraine”: A True Love Story

“Ooops, gun control really DOESN’T work!,” says Fed study.

“Scissor happy” Journalism

“The Home of the Brave” is No Longer the “Land of the Free”

“Truth” is hateful at Vanderbilt

“Wellness:” Code word for Fat Tax

“White Privilege” Conference full of racists

$100M is Chump Change to Obama

$12 million paid to DEAD people in IL Medicaid

$1M lawsuit by man accused of being a racist

$2 billion spent annually for Medicaid emergencies, largely for illegal immigrant baby deliveries

$98M paid to sub-par firefighters

‘Africa is Rising’ (America, Not So Much)

‘Back of the Bus’ Banisher Barack Strikes Again

‘Better Angel’ Obama Incites More Turmoil

‘Don’t Stop Mommy from Killing My Little Brother!’

‘Honor Trayvon’ by Ending the Black Genocide

‘Kid Props’ Hinna and Zea Save the Day!

‘Misery’ Redux: AKA the Obama Fix

10 Obama Gaffes for Your Friday Fun

10 Signs Obama is Panicking

100 Words On: A SuperPAC to repeal Lindsey Graham…

100 Words On: Birther Conspiracies!

100 Words On: Chris Matthews Is A Republican

100 Words On: Cold War (Senti)mentalities

100 Words On: Fifty Cents

100 Words On: Great Democrat Myths and Lies

100 Words On: Gubmint Done Gone All Whacky On Us!

100 Words On: Hanoi Jane Reagan

100 Words On: Hillary’s Running/Mating Habits

100 Words On: Liberal Amusement Park Stupidity

100 Words On: Liberals In Media Only Want The Facts!

100 Words On: Racial Stupidity

100 Words On: Sanctuary States? Redundant Much?

100 Words On: Ted Cruz Is An Idiot

100 Words On: Turning Media Tides?

100 Words On: Unlikely and Unusual Allies

107 Year Old WWII Vet Richard Overton Honored!

11 “Who’s Your Baby’s Daddy” Answers

12 Reasons Why Obama is One of the Best Presidents Ever…NOT!

1200 Days Left to Destroy America

14 Hysterical Playground FAILS

15 richest non-college graduates

15 Year Old Girl’s Brilliant Pro-Gun Defense! (Video)

15-year-old Girl Attacked by At Least 9 boys: Police, Media Won’t Say by Whom

16 GOP who voted to kill Rand Paul’s gun control filibuster

18 is the Magic Number for Filner to Resign

2 Sides of Conservative Strategy

2 Texas Senators: 1 Chooses Death, 1 Chooses LIFE!

25 Celebs When They Were Young

28 Reasons to Hug a White Guy Today

3 Billionaires and a little Mexican

3 Black Teens Beat White Teen, Rev Al and Obama Are Silent

3 Houses for Chicago Teachers’ Union Prez

35 year USPS employee called a “Terrorist”

37 Percent Say Zombies Would be Better in Gov’t

3D Print Your Own Gun

4 Good Reasons NOT to Vote for Hillary in 2016!

40 mind-blowing quotes from Barack Obama about Islam and Christianity

40-Year-Old Photo Still Makes Us Smile

47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton: Part 1

47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton: Part 2

47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton: Part 3

49 cops killed by terrorists

5 Lessons Liberals Can Learn from Breaking Bad

5 Most Frightening Halloween Costumes 2013! (Women)

5 Obama Truths (Video)

5 People who Dems say can replace Hillary in 2016 race

5 Reasons Liberal Attacks On The Redskins Are Dumb

5 Reasons Not to Mess with a Lady’s Purse!

5 Things the Gun Grabbers Apparently Don’t Understand

50 Insurance Policies Cancelled to Every 1 Obamacare Enrollee!

500lb bomb detonates by our troops (video)

6 Frightening Statements by a Potential POTUS Candidate

6 Lessons Obama Can Learn from PlayStation 4 Rollout

65 Million Gun Purchases Since Obama Took Office

700 Spec Ops Want Answers On Benghazi

8 School buses stolen in Chicago, shredded into big pile of scrap

8 Year Old Gives Army Soldier a Gift He’ll Never Forget! (Video)

800,000 Paid Vacations for Non-Essentials

9 Dying brands under Obama

9 World’s Largest Buildings, Planes and More

95,000 Jobs a Month – LOL!

A “stupidity” virus? Finally an answer to Liberalism

A Backroom Bisexual Visibility Day

A Bible Literally Saved This 49 Year Old Bus Driver’s Life

A Bright Future of Quilting with Nancy Pelosi

A Call To Be Offensive

A Christian Nation

A comical analysis of Obama’s amnesty press conference

A Communism Survivor Blasts Salem Oregon Gun Grabbers

A Communist is a GOOD thing, in this case….

A compilation of 32 lies by Brian Williams

A different kind of “racing together”

A Fascinating View Inside The Control Room at the US Border Patrol Station In McAllen, Texas

A father’s presence transcends space and time

A Few 1972 Dolphins Players Pass on Obama Invitation

A Few of Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Tahitian Pearls’ of Wisdom

A future voter gives compelling reasons to vote for Biden

A golf moment Obama would like back ( short video)

A good laugh at slavery (video)

A Grandma’s Rules for Thanksgiving

A Green Berets “NO” is a Special Kind of “NO”

A Hero’s Welcome: Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Home Run! (Video)

A Holiday Obama Family Reunion

A Job Americans CAN’T Do (Video)

A Lesson from Nagasaki

A Letter to Fatherless America

A little boy returns to racism…in school?

A Little Reminder For Feminists: One Woman’s Life of Hell in an Afghan Harem

A Look at ObamaNation!

A Love Letter to Liberals

A Millennial speaks about Liberal Jackassery

A Misguided Big Mac Attack

A Nation IN Dependence

A New Name for the Tea Party

A parrot Obama would LOVE

A pastor Obama would be proud of

A Patriot Speaks the Truth

A Penis? A Vagina? What difference does it make?

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

A Picture Worth MORE than 1,000 Words

A Plague on 2 Political Houses

A Portrait of a “Bad” American

A Positive about Progressivism

A Prayer for Our Nation

A REAL Man’s List of Necessities

A Reverse High Tech Lynching

A Senators Hypocrisy ReGun Control

A soldier and his K9

A speech of Obama throwing a tantrum

A story that has feminists shaking in their jock straps

A Strategy for Slaying the GOP Establishment

A Strong Black Woman

A Study of the Brain

A Tale of Two Houses

A Tale of Two Speeches: Obama and Tebow Give Americans a Stark Choice

A tribute to the stupidity of Joe Biden on shotguns

A Video That Shows What it Means to be Conservative

A Volt for Obama

A Warrior Notes: The Necessity of Violence

A World Without Bocelli

A&E: Phil Robertson on hiatus after frank comments on homosexuality!

Aaron Weiss: Vet/Law Enforcement Officer Gives Best 2nd Amendment Speech

Abortion at the Root of the Obamacare Chaos

Abortion Barbie to Run for Governor of Texas

Abortion for Dummies

Abortion in America: For Any Reason

Abortion: The Perfect Crime

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell and Obama’s Silence

Abortions So Easy Even a Child Can Do Them

About Those NSA Monsters Under Your Bed…

Acceptable black racism

Accomplished black man “not black enough”

According to Sharpton: If You’re White You’re Racist

ACLU fights for kid to read his Bible

ACORN – Not Just Pimpin'

ACORN Chasing Runaway Slave

ACORN Gets the Mine…

ACORN Pimpin' and Hoin'

ACORN Tactics Used In NW Anti-Gun Petitions

Active Duty Air Force Member Tackles Robber! (Video)

Actor James Franco’s Sexist Dig at Danica Before Daytona

Actor Sean Penn on Hugo Chavez’s death: ‘I lost a friend I was blessed to have’

Actress/Abortion Activist Jane Fonda Grapples with Mortality

Additional Charges To Be Filed Against Jailed Benghazi Suspect

ADF Defends the Boy Scouts

Affirmative Action – Liberals Helping the Lesser Race

Affirmative Action and Dolls?

Affirmative Action for Obama

Affordable Care Act: Obama Can’t Get Fat ObamaCare Genie Back in the Bottle

Africa, Obama, and Gays…

After ’08 IA Primary

After Obama’s Victory Lap Millions Left Uninsured For The Rest of the Year

Ahmadinejad in Trouble for Touching Woman

Al Gore caught in funny moment

Al Gore Explains Advantages of Sharia Law to Andrea Mitchell

Al Gore joins Mexico in more nonsense

Al Gore should be forced to live naked on polar ice caps

Al Gore Training Leaders for Climate Change Push

Al Jazeera & Al Gore – Two Fat Zeros

Al Jazeera, your “talking points” are showing…

Al Qaeda behead their own 1, Tea Party 0

Al Roker “uncomfortable” with Obama’s Plan B decision

Al Sharpton Demonstrates He’s Clueless About Global Warming

Al Sharpton FINALLY Fodder for SNL Skit!

Al Sharpton Has Blood on His Hands

Al Sharpton Reacts to Zimmerman Verdict

Al Sharpton should really be more careful where he leaves his Viagra.

Al Sharpton sued for racism…wait for it…….by BLACKS!!!

Al-Qaida alive and well, ready to attack West

Alabama – Governor Robert Bentley A Man of Honor

Alabama HS Coach Suspended for Commenting on Michelle Obama’s Big Booty

Alan Grayson Gets History Lesson

Alan Webber: Latest Racist Democrat

Alert: Sky is Falling – The Wrecked Economy Could be Affected

Alicia Powe

All in the (Lunatic) Family

All is well in race-baiting universe

All Jokes Aside

Allen West on REAL Courage

Allen West Slams Bill Cosby Muslim Comment

Almost a year ago, these 5 prisoners were released from Guantanamo Bay

Amazing dashcam of life as a cop

Amazing Graphic on Benghazi

America – Battered Spouse

America – Step Up for Black Conservative Candidates

America – The Story of Us: Declaration of Independence

America Elected A Color Not A Leader

America Has a Mythomaniac Residing in the White House

America Immigration Policy is RACIST!

America in 2014 Thanks to Progressives!

America in 4 pictures

America Killed by Barack Obama’s Political Ambulance!

America may rank low, but we still have the “it” factor

America Needs a Good Cup of Tea

America Needs a White Republican President

America Needs Politicians’ Investment Strategy

America the Good

America the Pill Popping Nation

America Will Self-Correct After Obama

America’s black-market butt injection president

America’s borders closed for this ethnic group

America’s Frat Boy President

America’s Genius

America’s Metrosexual Military

America’s Most and Least Bible-minded Cities

America’s Problem IS Racism

America’s Soul: The Endless Battle

America’s spend-thrift First Lady

America’s Unfulfilled Potential

America: And to the Repugnant for Which it Stands

America: Land of the Fearful, Home of the Enslaved

America: The Land of Milk and LOTS MORE MILK

American Apparel: Selling clothing, not sex

American Families: Thinking About the Children

American history lesson on Muslims

American Mayors Take Note

American Sex Lives: Inquiring Obama Wants to Know

American Sniper is about Conservatism

American taxpayers officially funding crackheads

American taxpayers reach official 2nd-class citizen status!

Americans Are Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Americans For Helping Obama Start WWIII (video)

Americans Have Always Distrusted Government

Americans Want More Guns!

America’s Date With Obama’s Stimulus Plan

An Admitted Racist! (Video)

An Illustration of Media Brainwashing

An Obama Picture Worth More Than 1,000 Words!

An Open Letter to Oprah (Of Barack and Barry)

An unofficial study of black teen crime (video)

Anal Jihad approved for Al Qaeda fighters

And I Dream that “Undocumented” Will Apply for Legal Citizenship

And the caption winner is…for Little Girl with Obama?

And the ObamaCare Lies Continue!

And the Oscar goes to… Michelle Obama

Andrew Breitbart: Lessons Learned

Andrew Cuomo Insults New York Conservatives

Angela Merkel Unmasks the Nemesis

Angela Merkel: more manly than Obama?

Angelina Jolie on guns

Angelina Jolie Tackles War Rape

Angry black man on Fox News gets suspended

Angry McCain ups ante, calls Paul, Cruz ‘wacko birds’

Animal Rights Activists (Fundamentally) Transforming USDA

Annie Oakley in Joe Biden’s bedroom?

Anonymous Threatens Massive WikiLeaks-Style Exposure, Announced On Hacked Gov Site

Another “Johnson” in Government

Another Al Sharpton ‘Movement’!

Another Biden Gaffe that hurts Obama?

ANOTHER BLACK ON WHITE BEAT DOWN: Why George Zimmerman Carried a Gun and Why You Should

Another black teen shot by Berkeley Missouri cop

Another BS Obama stall tactic tossed on Fast and Furious

Another Clinton scandal

Another commie Obama appointment to head Fannie Freddie

Another heinous criminal released, but not by Obama

Another High-Priced President’s Day

Another Hollyweirdo gives “expert” advice to Americans

Another Jesse Jackson family member declared crazy

Another Lying Democrat Wants to be a Senator

Another Lying Liberal’s race incident hoax

Another one of those GOOD gun stories

Another whining black actor cries racism

Answer to Why Obama Wants to Destroy America

Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger) Disgraced Again

Anti-Colonial Comedian Aamer Rahman Loves to Bash Whites!

Anti-cop protester gets rude awakening

Anti-Gun Guy Buys a GUN!

Anti-gun legislation considered a felony?

Anti-War Michelle Unmoved by the Dead Kids

Antoine Dodson comes out NOT Gay (Video)

Any guesses to religion of Kansas highway shooter?

Apology for this cartoon?!

Apparently the St. Louis Cardinals shot Michael Brown

Are men all about THIS?

Are Millennials mixed up

Are People Being Encouraged to Rat On ‘Anti-Government’ Neighbors?

Are Politics at Fault for the ‘War Zone at Mile 26?’

Are the Feds/States Pushing for Armed Drone Use?

Are the Obamas “splitsville?” – Truth about China trip

Are two suicide bombers message enough for Hagel and Obama?

Are Veterans And Conservatives Greater Threat To Security Than Muslims?

Are White Folks Liars

Are you “Transphobic?”

Are you blessed?

Are You Pro-CHILD?

Arkansas House to allow guns in churches

Arm-wrestling tournament proposed for Ferguson

Armed Hero: Ex Royal Marine with Handgun Saves 100 in Kenyan Mall Attack

Armed Homeowner Protects Wife from Armed Intruders

Armed Senior to the Rescue

Army 1LT Clint Lorance: Sentenced to Prison for Protecting His Unit

Army 1LT Michael Behenna wins parole!

Army names Christians and Tea Party as terror threat

Army Orders Bible Verses Scraped Off Scopes

Army Pfc. won’t salute the flag

Army soldier in Iraq and the little patch of grass

As Silent as Aborted Children

Ask Obama’s Experts

Assault Taco Bell Burrito!

Associate Prof Orders Stomp On Jesus Exercise

Associated Press double standard in reporting on politicians in scandal

At least with capitalism we BUY our toilet paper

Atheists crotchelss panties in a wad over IA governor proclamation

Atheists: The Anti-Founding Fathers

Atlanta School Showcases Democrat Racism

Atlanta Wackademics Cheat to get Paid!

Attention All Fat Girls! Abercrombie & Fitch Doesn’t Want Your Business

Austrian teens girls have tired of Jihad vacation

Avg college freshman reads at 7th grade level

Awesome video: Come and Take It (Molon Labe)

Axelrod praises scandal-free White House

Babies are time-sucking monsters!

Back in the Fight: Amputee Army Ranger Returns to Combat, Five Times!

Back to the Future – Racist Democrats

Backstage at Hannity

Backstage with Dr. Carson: Does Black Crack?

Bank Robber in an Obama Mask! What’s the Problem?

Banning the Christian God from the Military

Barack “Angel of Death” Obama

Barack “Barry” Obama and the ‘Ball Cutter’

Barack “Cain” Obama, Where Art Thy Brother?

Barack “Misinformation” Obama’s Mathematical Meeting

Barack ‘Honcho’ Obama Shoots Himself in the Foot

Barack ‘Kardashian’ Obama Teaches Life Lessons

Barack Bamboozles Berlin

Barack Capone’s Obamacare Gang

Barack is a Badass on Syria

Barack Lecter in Silence of the Dems

Barack Obama ‘Savages’ Catholic Education

Barack Obama and the Four-Year-Old, Dorset, Minnesota Mayor

Barack Obama and the Roosting of America’s Chickens

Barack Obama celebrates Southern Racist black-hating LBJ

Barack Obama Celebrates the Slaughter of 55 Million Americans

Barack Obama Fesses Up on Uncle Omar

Barack Obama Pays Homage to Mandela

Barack Obama Peddles Adam and Steve in Senegal

Barack Obama the Human Flytrap

Barack Obama’s Breakfast Spanking

Barack Obama’s Pants Are on Fire

Barack Obama, the Non-Ideological Ideologue

Barack Obama: The Most Successful President in US History

Barack Obama: The No Plan Having Genius

Barack Who? Hillary’s Trying To Distance Herself From Obama

Barack ‘Corleone’ Obama – the Boss of Bosses

Barack’s Billionaires

Barack’s Bogus Broccoli Tale

Barack’s bully beatdown

Barack: Here’s a REAL Hero

Barf Bag: Hillary Clinton’s song

Barkley: Black Liberals are brainwashed

Battle of the Pumpkins!

Be Careful When You Buy Your Next Home

Becky Gerritson Rocks the Ways and Means!

Before you beat your wife, learn the right way….

Being Worthless Gets You PROMOTED in Obama Administration

Belafonte blasts “white America” for black gun crimes

Belated Valentine Wishes from the White House

Belgium gives Obama the perfect gift

Belgium Parliament Likely to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Children

Belief-less Christianity?

Ben Affleck Does the Congressional Congo

Ben Carson punts on “Gay” issue

Ben Carson: First Brain Surgeon President

Benghazi and Reaching Pop Culture

Benghazi Whistleblower Gets the Shaft

Benghazi Whistleblowers to Testify!

Bergdahl swap: Reinforcing what we know about Obama

Best Pictorial of Boston Marathon Bombing “Suspects”

Bette Midler on Gun Control

Beware of old Liberal friends

Beware! Arab Infiltration of America and Our Government?

Beyoncé Booed for Making Fans Wait in the Rain for Her Concert

Beyonce Doping?

Beyoncé Loses Hair Extensions in a Brush with Fan

Beyoncé’s 1,000 Cans of Cancer-Causing Pepsi Campaign

Bibi Remarks on Obama’s Incestuous Relationship with the Media

Bicyclist Gets “Detroited” In Ann Arbor

Biden Compares Guns to Driving a Ferrari

Biden for lame-duck president

Biden Gaffe: True Aim of Government “Studies”

Biden Gives Himself Desk Closest to Door

Biden meddles as Democrats pass gun control in Colorado

Biden Says I’m No Cheney

Biden – He’s Baaack!

Biden’s drug-addict children

Biden’s prediction on Iraq…PRICELESS! (video)

Biden’s solution for Ukraine: American taxpayer money

Biden: “We didn’t promise high-paying jobs!”

Biden: Life has been hell for last six years!

Bieber gets smacked by Pro Basketballer

Bienvenido A La Nueva América: Thanks to the Illegal Invasion

Big Brother Democrats

Big Oil Extortion Story The Left Doesn’t Want You to Know

Bigger Than Jesus (Obama Great and Small)

Bill Clinton Sings Blurred Lines (Video)

Bill Clinton’s Portrait as it Should Be

Bill de Blasio’s boycott of St. Patrick’s Day Parade in solidarity with gays wins him no friends

Bill Gates Wants Obama to have More Power

Bill Maher – Food for Dung Beetles

Bill Maher leaks Leftist secret

Billionaire Steve Wynn has words with Clooney over Obama

Bin Laden Speaks

Bipartisan Budget Backstabs the US Military

Birmingham Black Man Arrested for Tweet Threats Against Obama

Birthday Tribute to Sarah Palin

Bizarro World

Bizarro World – America!

Black activists need a cop to shoot them

Black America Has Lost Its Mind Under Obama

Black athlete killed over nothing

Black Babies Cost Less than Monkeys?

Black Chicagoans Boo Rahm Emanuel

Black Community a Powder Keg

Black conservative Deneen Borelli blacklisted from NAACP Convention

Black Conservative!

Black Conservatives On the Rise!

Black Conservatives Praise the Constitution, Guns and God

Black Conservatives Scare the Left

Black Conservatives Weigh In on Hannity

Black cop killed by black perp: Nothing to see here

Black couple trying to win the Cop Lotto

Black Democrat Congressman hates Tea Party (video)

Black Democrat leaders are race pimps

Black Democrat State Senator NRA Poster Child

Black Employer Sued for Using N-Word

Black Entertainer Divorces “Racist” Wife

Black History & Government Surveillance

Black Killings by Democrats, Then and Now (video)

Black Legion of Superheroes!

Black Liberal racist exposed by Bill Maher?

Black Liberal terrorists intimidate black pastor

Black Liberals are the worst leaders

Black Liberals racist against White Liberals

Black Libs cash in on Confederate license plate

Black Life Matters – All Life Matters

Black man kills teen girlfriend and wants community service

Black Marine says Clive Bundy is NOT a racist

Black Moorish Nation claiming “squatter’s rights” to homes

Black neighborhood rejects Trader Joe’s…seriously!

Black Obama Speaks at Morehouse

Black on Black Crime?

Black Ownership Laws

Black Rap Mogul shot SIX times (video)

Black Rapper Creates Racist Commercial for Pepsi

Black state senator almost shot

Black Student Union and Allies Want Crime Alerts Censored

Black Students mad at Obama for ObamaCare

Black teen drop-kicks woman with baby

Black teen shooting protests suddenly in vogue

Black Teen Unemployment 41.6%

Black Teens Kill 88-Year Old WWII Vet Delbert Belton

Black Voters Tricked: Elect a White Republican

Black, Bleak Americana

Blacks Afraid of Jews!

Blacks Don’t Know What Obama Has Done for Blacks

Blacks Must Be Tired of Killing Each Other

Blacks Turning on Obama

Blast From The Past: Bikers going to Mexico to free Marine

Blast From The Past: Usain Bolt SHOCKS reporter during U.S. National Anthem (video)

Bleeding Blue – The Obama Gambit

Blog Heavy Interviews Kevin Jackson

Bloomberg appoints himself a Saint

Bloomberg Denied 2nd Slice of Pizza

Bob Beckel and the Chinamen

Bob Costas and the Effects of Too Much Botox

Boehner and Netanyahu snub America’s Head Negro in Charge

Boehner Declares WAR on Obamacare

Boehner gets tough on Lois Lerner and IRS…Sissy fight!

Boehner Should be a Goner

Boehner Tells Senate To ‘Get Off Its ASS!’

Boehner Will Sue Obama Over Obamacare Employer Mandate

Boeing 777 Crash at San Francisco International Airport

Bollywood Dancer Michelle Obama Does the Twirl

Bomb Sent to Tough Sheriff Joe

Bon Appétit, Seattle Liberals! Enjoy your crow!

Boston Bombers On Welfare! (UPDATED with Video!)

Boston Bombers’ Uncle: You Are Losers! You Brought Shame to Our Family!

Boston Bombing Aftermath: Comfort Amid Chaos and Carnage

Boston Bruins Pre-Game Ceremony: Boston Strong

Boston Strong: Reflections of a Native Son

Bowhunting National Guard Soldier Is Competing For Miss America Crown

Boxer vs The Uppity Negro

Boycotts Bibi’s speech…… gives RAVE REVIEW!

Bracelet of fallen 9/11 NYFD washes ashore

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood “Obamacare by Morning”

Brave New World: The Techno-Government Complex

Bravo MTV! You Just Glorified the War on Women!

BREADCRUMBS: Hillary Clinton won’t run for president

BREAKING GUN NEWS: MI Open Carry BBQ Ends with No Shootings

Breaking News – Robbie Knievel

Breaking News: Benghazi Scapegoat Identified

BREAKING NEWS: Darren Wilson is white

Breaking News: FBI Finds National Security Treasure

BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Jackson comes out “I’m NOT GAY”

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Shown Actually Working

BREAKING UPDATE! Whacko Portlanders Set Tree Hugging Record! (Expanded Video)

BREAKING! Obama Campaign Bundler Funding Libertarian in VA Gubernatorial Race!

BREAKING: 3 More Suspects Arrested in Boston Marathon Bombing

BREAKING: Another cop attack

BREAKING: BENGHAZI SCANDAL! (Featuring Andrew Klavan)

BREAKING: Fallen SEAL & Guardsman Families Hold Press Conference May 9

BREAKING: Fallen SEAL & Guardsman Families Presser (Video)

BREAKING: Ferguson Cop shot

BREAKING: Found! Joe Biden’s Brain!

BREAKING: Holder DOJ Also Tapped House of Representatives Cloak Room! [Updated]

Breaking: Holder stepping down

BREAKING: Left needs more money as Grand Jury decision delayed

BREAKING: Malay Airline Flight 370 NOT hijacked by Christians

BREAKING: Michael Sam cut by Rams

BREAKING: New N-words, so be careful out there

BREAKING: New WTVC Tweets! Left Wing Media’s Amber Alert Defense

Breaking: Newly Crowned Miss PA Valerie Gatto Was Conceived in Rape

BREAKING: NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden

Breaking: Obama Has 3 More Sons

BREAKING: Obama interrupts Working Families Summit to EAT!

Breaking: Obama Stages Photo-Ops

BREAKING: Obama’s SEAL Team 6 Coverup

BREAKING: Piers Morgan to join Fox News

BREAKING: Sharpton being phased out at MSNBC

Breathtaking scene in nature (video)

Brian Williams actually hurt Hillary Clinton!

Brian Williams has his own Hurricane Katrina

Britain solving immigration problem kicking and screaming

British snobs meddling in America

Brokaw discusses Lack of Dignity at WH Correspondents’ Dinner

Broken Promise Zones Pt 1

Broken Promises!

Brothas From Otha Muthas

Brown University’s student health plan will cover sex changes

Brown’s blood found in cop’s car and clothes

Bryant Gumbel calls NRA pigs

BS Alert: Every 28 hours a black person is killed by a cop

Bug, meet windshield: Piers Morgan vs Megyn Kelly

Bus riders put beatdown on would-be robber (video)

Bush and Obama are both flyboys

Bush Hanged in the White House

Bush honors post-911 veterans

Bush v. Obama: Distinctly Different Philosophies of Government

Buying the Government Bull

CA Atty Gen fights for rights of illegals, ergo AGAINST citizens

CA Police Chief: Guns Are Not a Defensive Weapon!!

CA takes recycling seriously!

Cabinet Series: Stupid is What Stupid Does – New Chicago Education Czar

Cain Brings Back Good Ol’ Days for Dems

Cain’s Kryptonite

Calderon Exposes Republican Sissies

California city literally running business out of town

California Gov't Managing Sex and Drugs

California lottery for the homeless

California protecting its black people

California: Crowd of Protesters Block Illegals From Entering U.S. Border Patrol Station

Call to action: help support Craig James fired for religious beliefs!

Camera On Back Of Eagle Shows Incredible View In-Flight

Campaigner-in-Chief is the Regulator-in-Chief

Can I be the next black Romney grandson?

Can Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Friendship with the Obamas Survive PepsiCo?

Can Obama Tell the Truth?

Can the US Capitol Out-Stink the Corpse Flower?

Can this guy be president?

Can we get Aretha Franklin to sing for us?

Can Whites be Chimps?

Can you say Parisistan?

Can’t afford a home then THANK Obama?

Canadian Mayor tells Muslim to pound pork

Canadian politics: Crack heads and Porn stars

Cancer By Another Name Would Smell As Sweet

Candidate #5 – More to the Story

Capitalism Wins in NYC

Carjacker Gets What’s Coming to Him

Carlos Danger’s Big Career Move

Carnahan is the Real Clunker

Carnahan Selling Kervorkian Timeshares

Carnegie Mellon Parade Includes Blasphemy

Carson Daly gets slammed but why?

Carson: No sneak peek for Obama

Casino Politics: Maxine Waters

Casino Politics: Obama

Castro mocks Obama: claims victory over America

CBC Whines: Karaoke King Jesse Jackson Jr. Can’t Go Prison!

Celebrate being NOT gay!

Celebration of Tax Day: Tea Anyone?

Change your gender and get special treatment

Change Your Vision, Change America (To Raise a Sinking Ship)

Charles Ramsey: I’m Not a Hero

Charlie Crist playing for both teams?

Charlie Rangel has dementia

Charlie Rangel is only moved by Black Soldiers that have Died

Charlie Rangel on Tea Party and More

Charlie Rangel Tax Cheat – Part Two

Chavez dead at 58 – And Liberals want Cuban healthcare?

Chavez’s Anthill

Cheat the system, get a full ride to Harvard

Chechen leader’s very different message to ISIS

Check out this stat on immigration

Check out what France said!

Cheers & Jeers: Reactions To The Hobby Lobby Ruling

Chelsea Clinton doesn’t care about money!

Chelsea Clinton is DEAD BROKE too!

Chelsea Clinton’s Death Wish?

Cheney Gets Mean…Again!

Cheney Takes on The Man

Chicago Achieves New First!

Chicago Blacks Shock Sharpton at a Town Hall

Chicago Children Inform Barack Obama ‘We Want to Live!’

Chicago crime stats: Just another year in Lib paradise

Chicago Gets New Crime Boss

Chicago Mayor’s son mugged in political ploy

Chicago Police Chief: Second Amendment Is A Danger To Public Safety

Chicago Police Want 12% Pay Raise

Chicago Union: Let Us Carry Guns, Get Paid Like Cops

Chicago’s Violence Tax

Child “brides” for ISIS

Child Hunger Rates High in the US

Child Rapists and Liberal Leniency

Children: Government Shutdown’s Collateral Damage

China Calling: Michelle Obama’s Plans to Reorient the Orient

China Fights Virus Strain

Chinese Are Sun-Myung-Mooning Us

Chinese First Lady Diss or an Obama Marital Spat?

Chinese Getting Hummers

Chins Are the New Breasts?

Chips, Dip and Super Bowl Sleaze

Choosing Life for the Innocent

CHP Investigating Excessive Force Charge In Beating Of Black Woman

Chris Christie Pulls an Alinsky on Rand Paul

Chris Christie Says Bada Bing

Chris Christie Was AGAINST The 2nd Amendment Before He Was FOR It

Chris Christie ♥s Obama

Chris Christie: ‘I’m a damn good Republican’

Chris Lane, Shorty Belton, and now Jason Paul

Chris Matthews – Life Without Republicans

Chris Matthews Bashes Rubio’s Response to State of the Union As ‘Primitive’

Chris Matthews is a Terrorist

Chris Matthews said WHAT about the Tea Party (video)

Chris Matthews Says, “I Forgot I Was Stupid”

Chris Matthews Show Cancelled

Chris Matthews wants war!

Chris Rock explains Free Community College

Chris Rock needs some new material

Chris Rock solves the “race issue”

Chris Rock Would Be …

Chris Wallace Does a Job on Jack Lew

Christian college drops non-PC team name “Crusaders”

Christian College Teaching Marxism (aka Social Justice)

Christian Grammy Nominee Natalie Grant Walks Out of the Grammys

Christian Pastor SMACKDOWN of Muslim “Cleric”

Christian politician to atheist: Get over it

Christian Soldiers Fight for Rights They’re Denied

Christianity dying by omission in Kevin Durant story

Christians in Foxholes Forced to Act Like Atheists

Christie: Barack’s Booty Call

Christmas Lights? Is Obama’s Higher Electricity Prices Promise Fulfilled

Christmas trashed in honor of Michael Brown

Christmas: True Hope and Salvation

Chuck Todd on OFA Fundraising: ‘This Just Looks Bad’

Chuck Todd praises private over public sector!

Church Nixing Straight Weddings Until Gay Marriage Allowed

CIA Head is Muslim Convert?

CIA should get MEDALS for spying on Congress

Cincinnati poll worker charged with voting half dozen times in November

Citizenship Test: If Liberals fail, let’s send them to Russia

Civil Rights and Black City Blight

Civil Wrongs: Blacks in Prison

Civil Wrongs: Lyndon B. Johnson

Civil Wrongs: The Ku Klux Klan

Civilians Beat the Crap out of ISIS Militants (video)

Clarence Thomas makes Michigan blacks equal to whites

Cleaver Delivers Nothing for KC Blacks

Clever anti-Boehner ad (video)

Clever Response to Wendy Davis (Texas Senator of Filibuster Fame)

Clinton on Fire in Africa

Clintons – Masters of the Obvious

Clooney divorce countdown begins

Club Gitmo: Sandals vacations for terrorists

Clutch Your Pearls

CNN Celebrates 50 Years of More Democrat Oppression

CNN Compares Paris to Ferguson

CNN Denigrates America’s Veterans

CNN interview with Alyson Camerota

CNN won’t be shamed into reporting news

CNN writer implies calling ISIS evil is a bad idea

CNN’s Jim Clancy has Twitter tantrum

Coca-Cola Must Go, but Condoms Can Stay!

Cocktails and Self-Segregated Black Liberals

Colin Powell “Outed”

Colin Powell is a Moron…PERIOD

Colin Powell – A Prison Tale

Colion Noir Asks Obama to Be Consistent About Gun Control

College Communist cancel meeting when Conservative films it

College Liberals ask for ISIS’ help

College Recommends Dismissal For Professor Who Made Students Sign Pledge For Obama

Color Matters?

Colorado needs stoners to vote

Colorado Second Amendment Proponents Push Back with Recall

Colorado Strong-Arming Sheriffs!

Comcast Cable Network Bans All Firearms Related Advertising

Commander of US Pacific Forces: “Global Warming is Our Top Threat”

Communism is the party for lazy people

Communisms and blacks don’t mix

Communists and snow plows

Community College and Fortune 500 CEOs

Community Organizer for Muslim Brotherhood? (Video)

Community organizing…in schools!

Condi Aptly Describes the Victim Mentality of the Left

Confessions of a Token White Girl

Congress and Old Rockers

Congress using Fast Track to screwing Americans

Congress Visits Paris?

Congress’ surprising definition of hate-speech

Congressional Black Caucus Race Pimps and Uncivil Rights

Congressional Black Caucus: America’s race pimp collection

Congressman Trey Gowdy Tells Greta What To Expect in Benghazi Hearings

Connecticut pleads, “Don’t leave me!”

Conservative Comedy Comes to Florida!

Conservative movement: Modern-day Rip Van Winkle

Conservative reality show beauty asked about her favorite position

Conservatives and Candlesticks…

Conservatives, Facebook, and strategies (video)

Conservatives: Ready to dance in the street

Conservatives: Running Out of Hills to Fight On

Conspiracy Theorists here it is: “Project Blue Book”

Constitution Primer – Preamble Ditty

Contrast: Muslim v. Christian Terror Attacks

Conversation with a Dictator

Conversation With a Legal Immigrant

Cool Time Lapse of One World Trade Tower

Cop arrested for biting his wife

Cop in trouble for tweets

Cop Killer gives commencement address at NE college

Cop makes amazing impact on this kid (video)

Cop Pens Hilarious Letter to Kanye after He Compares His Rapping to War/Police Work

Cops going rogue (video)

Cornel West: Under Obama, Gays Gain While Blacks Are Pushed to the Back of the Bus

Corruption of the Royals

Cosby Show Veteran on the Show!

Could Barack Obama’s Earwax Tell All?

Court Marshal Sexually Assaults Woman Then Arrests Victim

Cowboy Rules for the Western States

CPI told you so!

Crazy animal rights activists in a must-see funeral

Crazy Uncle Pervert, at it again…

Crime Pays: Obama Rewards Central American Countries – Whose Kids Are In The US Illegally – With $254.6M

Crowd Erupts in Thunderous Applause When Leno said this of Obama

Crowds Protest Pro-Gay Marriage Law in Paris

CT Gov should be arrested and sued

Cuba “tea bagging” Obama & NBC

Cubans can keep a whole 8 PERCENT of their income

Cult of Liberalism: Political Jonestown Has Come to America

Cuomo can kiss my Conservative extremity…

Curious how much is spent advertising ObamaCare

Curious reason woman makes MILLIONS unpackaging toys!

Curtice Mang – Penguin politics and other news

Cynthia Farahat: A Young Egyptian Speaks Out!

Dallas Homeowner Shoots, Kills Man Climbing Through Window

Dallas Takes Novel Approach Against Illegals

Dan Rather: How many lies did he tell as anchorman?

Dana Perino Gives Bob Beckel a Major Slap-Down Over Benghazi

Dance like nobody’s watching (viral video)

Dangerous Liberals anti-gun tactic of SWATTing

Dark Illusions for a Dark America

Darren Wilson declared guilty by black “grand jury”

Daryl Hannah Blames Liberalism for her Lack of Work

Das Fuhrer has spoken..

Dave Weinbaum: Top Ten Thoughts for the Week

Day of Resistance – Kevin Jackson in Houston

Days-Old Photo Makes Us Smile: George H. W. Bush Is Patrick’s Pal

DC Hosts One Crazy Nation

DC Insurance Commissioner: Casualty of Obama Lies

DC March for Jobs!

DC Media caught reporting REAL news on Hot Mic!

De Blasio snubbed by cops…again!

De Blasio tries to pull a fast one on NYPD

De Blasio welcomes latest NYPD recruits to BOOS

Dead Coptic Christians and Cocktails in the Vineyard

Dead Fish on Capitol Hill

Death Panels and the WWII Veterans

Death Panels: The ObamaCare Real-Life Nightmare

Death Threats: Welcome to the party, Al!

Debbie Wassergeek admits ObamaCare is a pig on ice

Debbie Wasserman Schultz royal ObamaCare screwup

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Staff Sequester Starvation Diet

Debt collectors mimic the Fed

Debt is Good…for Obama and the Left

Dec 7 – SEALs Day of Infamy

Dedication: Arizona Salutes Her Fallen WWII Heroes

Defense attorneys argue that Hasan should be spared a possible death sentence because his rights have been violated

Defunding Obamacare

Deion Sanders Comes Out!

Dem Rep says It’s unaffordable, but I support Obamacare!

Democrat Busted Calling Black Democrat Ngger

Democrat Fiscal Responsibility…Zimbabwe-Style

Democrat Governor abandoning ObamaCare

Democrat Hypocrisy v1.0

Democrat race pimps demand meeting with Republicans

Democrat Rep Tweets GOP “trying to punish America”!

Democrat Representative get schooled by Black GOP woman (video)

Democrat Senator busies himself with NFL

Democrat Strategy for ObamaCare: Ingenius!

Democrat Strategy: Demean Women

Democrat tells black constituents to appreciate her getting them food stamps!

Democrat Turmoil

Democrat Voter ID Fraud

Democratic Governors: Endangered Species?

Democrats acting like children (video)

Democrats admit identity crisis

Democrats agree with the Tea Party

Democrats and their polluted cities

Democrats Are Behind Racial Slurs of Miss America

Democrats are most worried about Cantor loss

Democrats are recruiting with CANDY!

Democrats Aren’t The Only Problem

Democrats banking on Ferguson

Democrats demoralize women for 2014 vote

Democrats Fili-busted!

Democrats Hate Black People

Democrats hate Christianity, but love Biblical references

Democrats in BIG TROUBLE over this

Democrats Lawyer Up

Democrats really hate the poor, and here’s the proof

Democrats reveal their KKK roots

Democrats should be VERY scared of this development

Democrats target cops in campaign ad

Democrats – That Wasn’t So Tough!

Democrats: Backhanding women for decades

Democrats: The Party of Perverts

Dems advertise on Terrorist TV

Dems Clinging to their Jews and Religion

Dems election ploy: Put dope on ballot

Dems scraping bottom of the barrel for 2016

Dems send pre-marked voter registration cards

Dems soon “outing” their own hypocrites

Dems throw a party and Hillary is not invited

Dems use KKK to help with immigration

Dems Vote To Fund Food Stamp Promotions On Mexican Soil

Dems want more from their Mexicans

Dems Want to Build a National Park WHERE? (To the Moon Alice!)

Dems worried about Obama going to jail

Dems: The Party of Stupid

Department of Energy partying like rock stars

Deployed Soldier’s Pregnant Wife Stabbed While They Video Chatted

Dept of Labor has strategy to help illegals

Desperate Obama Pimping ObamaCare (Video)

Desperation of race pimp Jesse Jackson

Despicable Liberals and their pedophile bundlers

Detroit Mom Shoots at Urban Terrorist Home Invaders

Detroit officially Third-World status

Detroit police chief to homeowners: Shoot first, ask questions later

Detroit’s emergency manager has tax liens on his Maryland home

Detroit’s nation of takers! (video)

Detroit’s Newest Crook – It’s official!

Detroit’s Unspeakable Horror

Devaluing the Dollar

Devout Muslims in Key Positions in the White House

DHS budget is astronomical

DHS Sec. Janet A. Napolitano Says to Trust Her: The Border Is Secure

Diane Lane to Channel Hillary Clinton

Dianne Feinstein Says It’s Open Season for Human Hunting!

Did ‘The Man of Steel’ Steal Jesus?

Did Toe-Sucking Spitzer Muck up the Hot Tub?

Did We Build That?

Did you know there are no active al Qaeda terror cells in the West?

Difficult decision for feminists with ISIS

Disabled Vet & Service Dog Kicked Off US Airways Plane

Disabled Veteran Banned From 4th of July Parade For Trying to Exercise Right To Free Speech

Disagreeing with Gay Marriage May Be Detrimental to Hair Style

Discrimination Lawsuit: A Tale of Two Candidates

Discrimination the Left doesn’t discuss

Disease Affecting Obama Voters

Disgrace! Two Liberal Presidents Exploit Normandy

Disgusting Taliban has sex with sheep (video)

Disney Caters to Lesbians: Taylor Has 2 Moms

Divorce by another name, is it still as sweet

DNC says, “We’re broke!”

Do Liberals Care if Third World Diseases Infect Americans?

Do the Obamas Really Need TWO “Essential” Chefs?

Doctors make fun of man under anesthesia

Dodge pays homage to the old and it’s EXCELLENT (video)

Does “No” mean “Yes” for Romney

Does it hurt to be as stupid as Jesse Jackson?

Does Obama Owe a Debt to Black America?

Does ObamaCare my ass look big?

Does Shared Sacrifice Include the Poor?

Does Zimmerman Deserve Justice?

Doesn’t Barack Obama care if unborn babies experience pain?

Dog Killing vs Baby Killing

DOJ Discriminates Against Straight Employees!

DOJ pulls a “Lois Lerner” on Ferguson

DoJ wants money for border security, with a twist

Don’t all lives matter

Don’t Ask Don’t Vote

Don’t ban Sterling, ban Obama

Don’t Go Soft on Racist Left

Don’t let your girlfriend get THIS mad

Don’t measure the White House for drapes just yet

Don’t quit your day job

Don’t Tread on Me, Boyeeee

Donald Sterling and his gold-digging ex-girlfriend

Donald Sterling to Adopt Kevin Jackson

Donald Sterling: Racist Genius!

Dorian Johnson filed a false police report

Dorian Johnson recants statement in shooting?

Doug Giles Hunts Africa’s Black Death — the Cape Buffalo

Dougie Aficionado Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday Dance Party

Dr. Ben Carson compares ObamaCare to the Alamo

Dr. Ben Carson declared extremist by black hate group

Dr. Ben Carson Reviews State of the Union Address

Dr. Ben Carson should apologize to President Obama

Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

Dr. Carson Exposes Obamacare as Slavery

Dr. Cornel West, white liberals push for gun control because of ‘racism’

Dr. Hotze’s Early Win Against Obamacare

Dress code requires teachers to wear bras, underwear – starting next year!

Drones, Drones and More Droning About Drones

Duck Dynasty and the Secular Theocracy

Duck Dynasty Calls Attention to a Dangerous Time in America

Duck Dynasty Happy Patriarch Makes GLAAD Mad

Duck Dynasty Star Kicked Out of Trump Hotel

Duck Dynasty Wedding: Phil and Miss Kay Renew Their Vows

Duet that Shocked Everyone (video)

Dustin Stockton: From Forklift Operator to Tea Party Leader

Dutch Orchestra Bails on Muslim Conductor quoting Qu’ran

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is NOT Gay

E-Verify: Immigration Reform’s Threat To Legal Workers

Easy to spot Leftist pansies, even on a comet

Ebola treatment can be racist?

Ebola vomit washed down the sewer

Ebola: The Big Government Lie

Ebony Magazine Defines “Blackness”

EBT Cards with No Debt Ceiling!

Economic Impact of Obama’s Coronation

Economy So Bad Kids Giving up on GOD…

Education in America: Conditioning for Low Expectations

Education in the Financial Bailout – Pork-A-Palooza II

Egypt denies US investigators access to Benghazi suspect

Egypt Is As America Was

Egypt rolls out ObamaCare

Egyptian Cleric Abu Islam: Flag of Islam Soon to Fly over White House

Egyptian leader doesn’t golf when Egyptians are murdered by ISIS

Elbert Guillory Announces the Free at Last PAC

Elbert Guillory’s message to white Democrats

Elbert Guillory: “Why I Am a Republican”

Election 2016: Rand Paul Leads In Zogby Poll – And Not By a Little

Election Day – Part III (End)

Election Night – Part I

Election Night – Part II

Election Year Tactic? The Obama Admin’s Latest Unilateral Obamacare Revision

Elections DO Have Consequences

Elijah Cummings caught LYING about IRS SCANDAL

Elizabeth Warren building fake foreign policy credentials

Elizabeth Warren gains ground on Hillary Clinton

EM2 Bud Cloud: A WWII sailor’s dying wish

Emancipation II – This Time Even White Folks Get Freed

Enforce Old Immigration Laws Before Any New Ones Are Passed

Enlightened definition of domestic violence

Entitlement is a Dirty Word

EPA Called On The Carpet By Justice Scalia

EPA Climate Change Expert is a Kook

EPA Czar yet another incompetent Obama chick

Epic Racist Democrat Rant Against Himself

Epic Smackdown! Volkswagon vs Radical Islam

Eric “Black Nationalist” Holder issues statement on death of NYPD officers

Eric Holder May Be Departing After All!

Eric Holder provides official response on droning of white folks

Eric Holder takes 27 PERSONAL trips on gov’t planes

Eric Holder: Laws are for PEONS!

ESPN: the anti-America sports network

Ethics Lesson from Obama

Evan Sayet: How Modern Liberals Brainwash People Into Hating America

Even apology to Sharpton couldn’t save Pascal

Even Welfare Has Gotten Lazy

Even when doing nothing, Liberals are costly

Even WHO is trying to kill off blacks

Ever had a Liberal sandwich?

Ever heard of Government innovation?

Every Dog a Wanted Dog

Evidence has surfaced to prove Shelia Jackson Lee was indeed a slave!

Ex-Secret Service Impassioned Plea To Fight

EXCLUSIVE: 12 Year Old Carl Interviews Eric Holder! (Video)

EXCLUSIVE: Why Persecuted is a Can’t Miss Film

Excuse me while I laugh at the Millennials

Excuses for Obama Presidency…Already!

Executive Hypocrisy Comes Home to Roost

Executive Orders or Memorandum: A turd by a different name

Expert at West Point Think Tank Warns of the “Violent Far-Right”

Explaining Liberalism through hygiene

Explosion at Waco Fertilizer Plant (Video)

Exposing racists of ALL colors

Eye Rolls and Egg Rolls at the White House

Eye-Crossing: Liberal Logic and Helping the Oppressed via Abortion

Facebook Chief of Security at NSA

Facebook: Ferguson cop shooter’s obvious connection to Obama and Holder

Failure is Obama’s Middle Name

Fake President, Fake Issues

Families of Ferguson Police live in fear

Family of dead robber says he’s the victim (video)

Family Robs Church Then Has Yard Sale

Fannie & Freddie getting ugly with borrowers

Fans Revive Paula Deen

Farrakhan blames Obama

Farrakhan Doesn’t Know Who to Blame

Fast & Furious Holder Playing Fast & Loose with Space Weapons Technology

Fast and Furious: Paul Walker or Gun Walker?

Fast Food beat downs and deaths

Fat – The New N Word

Fat Barbie and Other Liberal Toy Oddities

Fat Dumb and Unhappy

Fat kid guinea pigs

Father’s Day – One Black Man’s Perspective

Father’s Day without my Dad

Father-daughter chase thieves who robbed them

Fattening Frog for another Snake?

FBI agents caught sexting and dating drug dealers

FBI Director is a politically correct moron

FBI Director Mueller Knows Nothing!

FBI Director Mueller: Another of Obama’s Zeros!

FBI Double-Time Boston Bombing Investigation

FBI dumps racist Southern Poverty Law Center

FCC May Give F-Bomb and Nudity the Thumbs Up in Primetime!

Fear the IRS? Watch “Unfair the Movie”

Feckless Obama Flounders with Syria

Fed issues racial profile rules with exceptions

Fed-Ex knows how to honor a veteran

Federal court says concealed gun permits not protected by 2nd Amendment

Federal court sides with school ban of US flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo

Feds Raid the Scooter Store HQ!!

Feds say, “Look at my big busts” on SNAP fraud ring

Feds spend $1.5 Million to Study Obese Lesbians

Feinstein and Boxer Ask Californians to Lay Down Their Weapons During Statewide Manhunt

Feinstein Compares Assault Weapons to Child Pornography

Feinstein’s Insane Assertions of Vets’ Lack of Sanity

Female Marines Not Held to the Same Physical Strength Standards

Feminism and Male Models

Feminism: The new “F” bomb

Feminists are vile and subhuman…

Feminizing frats at college will solve this problem

Fencing Obamacare

Ferguson – Hands Up appears to be Made Up

Ferguson Activist has unhealthy interest in your children

Ferguson Cop: He’s Bla-ack!

Ferguson protester explains cop shooting vs black-on-black murder

Ferguson Riots – The Victims You Are Not Hearing About

Ferguson transcript: Dorian Johnson told lies, lies and more lies

Ferguson: Obama’s pride and joy

Ferguson: You break you buy!

Fibber Feinstein’s Secret Gun-Grabbing Dream

Fifty Shades of Drivvel

Fight for ISIS, forfeit your citizenship

Fight King Obama!

Firearms Companies Striking Back

First Black President Makes Racist White Woman’s Dream Come True

First gay marriage…then polygamy?

First Lady shows her pole-dancing moves

Five gun companies tell New York to pound sand

Fix Delayed–Dems Set Deadline To Fix Broken Obamacare

Fly on the wall at the Clintons

Flying Bo to Martha’s Vineyard but No Help in Benghazi

Food Stamp President – Truth Hurts

For $8.99 a Copy Mustapha Abdullah Tells All

For Al Sharpton: ‘The Fight Ain’t NEVER Over’

For all the Feminist Freaks…

For Holder justice is black and radical

For Hollyweird, you are what you ACT

For Obama, The Rules Don’t Apply

For Some Vets, 4th Of July Fireworks Bring Back Painful Memories

For The Girl Who Has Almost Everything

For the Left, killing black “burdens” is easy

For the National Day of Prayer (Video)

For those who consider themselves “moderates”

For Your Halloween Pleasure: The Healthcare Mash!

Foreigners Interested in America Raising Debt Ceiling

Forget Iran: Obama nuking American taxpayers

Forget Jesus, Let’s Make Philip Seymour Hoffman a Hero

Forget John XXIII! Bring on St. Barry of Social Justice

Forget the pink elephant, there’s a pink jackass in the room

Forgetful Would-Be Groom Calls in Bomb Threat

Former Border Agent’s alarming statement

Former gun control advocate sees the muzzle flash

Former NY Governor dead, communist mourn

Former Sec Def Gates Soundly Criticizes Obama’s Leadership!

Fort Hood Hero Says President Obama ‘Betrayed’ Her, Other Victims

Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan Beaten in Prison

Foxes Want to Watch the Hen House

France Goes American and Gay?

Fraternity’s War on Women

Fraud: Private Sector – Jail, Obama staffer – Promotion

Fraudster Al Gore suing his Arab partners

Freedom of Speech AND Religion Beatdown

Freeman Suffers from Shawshank Syndrome

French President Disses Obama

From bombings to golf

From Russia, With Hate: Sodomy Lobby Now Dictating U.S. Foreign Policy

Funds run low for health insurance in state ‘high-risk pools’

Funniest Putin v Obama meme I’ve seen

Funniest Test Drive EVER! (Video)

G.I. Joe > Gun Nut

GA Democrats says Democrat voters are stupid

GA Dems draws the line at FUN

Gaddafi Gets it in the End

Game of Thrones: GOP v. Conservative Power Plays

Garofalo – Skank Hollyweirdo Strikes Again

Garofalo Defines the Racists

Garofalo Obsessed with Lowly Negroes

Garofalo Warns Blacks

Garroting Throats and Hailing Satan

Gas Prices Soar Up, Up and Away!

Gay “Marriage” – The Real Reason Gov’t Wants It

Gay Agenda v American Agenda

Gay CNN Anchor Defends Phil Robertsons Right to Free Speech

Gay Mafia has NOTHING on THIS Mafia

Gay Mafia involved in Michael Sam pick

Gay Men Should Grow a Pair

Gays and the Church

Gays Get Their Month

Gays have something on Obama…

Gays should get their own church

Gays take pride in strangest things

Gays upset about Straight White Guy Festival

Gender IDENTIFYING problems….

Gender Mess in Massachusetts

Generation Y Explained

Generational Wisdom

Gennifer Flowers: the REAL reason Bill Clinton called me

George W. Bush Suddenly Hip to the Left

George Washington was the extremist

George Zimmerman Case May Not Be Over

George Zimmerman Not Guilty! (Updated)

George Zimmerman speeding in Texas

Geraldo Says “I was drunk!”

Getting drunk cost this star $3.2B

Gettysburg, the Union, and the Fourth of July

Ghost of Solyndra: New round of green energy funding

Ghosts of Democrat Presidents Past

Girl Scout makes money on pot? (video)

Giuliani gets blunt on Obama

Give Life a Chance

Glazed Donut Recklessness

Glenn Beck Gets a History Lesson

Glitterati Getting Ready to Roll Out Obamacare

Global Climate Alarmist make Brian Williams look like an Eagle Scout

Global Climate Change supporters called prostitutes

GM – Lease with Option to Buy

GM car coffins

GM cars declared “boat anchors”

GM death tolls approaches Hillary Clinton numbers

GM to Stop Making Cars

GM: The Benghazi of the Car World

GM: The Profit in Killing People

God and FOOD STAMPS (video)

God Bless America (Video)

God Have Mercy: Nation’s First Birthing Center / Abortion Clinic

God Reveals Obama’s Horns

God Spotted in MA

God’s Role in the Oklahoma Tornado

Going forward with Obama leaves us in the ditch!

Good Samaritan sacrifices car to stop thief

Good Spermaritan must pay child support to Lesbian

Goodfellas’ Gangster Caught!

Google and Facebook Join NSA in Data Molestation

Google Execs Jetsetting Courtesy of the Taxpayers

Google honors Cesar Chavez rather than Jesus on Easter!

Google sucks at Diversity, but they aren’t scared

GOP Defectors: Key Republicans Say Solving Climate Change More Important Now Than Ever

GOP Introduces Bill to Send Child Illegals Home, While Obama Opines On Border Crisis Without Being On Border

GOP Missing Republican Renaissance

GOP Rep Thinks The Border Is “Relatively Secure” & Says Pathway to Citizenship Is “Potentially Doable”

GOP Senate Candidate into Cockfighting?

Gosnell Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder!

Gosnell Who?! It Ain’t Easy Being a Babykiller

Gotta love this from Facebook (video)

Gov’t corruption under Obama out of control

Gov’t LOOKS for crap to regulate; here’s the latest

Gov’t meddling shuts down kid’s free library

Gov’t Uses Stats for Extortion

Gov. Brown Signs Trans-Gender Student Bill

Gov. Christie to announce expansion of Medicaid, sources say

Gov. Terry McAuliffe Welcomes The Original Freedom Riders On The 50th Anniversary of The Civil Rights Act

Government back in business…of screwing America

Government Is Coming for Our Guns!

Government Motors – New Genericus Models

Government Workers Unhappy with Obama

Government Zombies See Dead People

Government’s War on Women (Video)

Government, Pimps, and Guns

Gov’t: Bigger and Blacker

Gowdy threatens Democrats with getting to truth

Graham, McCain Blast Paul Filibuster

Granny scares robbers with GUN

Great Moments in Democrat Racist History – FDR

Great Moments in Democrat Racist History – Hugo

Great Moments in Democrat Racist History: FDR

Great Moments in Democrat Racist History: Truman

GREAT PIC: Blacks Murdered by Blacks

Great Video: Ensuring Our Legacy of Pride and Respect

Greek Yogurt-Infused Guacamole for Mexican Illegals

Grievance Guru Industry Revived by Zimmerman Verdict

Group trains young black men how to be fathers

Guard Quiets Hecklers

Guess Hu’s Coming to Dinner

Guess what Liberals say Ferguson PD needs

Guess where illegals are being flown now?

Guess who DHS says the radicals are?

Guess who gets illegals’ ObamaCare bill?

Guess Who Obama Blames for Benghazi?

Guess who Obama wanted to lead DOJ Civil Rights Division

Guess who predicted Putin would invade Ukraine? (Video)

Guess who’s gone Hollywood

Guess who’s testifying on Benghazi

Guess why this “honor student” killed his parents

Gun Companies Refuse Sales to State Governments with Strict Gun Laws

Gun Control Lib Rahm Emanuel warns of armed protection

Gun control nuts are racists

Gun Grabbers Kill Jobs

Gun Manufacturers Fight Back by Denying Guns…BRILLIANT!

Gun Store Owner Rescinds Sale of AR-15 to Mark Kelly

Gun-control nuts hate these stories

Gun-free Chicago Deadly for Children

Gun-free zone means sexual assualt zone

GUNS (Virtual State of the Union 2013)

Guns don’t kill people, Liberals do!

Guns or Not? It’s Time to Talk About the Constitution

Guts to Speak the Truth About Islam

Guts! Little Sisters Take on Big Brother

Hacker Targets Clinton Confidant In New Attack

Had Enough of Democrats?

Had Enough Weiner?


Hailstorm “Kapooya” (Video)

Haiti Gets a Former US President – And He’s Black

Half-Baked Driving Deaths Triple in the US

Hamas “dead” don’t know video still rolling

Hands up, still shot

Hanging by a Rope Thread

Hank Johnson Pleads the case for Balloons

Hannity fights a Terrorist

Hannity Step It Up!

Hannity: Kevin Jackson’s EPIC torching of Juan Williams

Happy Birthday Kevin Jackson!

Happy Birthday Sasha! Dad Lifted Age Restrictions on Plan B

Happy Freakin’ New Year

Happy in my Own Skin

Happy New Year! Is Inescapable Doom Heading Our Way?

Harass a police JANITOR?

Hardball question: How Obama selects his peeps?

Harry Reid and Ethics are mutually exclusive

Harry Reid gives America one last thrust

Harry Reid meets Karma

Harry Reid’s ethics questioned

Harry Reid: Another Liberal Democrat thieving snake

Harry Reid: Fifty Shades of BLACK and BLUE!

Harry Reid: His brother’s keeper?

Harry Whines for Gun Control

Harvard Hates ObamaCare

Harvard Sex Week?

Harvard: So what we’re spying on students

Has Ferguson backfired on Democrats?

Has Jimmy Fallon gone Conservative, ergo SANE?

Has Obama Killed Black Pride?

Has the Left Won?

Hasta la vista Facebook!

Hasta la Vista, Retirement

Haters will destroy Ferguson anyway they can

Have you seen my constitutional government anywhere?

Have you seen the NAACP Tea Party Racism Tracker?

Have you seen this food “alternative”

Hawaii to Export Homeless

He ain’t heavy, he’s my Muslim brotherhood

Head of CIA says caliphate talk is nonsense

Headless in Chicago

Healthcare for the Healthy

Healthcare Stats Don’t Lie!! Offline for Weekend “Maintenance”

Hear About the Funeral?

Hearing Black?

Heartfelt Goodbye from Jay Leno (video)

Heartless Dems Walk Out of Benghazi Hearing before Families of Victims Testify

Heartwarming video from the Middle East hot zone

Heat Packing Dad Shoots Armed Robber at Burger King

Height of Hypocrisy: NAACP Moral Monday

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Gay Scorned?

Hello Jihad! Syrian Rebel Leader Issues A Call To Battle – With a Hello Kitty Notebook On His Podium

Helping Illegals Earn Their Keep

Here’s a fish tale you won’t forget! (video)

Here’s a reason to RIOT!

Here’s how you get Ebola…we think!

Here’s something a Leftist politician won’t do

Here’s the story to shut Shamnesty down

Hermit Gosnell: A Monster’s Tale in the City of Brotherly Love

Hey Detroit, Your City Sucks!

Hey GLAAD: Let’s Get Something Straight!

Hey GOP: Don’t Mess With Texas!

Hey Harry Reid: Here are some truly racist trademarks

Hey Progressives! Deal with it!

Hey Putin! This is exceptional America! Forget YOU!

High School kid tells administration to shove it (video)

High School Valedictorian Refuses to Cower to Anti-Freedom of Speech Bullies

Hilarious – Headlines from the Year 2059

Hillary “Dead Broke” Clinton got cushy deal for Bill

Hillary Clinton almost got BUSH Whacked (video)

Hillary Clinton blood runs thick; won’t be president

Hillary Clinton dissed in San Diego

Hillary Clinton doesn’t need a lot of info to be in charge

Hillary Clinton Doing Man’s Work

Hillary Clinton Enters Mega-Bucks Speaking Circuit

Hillary Clinton gets SLAMMED in this video

Hillary Clinton Hates America, But Loves Herself

Hillary Clinton hints at NOT running

Hillary Clinton Incorporated

Hillary Clinton on Hamas is Biden v2.0

Hillary Clinton testing “Blame Bush” strategy

Hillary Clinton – Voice of America?

Hillary Clinton’s Book, “Hard Choices” Is A $10 Million Loss for Publisher

Hillary Clinton’s mouth is a dangerous weapon

Hillary Clinton: “Dead broke!”

Hillary Clinton: MSM Starts Their Campaign Blitz

Hillary email recipients might consider witness protection

Hillary Encounters Heartbreak on the Path to 2016

Hillary move over, Wendy’s coming

Hillary Punks Obama

Hillary Should Shun Black President

Hillary vs Barack Round Two

Hillary’s Children are ‘Too Small to Fail’

Hillary’s courage under fire

Hillary’s Executive Credentials

Hillary’s NEW 3am Call

Hillary’s Regrets: Do they include Benghazi? (Video)

Hillary, that’s gonna leave a mark….

Hip Boot Alert: SOTU Incoming

Historical Day?

Historically Black Colleges doomed

History and Cherishing Our Elders

History Teacher Schools McCain

Hitler finds out his translator is a fraud (video)

Hoax Fabricated to Elicit Sympathy for Gays!

Holder doesn’t investigate crimes against whites

Holder shakes down ‘racist’ lenders to tune of $1 billion

Holder won’t prosecute these black Missouri cities

Holder’s selectively racist police investigations

Holder: Legal gun owners to be treated like criminals

Holder: Trust me! Kids will never use pot!

Hollyweird Crackheads and Cracked Heads

Hollyweirdo goes on shooting spree

Hollyweirdos and their selective racism

Hollyweirdos Mourn the Death of a Dictator

Hollywood and Their Celebrated Predators

Hollywood Propagandists

Holy ACORN, Batman – We know how Obama got his 7.1M

Holy Fast and Furious, Barack!

Holy guacamole: Bill Richardson Says Cruz Not Hispanic!

Holy Michelle Obama: Ticketed for this?

Home state newspaper casts doubt on Menendez during scandal

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano Will Resign Today!

Homeless black mom meets the pimp called “Feminism”

Homeless migration to CO: Can you guess why?

Homeless no more: the American Spirit in action (video)

Homeowner Takes Joe Biden’s Advice, Gets Arrested

Honestly Speaking discusses being beaten over food

Honolulu Rail

Hope for Marine abandoned by Obama in Mexico

Hope to Pope

HORROR: Jihadist in London talks to camera after killing soldier in street

House Negros, But Not Senate Negros

Houston enlists snitches

How about making HARVARD FREE?!

How about some reparations for the Scots-Irish?

How About This For A Long-Term Plan For The GOP?

How about this latest IRS screwup

How about THIS swap for our Marine in Mexico?!

How about this test for marriage

How about we read Sharpton’s emails?

How Barack Got His Transparency Groove Back

How Being Raised In The Ghetto Colors Perceptions Of Law Enforcement

How can you NOT bathe for 60 years?

How Convenient

How could you NOT want to pay for this?!

How do you sell a bad burger: Offer it to Gays!

How do you think a school named after Obama is doing?

How Liberal Pseudo-Kindness is Killing America

How Liberals get warped in CA (Video)

How much does it take to buy off black Liberals

How not to pick your friends (video)

How Obama and the Left Hijacked MLK’s Dream

How Obama Will Legalize 20M Mexicans Fast

How ObamaCare SHOULD be advertised

How Pelosi stole $1B easy

How proper Liberal slapdowns are done (video)

How the Left really feels (shocking undercover video)

How the Left sees lameduck Obama

How To Fail Brilliantly In Conservative Talk Radio, Part 1

How To Fail Brilliantly In Conservative Talk Radio, Part 2…

How to fail brilliantly in Conservative Talk Radio, Part 3…

How to Fake a Harvard Education

How to get an Obamaphone

How to know your economy is in the crapper!

How to let people know you are NOT Gay (video)

How to Lose Friends and Influence Nobody

How to SEE God

How to Spot a Liberal at Work

How to spot Liberals in nature (video)

How Will Africa Perform in 2008?

Howard Dean doesn’t like calling Muslims “terrorists”

Howard Stern Gets More Dirt on Weiner

HS Student Forced to Lap Dance

HuffPo retracts erroneous claim attacking McDonald’s wage practices

Huma Thrusts the Big Weiner onto the Big Apple

Hypocrite alert: Dems want Big Oil to save them?

Hysterical analysis of Obama’s “net neutrality” (video)

I am The Tea Party

I Got Joe the Plumber in Trouble

I LOVE Canada’s Crackhead Mayor

I love the taste of Styrofoam in the morning

I So Want to Like Tom Hanks, but…

Idiots’ Guide to Looting

If a CEO did what Obama did

If George W. Bush Had a Son He’d Look Like Christopher Lane

If it’s not killing a baby, why the serious consideration?

If Michelle Lived in a Farm in Iowa She’d Want a Gun

If Muslim women don’t have to, neither will this patriotic Chick!

If Obama did all he could, why did they die? (Video)

If Obama had a cop-killing son

If Obama had a son

If Obama had a son, he’d be a gangster social media sensation

If Obama had a white son, he’d name him “Bowe”

If Obama had another brother, this racist would be him

If Obama is America’s father, please call CPS

If Obama Ran a City…

If ObamaCare were BushCare…

If only ISIS female hostage had been a Bergdahl

If only Nikki Haley were Michelle Obama

If Only Obama Were White

If only Ray Rice were a Lesbian

If politicians were wired

If she weren’t a senator, she’d be in jail

If the Mitt Fits, You Must Acquit

If the Republicans had not freed the slaves…

If you can’t beat ‘em, tax ‘em

If you have HIV or AIDS, ObamaCare is for YOU!

If You Have the Strength to Stand – ‘Stand Up for Obamacare’

If you named a gang after Obama, what would you call it?

If you tease a Pit Bull, be sure to check his collar

If you think the KIDS are bad…

If you thinks VA hospitals are bad, ObamaCare is coming

Ignorance is synonymous with black Democrat

Ignorant black Liberals and cop killers

Ignorant Liberals cost you another $2 trillion

Illegal Immigration – An American Tale

Illegal Immigration – Reprise

Illegal kids to get rock star treatment

Illegals don’t trust Obama

Illegals driver’s license & liberalism

Illegals in military: What else is new?

Illinois Democrat caught trading child porn

Immigration Bill Would Grant Amnesty AND Instant Access to Welfare

Immigration Reform Ad Lies!

Immigration Reform In the Eyes of an Immigrant

Impeach Barney Frank & Chris Dodd

In 2007 Israel Bombed Syria’s Nuclear Program Out of Existence

In a Time of Sequester: the Obamas’ 1% Vacations

In Californicate men can be women, and women can be men

In Detroit, water is an entitlement

In Memoriam–Tribute to Andrew Breitbart: I Can’t Stand to Say Goodbye (Original Song)

In Syria, Urkel and Lurch Plan to Wage a ‘Cojones Campaign’

In the Face of Sequester: Obama Spends $350 Million to Push Sex on Kids

In the face of the sequester: Obama sends $500 million to Palestine

In The News 11-19-08

Income Inequality? Michelle O’s Income Unequal 50th B-day Party

INCREDIBLE VIDEO! Pro-muslim students bully campus Republicans at Portland State

Incredibly Unappetizing

Independence from Hate

Indiana Guardsman Gunned Down While Shielding 2-Year-Old Son

Inmate suing to get art?

Inner-City Teachers Deserve Combat Pay

Innovative threat to Ferguson police

Innovative way to make extra money at McDonald’s

Inspector Barack Clouseau Reassures the Germans

Instead of Leveling the Playing Field Barack Obama Evens the Score

Intellectual Frog Legs: The Conservative’s Guide to the Galaxy

Intellectual Froglegs: Conservative when convenient! (Video)

Intruder Dials 911, Afraid Homeowner Might Have a Gun!

Iran the New Leader in Women’s Rights

Iran's Friendly Nukes

Iraq: Parliament Attempts to Form New Government Before Baghdad Descends Completely Into Chaos

Irish Politician Slams Obama as Hypocrite of the Century!

Irony alert: Global warming protest cancelled

Irony Alert: Liberal Professor Attacked by Black Mob

Irony: Obama’s credit card denied

IRS can’t meet deadline

IRS Cancels Softball Game with GOP

IRS Gets Security Against the Tea Party

IRS has more agents than Germany has soldiers?

IRS Makes “Creepy” Demands Of VA Tea Party (video)

IRS Official Whose Computer Crashed Was Responsible For Spinning Congress On Targeting

IRS on ObamaCare: Let the blood-letting begin

IRS Paints Target on Black Conservative Alfonzo Rachel

IRS Star Trek Spoof Tax Video

IRS Will Strong-Arm ObamaCare!

Is a Men's Movement Afloat

Is Affirmative Action Destroying Black Pride

Is Al-Qaeda Bragging About Bombings?

Is Barack Obama the Aaron Hernandez of Politics?

Is Bill Clinton a pedophile?

Is Chris Matthews Coming Out Black?

Is Colorado the Stoner State (VIDEO)

Is Conservative Friend an Oxymoron

Is Democracy Temporary?

Is getting caught having sex with your Muslim granddaughter a war on women (video)

Is Gov’t or Are Doctors Meaner?

Is MSNBC’s “voice changing”?

Is Nixon Obama’s Daddy? (Video)

Is Obama Killing Hollywood?

Is Obama Scared?

Is Obama the cause of mass shootings?

Is Obama Toast? Told Spec Ops to STAND DOWN!

Is Obama’s Appeasement of Iran the Catalyst for ME Armageddon?

Is Paula Deen in a High Blood Sugar Tizzy?

Is Racial Rioting On the Rise?

Is Rap Music too black for the LGBT community?

Is Romney the New Reagan?

Is the KKK in charge of the Secret Service

Is the media “slobber-fest” over for Obama?

Is there a Big Weiner-Spitzer in the Big Apple’s Future?

Is there a job beneath a Millennial?

Is this “Going Postal?” (video)

ISIS bloopers…too funny

ISIS figures are in, and they are bigger than Obama’s ego

ISIS is getting an Air Force!

ISIS Just Seized 88 Pounds of Uranium But U.S. Not Too Worried About It

ISIS terrorist located Saddam’s WMDs?

ISIS terrorist worked at MN airport

ISIS wimps crying like babies when caught by military

ISIS: Hotel California for volunteer terrorists

Islam Pervading in the White House

Islamist Terrorist Maj. Nidal Hasan May Self-Represent!

Islamo-Nazis Protest About Bad Treatment in America

Israel and Saudi Arabia Warn-NO! The US Should NOT Cut Off Aid to Egypt

Israel has a “green” weapon (video)

Israelis innovate airport security

It Pays To Be Poor in America

It's Cool to be a Tea Bagger!

It’s about RACE, not ObamaCare!

It’s all about JOBS

It’s all Bush’s fault…

It’s just DATA, right?

It’s Not a Good Idea To Watch Porn Or Obama on Your Smartphone

It’s official: Hillary Clinton is dying

It’s Official: Obama Deemed Scariest Ever

It’s Official: Obama is Gay

It’s official: Pot makes you stupid & Dems love it

It’s people, NOT guns that kill people!!

It’s Time Christians Told Those who Seek to Silence Them ‘Yeah Right’

It’s Time for an Apology

It’s time the Left admit they are fools

It’s Not Obama’s Fault, Right?

It’s Time to Tow the SS ObamAmerica into Port

Ivy League Beatdown

Ivy League diplomas no help for blacks

Ivy Leagues have really dropped their standards…

James Carville predicts the demise of Republicans…again

James Woods: Obama is “Gift from Hell”!

Jamie Foxx Capitalizes on Trayvon Martin’s Death

Jamie Foxx gets his answer from Kevin Jackson

Janeane Garofalo has run out of black people

Janet Napolitano: A woman to watch for 2016

Jay Carney Avoids the Question: Will Obama Cut Back Lavish Vacations?

Jay Carney Does the White House Side Step

Jay Carney Explains How Food is Produced

Jay Leno: Government shutdown so bad Obama’s down to one teleprompter!

Jay Nixon and the Ferguson money train

Jay-Z: As Classless as Obama

Jay-Z: Dealing Coke Made Me a Better Businessman

Jay-Z: The Joe Biden of Hip Hop

Jeb Bush to Honor Hillary Clinton?

Jeb Bush too dumb to be president

Jeh Johnson: Step-n-Fetchit “Yes Boy”

Jen Lawson “Cold Dead Hands” (Video)

Jeremiah “Chickens Come Home to Roost” Wright’s Daughter Indicted

Jesse Jackson Agrees with Racist Oprah

Jesse Jackson called a sellout in Ferguson (video)

Jesse Jackson calls Florida the Selma of our time

Jesse Jackson gets “test” VIP treatment

Jesse Jackson Jr might get out sooner

Jesse Jackson says Phil Robertson should REPENT

Jesse Jackson Scowls while Ben Carson speaks (video)

Jesus VS. Muhammed! (UPDATE)

Jihadists Working in the IRS

Jim Carrey Pic On eBay to Fund Conceal Carry Class

Jimmy and Shelley share ‘The Evolution of Mom Dancing’

Jimmy Carter on Being Black

Jimmy Fallon is so not funny

Jobs Bill and Baby Steps

Jobs Outlook Uglier Than Pre-Makeup Oprah

Joe Biden Cops a Holly Jolly Feel

Joe Biden in concert?

Joe Biden Shotgun Advice Could Be Illegal In Delaware, Officials Claim

Joe Biden talking “gay”!


Joe Piscopo discusses politics with Kevin Jackson

Joe The Plumber – Fired!

Joe the Plumber for President?

Joe the Plumber shows brilliance again

Joe the Plumber Speaks Out About Prop 8

Joe the Plumber’s Pledge to His Baby Girl

Jogging While White Leaves Woman Dead

John Boehner a Man Taking a Walk?

John Boehner Is Getting Ready To Mount A Potentially Gigantic Lawsuit Against Obama

John Gibson and Kevin Jackson Slice and Dice a Loony Caller!

John McCain Cuts Off Nose (Face is Now Angry)

John Roberts has a 14th Amendment Family Dilemma

John Schneider: Why a grown man cries…

Josh Earnest: Lame Excuses for Lame Duck

Juan Pablo Galavis Says No to Gay Bachelor, Quickly Apologizes

Juan Williams calls out Dyson and Sharpton

Judge and Public Defender slug it out in court…literally (video)

Judge deals blow to Head Negro in Charge

Judge Gives Holder a Fast and Furious Whoopin!

Judge Jeanine Blasts Chicago Police Superintendant Garry McCarthy

Judge Shoots Down “Ferguson Defense”

Judge Tingle puts a beatdown on Bloomberg

Junk Bond battles OBOLA

Junk Insurance May be Back

Junk Science and Leftist Math, and Assault

Justice Kennedy’s Nonsensical “Proclamation”

Justice Milton Tingling Slaps Down El Bloombito’s Super-Size Soda Ban

Justice Uncle Thomas

Justin Bieber is no Donny Osmond

Justin Bieber wanted to join the KKK?

K-9 with 2 Purple Hearts Helps Injured Marine

K9: She’s Not a Dog – She’s a SOLDIER!

Kaboom: Another explosive welfare benefit

Kagan Feminist Trailblazer

Kansas City Containing Minorities

Kansas Gov Brownback Signs HB 21 Recognizing All States’ Concealed Carry!

Kansas lottery winners accidentally blow up house while celebrating with meth, marijuana

Katie Couric Torpedoes Women’s Movement

Katrina mayor pleads not guilty to bribery charges

Keep Black Liberation Army Cop Killers Behind Bars!

Keeping Christ in Christmas Is What’s Important In December, Not Politics

Keeping Focused Like a Laser on Benghazi!

Keith Olbermann being…. OLBERMANN…

Kenny Brooks has initiative…AND he’s funny!

Kenya takes out the TRASH, Ba-By!

Kenyan miracle healer exposed

Kerry’s Yacht

Kerry: They’re just Jews

Kevin debates Liberal on Fox re ISIS and Obama

Kevin Jackson & The Black Sphere Need You! Voter Outreach, Community Service – See How You Can Help

Kevin Jackson Addresses Racial Stereotypes in America

Kevin Jackson Awards: Top 10 Powerful Bald Black Guys of 2013

Kevin Jackson calls out Sharpton on his Race Pimping ways

Kevin Jackson debates Juan Williams on Hannity (video)

Kevin Jackson debates NAACP on Hannity

Kevin Jackson Discusses Ferguson on Fox News.

Kevin Jackson on Don Lemon’s CNN panel (video)

Kevin Jackson on Glenn Beck: 912 Project

Kevin Jackson radio follows Sharpton on black New Orleans radio station

Kevin Jackson Responds to Obama’s Racist Comments

Kevin Jackson Responds to Obama’s Racist Comments (video)

Kevin Jackson Schools A Liberal Youth

Kevin Jackson schools a young SEIU Obama zombie

Kevin Jackson sets Liberals straight on Fox News

Kevin Jackson Shocks the World by Coming Out Not Gay!

Kevin Jackson’s On The ’20 Hottest Men In New Media For 2014′ List

Kevin slaps down Race Pimps over the Garner decision

Kevin tells us why Lesbians are so fat

KFC Chicken Smuggling in the Middle East

Kidnapper and Rapist Pedophile Assault Weapon?

Kids MIGHT Be Saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Oregon

Kim Jong-un Cruelly Executes His Ex-Lover

Kindler, Gentler VA tells cancer patient to go to work

King Obama and His One-Man Government

King Obama to Congress: I’ll decide what’s constitutional

King Salman: the new head of Saudi?

King’s Real Legacy

Kirsten Powers And Panel Hit Media Hard On SOTU…

Kiss the Pyramids Goodbye

KKK Leader: Public racist, privately loves black MEN

Kneel to the Teacher but Not to God

Knocking Out The Knockout Game

Kobe Bryant divorces Black People?

Koch Brothers latest move could ban them from CAPITALISM

Krauthammer on Putin Op-Ed: These are the fruits of an epically incompetent foreign policy

Krauthammer ridicules Obama’s preschool program

Krauthammer: Obama’s Biggest Benghazi Problem (Video)

Kristin Chenoweth’s Anthony Weiner ‘Popular’ Parody

LA Gang Tour: Go on Safari in America

La Raza: We don’t need no stinkin’ badges

Lack of dead voters force Dems to crack their whips on the living

Lack of Medicaid expansion now called racist by MSNBC

Lackluster Obama Presser with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Lady Gaga changed the National Anthem to “land of the free…home of the gay.” Any thoughts?

Lady Gaga: Only “on top” when OVER the top?

Lance Armstrong gets the bill for lying

Lanny Davis: Obama White House Threatened Washington Times Over My Column

Latest Debunked Racist Incident

Law Student OWNS Cop on Gun Laws

Lawless are getting PAID!

Lawmaker want risque photoshop to be crime

LeBron James goes back to slavery

LeBron James vs Barack Obama

LeBron James Would Be …

Left biggest fear realized: Bush smarter than Obama

Left Cries Wolf on Racism…what else is new

Left wants Reaganized Obama

Left-Wing Race-Baiters Out Themselves Again

Lefties Bash “Teabaggers” (Video)

Leftist Hypocrite on Guns Arrested for Having Gun

Leftist idiots want Obama for this role!

Leftist Lesson: Teach your kid how to shoplift

Leftist losing their heads to jihad

Leftist Narrative on would-be cop killer: He was a good boy

Leftist says beheading is not terrorist tactic

Leftist throwdown over Islam

Leftists are Dung Beetles

Leftists know how to kill and LOVE IT!

Lefty Totalitarianism: Conform or Else!

Legislation even Einstein couldn’t understand

Lesbian Mob Beats Street Preacher at Seattle Gay Pride (UPDATED)

Lesbian Professor not so cocky now

Less Doctors on Obamacare and It’s Only the Beginning

Let Fed-Ex Run the Gov’t

Let them eat TOFU!

Let’s ban public Liberalism unless you want more of this

Let’s Call Boston What it is…TERRORIST ATTACK!

Let’s compare racists, shall we?

Let’s Crash the ObamaCare “Youth Summit Social”

Let’s fund some more terror

Let’s just all come out GAY

Let’s just call this “The Obama Virus”

Let’s Not Forget Gun Registration History

Let’s sue Liberals for being ugly

Letter from a Lunatic Liberal

Letter from Red Neck Farm Kid in the Corps

Letterman Unplugged!

Letterman, Late Night, and the Loss of Irony

Lewinsky is BACK and Hillary isn’t happy

LGBT Activist Claims Gays Want to Destroy Marriage

LGBT has a big loss in Mozilla and don’t even know it

LGBT Pride ‘Children as Props Day’ at the White House

LGBT selective outrage

Liberal “family values” on display

Liberal absurdity: Ferguson Museum

Liberal Al versus Muslim Al

Liberal bashing made easy, by comedian Don Rickles

Liberal black pastors: The definition of sellouts

Liberal Candidates are golden if they do this

Liberal Chick Asks They Know “Who is this guy Ben Ghazi is?”

Liberal Chick Gathers Signatures to Send Care Packages to al Qaeda

Liberal Chick Gets College Students to Sign Pressure Cooker Ban!

Liberal Cities Can’t Rely on Cops for Protection

Liberal Desperation and the War on Girls

Liberal Detective Series – YOU spot the Liberal(s)

Liberal finds out Trey Gowdy is bad to the bone in interrogations

Liberal humanitarians: You’re joking, right?

Liberal Hypocrite on Gun Control BUSTED!

Liberal Lesson – Living Vicariously

Liberal Logic Alert: A Liberal Explains Benghazi

Liberal logic applied to the Keystone Pipeline

Liberal man “marks” the cough drops (video)

Liberal Mania at Wal-Mart?

Liberal POS cop-killer should have been in PRISON

Liberal Professor bans Conservative viewpoint

Liberal Semantics and the Redefining of Death Panels

Liberal Showcase: Welfare fraud from not so poor jeweler

Liberal States Seeing Red

Liberal troll’s War on Women

Liberal woman hates black people

Liberal Women Get Played

Liberal “Trickeration”

Liberalism 101: How Perps become Victims

Liberalism 101: Rape your daughter and get probation

Liberalism 101: Trash a house, sue the owner (video)

Liberalism and the Car Wreck (Video)

Liberalism and the epidemic of angry black women

Liberalism backfires in inner city elections

Liberalism has gone to the DOGS!

Liberalism in the gym (video)

Liberalism is Dangerous to Your Health

Liberalism is Maddening

Liberalism killed those Pakistani children, not the Taliban

Liberalism meets reality TV

Liberalism – Equal Opportunity Destroyer

Liberalism, “Coming Out”, and Courage

Liberals “root” AGAINST the underdog.

Liberals Allowing 16-yo to Vote in MD Town

Liberals and Mustard Politics

Liberals and the art of semantic gymnastics

Liberals and their nonsense causes

Liberals and their stupid degrees

Liberals are Jethro-stupid on ObamaCare

Liberals are Pro-Life on Obamacare

Liberals can celebrate: Minimum wage kills jobs

Liberals Can’t Take Jokes

Liberals celebrate Ferguson burning

Liberals declare “fatwa” on Giuliani

Liberals drug of choice is racism

Liberals get gun after being robbed by Liberals

Liberals gift tips…yep, they’re stupid

Liberals Hate Asians…Nothing to See Here

Liberals Love Misery

Liberals Love the Hoodie

Liberals love their diversity…training

Liberals Love to Get Liquored Up

Liberals Must Destroy Conservative Traitors Like Us

Liberals on the precipice of another rude awakening

Liberals Secretly Happy: Zimmerman Not Guilty

Liberals sell their vision of America in cartoon

Liberals Should Thank Limbaugh

Liberals Subjective ‘Red Line’

Liberals vs. Conservatives- Seven Deadly Sins or Suggestions?

Liberals want child care as an entitlement

Liberals want more money for less safety

Liberals want to put conservative bloggers in JAIL

Liberals will be SHOCKED by this report

Liberals’ diabolical Tea Party strategy

Liberals, Ferguson and black schools

Liberals: Just a trillion more to save the world

Liberals: Capitalists are reason for illegal immigration

Liberals: Non-racist whites are virtually nonexistent

Liberals: Working for the public bad

Liberty, Equality and Same Sex Marriage

Liberty: The Civil Rights Struggle of Our Time

Life is so simple, it’s complicated!

Likeminded Clintons to Swear In Radical Bill de Blasio

Limbaugh Said to Want Slaves

Lingering Liberalism of Ferguson

Linus Has a Good Word for Illegal Aliens!

List of demands made for Ferguson by youth

Listen up Coke: Choir competitors sing impromptu National Anthem in hotel

Literature Professor bribes students to protest WI Gov Walker

Live and Let Die: Gosnell Trial Esposes Murder and Callous MSM

Local law-enforcement monitoring your car

Local Pastor Scolds Tea Party

Lois Lerner backup tapes found

Lois Lerner calls Conservatives “terrorists”

London Police Gun Down Terrorist (Shocking Video)

Long-time escort confirms Sen. Bob Menendez paid her for sex

Look at what the NSA turned up on Maxine Waters

Look at who People magazine honors…and who they DON’T

Look who this Liberal blames for CA rampage shooting

Looks Like 52% of Those Eligible to Work are Out of the Labor Force

Looting in Ferguson you didn’t see (video)

Lose your job over THIS!! Seriously?

Losing one’s identity

Lost Cigarettes + Lost Lives = Government Involvement

Louis Farrakhan Organization Received $103K in Farm Subsidies!

Louis Farrakhan still taunting JEWS!

Louisiana State Senator First Black Republican Senator Since Reconstruction!

Love and Liberal Revisionists

Low-Cal Blog?

Lucas Yonkman: Hero’s Path to Councilman Position!

Luxury survival condos for multi-millionaires

Lying Democrat Scapegoat was Hired by Former DNC Head

Lying, misdirection and cover-ups: What does it take to get fired at the VA?

Mad black woman in Detroit, the Left doesn’t want you to see (video)

Madonna #Hashtags the N Word

Magazine Re-Launch 6-28-09

Major Networks Mostly Silent on Abortion Doc Born Alive Baby Murders

Majority favor LETHAL racism?

Mama Obama’s Half-Century Birthday Gift: A Vacation!

Man Breaks Into Lingerie Store, Gets Very Freaky

Man cuts off arm with ObamaCare DIY amputation kit

Man Deported for Being Too Sexy

Man shoots 12-yo boy during domestic dispute

MAN UP!…or you could get this (video)

Man with 132lb scrotum could have used ObamaCare

Man-Up Church! A Biblical Defense for Giving Offense!

Mandatory Minimum Wage getting droned

Manspreading has feminists’ panties in a wad

Many gifted blacks in prison

Marc Lamont Hill Without Republicans

Marco Rubio Answers Tough Immigration Questions

Margaret Sanger’s Dream Come True: Eugenics by Abortion

Marie Harf, “My bad?”

Marie Harf: Let’s put Jihadists to WORK!

Marine fined for having Marine bumper sticker

Marine Vet Rocks America’s Got Talent with “Coal Keeps the Lights On”!

Mark Kelly Has Not Completed Background Check for AR-15

Mark Kelly Shoots Himself in the Foot

Mark this day: Ebola pandemic begins

Martin Luther King, Jr: Reverend or Doctor and why it matters

Maryland residents don’t want illegals?

Massachusetts town is Liberalism on steroids

Massive DHS presence and terrorism in St. Louis?

Master Bedroom is now RACIST!

Maxine Waters if Republicans had not freed the slaves

Maxine Waters On Obama’s Super Database!

Maxine Waters: ‘Over 170 Million Jobs Could Be Lost’ Due To Sequestration

Maybe We Can Split a Beer

Mayor of Chicago’s love offering to Obama backfires

Mayor of New York Discusses Feud with Police

Mayor ‘Simon Says’ Bloomberg says: ‘Climb the stairs!’

McAuliffe Perfect Democrat Scoundrel for VA

McCain Goes Gloves Off – Satire

McCain is Long Past Usefulness

McCain Out of Touch

McCain Schools Cruz (Shut up kid! We lost!)

McCain Soon to Meet His Inner Mexican

McCain to NBC’s Gregory: “Do you care that 4 people died?”

McDermott Champions IRS, Blames Its Victims

McDonald’s “Obama” Menu

Me and My Obamaphones

Medal of Honor Recipient Declines White House Invite

Media Back to Work Soon

Media Blackout? Barack Hussein Obama’s use of forged IDs hearing TODAY!

Media Lovefest with Obama Continues

Media Still Praising Obama Speeches

Media treated like step-children by Dems

Media Whitewash of 60 Minutes’ Lara Logan

MediaWatch – Blood in the Water

Medicare Reimburses the Deceased and the Illegal

Meek Sent to Back of Bus by Clinton

Meet America’s Newest Victim – LeBron James

Meet Fiscal Cliff

Meet Liberalism: The REAL Bully that Kills

Meet Michele: Former drug dealer, ex-con, and Conservative

Meet the Democratic “hit squad”

Meet the Mobsters!

Meet the ObamaCare Navigators!

Meet the racists who are never called racists (video)

Meet the Worker that works for LESS than minimum wage

Meet your ObamaCare nurse

Melanin Meters and Other Survival Tools

Melissa Harris Perry Blames Detroit’s Failures on Small Government!

Melissa Harris-Perry: Your kids aren’t yours!

Members of Congress Demand Classification Ft. Hood Attack as an “Act of Terrorism”

Memorial Day 2013

Men are from Mars, women Venus, but….

Merry Health Care for the Holidays Christmas

Message to the Ferguson Rioters: Personal Responsibility

Messiah Visits Joe

Messianic Obama is Common Core Approved!

Mexican Troops Attack Inside America (video)

Mexicans are Free

Mexicans storm the Southern Border

Mexico celebrated independence…from what?

Mexico learning about gangs from America!

Mexico mad at Gov Perry for protecting Texas

Mexico must have bathhouse pics of Obama

Mexico’s mass slave exodus

Mia Love, a Token?

Micaela ‘Piece of the Pie’ Obama’s Newest Advisor

Michael Brown tribute song?

Michael Brown’s Mother: “F them two cops”

Michael Moore and the misogynist hypocrite’s divorce

Michael Moore compares Justice Antonin Scalia to KKK

Michael Moore is now a RACIST

Michael Moore: “Fear and racism drive people to cling to guns”

Michelle “Sacrifices” for Shut Down

Michelle Keeps it Real with Reverend Al

Michelle Obama – Angry at Her Success?

Michelle Obama Crowned In Brit Sunday Times

Michelle Obama Eats Wagyu Beef in Prison

Michelle Obama has better credit than America!

Michelle Obama Influences German Election Loss

Michelle Obama not welcome at Topeka KS school?

Michelle Obama Says No More Rappers and Ballers

Michelle Obama Searches for an Identity in Senegal

Michelle Obama Supports Gun Control that Doesn’t Work

Michelle Obama to China for a Boondoggle

Michelle Obama Wore A-What-A to to the SOTU?

Michelle Obama’s Irish/German/African Pre-Summer Vacation

Michelle Obama’s nutritious lunch program FAILED

Michelle Obama’s SOTU guest is a FRAUD

Michelle Obama’s White! What?!

Michelle Obama, Hyponatremia, Adult Diapers and Other Hydration Issues

Michelle Obama: One ‘Busy Mother’

Michelle Obama: The Funeral Frowning Wench

Michelle Obama: The Racist’s Lament

Michelle Obama: The White House Is a Really Nice Prison

Michelle Obama’s Hip-Hop Hope

Michelle Obama’s Nip/Tuck Birthday

Michelle Obama’s Not-Quite-Right Fundraising Story

Michelle Obama’s Three-Quarters of a Cup of Frustration

Michelle Says Hubby Has Swag?

Microsoft CEO under fire with feminists

Mike Brown becomes a VERB

Military Coup Overthrows Morsi in Egypt

Military Drag Show: the Sad and Perverse Legacy of Obama (video)

Military hairstyles are now racist?

Military Hero outed as “NOT Gay”

Military High-Tech deployed to speeders

Military Now “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” for Christians

Military Religious Freedom Foundation Wants Air Force Chaplain Gagged

Military Vet Cited and AR-15 Confiscated!

Millennial Election Update for Dems: “OUCH!”

Millennials can be dangerous to their parents

Millennials have NOTHING on these guys!

Milwaukee Police Chief puts Race Baiters in their Place.

Minnesota Farmer Escapes Government Grab…For Now

Minority graduation rates

Miss USA Can’t Get a Date in NYC?

Mitch McConnell is weird (video)

Mo Brooks got it right: There is a War on Whites

MO Gov Jay Nixon building QuikTrips in Afghanistan

MO Senator McCaskill Denies Access to Certain Blacks

MO State Senator has tough words for governor

Model Chicago Citizen is convicted terrorist

Modern Day House Negros

Mom and Daughter Starve Man with Down Syndrome to Death

Mom Breaks Hood Rule and Turns In Son After Seeing News Clip

Mom Story #1

Mom Story #2

Mom Story #3

Mom Story #4

Momma raised her kid right!

Mommy has an 11-year-old Baby Daddy

Mommy Lobby to Boycott Victoria’s Secret Stores

Money Can’t Buy Obama Happiness

Moooooooom! If Obama Raised the Debt Ceiling, Why Can’t Weeeeeee?

Moral of the Fake Tag Heuer

Moral of the Story: Do Not Torch Snakes!

Moral Relativism and the Raping of Grandma

More attempted police assassinations…crickets

More bad news for Hillary

More kids using marijuana in Colorado…REALLY?!

More land for Mexico?

More ObamaCare woes…Part Nth

More on America’s long battle against radical Muslims

More on Obama’s Skeet Shooting

More racial BS in arrest stats

Morgan Freeman without Republicans

Morrissey: ‘If more men were homosexual there would be no wars’

Most famous crackhead in American history is dead

Mother 2 Mother: A conversation from black mothers to white people

Mother Arrested for Strangling Newborn Found in Texas Recycling Center

Mother drags newborn down the aisle in wedding

Mother Sues Planned Parenthood Over Forced, Botched Abortion

Motown – Dead Ahead! Keep Left!

Mountain lion kills MDC elk, caught on film

Mourning the Birds and the Bees

Mr. Fix-It is Fixing to Fix Immigration

Mr. Flexible’s Inflexible Stance on Syria

Mr. Paul Goes To Howard

Mrs. Knucklehead Smiff Calls Millennials Knuckleheads

Mrs. Obama and Co. Take in the ‘Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’

Mrs. Obama Asks the Question: ‘Is That a Sweet Potato in Your Pocket?’

Mrs. Obama Schools Confused and Bewildered Grocery Shoppers

Mrs. Obama Tweets Coming Out Congrats to Robin Roberts

Mrs. Obama, Do Bo and Sunny Lick Cake off China Too?

MSM Cuts Biden’s Benghazi Remarks Into Anti-Gun Platform!

MSM in state of apoplexy over rumors Koch Bros interested in Tribune Co.

MSM: Accolades for Chavez, Disdain for Thatcher

MSNBC finances in the toilet!

MSNBC Touré Founded Racist Paper

MSNBC’s Toure Get Schooled on Gun Control

Much Ado About Nothin’

Multiculturalism is a pig on ice

Murderer of white teens apologizes to WHOM?!

Music Teacher Gets ‘Paula Deened’ for Facebook Comments

Muslim barber refuses to cut hair of lesbian: Whose rights trump whose?

Muslim Brotherhood may be working with Amb. Chris Stevens’ assassin

Muslim Crusader Bill de Blasio!

Muslim Girl Says it all in two words

Muslim in charge of America’s ISIS strategy

Muslim student wants Jews dead (video)

Muslim students protest American Sniper shown on campus

Muslims “get told” in Texas

Muslims Destroy a Cemetery (Disturbing)

Muslims NOT the most radical?

Muslims use Democrat playbook on trucking company

Must watch video: Guinness wheelchair commercial

MWD Lenin G. Shepherd and his handler SSgt Pousha (Video)

My Adventures on the South Side of Chicago

My favorite post office cutback

My Fellow Blacks, Can I Criticize Dear Leader Now?

My Guns Across America Sign!

My Tribute to a Racist

My Twitter Battle with Roland Martin

My Worst Job

N.Y. bill would force gun owners to buy at least $1M in insurance

Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye Piers Morgan!

NAACP Chair Okay with IRS Targeting “Racist” Tea Party Groups

NAACP Getting Desperate

NAACP Has Gone Rogue


NAACP paying this woman’s personal bills

NAACP Protested by Ex-NAACP!

NAACP Reject

NAACP still honoring racists

NAACP supports Democrat woman-beater

NAACP to Root out Racism

NAACP Wants No Accountability for Black Educators

Naked She-Pope Cites Freedom of Speech

Nancy Pelosi and Google Glasses

Nancy Pelosi and Progressives’ Contempt for Motherhood

Nancy Pelosi: Math Genius Extraordinaire

Nanny Bloomberg’s High School Graduates Mostly Illiterate

NASCAR Driver Loses Health Coverage & Doctor of 20 Years

NASDAQ tanking: Obama and ObamaCare

National Science Foundation Grants $384K To Duck “Privates” Study

National Security: Obama outsourcing to a Mexican

Navajo’s hit jackpot without building a casino

Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and the Sin-Eaters

Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell gives best answer for fixing VA (video)

Navy: Lincoln Refueling Delayed, Will Hurt Carrier Readiness

NBA Great Karl Malone: Blacks need to stop looking for handout

NBA Star calls Sharpton a coon

NBC Attacks Obama – Was This Racist?

NBC Video: Presidential Motorcades Okay…White House Tours for Public Not

NC shooting has radical Islam roots

Need a break from white people?

Negro is the new N-Word?

Nelson Mandela’s True Legacy: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Net Neutrality: Sounds harmless enough!

Netanyahu in town – Obama gets a manicure

Never Forget December 7th, 1941

Never say “never”!

New AG isn’t named Lynch for nothing

New Benghazi Spin: Republicans Altered Emails

New C-Notes Just in Time for the Shutdown!

New Federal Holiday and why women can’t find jobs

New Head of Immigration Enforcement has Jaded Past

New meaning of “on his way to college”

New Media Squeezing Out MSM Journalism

New Obama Plan Now 4.1M Jobs!

New Obama Tax is Racist

New racist villain is owner of LA Clippers

New Reason to Profile Young Black Men?

New terrorist supporting Twitter trend

New VA Dem Gov Terry McAuliffe has his priorities straight…it’s Gays!

New York City: The Big Apple or the Red Apple?

New York City: You’ve Been Warned!

New Yorkers Know They Hate Fox News

News Anchor Drops F-Bomb

News anchor reunited with kid she helped (video)

News flash Bob Harper: Coming OUT is not necessarily motivational!

News that Matters: Cancer Patient’s Final Good-bye Video to Daughter

NFL should sue Democrats

Nice job if you can get it!

Nick Adams: An Aussie Adopted by Texas and Preaching American Exceptionalism

Night of the Living Obamacare

Nike Extorted by Pimp

Nixon Nixes Blacks in Education

Nixon’s Ferguson Commission on cop violence leads to arrest of black youth

No Awards for Bible Sensitivity Training

No Celebrating GROWTH!

No Chinese Anchor Babies!

No Fairytales, Marriage Takes Work

No Father in the Home?

No Free Thinking Allowed: Everybody Repeat After Obama: 2 + 2 = 5

No guts needed to shoot up an unarmed Army base

No Guvment Schools for Obamas

No Jobs, but Unemployment Down?

No Losers for Democrats?

No Marines for Benghazi, But…

No More Cowgirls

No peace for Ferguson Grand Jury witnesses

No Post-Sex Soda for the Kiddies

No Stroller March for 1-year-old Murder Victim

No Surprise: Florida Planned Parenthood Opposes Born Alive Bill

No Taxes for Democrats

No Telethon for Obamacare Victims!

No to Guns; Yes to Abortions

No Uncle Toms on the Left

No White History

No, The ‘Presidential Library’ Float Isn’t Racist

Nobel Prize – A Sad Joke

Nobody wants Attorney General job?

Normandy was closed when we got there too

Northwestern “White Heterosexual Male” Not Diverse!

Not 40 Acres and a Mule But Close

NOT Gay far outnumbers LGBT

NOT Gay movement loses an ICON

NOT home-made cookies, but….

Not Joking: Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton Accepts the Liberty Medal

Not My Boss’s Business Act

Nothing to Fear…Except our Government

Notre Dang! – Angels and Demons

Novel approach to gun defense?

Now THIS is a challenge that needs to be SPREAD!

Now this is an amazing single black mother (video)

Now THIS is sportsmanship (Video)

Now we know who’s paying for community college

Now, we know Obama’s problem!

NRA Executive Veep Wayne LaPierre’s Fiery CPAC Speech!

NRA provides dessert for Inaugural Ball

NRA Stand and Fight (Video)

NRA warns of UN-Obama Gun Grab

NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands of Times/Year Since 2008!

NSA Systems Administrator with Dubious Background?

NY Times sanitizes radical Islam narrative

NY wants to grant citizenship to illegals (video)

NYC Homeless Get One-Way Vacations

NYC Mayor’s aide is one BIG bad apple

O.U. cad!

OB/GYN Who Performed Over 1200 Abortions Tells Congress to Ban Them

Obama and BizarroWorld

Obama “dummy” hung from bridge

Obama “self-Grubers” on immigration

Obama "Honors" Military

Obama "Saves" Jobs – Again

Obama ’09 Job Plan

Obama – Fisher of Men

Obama – Too Big to Fail?

Obama 2nd Term off with a BANG

Obama a no-show in Paris to discuss radical Islam

Obama abandons plans to rob college accounts

Obama administration inadvertently “outs” CIA operative

Obama admits “stealing” from Gruber

Obama Admits to Violating “Keep Your Coverage” Pledge (Video)

Obama Allows Capitalism – For Now

Obama and Biden Weigh in on Income Taxes

Obama and Boehner’s Slaves

Obama and Clinton Do Lunch

Obama and Holder put bounty on cops

Obama and Putin: Mr. Flexibility Cancels Meeting with Russian Leader

Obama and Reggie Love vacationing

Obama and Sharpton cursed in Ferguson

Obama and the 0.1 Percent

Obama and the Turkish Murderer

Obama Appointee Misplaces $80M?

Obama Appoints Himself CEO of Chrysler

Obama as Bo Duke

Obama as Cool Hand Luke

Obama as Dr. Evil

Obama Asked to Lay Hands on the Economy

Obama at Martha’s Vineyard: Fried Oysters and Fried America!

Obama Attends Funeral!

Obama Beat Down by Second Amendment Loving Legislators (Revised video)

Obama Bleeds Green as in Energy

Obama BOOED and you’ll never guess where

Obama Borrows Money from Jews

Obama Breaks It Off with Matt Damon

Obama Bringing Democracy Back from Russia

Obama brings TWO illegals to event in his limo

Obama Cabinet Preview?

Obama Cabinet – Round Two

Obama called the “L” word

Obama Calls Struggling Americans Deadbeats

Obama Calls the Wrong Number!

Obama can’t catch a break even in his home state

Obama Can’t Save Olbermann’s Job

Obama Caught: Video You Must See

Obama Chooses Dog & Church

Obama Citizenship Issue Runs Deeper

Obama Committed a Hate Crime — Against Himself!

Obama cracking down on military fraud…LOL

Obama creates richest terror network in history

Obama crossing the Rio Grande

Obama Cutting Pork…What?

Obama debates which terrorists to support

Obama Decides He’ll magically fix Race Relations through Executive Order!

Obama defies “white man’s law”

Obama Defiles Reagan Stagecraft

Obama Discusses Afghanistan

Obama dismissed by Saudi King Abdullah?

Obama does a touch and go at Fort Hood

Obama Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Accountability!

Obama donor in process of buying up and ‘destroying’ America’s top pro-gun media outlets

Obama Drones On and On

Obama Eating Crow

Obama economy: Here’s one way to survive it

Obama Either Doesn’t Know Guns Or He lied

Obama Era Takes Sex Back to the Stone Age

Obama European Trip – Manna From Heaven

Obama Finally Shows His Real Self at a Rodeo

Obama finds good news in Ebola

Obama Finds Optimistic Side

Obama fires RETIRED VA chief

Obama Foists Alinsky Ideals On Young Israelis

Obama Forever

Obama Gave Order for IRS Intimidation

Obama gets non-royal treatment in Europe

Obama Gets Spanked on Twitter

Obama Gets Taken Down to Chinatown

Obama Gives a Big Kudos to Muslim Brotherhood Connected ISNA!

Obama Gives out Chump Change

Obama gives thumbs up to Pot

Obama Giving Rebates

Obama Goons Get First Casualty

Obama Grandma Gravely Ill

Obama Hands Baton of Military Superiority to Ex-KGB Putin

Obama has a “new” housing plan…

Obama has a Son

Obama has as many allies against ISIS as ex-girlfriends

Obama has created a pandemic not being discussed

Obama has established the NEW normal

Obama Has Found “Hope”

Obama Has Made America Safe!

Obama has made war so COOL!

Obama having trouble selling illegal immigration

Obama Hawaiian Vacation: Day Eleven Down Six Days to Go!

Obama holds secret transparent meeting with Muslims

Obama homecoming dinner with 50 African leaders

Obama Hopes to Avoid a Sissy Fight

Obama Idea Shelved…Again

Obama images

Obama IS creating jobs…for TERRORISTS

Obama Is Going to Train More Americans?

Obama is Grubering the economic news!

Obama is Nixon 2.0

Obama is no doctor, but…

Obama is not a prophet nor king!

Obama Is Not Willing to Work With Anybody

Obama is Superfly

Obama is the American Sniper

Obama is The Thinker

Obama IS Trayvon…a Moron

Obama is truly pathetic

Obama is Weapons-Grade Butt-hurt

Obama Jobs Plan Calls for More Tea

Obama just “come out” already!

Obama just “happened”

Obama Just Admit It!

Obama Keeps Michelle "In Check"

Obama Kicks Rosa Parks Out of Her Bus Seat

Obama Killed Osama Action Figures (Photo)

Obama knows what’s coming, and it’s bad news

Obama Leaks Next Steps on Guns (Video)

Obama lies and squirms when he realizes he’s caught

Obama Loses ONLY $50M in “Not-so-Green” Energy

Obama Losing Luster?

Obama lost $10B in GM stock sale: It’s OK, he’s black

Obama Love

Obama makes Christians the murdering terrorists

Obama Makes Things Better by Making Things Worse

Obama making poor people in record numbers

Obama may purge Internet “radicals”

Obama More ‘Lincolnesque’ Than I Thought?

Obama Mourns Film Critic and Ignores SEAL Hero Chris Kyle

Obama Moves On to Curing AIDS

Obama must hate retail

Obama names black education czar to reduce ‘resegregation’

Obama Needs a Magician Czar

Obama Offers Africa Air-Conditioned-Limo Energy Conservation Talk

Obama officially endorses the gay agenda

Obama on Jobs – Reprise 2010

Obama on Mexico: Ship ‘Em Guns and Let ‘Em In

Obama on Stem Cell Research – Fool’s Gold

Obama on Weiner and Filner: ‘Fuhgeddaboudit!’

Obama Pants on Fire re Benghazi

Obama Pimp Slapped by Iranians

Obama plans “Chicago-style” payback for Netanyahu

Obama Pleads Ignorance

Obama please list Muslim contributions to America

Obama polls numbers lower than belly of pregnant weenie dog

Obama prisoner swap LIES

Obama Promises More Pain if Budget Not Passed

Obama Protects Citizenry

Obama proves politically radioactive in Denver

Obama Provides 24-Hour Access

Obama Provides Comic Relief

Obama Race Card Revoked

Obama Raises the Dead

Obama Redefines Illegals

Obama releases six more terrorists: Want to know what it cost us?

Obama remains America’s Super Hero

Obama renews the Cold War

Obama Replaces Website Concerns with Mega Fundraising

Obama Roasts the CBC

Obama said what about Bush?

Obama says ‘Fluke You’ to Religious Liberty and Women with Cancer

Obama Says Muslims are “Fundamental Part of American Family”

Obama says ObamaCare will boost exports

Obama Says “Psyche!” to New Yorkers

Obama says, “I’m in Charge”

Obama sending young black men to Jihad

Obama sends unbooted troops to Iraq

Obama Sets up Government Motors

Obama shoots birds

Obama Should Regulate Oil Refineries, Household Appliances to Stop Global Warming

Obama showcases his LOVE of America (video)

Obama shows up to campaign rally and people walk out

Obama Shuts Down Amber Alert

Obama Signs Stimulus – Crisis Averted

Obama Sissy Slaps Veterans

Obama Skeet Shooting Fraud?

Obama solution for Ferguson: Watch the cops?!

Obama Speaks to Bush

Obama Spoofed in The Bible

Obama sticks it to Texas

Obama Still Selling – You Scared?

Obama Stones Easter Bunny

Obama Sure Is Making Alinsky Proud

Obama Tackled O’Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday

Obama Tackles Afghanistan

Obama Takes Revenge on Rednecks!

Obama Talks about Net Neutrality (with Translation)

Obama Targeting the Wrong CEOs

Obama Targets FedEx & UPS…for Being Successful

Obama Teaches Tolerance

Obama Tells Chaplains No Praying During Gov’t Shutdown

Obama tells Ferguson protesters: Stay the course

Obama the Ass-Kicker

Obama the Buzz-Kill

Obama the Clown is Off Limits

Obama the Creator

Obama the Creator of 2.5M Jobs

Obama the Deliverer

Obama the First

Obama the Gap-Maker Visits the Gap

Obama the Political Orphan

Obama The Racist

Obama the Regulator – Part I

Obama the Regulator – Part II – The Raw Deal

Obama the Regulator – Part III – Going Green to Create Jobs

Obama the Sultan of Sob Stories

Obama threatening soldiers who speak about Bergdahl

Obama threatening veterans’ gun rights

Obama Threatens Veterans’ Gun Rights

Obama throws pool party in Libya for terrorists

Obama Tightens His Own Noose

Obama to America: No Insider Trading Regs for Congress

Obama to cede internet to international org

Obama to Detail New Taxpayer Theft Plan

Obama to get Special Forces recognition?

Obama to give Mexicans ObamaCare pinatas

Obama to revamp Indian schools LOL

Obama touts foreign militia, but domestic militia’s are terrorists?

Obama tweeting about his record

Obama Under Fire…What?

Obama urges SCOTUS to strike down federal Defense of Marriage Act!

Obama used the IRS as his attack dog

Obama uses Black Magic

Obama Uses Iranian Tactics

Obama v. W: Who Throws Like a Girl?

Obama Visits Israel — OR When Satan Came To Town

Obama Votes No Prescence In Iraq: The Mideast Goes Up In Flames

Obama vs The Stock Market

Obama wants lying in politics LEGALIZED

Obama wants peon college to be free

Obama Wants Stocks to Drop!

Obama wants to “drown conservatism”

Obama Wants to be Loved

Obama Wants to Control Weather

Obama wants TRANSPARENCY in Ferguson

Obama war strategy for ISIS gets pimped

Obama Warns Millennials of Bar-Related Injuries

Obama WH Incompetence on Obamacare is awesome to watch

Obama won’t discuss immigration with Congress, but will with Mexico

Obama works in soup kitchen

Obama Worships in Basketball Gym

Obama Worst President on Jobs EVER!

Obama – Changes “Words”

Obama – Closing the Gap

Obama – House Negro

Obama – I Got the Power

Obama – Lord of War

Obama – Meet the Real Boogeyman

Obama's – Black Camelot

Obama's Foreign Policy – Unplugged

Obama's Labor Numbers

Obama's New Friend

Obama's New War

Obama's Nobel Farce

Obama's Teachable Moment

Obama’s “All I want for Ramadan” List

Obama’s “Kill List” in the movies

Obama’s “Princess” workout!…PRICELESS! (video)

Obama’s ‘Death to America’ Alliance with Iran

Obama’s – True Black Royalty

Obama’s Accomplishments

Obama’s Administration: Intervention and War in the Balance

Obama’s Bevy of Latina Lovelies

Obama’s Biggest Secret

Obama’s black-butt-kicking economy

Obama’s Buck Stops with the Babysitter: Sebelius

Obama’s clever way to extort McDonald’s

Obama’s Commitment to Blacks Explained

Obama’s Cracker Jack’d Healthcare Plan

Obama’s Cure for Failing America – A Party!

Obama’s desperate IRS move: Seize tax refunds

Obama’s Dirty Secret?

Obama’s double standard on women

Obama’s Economic Approval Plummets (They Ain’t Buying What He’s Selling)

Obama’s Economic Fight with Self

Obama’s Economic Plan – Satire

Obama’s Failures (Video)

Obama’s feel-good Cuban oppressors

Obama’s foreign policy: Inspector Clouseau or Mr. Bean

Obama’s Fundamental Plan for Change: Socialism

Obama’s funky used car

Obama’s Ghetto Christmas Courtesy of the Federal Reserve

Obama’s Harvard education debunked by a wood chopper

Obama’s heaping helping of Bowe crow

Obama’s immigration policy from Dora the Explorer

Obama’s income WAY down, so why is he still laughing?

Obama’s Jobs Ponzi Scheme

Obama’s latest selfie proves he’s a rube

Obama’s Laughable Foreign Policy

Obama’s Little Box of Chocolates

Obama’s Mexican Son: Alejandro Rodriguez arrested 152 times

Obama’s Minimum Wage Hustle on Black People

Obama’s muffin-top budget!

Obama’s NOT missing links on terror

Obama’s organizers plan ad blitz on gun plan

Obama’s painful reception in PA (video)

Obama’s policies suck and here’s why

Obama’s productivity secrets?…SERIOUSLY!

Obama’s Race Speech

Obama’s Racially Insensitive Birthday Cake

Obama’s radical anti-Israel Marie Harf

Obama’s rude awakening in Vegas

Obama’s Secret Service should be able to drink

Obama’s Shooting Rampage

Obama’s Sister – Mother of the Year

Obama’s Snow Job

Obama’s social media: the death of class

Obama’s SOTU: Correcting (Some Of) The Lies

Obama’s targets: Truth tellers

Obama’s Temper Tantrum

Obama’s the Ivy League classist…

Obama’s Theft Caught on Camera (Video)

Obama’s throat issue; they missed one possible cause

Obama’s Time is a Changin

Obama’s Tiresome Words on Zimmerman, Martin, and Slavery

Obama’s Tribute on Memorial Day

Obama’s Upside Down Priorities

Obama’s Using Sequestration to Play Games with Military and Tuition

Obama’s Whole Two Girlfriends

Obama’s World Poverty Tax

Obama, aloof?

Obama, F-16s, and Guns

Obama, Not a Great Prez but a Great Pretender!

Obama, Prada, and Minimum Wage

Obama, Tea Baggers, and Impeachment

Obama: “I have complete confidence in Holder.”

Obama: “I’m not partisan!”

Obama: “It’s America’s Fault”

Obama: America’s greatest racist EVER

Obama: Boy trying to do a Man’s work

Obama: extorting cities in the name of Islam

Obama: Full-time poverty pimping

Obama: Just Call It the Global War On Terror, Darn It!

Obama: Man of History?

Obama: Man of mystery and contradictions

Obama: Menace to society…especially Democrats

Obama: No WMDs But Russian AK47s Are Fine

Obama: Put More Black Kids in Prison Program

Obama: Some slavery doesn’t pay off

Obama: The Benevolent Dictator

Obama: The Father of ISIS

Obama: The Political Theatre Expert

Obama: The real Chickensh*t?

Obama: The Yugo of America

Obama: Uncommon Sense

Obama: Vacations and Cowardice

Obama: Warrior against Women…and blacks

Obama: Where da black people at?

Obama: Where da white women at

ObamaCare – America Gets New Proctologist


ObamaCare and Fraud

Obamacare Chickens Come Home to Roost

ObamaCare debacle emails missing

ObamaCare deems FUN a liability

Obamacare Demolishing Full-Time Work

ObamaCare dominoes starting to fall?

Obamacare draws them out in South Carolina

ObamaCare Finds Religion

Obamacare for Dead Kentuckians

Obamacare for Dummies (Book!)

Obamacare Forces Cancer Patient to Make Life or Death Decision

ObamaCare Has a REAL Poster Child

ObamaCare has new victims

Obamacare Horror: Stepping Over the Dead in America’s Doorway

Obamacare is Breaking Bad

Obamacare Is Jim Crow for Medicine

ObamaCare lies getting bigger and better

Obamacare May Bite You At The Vet’s Office

Obamacare Metes Out Restitution

ObamaCare might just kill itself

Obamacare Premiums Higher than the Mortgage

ObamaCare presents Soylent Green Y2K13

Obamacare Provision: “Forced” Home Inspections

ObamaCare rates in CA soar

ObamaCare Restaurant Surcharge?

ObamaCare Ruling is no OJ Verdict

ObamaCare signing up illegals

Obamacare SNAFU the Left Didn’t Count On

ObamaCare So Bad Website Rejects Applications!

Obamacare to be renamed GOPcare soon

ObamaCare to be written into TV & movie scripts

ObamaCare Will Cure Every Damn Thing

ObamaCare will DELIVER! (video)

ObamaCare won’t cover babies!

ObamaCare Won’t Take Enrollments

Obamacare’s Brave New World Database

Obamacare’s Got Yaz

ObamaCare’s Unexpected Savings

ObamaCare’s War on Pregnant Women

Obamacare: Good for Thee but not for Me

ObamaCare: Breaking Bad in Real Life

ObamaCare: Confusing an appendix for an ovary

ObamaCare: Defines this as a sin

ObamaCare: Get Your FREE Stuff!

ObamaCare: ingenious way to get the numbers up

ObamaCare: The Enron of healthcare

ObamaCare: The Great Bait and Switch

ObamaCare: The Pig on Ice

ObamAnesty under fire from Texas judge…again!

Obamanomics is a stone cold KILLER

Obamas’ Downsized Martha’s Vineyard Vacation

ObamaTax meets Fluke

Obama’s Adds Culture Czar

Obama’s Bailout Plan: Pork-a-Palooza

Obama’s Bizarro World

Obama’s Choom Gang Tour of the Gulf Ports

Obama’s Cyber Security Farce

Obama’s Fuzzy Jobs Math

Obama’s Green Plan – Success?

Obama’s Gun Control Disaster

Obama’s Healthcare Plan – Porkalicious

Obama’s Heartfelt Speeches

Obama’s Inner Muslim

Obama’s Putin Payback: Billie Jean King USA Delegate to Olympics

Obama’s Reads Leadership for Dummies

Obama’s Superbowl Performance

Obama’s Take on Arrogant Americans

Obama’s Threats of War With Syria

Obama’s Torture Conundrum

Obama’s Triumphant Return

Obama’s War on Achievement

Of Course Electric Cars Need Subsidies to be Competitive

Off Duty Ninja Dispatches Robber (video)

Officers deaths up 50 percent

Oh for a Gracious First Lady!

OH it’s fine for blacks to criticize WHITE Presidents!

Oh joy! Another Obama Selfie!

Oh no you DIDN’T chop off my weave!

OH Teacher fired: We don’t need another Liberal black president

Oh Where, Oh Where Has Little François Hollande Gone?

Ohio Bill Would Prohibit Firearm Seizure…

Oklahoma State Rep calls Islam a Cancer, then

Olbermann Cries Poverty in Lawsuit Settlement

Olbermann’s wet dream

Olbermann/Clinton: A story of unrequited tingle

Omaha Toddler Gets Reprieve From Thug Life…For Now

On “Doing Something” About Healthcare

On “Keeping faith sequestered in the Church”

On Catching Flies in the Marriage Debate

On Choosing Life, Part II

On Climate Change: Pres. Flat-Wrong Scolds the ‘Flat-Earth Society’

On Democrats and Honor

On Opting Out of Obamacare

On Republicans, Messaging and Power

On Scandalpalooza, Part I

On Scandalpalooza, Part II:

On the heels of American Sniper, check this out…

On Uniting as a Nation

Once You Go Black

One Boston Bomber Dead, One on the Run

One guess how measles came back to America

One Liberal’s War on Women

One More Liberal Scoundrel Out of Work…And Counting!

One of the best Veteran’s Day stories (video)

One of these is real: unicorn, the competent Liberal politician, or voter fraud

One shot SIX KILLS?

One state chops the head off Common Core

Online shoppers are racist!

Only in Obama’s America can incompetence pay so well

Only Liberal Ethics Taught Here

Only ONE more Valentine’s Day with Obamas

Only the blind could support Obamacare

Ooh that media’s grilling the Prez now!

Open Carry Chicks Confronted by Cop in Missouri

Open Letter to the Pro-Choice Woman

Oprah and the secret mockumentary

Oprah Disses Obamacare

Oprah the Fat Fraud!

Oprah Winfrey should thank Republicans

Oprah’s Solution for Racism: Oprahcare

Oprah: Old White People Just Have to Die

Oregon ObamaCare and Oracle

Oregon Woman Fends Off Attacker with Handgun

Oregon: Ban on Commonly Owned Firearms Introduced

Orphans, Obamacare and Condolences

Orszag – The First Defection

Oscar Winning Producer of The Godfather Returns to Present Political Thriller at CPAC

Other Liberal Utopias plan to legalize marijuana

Other states to CO: Keep your funky dope fiends in your state

Our battle against Muslims began a long time ago

Out of the Closet – A Twist

Out With The Stars & Stripes? US Embassies In London & Tel Aviv Fly Gay Rainbow Flags

Overdue “AHA” moment on radical Muslims

OWS – Seinfeld of the Civil Rights Movement

Painted Rock tribute to America’s protectors

Palestinians Burn Obama Posters

Palestinians show love: Love of hating Jews

Pampered Prince: What Would Mohammed Do?

Panetta cuts Obama-Clinton umbilical cord

Parenting with Heroin (Video)

Parents Complain About School Ad Excluding Whites From Tutoring Program

Parents Out their NOT Gay Son (Funny Video)

Part II of The Carnahan Interview

Party Turns to Police Protest (strong language)

Pastor sets trap for thief (video)

Pat Sajak: Cover Guy for Straight Out

Pat Smith Deserves Answers Hillary!

Paternity Test Confirmed: George W. Bush is Obama’s Daddy

Pathological Progressivism

Pathway to Citizenship for Illegals Could Cost Billions

Patriotic America woman has gall to ban Muslims

Patriotism and Christmas! What and AWESOME combination!

Paul McKinley Running for Jesse Jackson Jr’s Old Seat

Paul’s Poop Empori-Yum

Paul, Cruz and Lee Poised to Filibuster Gun Control Bill

Pay attention to your enemies America

Payback: The Black on White Race War

Paying for GAS with welfare

PC Smack-down at Joe the Plumber’s Site

Peace for Our Time (A Call for Eternal Vigilance)

Peaceful Potheads Gone Wild

Peaceful protester arrested for setting fires

Pelosi and Biden Eat and Drink Judgment

Pelosi exposed as are Democrats

Pelosi may need rehab (video)

Pelosi remains leader of House morons

Pelosi Says Drone Strikes on Americans Can Stay Secret

Pelosi says Republicans want the Irish not Mexicans

Pelosi Shares Profundities With a Five-Year-Old

Pelosi’s Plan to Destroy Mexicans

Pelosi: American’s Mummy

Pelosi: Botox poisoning or dementia on knowledge of enhanced interrogation

Pelosi: It’s A ‘False Argument To Say We Have A Spending Problem’

Pelosi: Washington Doesn’t Have a Spending Problem

Pelosi’s Racist Agenda?

Pentagon Zombie plan…seriously

People Covers Kevin’s Courage

People don’t rob people…Guns do!

People teaching our kids are IGNORANT!

People who believe in minimum wage are ignorant

Persons On the Street Respond to Marriage “Equality” Questions

Petraeus, Shut Up

Phil & Willie Robertson talk about fake bleeps and praying in Jesus name

Phil Keaggy “Little Ones”

Phil Robertson Is Back: That’s a Fact Jack!

Phil Robertson’s Detractors Advance His Message

Phil Robertson’s Untold Story

Phil Robertson: Ducks Trump Barbara Walters

Phillip Morris and Marijuana Marlboro

Philly township won’t name school after Obama

Pick Your Favorite Obama Golf Blooper

Pictorial: Thanksgiving Menu Ideas & Recipes

Pictures from Fair Tax Rally

Piece of Sh*t Rapper responds to cops deaths

Piers Morgan GONE!

Piers Morgan losing his show

Piers Morgan Pompous Brit (Video)

Piers Morgan Takes a Cricket Beating from Famed Bowler Brett Lee!

Pimp Day Replaces Anniversary of March on Washington

Pirate sword mistaken for gun and hilarity ensues

Planned Parenthood Federation goes public

Planned Parenthood Guilty of Medicaid Fraud

Playing by the rules is for suckers

Please God No!

Poignant Picture Says 1000 words…8 year-old right before the blast

Polar Bear Putin’s Refusal to Extradite Snowden

Pole Dancing Makes Comeback

Police Officer discusses a senseless death of child

Police Video Captures Thug Assaulting Blind Man

Police: Why the Left must be stopped

Political Affirmative Action

Political Correctness ruins a Liberal’s life

Political Correctness?

Political Hip-Hop Hack ML Hill

Political Hybristophilia

Political Shenanigans: The IRS and the Tea Party

Political Spin: Republicans fear Hillary

Political Steroids

Politically Incorrect CNN absurdity

Politically Incorrect Support for Burger King

Politics – A Blood Sport

Politics of Black is changing in Chicago

Poll: Obama’s Approval Highest Since 2009

Pols discuss American leadership in the world (video)

Pols: Could you please stop pretending to follow sports?

Poor John Mayer

Poor Wittle Gen-Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

Pope steps aside for Obama?

Porn for 9th graders

Porn star teaches sex seminar at the University of Illinois

Post Debate Obama

Post-mortem Saudi PANDERING?

Post-Racial Echo Chamber of Ignorance

Pot and brain shrinkage?

Pot marketing goes Madison Avenue

Pot Vending Machines

POTUS Devoid of Respect and Protocol

POTUS Saves Puppy

POTUS’ Assault Weapon Policy

Powell Demoted to “Field Negro”

Power Chicago on Bergdahl spin machine

Powerful Liberal women are still big babies

Prayer Breakfast Wake-Up Call for Obama

Pre-Breaking News: Shinseki fired!

Prediction: Holder will be jailed within 5 years

Prentice Powell explains “The Black Condition” (video)

President Obama Treated Worse than a Child

President Obama’s Race Against His Own Race, Part I

President Obama’s Race Against His Own Race, Part II

President Obama’s Weekly Address, Annotated Edition (Video)

President of Iran wants nonviolence and peace after Jews are dead

President Pelosi

President Pinocchio’s War of Distraction

President Reagan’s Address to the Nation on Independence Day – 7/4/1986

President Speaks about Selfie, Castro and Fake Interpreter on SNL!

Prince Amukamara: NFL Player and Role Model

Pro Abortion Liberal Keeping it Classy – A Profanity-Filled, Disturbing Rant

Pro-Abort Prof Accused of Assaulting Christian Pro-Lifers

Pro-Choice Dad kills toddler

Pro-Choice Really Means the Leftist Elite Choose

Pro-Choice/Unequal-Pay Obama Visits Seneca Falls

Pro-choicers Pray to Moloch

Pro-Obama election flier marked with NAACP seal featured Klan, lynching imagery

Profane, dope-smoking Black Jesus to premier

Professor-student sex banned at Harvard

Profiling Fail Gets Woman Robbed And Urinated On by Black Thugs

Progressive Liberal – The Latest Oxymoron

Progressives love skinny people and fat government

Progressivism is Liberalism in a Clean Shirt and Tie

Project – The Truth About Slavery

Proof of God?

Proper Use of the Race Card

Proposed veterans memorial vs a strip club

Prostitution and Drug Ring in State Department! Where’s Bill?

Protesters Peacefully Storm St. Louis Police Station

Proud Abortion Advocates Come Out of the Closet

Public Masturbation Legal in Sweden

Pulling It Off for Weiner

Pundit Piers Morgan’s Ratings Plummet

Putin annexes Crimea out of fear

Putin is definitely the man in his relationship with Obama

Putin Preaches Godliness to America

Putin Response to Obama Gay Taunt

Putin’s Paramour Carries the Olympic Torch!

Putting the “Christ” in Christmas (Everyday)

Q For the Left: Is Sarah Palin as Smart as Rachel Jeantel?

QOTD: Are you ready to catch Ebola?

QOTD: Does anyone have a reasonable expectation of online privacy?

QOTD: Is it racism or statistics?

QOTD: Is push to legalize medical marijuana REALLY about medical marijuana?

QOTD: Is racism causing obesity in minorities?

QOTD: Is the NFL domestic abuse scandal a case of the double standards?

QOTD: Should transgender women fight other women?

QOTD: Should women enlist and/or reenlist to fight in our current wars against militant jihadists?

QOTD: What do you think it means to “follow ISIS to the Gates of Hell?”

QOTD: Why is Pres. Obama committing troops to fight Ebola…

QOTD: Do you think ISIS already has infiltrated America?

QOTD: What kind of problem are the abuse scandals of NFL players in recent days?

Question to Ask on Barack Obama Day

Questioning Blackness in the Era of Obama

R-Day in WI

R.I.P. – Staff Sgt. Ryan Coyer

Race-Pimping Alert: Rangel at Apollo

Race-Pimping in Housing

Rachel Maddow Busted Using Multiple Fake Twitter Accounts To Boost Mentions Of Her Show

Racial Grievance-Monger in Chief

Racial profiling saved this black woman’s life

Racial Unrest and the ‘Duty to Retreat’

Racism at CPAC in Basketball?

Racism Biden Style

Racism Declared Reason for Fat Black Kids

Racism Gets Real

Racism in Retail: Barney’s Under Fire by Che-Z

Racism in the LGBT movement

Racism Solved

Racism TAUGHT by Liberals

Racist baby exposed?

Racist Black Liberals and their tolerance (video)

Racist Congressman: You’d Abort the Mixed Race Baby!

Racist Democrat Barbara Boxer retiring

Racist Democrat Political Tricks

Racist Democrats are at it again

Racist Democrats Didn’t Like the Tea Party in 1929 Either

Racist Elijah Cummings gets a taste of IRS crow

Racist Garofalo to the Rescue

Racist Houston mayor targets white pastors

Racist Rednecks Spotted in PA

Racist VW Commercial! (video)

Radical Muslims 43, Tea Party 0

Radicalized White Midwesterner Turns to Islam

Radicals Uncovered: Bill Ayers and Obama Both Quote Alinsky

Raising Bullies Against Policy

Rand Paul Angers McCain and Graham

Rand Paul gives up the BLING

Rand Paul Kicks Butt in Senate Filibuster!

Randomly Telling People “I’m NOT Gay” (Video)

Rapper Discusses Glorification of “The Streets”

Rapper shot by best friend while filming rap video

Rates Spike Under Obamacare

Ray Charles “America the Beautiful”

Real Books: You won’t believe what’s in print

Real Cojones

Real Hope for America

Real reason behind Starbucks’ “Trading Places” project

Real reason why Jay Carney quit

Real Talk about religion from frustrated black woman (video)

Recapping Benghazi

Red Blooded Mama in a Blue State

Redskin’s Strategy: Remove Andrew Jackson from $20 bill

Reflections on the 1963 March on Washington

Reggie Love Is Love in Africa!

Regulating Stupid Americans

Reid – Racist Revisionist

Reid Adding Background Checks to Gun Control Bill

Reid Said This about Obamacare

Reid’s Dirty Jobs Gambit

Rejected Drafts to Obama’s Inaugural Address

Religion gone in a generation?

Religion is finally fighting back!

Religion of Peace disses Christmas

Religious Liberty: One Casualty in the War Over Marriage

Remember when it was just Boys and Girls

Remember when Obama promised to bankrupt coal? That’s tomorrow.

Remembering a Hero – Medal of Honor Winner Walter D. Ehlers

Remembering Samuel Alito’s Infamous SOTU “Not True”

Reminder of Real Class

Rent with “benefits”

Rep. Chris Smith: If Gosnell had shot seven infants with an AR-15, it would be national news

Rep. DeSantis’ federal pay freeze passes, overturns Obama’s executive order

Rep. Jackson Lee: U.S. ‘operating under’ Constitution for past 400 years

Rep. Louis Gohmert Says He Can Prove God Exists With A Simple Equation

Reparations Comedy Tour Gift

Replacing Michelle’s Lunch Bag With a Barf Bag

Report shows that GM punished whistleblower

Reporter mugged….LIVE and on tape!

Republican lawmakers slam doctors on questions about gun ownership

Republican Patsies & the Tea Party Playbook

Republican Response – The Black Sphere

Republican wants to reimburse states for illegals

Republicanism – Elizabeth Warren

Republicanism – Hank Johnson’s World Without Balloons

Republicanism – Obama Without Republicans

Republicanism – Russell Simmons without Republicans

Republicanism – Whoopi Goldberg

Republicanism: Old Democrat Campaign Poster

Republicans afraid of calling it like it is

Republicans and Hitler’s Moustache

Republicans Brew Lite Tea

Republicans Get Handcuffed

Republicans Keep Repeating this Quote

Republicans Save Sharpton’s hair

Republicans working to free Tahmooressi

Republicans, Give me a Reason to Stay!

Respected Leaders Link Muslim Brotherhood to American Conservative Union

Results of Education System (Funny)

Revising the American Revolution

Ricin Laced Letter Sent to Mississippi Senator Wicker

Ricin Terrorist is a Democrat

Rick Perry “Attacks” Wendy Davis

Rick Perry won’t shake Obama’s hand

Right to Work is a CHOICE too!

Right Where the Terrorists Want Us!

RINO revenge

Rise of the Drones

Robert Spencer: “There Are Ties To the Muslim Brotherhood In The White House.”

Robertson Clan to A&E: we can’t imagine going forward without Phil at the helm!

Robin Williams dead

Rocky Mountain Bar-Hopping Bear (Video)

Rodeo Clown, Bull, and President Thin Skin

Rolling Stone’s Crazy Advice for Millennials

Rolling Stone: What should have been on the cover

Romney Gets Last Laugh

Romney Makes America Consider Going White

Romney Mops Floor with Obama

Romney Shows Class, MSNBC Did NOT!

Romney slamming Obama…with comedy?

Romney’s Black Grandson

Romney/Ryan t-shirts find a welcome home…you won’t guess where!

Ron Paul Needs A Lesson in Tact

Ronald Reagan Reprise

Rosie O’Donnell Clueless on The View

Rosie…just say no to that 1/2 gallon of Ben & Jerry’s!

Rubio on Defunding Obamacare

Rubio Thinks Rove’s Anti-Tea Party PAC Is A “Good Idea”

Rubio’s Drinking Problem

Rules Of A Gunfight

Rumor of DiCaprio playing MLK had Left reeling

Runaway Slave (Video)

Runaway sues parents for child support!

Rush & Hannity Out on Major Network?

Russians won’t answer Obama’s calls

Rutgers offers course in “Beyonce”

Rutgers Racist War on Black Women

Saddest State in America: The State of Belief

Sales As A Career

Samuel Adams Beer Ejects God from the Declaration of Independence

Samuel L. Jackson admits he voted for Obama based on skin color

San Antonio Paves the Way for Unemployed Homophobes

Sanctity of Life: Are People Intrinsically Valuable or Mere Economic Units?

Sandbagging Princes Shame King and Queen Obama

Sanford Goes to Sodom

Santa Claus Is White

Santa Fe Springs takes protecting its citizens SERIOUSLY!

Sarah Hall Ingram’s Five-Month White House Duty Call

Sarah Palin: Holes in the Border As Big As the Holes in Their Amnesty Bill

Saudi Arabia: No freedom of videography

Saudi Arabian Airlines refuses to sell tickets to Israeli passport holders

Saudi grand mufti calls for destruction of all churches in the area!

Saving for retirement the Gay way

Say “thank-you black folks”?

Say goodbye to the Chisholms: the richest couple on welfare

Say this word and you might get vandalized

Schools using “affirmative action” for discipline

Schumer: I was part of the ObamaCare lie!

Scientist who faked data commits suicide

Scott Walker benefits from Leftist Lie!

Scott Walker Rand Paul ticket?

Scott Walker smear campaign has bad timing

SCOTUS Adds Review of MI Affirmative Action Law

Scouts New Gay Policy: It’s Complicated

Sean Hannity Follows Up with the Obamacare Hotline Operator

Seattle city gov’t bans words “citizen” and “brown bag”

Seattle: Nanny state in crisis

Sebelius Must Have Employed Peggy & Gang for Obamacare Rollout!

Sebelius returns from exile, and back to protecting black people

Sebelius Spares No Expense to Save Money

Sebelius: Obamacare Clarification Keeps On Coming

Sebellius resigns: What took so long

Secede from the Kingdom of O

Second Amendment: Know Your Gun Rights

Secret Service run by Inspect Clousseau

Security getting eerily high-tech

Seeking Project Managers!

Seen the “Sex Check” for teens from Planned Parenthood

Seen the racism app?

SEIU Protest in St. Louis

Seizing Hairdryers and Emancipating Aliens

Sell a Kidney – Save an Illegal’s Life

Selling Racism One Story at a Time

Sen. Rand Paul: “My filibuster was just the beginning”

Senator Rand Paul Performs Pro Bono Eye Surgeries During Summer Break

Senator Rand Paul…Garners Reassurances! FTW!

Senator Reid Not Partying with P Diddy

Senators Willing to Surrender Our Second Amendment to UN Sovereignty

Separate but Equal TV

Separated at Birth – Charles Ramsey and ShoNuf from The Last Dragon

Separated at Birth – Geraldo and Weiner

Separated at Birth – Joe Biden

Separated at Birth – Maxine Waters

Separated at Birth: Anthony Weiner and Beavis

Separated at Birth: John Kerry

Separated at Birth: Obama and a Certain Antagonist from the Bible TV Series

Separated At Birth: Prince Charles

Sequester Doesn’t Hurt High-Rolling WH Staffers

Serena Williams puts Hollyweird Starlets to SHAME!

Serial Philanderer Bill Clinton Lectures Barack Obama about Commitment

Servers Stunned with $200 Tip!

Serving up some truth to liberals

Sesame Street Explains Prison to Kids?

Sex AND Alcohol in schools…YIPPEE!

Sexual Misconduct and Trust Issues

Sexy Snails and Other Federally Funded Priorities

Shame on you, Rolling Stone

Shaq should be BANNED with Sterling

Shaq’s sells his Orlando home for $10?

Sharpton Backtracking on Martin Race-Baiting

Sharpton calls the Kettle Negro

Sharpton feeding at trough in St. Louis

Sharpton Going ‘Barrio’ in AZ

Sharpton Off Scott Free But Not Tawana Brawley

Sharpton Plays Spot the White Guy

Sharpton ridiculed on Comedy Central

Sharpton Sings the Oldies

Sharpton was an FBI SNITCH!

Sharpton’s clever technique to avoid taxes

Sharpton’s History as Professional Tax Cheat

Sharpton: Blacks Don’t Commit Crimes

Sharpton: The Serious Journalist Joke (video)

Sharpton: Worthless as $3 steak

Sheila Jackson Lee goes “Joe Biden” on DHS’ Jeh Johnson

Sheila Jackson Lee Wants to Revamp Welfare’s Image

Sheriffs can inspect homes for safe gun storage in Washington state…

Shhh…Walmart paying over $17 an hour in this city

Shock that police release evidence on Michael Brown

SHOCKER: Michelle Obama’s mother didn’t like Barack’s white side

Shocking allegations about why Michael Brown shot

SHOCKING on the street interview on racism in America

SHOCKING: Obama’s DHS CONTRACTED for 65,000 illegal children

Shortest Books Ever Written

Should IRS Force Barack Obama to Get ObamaCare

Should the US Intervene in Syria?

Shouldn’t question the government?

Showering daily is “white people thing”

Shrinking labor unions see relief in marijuana

Sick Leftist maggots happy NYPD cops were killed

Sick Leftists Rejoice….

Silent Cal: Another Republican Who Led On Civil Rights!

Silly Negroes and their manufactured ghettos

Since when is THIS a perk of a government job

Sinister Source Code in the Obamacare Program!

Site Dedicated to Obamacare FAILURES

Six Newton Children Have A New and Dear Friend

Skeet-shooting, Super-Soaking Barack Obama

Slam-a-lam a Dem Dong

Slow Joe Biden Then & Now On Data Collection!

Slow Joe Biden wants Janet Napolitano on SCOTUS!

Slow Walking = Short Life: Obama takes Xi Jinping on a leisurely stroll

Smart car for dumb people

Smoke a Joint, Get an ObamaPass, Sell a Gun to a Joint Smoker, Go To Jail

Smoking and Liberals

Smoking is Girly which explains Obama’s “womanerisms”

Snapshot! Prez and VP’s Prayerful Handholding Session

Snooze media and Roger Goodell

Snowstorm In Chicago Delays Hundreds Of Morning Murders

So God Made A Liberal…

So God Made a Patriot

So much for “blazing fast” Internet!

So much for gun-free zones!

So much for putting black guy in charge in Ferguson

So You Think Your Day Started Badly?

So, What Do You Think? Ben Carson For President?

Sochi Gets a Visit from the La Taxa Nostra aka IRS

Social Security: Gaming the system

Soft and cuddly tyranny of Political Correctness

Somali terrorists cleverly avoid racial profiling

Some blacks are just not colored enough for NAACP

Some Leftists hitting the bong on Obama legacy

Some Selfies just shouldn’t happen

Something else we can bring from Mexico

Something positive comes out of Ferguson

Sometimes we forget what’s important

Sony Exec reaches out to Sharpton for “spiritual guidance”

Soopermexican: So God Made a Liberal

Soopervideo: Crackerpiece Theatre Presents A Translation of the Zimmerman Trial Testimony

Soros should be declared a terrorist

Sorry Food Network…enough is enough

Sorry Sebelius! It looks like Sarah Murnaghan will turn 11 years old

Sotloff’s untold story?

SOTU Update: Who Will Sit With Michelle in the Magic Sky Box?

Soul City – A Black Utopia

Spare the rod, get a Ferguson

Speaking of ALL Americans Doing Their “Fair Share”

Speaking of Obama not being caught DEAD in “certain” neighborhoods

Special People

Speech Lessons for Lapdog Media

Spending into O-blivion

Spike Lee is a sellout (video)

Spike Lee would be a …

Spitzer’s Troubles

Spoiled Sheikh

Spot the Liberals: Tree trimming (video)

Spread the Wealth: Share Your Burrito So Someone Else Can Have More

St Louis Cop shot: Just life in the city

St Louis mom wants attention on black on black crime

St Louis’ Protests of PAID Occupiers

St. Louis Cops remove scum from streets

St. Louis PD off the record

St. Louis Tea Party

St. Louis Tea Party Opening Remarks

St. Louis thinks it’s Chicago

Starbucks CEO Schultz Lashes out Against Pro-Traditional Marriage Shareholder

State of the Excuses Report

States look to gun-seizure laws as way to prevent mass killings

Steele in Quarantine with Disease of Liberalism

Steele is No Token

Steele Needs to Step Up

Stella didn’t lose her groove, it was stolen by a white feminist

Sterling ban puts Blacks back on top over gays!

Sterling is the Leona Helmsley of Racism

Steven Seagal for Governor! (video)

Stiviano called Sterling a racist, but guess what? (video)

Stomping on Eggshells

Stop and Frisk Works and that’s why Liberals hate it

Stop the NRA Protest in DC Is a Bust!

Street Cred’ Michelle says Obama’s Got Swag

Street Gang Named “Obama Boyz”

Strength Through Weakness!

Student Demands to be Taught! (Video)

Stupak Feeling Stupid Bamboozled by Obama’s Lies!

Stupid Democrat White Guys' Club

Stupid White Kids explain racism to a Black Man

Stupidism – A Liberal’s Love Story

Subsidized Racism: Why I’d like to choke multiculturalists

Suburbs Secede from Atlanta

Sucker Punched

Suddenly Michael Brown stands for $15 min wage?

Suing Over Racist Paint Color

Super Bowl Ad: Charles Schulz Would Be Proud! (Video)

Super-Sized Americans Need the Choice of Fewer Fries

Supporting is Costlier than Deporting Illegals

Surprise: Study shows Tea Party NOT Racist

Surprise: The Terrorists had ILLEGAL guns

Surviving the Obama economy

Susan Sarandon Says War on Drugs is RACIST

Swine Flu Origins Traced to Washington DC

Syria Rebels and the US Prez That Loves Them

Syria’s Sticky Wicket: Congress, Red Lines, and the Bombing of Assad

Syria: A Strategy For Saving Face

T-word will soon be part of America’s lingo

Taboo: Religion, Sex, and Politics

Tactless Verbiage from a Pro-Abortion Troll

Tahmooressi release imminent

Take that Abercrombie & Fitch! Boom!

Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President

Tale of Two Hucksters

Taliban cocky over Obama’s 5 jihadis “gift”

Talk about a teachable “barber shop” moment (video)

Talk Turkey to Liberals over the Holidays!

Tamera Mowry Painfully Discovers the REAL Haters!

Target v. Obamacare on Transparency

Tax Thuggery – Obama Style

Tax-Cheat Rangel Says College Should Be Free

Taxacious – Obama’s Pimp Name

Tea Party Crashes Orgy

Tea Party hits Hong Kong

Tea Party is Right AGAIN…about Obama

Tea Party racist is Korean?

Tea Party Scholarship Fund: Big Step for the Tea Party Movement

Teacher refused to grade report on guns

Teacher wants private info on students’ parents

Teachers Looking for Sugar Daddies

Teaching Students Healthy Cynicism

Team Obama Punked by IOC

Team Rubicon to the Rescue!

Ted Cruz Has Obama Seriously Worried (Video)

Ted Cruz mocks Obama’s Net Neutrality

Ted Cruz Owed an Apology

Ted Cruz: An American Moses

Ted Kennedy's Legacy?

Ted Turner the Atheist Seeks God

Teen gets WORDS from Obama

Teen gives us a glimpse of God

Teen Saves Disabled Neighbor from Fire (video)

Teen Sex: On Learning the Hard Way

Teen Taunts Jewish Subway Rider (VIDEO)

Teenagers Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia Rescue 5 Year Old Girl!

Teenagers terrorizing in downtown areas?

Tell Me Again, Who Won The Cold War?

Terrorism…Post Election

Terrorist Breaks Promise to Obama

Terrorist…On the Cover of Rolling Stone

Terrorists “Jihadi John” outs SELF with student ID

Terrorists have a new weapon! Dog Poop

Texas about to kick some Mexican butt (video)

Texas Executes Mexican Cop Killer

Texas Student Punished for Refusing to Swear Allegiance to Mexico

Texas teacher sends message to Ferguson crackers

Texas’ Voter ID law hot topic at NAACP convention

Thamsanqa Jantjie: Phony Sign Language Interpreter Meets his Match

Thank God for No ObamaCare

Thank you Will Smith and Family

Thanksgiving with the Obamas…Yuck!

That Racist DEA

The “day late and dollar short” President

The “I’m no longer a man” defense for murder

The “W-Word” and Vaginal Americans

The ‘Incredible Shrinking’ Obama

The 12 Days of Obamacare: A Politically Incorrect Fable

The 13 Shot in Chicago You DIDN’T Hear About

The 6 Month Farewell of Late Night’s Leno Kicks Ratings Booty!

The 8 Worst Fast-Food Slogans of All-Time

The Affordable Care Act: More of Our Broken Health Care Model

The Agency that has it all: Betrayal, corruption, intimidation . . .

The Amazing Skidboot (Video)

The American Dream for One White Kid

The American Heritage Girls sing America at Arlington Cemetery

The Anointed One’s Ten Commandments

The Anti-Choice Left’s Disarming of the American Woman

The Art of Illusion

The Aspirational Inaugural

The Audacity of Arrogance

The Bailout – Part II

The Best American Export is selling like hot cakes

The best present this bride received

The Bible and Immigration Reform

The Bible: Truth in an Era of Lies!

The Biden Distraction

The Biden Experiment

The Big Apple’s crime against black babies

The black people who don’t matter to Liberals

The Black Sphere Meets Obama

The Black Sphere Productions – Government Motors

The Blagojevich Ultimatum

The Blame Game

The Boogeyman and the State of the Union

The Border Busting Right to Citizenship

The Boy Scout Fallout

The Boy Scouts of America Cave and Earn a Merit Badge in Naïvety

The Brass Tacks of Gun Control

The Brother Barack Obama Doesn’t Keep

The Buck Stops THERE!

The Bush Legacy – Part II

The Canadian Chris Matthews?

The Chinese have a solution to terror

The Chrisleys and the Obamas: Reality Lies

The Chronology of the Obamacare Lie

The Clinton’s royal welfare baby

The Coffee Party and Occupy Killed JFK

The cold hard stats on Obama as Commander in Chief

The Color of Politics

The Comedy of Cultural Deformity

The Constitution Made Me Do It

The Constitution of Racist Islamophobes

The Coolest of Cool Valentines – Thanks Pinterest!

The Cop vs Black Teen fairy tale

The Cos Says GOP Wants to Bring Back Slavery

The Credibility Gap

The Dark Age of X-Mas

The dark secrets of foster care

The Death of Christianity in America (Part I)

The Death of Christianity in America (Part II)

The Death of Christianity in America (Part III – School and Scripture)

The Death of the Iron Lady

The Delusions of Barack Obama

The Democrat Conundrum

The Dems have a new 2016 election strategy

The Dependably Unfaithful Colin Powell

The Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals…Captured in Video

The Distortion Lobe

The Dress!

The Duck Dynasty Beard Is IN!

The Election of 2014 “After Party”

The Epicenter of Racial Injustice (video)

The Fairness Doctrine?

The Fake Brand of Obama

The Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch

The Fast and Furious “F You” document dump

The Fed Loves Guns…for Feds

The Feminists’ War On Women

The Flaw in Liberal Women

The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and Republican Outreach

The flurry of HYPE

The Forgotten First Freedom

The former janitor selected by the Rams (updated)

The Frederick Douglass Republican Movement (Video)

The Future of “Men”

The Gay “hook up” app you paid for!

The Ghost of Hillary Clinton greets Elizabeth Warren

The Gipper didn’t think he was the “messiah”!

The Girl Who Got Weiner All Worked Up

The Gloves are Off

The Godless White House Holiday Card

The Good Egg

The Government Should Be Shut Down

The government taketh and the government taketh more

The government wants to know your race for THIS

The great immigration delay

The Great PC-ing of Sports Team Names

The Greater Depression

The Halfrican Perspective

The High Cost of Obama’s Illegal Idiocy

The High Price of Saving a Disaster

The Hitler Cup and Obama Gear

The Homeless Man Who Went Mad

The Hood Needs More Protection Not Social Programs

The Hysterical History of Crackers

The Incredible Failing Man!

The Incredulity of Barack Obama

The Intervention

The Intervention – Reprise

The LAST Round You’ll Ever Need! Boom.

The latest Leftist jewelry craze

The Left Hurls Vitriol at Grieving Rick Warren

The Left look really hard to find racism

The Left’s Meltdown

The Legacy of the Skinny Kenyan

The Lesson of Landrieu and Obama

The Lexicon of the Lunatic Left

The Lie: Healthcare is a human right

The Lies Obama didn’t divulge on immigration

The Lone Star State Disappoints

The Loony Liberal Whole Foods Organic Chicken Conspiracy

The Loss of Civility – Part I

The Loss of Civility – Part II

The Man to Thank for the Gov’t Shutdown

The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Lottery

The Meaning Behind Obama’s Ums and Uhs

The Meaning of 9-11: Before and After

The Medal of Freedom Free-for-All

The Michelle Obama ‘Let’s Move’ Third Anniversary Tour

The Million Muslim Mistake on 9/11

THE most amazing sportsmanship I’ve seen

The Most Interesting Drone in the World

The Mounting Lies of Obama

The Name Has Been Changed to Protect the Guilty

The Negro Dialect

The new “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in the military

The new cushy do-nothing job: ObamaCare navigator

The New Era of Slavery in America

The New Fuzzy ObamaCare Numbers

The New Healthcare Order

The New Lower Bar for ObamaCare

The New NFL N-Word Rule

The new perverted military

The New Politics of Obamacare: a Train Called Doom

The New Slavery in America

The New Unimproved Chris Brown

The NFL is back being NOT Gay

The NFL: Formerly Secret Haven for Leftists

The Nixonian Obama

The NOT Gay marriage that miffed off the LGBT

The NOT Gay Video Stake-Out and the Pit Bull

The Obama Doctrine of Control Through Dissension

The Obama Voter

The Obama Youth Vote Can’t Afford the Reefer

The Obama’s may have a rough two years ahead

The Obama-Clinton feud continues

The Obamacare Religious Bullies Meet Their Match: Nuns!

The Obamas and the Whitleys: a Picture Worth $678 Million!

The Obamas are Staying Indefinitely!

The Obamas discuss racism in their “White Privileged” lives

The Ongoing List of Obama Lies & Meddling

The Opiate of the Masses

The Oprah Effect

The Oscar for Best Fabrication

The Oscars are too black

The Oversexualized Liberal Society

The Pledge to Hate America?

The Porn Star, Persian Dictator, and Pompous President

The pot calling the kettle Jew?

The Poverty Line

The Precarious Women’s Movement

The President’s Water-Guzzling Golf and Other Grifter Activities

The Presidential Degradation of the Medal of Freedom

The Presidential Package

The Presidential Summit on black violence?

The Prosecution of Barack Obama

The Racist Penn Family (Video)

The racist woman who wanted to kill Obama

The Rainbow Badge

The REAL Colbert Report

The REAL Economic Report: Casino closings

The Real Issue Behind Auto-Industry Bailout

The real killer virus no one is talking about

The REAL King of Racial Profiling

The REAL Lesson in this “Feel-Good” Story

The REAL Race War in America

The Real Reason Obama Stepped Down from Planned Parenthood Gala

The Real Selma: 50 years of Democrats

The Real Story Behind Gov’t Shootings

The Real Story of Inauguration Day

The Real Story of Obama Bullying Limbaugh

The real terrorists are TEXANS?

The Real Tragedy of the Military Sex Scandals

The Real Truth About Gun Control

The Reason Obama is not Clinton’s Waiter

The Reason Ted Cruz May Never Be POTUS (A Case for Courage)

The Reasons for Base Shootings…Liberals

The Republican Solution to Winning Elections

The Right to Choose – to Kill Anyone

The RNC’s Embarrassing Issue with “Low T”

The Road To Hell

The Roots of the IRS Scandal

The Royal ObamaCare Screwup

The Ruse of American “Secrets”

The San Diego Mayoral ‘Little Boy’s Room’ Controversy

The Second Amendment is the only one that guarantees all of the other amendments

The Segregated SOTU Sympathy Sky Box

The Sequester? Wassup with That? (Video)

The Sestak Sanction

The Seventh Sign for Black People

The Shootout with Tsarnaev (Video)

The Shutdown and Obama’s Ego

The Sinister Undertone of Clowngate

The Slate’s Allison Benedikt and the Bad Private School Parents

The Slave Auction

The Soul of America

The South Is Rising Again?

The Specter Condition

The Stench of Financial Reform

The Stench of Socialism

The Stock Market: Another Obama Fraud

The Stupid Fairy Attacks Sen. Landrieu

The Summer of Discontent

The Swastika "Crisis"

The Tea Party Victory over Republicans the media isn’t discussing

The True Meaning of Thanksgiving (Video)

The ugly side of Hollywood

The Ultimate Prepper House!

The Unanswered Question of the Boston Bombings: Liberty or Security?

The UnArt of Compromise

The UnHoly Season

The Unhyphenated American Spirit

The United States Is a State Sponsor of Terrorism

The United States of A Miracle

The Unsavory Truth About Violent Young Blacks & the Media

The Verbal Insurgency of MSNBC

The Wages of Courage

The War on Conservative Minorities

The War on Women’s legs

The White House and State’s Egregious Handling of Benghazi

The White Privilege Myth

The Whitification of Obama and his Black Nose

The Will to Stay Home

The Wilsonian Obama

The World Gets FUNDED by Obama!

The Worst Five Years Since the Great Depression

The Writing On The Wall

The Zimmerman Case Exposes Black Racism

The Zimmerman Case: Thoughts and Analysis

The ‘100th Day Ongoing Misadventure’ Press Conference

The ‘Rights’ of Illegal Immigrants versus the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The “Yes We Kenya Clan” Reality Show

Then & Now: Barack Obama in Germany

There are no men left on the Left

There Is No brilliance in Phillip Seymour Hoffman

There Is No Care In Obamacare

They COULDN’T “get a room”!

They Say Sarah Palin is Stupid?

Think ACORN is dead? Check your wallet

Think America has allies in Middle East?

Think Conservatives don’t like gays?

Think guns are the only weapons?

Think things are bad for Democrats in the upcoming election?

Think this might be voter fraud?

Third Ruling Class

This Christmas in ObamAmerica All are Punished

This cop’s death won’t bring in Holder or the White House

This Far and No Farther!

This Happened: MSNBC Panel Sits Around and Tells Race Jokes On the Air

This illegal woman with 7 kids should be PRESIDENT

This is a bit of prick for Leftist alarmists

This is how Republicans roll

This is one way to make a little girl speechless

This is the scariest thing you can see in the water (video)

This Is What a Feminist Looks Like

This is what FATHERHOOD looks like, Liberals!

This is what Leftists call men?

This is what YOUR bank should be doing

This Maxine Gets It Right!

This NOT just in: Obama is a FOOL

This Should Mean The End of Hillary

This Story about Roaches Could Be a Spoof on Liberals

Thomas Sowell On Politicians

Three bank execs dead of three apparent suicides

Thug cries like a baby, when sentenced

Thug life and the 12-year old boy

Thug robs a 74 year old Grandma (video)

Thuggin 101: Thug Caregivers Teach Toddler To “Keep It Real”

Tiger Experiences Racism of The Left

Tim Geithner said the White House told him to lie

Time to Ban Knives!

Time to Sequester Air Force One?

To fight racism, college plans happy hour that excludes whites

To Honor Queen Michelle, Upon Her Birthday

To Pork or Not to Pork – That is the Question

To the Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, policies like yours killed my Aunt

Tolerance Does NOT Mean Acceptance

Toni Braxton wants to PLAY a Lesbian?

Too bad Ebola isn’t a white cop

Too much crime, Liberals blame the cops?

Toot Tossed!

Top 10 Burger King gay comments

Top 10 Democrat Party Slogans

Top 10 Most Impoverished Cities (Amazing)

Top 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Top 5 Benghazi Leftist Spin Scenarios

Top 5 Scariest Halloween Costumes 2013 (Men)

Top 8 Hillary Clinton “Blue” Quotes

Top Non-Degreed Entrepreneurs

Top THIS for Father’s Day, Dads!

Topsy Turvy America: Wholesomeness Banned and Debauchery Applauded

Total Disgrace: Lil Wayne Flunks Flag Etiquette

Tourists capture Orcas hunting sea lions (amazing video)

Tracking guns or trespassers?

Tragedy showcases American generosity

Transgender conundrum in Minnesota

Transgender Girl’s Parents Lobby for Her Right to Use the Bathroom

Transgender Seal Announces Candidacy

Trayvon Martin Day at School

Tree huggers in distress (video)

Trey Goudy provides hope on Benghazi

Trey Gowdy destroys Gruber

Trey Gowdy IRS Smackdown!

Trey Gowdy isn’t afraid of What People Think of Him

Trey Gowdy Whoops Some Park-Closing Booty!

Tribute to America for the 4th of July

Troops Have Fun with Dolphins Cheerleader Video

Trucker earns his keep (video)

Truth Teams and Brain-Dead Drones

Try this app to be sure your date is interested

Tsarnaev Girlfriend Unplugged

Turdapalooza – And You Thought Hillary Was Unqualified!

Turkey’s War on Women…and sanity

Turncoat Republicans ready to tax again

Twitter Predicts the Stock Market…in ADVANCE?

Two cops assaulted during ‘peaceful’ protests?

Two more NYPD cops shot

Two Rotten Obama Gardens

Two Years Old and Not Part of the Family

Tyranny and Taxes: The Unreformable IRS

U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans’ finances

UAE declares two American Muslim groups terrorist organizations

Ugly Teachers: Product of Women’s Movement

UN Ambassador Samantha Power Shows Obama’s True Colors

UN Global Tobacco Tax done in secret

UN selects nations that abuse women: ONE country made the list

Unbelievable Racist Zimmerman Trial Witness!

UNC holds unannounced inspections of classes to make sure they exist

Uncle Tom and Jerry

Undercover Post Office Shopping Spree (Video)

Undercover video of how Sharpton does shakedown

Understanding the Black Experience

Undocumented Princeton Student Acquires Undocumented Items

Undoubtedly the greatest act of citizenship at a sporting event (video)

Unemployment “drops”

Unemployment is racist

Unemployment: the elephant in the room

UnFair: Exposing the IRS

Unfashionable Autism

Union leaders gamble, workers lose

Unions – The Legion of Doom

Unions are stupid all over the world

Universities getting their butts kicked over free speech

University Prof Says God Is a White Racist

University Students Suddenly Racist Against Obama

Unlike Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon Better Stay on the Good Side of Obama

Unlimited Debt Ceiling

Unscripted real reaction to Obama speech (video)

Untraceble guns growing in popularity

Update – The BIG Black Lie

Update on Obama’s War on Energy

UPDATE: James Kelly, Navy Veteran, charged with dumpster diving in Houston, TX.

Updated: Exactly who can do “Hands up” gesture?

UPS shows why it’s not the USPS

Urban Institute validates Cliven Bundy’s comments

Urban PTSD: Liberal nonsense

Urban Violence Summit

US Economy: Zimbabwe’s Mini-Me

US Rep Diana Degette Doesn’t Realize Mags Can Be Reloaded!

Using Shock Collars as a Sensitivity Training Tool

Using The Politically Incorrect M Word [Muslim]

Ut Oh! Where’s President Knucklehead Smiff’s Scripted Remarks?

VA Dem Lt. Gov Refuses to Shake Opponent’s Hand!

Van Jones Top Advisor for Portland “Environmental Yacht” Debacle

Van Jones: Obama Wouldn’t Lose Black Vote Even If He ‘Came Out As Gay’

Vegas Gives Odds on Sotomayor

Venezuelan prostitutes can teach economics to American taxpayers

Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum, Gets Standing Applause

Veteran/Second Amendment Supporters Take Over Anti-Gun Rights Meeting!

Veterans can’t own guns because of this?

Victim Turns Super Hero in Robbery (Video)

Victoria Jackson’s Book “Is My Bow Too Big?”

Victoria’s Secret is coming for your Middle Schooler

Victory! Army stops briefings which labeled Christians as extremist threats!

Video Tribute to Boston Law Enforcement

Video: Banned Super Bowl gun ad going viral

Video: College students react to Hillary Clinton’s “dead broke” comment

Video: Couple decides to go viral doing THIS on Google Maps…

Video: Juan Williams Attacks ‘All-White’ Racist Tea Party

Video: Weather Channel Founder Destroys Climate Change Alarmists

Vietnam Vets Deserve A Better Place in History

Viral: Sad sister advice column

Virginia’s Gun Sales Climb, Crime Drops

Visit to The Hermitage – A Real Dose of History

Visual Guide to Liberal Logic

Vladimir Tells Mr. Flexible to Go Jump in a Lake

Voices that Must be Silenced

Vote for The Black Sphere – Best New Blog!

Voter ID Scam by Democrats

Voting is too white

Wackademia doesn’t want Dr. Ben Carson

Wackademia peeing in America’s cornflakes

Wackademia teaches “How to be a Lesbian in 10 days”

Wackademia: Breeding ground for Ebola

Wahoo! Got Scandal?

Waiting to Exhale Something Stupid

Wake the Heck Up!

Waking up to the Obama Hangover

Wal-Mart: Slowest Month’s Sales in Seven Years

Walmart-shoppers’ fashion choices FINALLY explained!

Wanna Bet This Clerk Buys a Gun Now?

Wanna know why Kevin Jackson is a Republican?

Want a gun, give us your password

Want to know how Democrats feel about Hillary…

Want to know the reason America still has a loser for president?

Want to Pay 100 Percent Tax? Move here!

Want to See Black Racism?

Want to see how black folks will ridicule you?

Want to understand the mind of a vicious dictator?

War on Women: One got away

War Update – Part Deux

War Update – Part Un

Warning: This Will Get Your Blood Boiling

Warren Weinstein Held by Al Qaeda Since August 2011

Was Ambassador Stevens Poisoned?

Was Obama STONED in this interview about Olympics?

Was the Fake Zulu Deaf Interpreter Mimicking Obama?

Was this a case of pedophile justice

Washington DC Tea Party at the Capitol

Washington is now a Company Town

Washington Redskins Might Become the New Black Panthers

Washington University holds porn star panel in main university chapel

Wasn’t ObamaCare supposed to cover 31 million?

Wasting Away in Obamaville!

Watch as a vet who was there discusses D-Day (video)

Watch Obama smile as Bergdahl’s dad speaks Arabic

Watch the Good Guys and Leave the Terrorists Alone

Watch this bear stalk the guy filming him (video)

Watch THIS black woman parent! (video)

Watch this bully beatdown

Watch timed comparisons of 15 round mags v. smaller mags!

Watch: Hilarious Liberal – You Don’t Want To Miss This!

We are all American-Americans

We Are Not All Equal – Get Over It

We are not going to take your guns away…

We Came for Our Freedom: You Took Our Flag

We Can Reverse Obama

We Got Mail!

We Need Your “NOT Gay” Coming Out Story

We PROVE the farce of global warming (video)

We put ISIS in a video game!

We thank you, Chris Kyle!

We The Families

We’re not pro-choice, we are … ???

We’re Still Doing Black History Month?

We’re the government, and we’re here to Google you

Weiner – Symbol of the Democrat Party…

Weiner Stumps in Harlem

Weiner to Pull Out?

Weiner’s Got Hillary’s Pantsuit in a Bunch

Weiner’s Flag Pole Marches in the Gay Pride Parade

Weird Things about Your State

Welcome to America!… LA Tourists Find Out They’d Been Drinking Corpse Water For Two Weeks

Welcome to Feminism: Man Punched Female Clerk over 41 Cents

Welcome to God’s country…Have a Coke

Welfare Queen says Taxpayers are Stupid! (Video)

Well, What Do You know?! Lost Obama School Tape Surfaces

Wendy Davis: Just Another Leftist Moron

Wendy Davis: The Michael Vick of the Disabled

WH Immigration Plan B: Amnesty by Any Other Name

What an Umbrella Can Tell You

What are your thoughts about Pope Francis?

What Biden Meant

What black women can learn from Wendy Davis

What Color Defines Us?

What color is this woman? (amazing video)

What Difference Does it Really Make?

What do Atlantic City and Barack Obama have in common

What do you get from an O-HOLE?

What does $20,000 a Year Mean to You?

What Facebook CEO Thinks of Patrons

What Happened When Sean Hannity Called the Obamacare Hotline

What if police didn’t protect black neighborhoods

What is Malia Obama Getting for Her 4th of July Birthday?

What is Statism?

What is the end-game for Ferguson?

What kind of Internet Do We Want? What Can We Expect In The Next Five Years?

What Liberals DON’T want for America

What mean-spirited Christian threatened bomb attacks in Austin?

What memorial day means to me

What Michelle Obama Should Tell Her Daughters

What Obama Has in Store for 18-25 Year Olds

What Obama won’t call his summit, “Islamist extremism summit”

What Religion Tops FBI Most Wanted Terror List?

What the Left demands to know about Scott Walker

What the Left HOPES will happen in Ferguson

What the Left won’t admit about black crime

What the Media Didn’t Report About CPAC 2014

What Truly Makes America Exceptional

What was HP thinking in Chubby Checker app?

What we can learn from a DC crackhead

What would Sharpton rename your favorite movie?

What would you do in this interview (video)

What You Won’t See in Black Politics

What! The Rising Oceans are Not Slowing?

What’s black and white and red all over?

What’s this oozing out of my steak?

What’s up with Oklahoma Jihadists?

What’s worse than having to put cable in your kid’s name?

What’s your favorite April’s Fool headline?

What? Andrea Mitchell Criticizes Obama!

WHAT?! Liberalism maybe not so good after all…

What’s Right with Profiling?

When ‘what goes around comes around’

When a man becomes a woman, the Left does what?

When Animals Attack: Feral Mob Beats Man to Death

When Baseball and Politics Converge

When CBC Comes – There Goes The Neighborhood

When Children Get the Trust Fund

When Darren Wilson is found innocent

When did men become teen-aged girls?

When Freedom Rings (Song/Video for Troops/Vets)

When Government Attacks: Benghazi

When Government Disarms a People

When Governments Attack

When honor is deserved

When I See a Flag-Draped Box of Wood

When Liberals get an AK-47 (video)

When Liberals Ruled America

When Liberals Tweet (Video)

When Nunchucks Fight Back (Video)

When Obama Speaks, you should remember his “firsts”

When shopping for a baby goes bad

When this little girl is attacked, what she does is PRICELESS (video)

When White Americans Were Hot

When will black Liberal women be civilized again

Where Are Obama’s Friends?

Where are those Obama ISIS butt-kicking updates

Where is NOW on This Wife Losing Her Head?

Where is the Congress on the Desecration of the US Flag?

Where Oh Where Is Civility?

Where’s that English-speaking terrorist?

Which Children are wanted?

Which state has more food stamp recipients than college students

Whiskey Shot with Beer Chaser – 500,000 More Jobs from Obama

Whistle-Blowing Cop Fired Reporting Ticket and Arrest Quotas

White (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Soldier Killed By Black Thugs

White Cop Indicted for Killing Black Man

White Feminists love killing black babies

White Guilt 101

White Guilt Power Plant (Video)

White guys suck and they can laugh about it

White House Connections: Obama’s Illegal Uncle Omar Gets to Stay

White House Media Training: How to Spin a Story (Video)

White House Prefers Dinner with Tyrants over Kids Tours

White House Receives Petition To Stop All Islamic Immigration Into US

White House Staffer Tweets N-Word

White Liberal Women worse than slavery on blacks

White Liberals’ War on BLACK Women

White man named Cotton puts Obama back in the fields

White People Get Their Month

White Privilege and the Bidens

White Privilege explained

White Privilege Update: White people breathe cleaner air

White Privilege: Bill Clinton vs Bill Cosby

White Supremacist finds out he’s black (video)

Who Contributes? The Military Stomp Journalists!

Who has most racist views…Democrat or Republicans?

Who has the BEST Military in the World? Amazing! (Video)

Who Is Sneaking Across Our Southern Border? (Video)

Who knew ice cream made a social statement!

Who Knew that Chicken Wings Are RACISTS!

Who Leaked Photo of Dead Tsarnaev?

Who Said There’s No Slavery in America

Who should have the most guns?

Who’s First Under the Benghazi Bus…Barack or Hillary (Video)

Who’s Pulling Obama’s Strings?

Who’s the Big Fat Idiot?

Who’s the racist now? Major Union Drops Donations to Black Group Because It Accepted Donations From The Koch Brothers

Why America Needs a White Republican President reprise (video)

Why America will always win

Why Audiences Connect with Anne Hathaway’s Fantine

Why Black Liberals are ignorant: Check the schools

Why companies leave America

Why debate in Spanish, if illegals can’t vote

Why Democrats really hate Obama

Why does the Obama WH even have press conferences

Why Employers should encourage talk about salary

Why Every American Parent Should Follow the Romeike Case

Why hasn’t the IRS targeted Sharpton?

Why I got arrested: Check out my whip

Why I Love America

Why I Love the NRA and Second Amendment

Why I Might Vote for Obama – Satire

Why I Voted Democrat!

Why Is the Obama Admin Stockpiling Weapons and Ammo?

Why Liberal women want to ban gender identity

Why Liberals are unemployable

Why Liberals Hate Whitman…and other Conservatives

Why not attack white people

Why not pay double to the Fed

Why Obama didn’t make this pre-election move

Why Obama is Always Late

Why Obama likes the Arab oil attack

Why Obama Won’t Allow a Trayvon Martin Lawsuit

Why Obama ♥s Sweden

Why Planned Parenthood Is so Invested in Aborting Baby Texans

WHY THE HELL Was Obama on Jay Leno Last Night?

Why the Left Fears Allen West – Part 1

Why Tiger Woods should thank Republicans

Why wasn’t this classified a “hate crime?”

Why you can’t trust politicians!

WI Police Cite Citizens for Displaying the US Flag (Video)

Wiener back in the news?

Wiener wants back in the buns of NYC

Will all doctors soon be Democrats?

Will Liberals want this model coming from Europe on welfare work?

Will Nelson Mandela Help Justify Obama’s 100 Million Dollar Vacation?

Will Obama Blame the Duck Dynasty Next?

Will Obama eat these words?

Will Obama Stop the Snow From Reaching All 57 States?

Will ObamaCare Replace your ROOF?

Will Smith’s Son Urges Kids to Drop Out of School

Will Somebody Kill the Sacred Cows

Will the Domino Pizza ‘DomiCopter’ Drone Pave the Way for a CondomCopter?

Will There Be an ObamaCare Victim’s Memorial?

Win an AR-15 from Joe the Plumber!

Win Mom a $200 Visa Gift Card for Mother’s Day!

Witch hunt is over: Found her

With Friends Like Obama, Who Needs Israel

With Gov Pat Quinn’s record, I’d pull the race card too

Wolf Blitzer Compares Obama to Golda Meir – Golda Would Be Horrified!

Woman Dies After Treatment Delayed Due To Obamacare Mix Up

Woman Drank Herself To Death With 2-Gallon-A-Day Coca-Cola Habit

Woman of “The View” Packing Heat

Women Can Thank Women’s Movement…for Nothing

Women make BAD fathers

Women’s Movement Reprise

Won’t be a female on Dems presidential ticket

Woo Hoo! Off to Mexico!

World Peace Through Good Posture

World Peace through Haircuts?

Would you believe the new WH numbers on Obamacare!

Wright’s Chickens Roosting in Italy!

Wrong is wrong even if everybody’s wrong

WW II veteran, 88, beaten to death because he tried to defend himself

Yellowstone Park: Next Site of Obama Gestapo Tactics!

Yes … we have …

Yesirree! ‘We the People’ are Pushing Back


Yo, Y’all Hiring? Man Pulls Gun To Get McDonald’s Job

You Are What You Eat

You can be arrested for what the NSA is doing

You can’t have it both ways, Mr. President

You dirty gerbil!

You don’t own your OWN body

You down with TPP??

You won’t believe bail for teens who attacked cops!

You won’t believe why this black PR guy was fired

You’d think Hillary Clinton could name her own accomplishments

You’ve heard of “cow tipping,” but in the city they tip smart cars!

You, Sir, are a Dullard

Young black girl experiences white privilege

Your Tax Dollars Covering 18 Kids by 17 Mothers

¡Hasta la Vista Hugo! You Will Not Be Missed.

‘Blacklash’ Against Gays

‘Fried Fat Cakes’ Michelle establishes ‘No Fry Zones’

‘Let’s Move!’ to the Zoo

‘Memphis Soul’ Night at a Soulless White House

“Common Core” Teaches Communism

“Get those crackers!” “Get that white whore!”: 10 Black Teens Surround Car Then Pummel Married Couple

“It’s the Culture, Stupid!”

“Just Say No”, Mr. President

“Knock That White Boy Out!” Juvi-Thugs Film Assault On Veteran

“So, tell me where it hurts…and by the way, do you own guns?”

“Terror Tuesdays” and the Targeting of Terrorists

“We are going to take England — the Muslims are coming.”