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Bitter Clingers

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Will Trump Kick The Crap Out Of The UN Too?

What Happened When Australians Turned in Their Guns?

Paris Vindicates Conservatives

The End of God

Licensed Gun Owner Saves Two Children From Carjacker

Teacher Declares to Middle Schooler God Is a Myth

How This Amish Man Can Get a Gun Without Photo ID

When Churches Burn Why Not Blame Democrats, Atheists, or Muslims

Putin Shows Obama How a Real Christian Acts

What If They Wanted to Build a Mosque Instead?

The Real Purpose Of Most Mosques

Reverend Wright Blends “Christianity” with Radical Muslim

Christians Need to Push Back

Thank God ESPN Cut Off This Coach!

Hillary Clinton Wants Leftist Version of the NRA

Obama Relishes Mass Shootings

Dr. Ben Carson Has Gifted Hands and a Strong Spine

The Papal Welcoming Committee

Think Muslims Target only Christians?

Is Obama a Muslim? What’s the Difference?

The REAL Truth on Ahmed’s Clock

Saudi Arabia Finances 200 Mosques for the Islamic State of Germany

Gay-Hating Church Protests KY Clerk Who Denied Same-Sex Marriages

Gun Information Everybody Should Know

Another Leftist Group Wants to do Away with Tradition

Cruz Shuts Down LGBT Whiner with Facts

Which Kind of Prepper Are You? (And Which One Should You Be?)

USMC Massacre in Chattanooga: Obama Shun’s Our Finest

Nothing to See Here: Obama’s “Racial Databases”

I’m Sick of Apologetic White People

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