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Vagina-Hat-Wearing Locusts Left DC in Piles of Trash

Secret Service Opens Investigation on Madonna’s Threat to Blow Up White House

The Vagina-Heads Marched on Washington DC

Campus Security Takes New Twist

Riot: Check Out Obama’s Legacy in Action in DC (video)

Leftists Created Inauguration Day Safe Spaces

Awkward: Trumps and Obamas Meet for Transition Breakfast

President Trump: Better for Blacks Than 100 Obamas

Last Man on Moon Faces Final Eclipse

(Video) American drone catches Muslim having sexual relations with Goat!

Trump: LGBT and Women Will Soon Worship Him and Abandon Obama

Obama Declares Jihad on President-Elect Trump

The Sanity Divide: Obama Destroyed More Than Race Relations

Leftist Angry at Eric Trump for Raising $16 Million For Children at St Jude

Denzel Washington Gives Hollyweirdo Meryl Streep A Beatdown

Another One Bites the Dust: ObamaCare Illinois Gone

Philly: Female Police Officer Pummels Teen Who Hit Her

Leftists Now Laugh at Trump to Keep from Crying

Taxpayers Fund Muderer’s Sexual Reassignment Surgery

Black Teen Thug Attacks: Not Only for the Austistic

Not All Millennials Are Generation Snowflake

CNN Anchor Says Chicago Torture Was Bad Parenting

Kevin Jackson Debates Eric Guster on Chicago Violence and Police

Trump Addresses Record-Setting Chicago Murder Rate

Ronda Rousey: Hillary Clinton of MMA

A Look Back: 2016 Memorialized

Liberalism Costs Jobs: 49ers Coach and GM Fired

SB 1322: CA Legalizes Child Prostitution as Leftists Celebrate

Black Democrat Congressman Hangs Anti-Police Painting

Sex Trafficking and Uber Vigilance

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