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Hillary Clinton’s Cayman Account Hypocrisies

This “Has Been” Republican Hack Had This to Say about Cruz and Trump

Corruption with Democrats is Considered Standard Operation Procedure

Move South, Buy Guns, Bring Your Friends

Bernie at Mizzou | Political Cartoons | A.F.Branco

Hillary On Women | Political Cartoon | A.F.Branco 

This is how to Raise Kids Right!

How Liberal Democrats Celebrate Halloween

Goldman Sachs Cheaters: Perfect Liberals

What this man does to this good Samaritan is shocking!

Feds Corrupt Healthcare; Risking Your Life

Love How Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Addresses Democrat Diversity

Liberal America and Death of the Tiger Mom?

FBI Arrests Clinton Chinese Friend

Hollyweirdo: Sharon Stone Unplugged

Hillary Clinton: 10 Lifetimes of Lies

White Apologists: The Real Scourge of the Black Community

Nothing to See Here: Obama’s “Racial Databases”

Kevin Jackson Sounds Off On The Liberal Lunacy That Only #BlackLivesMatter

Can our Dept of Transportation hire THESE Mexicans?!

Nice Try, Hillary: Clinton Blasts Foundation Donor

The part of the LGBT movement they don’t want to discuss

Guess Who Says He Owes No Taxes?

I’m No Trump Fan, but I Like How He Handled the Mexicans

University of Wisconsin Banned THIS Phrase As RACIST?!

Good news for people who want to throw “F-bombs” at police officers in WA State

We See the Effects: Liberals Keep Our Focus off the Cause

Ebay and Walmart Jump into the fray over the Confederate Flag

Liberals: Too stupid to know how racist they are

Kevin Jackson “Obama was Mooning America with Use of the N-word”

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