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Gay Pride and Black Power Collide in San Francisco

And Liberals Say Cops are the Problem? Watch This

LGBT Voters Are Seriously Considering Trump

Backfire: Think The Clintons Are Popular?

Another of Obama’s Stellar Illegals Makes the Headlines

Trump Marketing Genius: Gets Voters from UFC

The Crazy List of Conservative Demands

Trump in More Danger Than Obama for Assassination

The Truth on Justice Clarence Thomas’ “Retirement”

Ban Buildings: A Very REAL Problem for Gays

Muslims Attack Music Fans

Letters from Obama’s Father: No Mention of Barack or His Mother

Muslim Refugees Sexually Assault 5 Year Old In Twin Falls

Muslim Country Fines Rape Victim

Feminists: You Witches Have Fathers To Celebrate Too

Why Stupid People Get Shot By Cops

Trump Supporters Will Have Backup at the Next Rally!

Muslim Terrorist Mateen Sells House for $10

Black Man Shot: Guess What Victim’s Family Asks For?

Michelle Obama Dumps on Men in Time for Father’s Day

New Evidence: The Freddie Gray Farce

There Is A Reason This Kid Is Such a Big Deal

Feds Already Hiding Evidence in “Lone Wolf” Orlando Attack

If You’re a Bully Choose Your Victims Wisely

The Clintons Rule By Force, Here’s MORE Proof

What Law Will Obama Pass to Protect This Guy?

Another Possible Terror Attack on Gays

Stupid Post-Orlando Gay Comments

Tea Party Community Tried To Save Orlando Nightclub Gays

LGBT Better Thank the Cops and the Tea Party Community

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