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Foreign Policy

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Obama’s New Holocaust

Many Blacks Will Be Pushed Out by Refugee Resettlement

Sometimes You Have to Love the Saudis

Obama ISIS Vacation | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco 

Guess Who’s Missing from Refugee List

Terror Group Boko Haram Reached A Milestone Liberals Can Appreciate

Conservative Battle Cry: Obama is an Idiot

Obama Says America Should Feel Safe

Obama Getting His Terrorist Homeboys New Jobs

DHS Should be Ashamed

FBI Director: ISIS “Chaotic Spider Web” Now in All 50 States

Obama-Sanctioned Violence by Muslims

Obama’s ‘War of Errors’

What a “Belgian” Looks Like

Bet Black Liberals Don’t Know This About Obama

Obama Showcases Incompetence on World Stage

Hillary Wants Even More Refugees In U.S. After Paris Massacre

“And Tomorrow in Britain and America” – ISIS-Affiliated Media Sends Chilling Warnings

ISIS Has Left the Building

Lesson From Paris, Stop The Refugee Resettlement Program

One Guess Who Attacked Paris

Your Flight Safety Is In The Hands Of Foreigners

Why George Soros Wants To Erase Europe’s Borders

Ominous: Syrian Refugee Viewpoints On ISIS & The United States

Interview with “Angry Foreigner,” Multiculturalism’s Havoc Wrought on Sweden

A Progressive “Perfect Storm”

Immigrants’ Dreams Built Off The Backs Of Working Americans

Clinton Laughs at Benghazi Attack; Admits She Didn’t Meet Survivors for Weeks and Months

Clinton: I Didn’t Have a Computer in my Office; I Rarely Used Email

Leadership: Clinton Went Home While Americans Were Still Under Attack

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