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Bitter Clingers

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Google Supplying Fox With Questionable Personality For Debates

Why This Attack Doesn’t Pass Smell Test

Shocking Statistics on Who Kills More

Guess What’s Making a Comeback in America’s Cities

Democrat Derailed on Gun Control in Classic Exchange

Muslims on Welfare Make This Demand

The Left Would Deny They Have Mothers

America Would Be Crazy to Provide Constitutional Protection For This?

Obama: Where Are the Tears for This?

Too Bad Oregon Activists Are Not Gay, Black, Muslim or illegal

Where Are White Terrorists When Muslims Need Them?

Luntz Focus Group Member Was Muslim Scam Artist

Win for Conservatives: Wheaton College Furloughs Tenured Professor

The Radical Difference in Religions

Obama’s Bergdahl Dilemma

Celebrities Anti-Matter

France Shuts Down Another Mosque Linked to ISIS

Why Don’t More Students Lobby For This

Staggering BS Stats on Mass Shootings in America

Update on Mass Shooting in New Orleans

America Could Use More Islamophobia, Not Less

Join Me: I’m an Fanatic American

Meet A Liberal California Anti-Gun Hypocrite Slime Ball

Beware Answer to Crisis: Hollande Seeks Constitutional Changes

Could Trump’s Rhetoric Land Him in Jail?

The Reason for the Pope’s Radical Agenda

Obama’s Free Syrian Army is NOT What We Are Told

DC Police Chief Deputizes All Citizens

Will Trump Kick The Crap Out Of The UN Too?

What Happened When Australians Turned in Their Guns?

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