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Bernie Sanders MOCKS Hillary Clinton: ‘She stole my ideas’

Kaepernick ASSISTS Black NFL Crybaby Who Had Run-In with Police

Melania Trump Brings CLASS to the Role of First Lady

Hollywood Actor in Thailand: ‘F-ck You I’m an American I can do what I want!’ [VIDEO]

Former Russian EMBARRASSES CNN on National TV [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting SHOCKING Emails [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton has a HUGE Tax Problem: Where Is The Media?

Actor James Franco PERPLEXED REACTION to Professor Discussing Murder [VIDEO]

SURPRISE: Another Obama Crony EMBROILED in Fraud

Clinton Pay for Play Company Collapses on Hillary’s Failure

Saudi Prince ARRESTED after ‘BLOODY TORTURE’ Video Sparks Outrage

BACKFIRE: Feminist Tries to Bully Ivanka Trump [VIDEO]

Leftists Protest New WWII Movie over Lack of Diversity [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Senator John McCain Has Brain Cancer

Hillary Clinton LIVID at Latest Poll Numbers [VIDEO]

HEALTH ALERT: Bill Clinton Looks like Walking Dead [VIDEO]

Bernie Sanders’ Opponent Calls out ‘Robin Hood Schtick’ as FRAUD

Anti-Trump Hollyweirdo about to Declare Bankruptcy

Restaurant Chain Kicks out Veterans for Being ‘Gangbangers’

Difference between Trump and Obama in one tiny action [VIDEO]

NYC Mayor de Blasio FORCES NYC TAXPAYERS to Pay His Legal Bill for Ethical Issues

CAUGHT: Hypocrite Democrat “Pauses” PAYOFFS from Big Pharma

1850 or 2017?: California Getting Back into the SLAVE TRADE

Bernie and Jane Sanders LAWYER UP: Sanders Under FBI Investigation

FLASHBACK: Playboy Star Calls out Bill Maher, “I’ve seen you grab p*ssy”

Facebook Introduces GAY PRIDE Button: Jihadi Button Next?

COVER-UP: Unmasking Records Moved to Obama Library

Wheel of Fortune in Trouble: See If You Can Spot Why [VIDEO]

Democrat Tim Kaine: White People Need to be the Minority

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