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Mother Begs For Life: 12-yo Shoots His Mother

Americans Fatter Than Ever

Subway Fogle Sues Parents of Victim

CNN and Other Paid Media

Why Guns? A Tale of Two Good Samaritans and One Got Shot

Auto Dealership Promotes Cop Killing Blacks Narrative

Message to Ignorant Black Liberals

HS Student Fights Teacher

Shaun King: Black Lives Matter Leader Curious About Treatment of NYC Bomber

Thug Life: Mother, Boyfriend Charged in Shooting of 5-Year Old

BLM Activist Darren Seals Shot and Burned in St Louis

Media BLM Hypocrisy: Black Man Rants Live on TV

Black Americans for Trump

Black Lives Matter Farce: Meet the non-Black Troublemakers

Oprah Sheds Weight: $117 Million Worth

Lil Wayne: Racism Over

Charles Barkley: White People Not to Blame

This is a Sneaky Hostage Rescue (video)

Black Liberals Have Squandered American Privilege

Rapper Sean P-Diddy Combs Criticizes Obama

Screw the NFL: BLMFL

CakeGate: Too Bad Trump Is Not Gay

Trey Gowdy Destroys BLM Advocate

Entire Black Church Voting for Trump

Stand Up To Cancer: How Conservatives Lose the Culture Battle

Cam Newton Catching Flack For Comments on Kaepernick

Entitlement Mentality: Play X-Box Setup on Train

Rapper Ice Cube Delivered Worst News To Hillary Clinton

Real Reasons Behind Rise in Chicago Shooting Deaths

No-Show From BLM: Do Blacks Really Matter?

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