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Hillary Clinton Defense: Nobody Died

Own a Business: Leftist Say Wear a Cup!

Doctors Strike: It Was Bound to Happen

FBI Has de Blasio in Their Sights

State of America: The Lying Liberal Truth

Stupid Leftists: Robberies Gone Wrong

Can’t Have Confederate Flag on License Plate But You Can Have This

The Clinton Foundation: House of Cards Beginning to Fall

What’s Up With These Dead Broke Liberals

I’m Black So I Automatically Win the Lottery?

The Art of the Deal: Donald Trump’s Donation History

Black Entertainer Says He’s Broke: Ask Rich White Man for Help?

Bloomberg May Have a Sneaky Reason to Enter Race for President

White Rapper Raps About White Privilege

Who Spends $10,000 on a Room for LUGGAGE?

Who Says Teachers Don’t Get Paid!?

Hillary Clinton’s Cayman Account Hypocrisies

Watch Hillary Clinton Try To Explain This Money Away

Hillary Pretends Not to Know What THIS Means

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours Says This Man to Trump

Hypocrisy Alert: Black Oscar Facts

What’s in Your Racist Wallet?

Shocking Last Words of a Liberal Icon

House Of Saud May Become House Of Cards

Surprise: What it takes to be in the Top 10% of wealth?

White Women Making Oprah Money!

Fighting ISIS Can Get You the Bling

15 richest non-college graduates

Department of Energy partying like rock stars

Here’s something a Leftist politician won’t do

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