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Bitter Clingers

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Can You ID the Instigator?

Trump and the Evangelical Appeal

God is not part of the Hillary Clinton campaign

Muslim Taken Off Plane Wants Apology

False Reports Attack on Muslim: Guess Who Media Blamed?

Howard Schultz: Social Engineering via the Permanent Campaign

Muslim Brotherhood, A Civilized Terrorist Organization

Sneaky Leftists: Cleverly Eliminating 2nd Amendment for Some

Famous Comedian Explains What She Learned About the Left

America’s Suicidal Path to Jihad

Jesus and the N-Word

This is Undoubtedly the Best Smart-Phone on the Market

Muslim Deputy Sheriff in FL: What Laws Will He Uphold?

What Do The Pope and Obama Have in Common?

Syrian and Afghani Refugees Fight Over Free Food?

Barack Obama: Biggest Threat to National Security in History

Woman Harbors Cop Shooter Then Says This

False Narrative of Muslims Helping in War on Terror

Muslims: There Goes the Neighborhood

A Workplace Benefit the Left Will Hate

Guess What’s Coming to Obamacare?

Watch as this Disruptive Saudi Meets a BIG American

Donald Trump on Questioning People’s Faith

This License Plate Sneaked Through the “PC” Crack

Test: You Might Be a Liberal

Terrorism, Apple, and THAT Constitution

The Pompous Political Pope

When It Comes to Muslims, That’s Not Who We Are

Google Supplying Fox With Questionable Personality For Debates

Why This Attack Doesn’t Pass Smell Test

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