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Guess Who Gets Sued in this Black on Black Crime

DOJ: New PC Term for “Convicted Criminal”

Shocking: Clarion Project reports airport security frights

An interesting take on “The Most Beautiful”

Which Democrat Will This Thief Support

Here’s Father of the Year for Liberals

This Never Happened in a School I Attended

The Black Teen Employment Problem Captured in Video

Welfare Queens: The Society That Liberalism Built

Darren Wilson: Black on Black White Crime

Racist Black Liberals Rewriting Democrat’s history

Drunk Girl at Frat Party Ruins Life of Athlete

Black Liberals’ Beef with The Clintons

FBI News: Heard of the StingRay?

Howard Schultz: Social Engineering via the Permanent Campaign

China Takes Tough Stance on LGBT

CA Provides Paid Vacations for Thugs?

Former NFL Great Asks: Do Black Lives REALLY Matter?

Attacked Because She Was White

How Black Lives Matter Partners With the KKK

Mom Hires Stripper 8-Year Old’s Birthday (video)

What One Guy Learned from Living with a Navy SEAL

Hillary Clinton’s Russian Sister

Young Chinese Man Mocks Subway Rules Then This Happens

Did Cruz Trump Trump?

The Perfect Place For White Racist Liberals

Know What Month Follows Black History Month?

Guess Who’s Cracking iPhone for FBI?

Cubans Witness Band Death Eating a Cracker aka Rolling Stones

171,000 Percent Profit: Deal That Would Make Trump Proud

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