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Foreign Policy

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Muslim Invaders Should Fear Dinko the Destroyer

Hillary tries to Steal Trump’s Thunder and Message

Obama on Christianity vs Islam

Post-Orlando: Obama Brings in More Terrorists

Susan Sarandon Feeling the Trump?

Mika Brzezinski Lampoons Hillary’s Foreign Policy Speech [VIDEO]

Mexico: You Suck As a Neighbor

The Nerve of Illegal Mexicans Is Astounding

Young Austrian Patriots Fight Liberalism

Illogical Defines Obama’s Refugee Resettlement Program

Sue the Fed: Sanctuary Cities Get People Killed

Muslims and the Unsafe World

Illegals Get More Than Citizens Under Obama

When Transgender Street Workers Attack

Russians Provoke Obama: Here’s How He Fights Back

Man Sues Politicians Ushering Terrorists Into America

Vulnerabilities in US Consular Database Could Allow Terrorists to Approve Visa Applications

Hillary Clinton: Why Leftists Love The Biggest Liar in Politics

Castro Spits in Obama’s Face

Barack Obama: Biggest Threat to National Security in History

Obama: The Convoluted Communists

Outrage: Obama Paying Off Iran

Trump Might Have Something Else Mexico Can Pay For

Frat Boy’s Decision To Visit North Korea Backfires

Obama’s Awkward Moment with Castro

Cuba Lectures America While Obama Listens

Canada Bows To Islam

I’d Tell Vincente Fox To “Go To Hell,” But He Already Lives There

Leftists Attack Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy

Finally Government Sued Over Refugees in America

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