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Kate Steinle’s Parents Sue Braindead Morons of San Francisco

Susan Sarandon Gives Hope to Smut Industry

Latino Lives Matter

Voter ID Upheld: Black Liberals Aren’t as Stupid as Democrats Suggested

What if Meat Eaters Talked like This?

The Clintons Give Clinic In Exploiting Black People

The Ferguson Effect: Shocking Crime Stats for Braindead Moronic Leftists

Facebook Bans “NOT Gay” Page Staff

Cops to Beyonce: Get Black Lives Matter to Provide Security

Why Obama Follows Porn Stars

Proponents of Sharia Law Should be Banned from serving in Government

Congress is the Next Step for Black Lives Matter Pimp

This Woman and Her Hat Need to Go

Want to Know When You Will Die?

Spineless College Fires Retired General Due to LGBT Pressure

The Liberal Spin on Drug Abuse

Cartoonist Under Fire for Racism

Guy Picks a Fight with the Wrong Cop

Hillary Clinton: Gangs Are Like Family

How Obama Destroyed a New Generation of Black People

Breaking: Muslims Won’t Assimilate and Here Are the Stats

Shouting Allahu Akbar by Non-Muslims is NOT Politically Correct

Democrats Moving Ghettos to White Folks

This Sheriff Kicks Some Liberal Butt

Trump Get’s Big Time Rapper’s Endorsement

Oops: White Valedictorian at Black College

Sheriff Clarke Nails Democrats

London Has Been Conned by This Man…Literally

De Blasio and Former NYPD Chief of Department Implicated in Latest Scandal

Another Feminist Jewel: Me-Ternity Leave?

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