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Foreign Policy

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Muslim Leader Tells American People: ‘Muslims Do NOT want Peace’ (VIDEO)

Trump Cheered in AZ Over New Immigration Guidelines

TRUMP EFFECT: DRAMATICALLY Fewer Illegals Crossing Border into U.S.

Congresswoman Goes BALLISTIC: Trump and Russian ‘Scumbags’

OBAMA LEGACY: Ex-GITMO Detainee Becomes Suicide Car Bomber

BREAKING: Russian United Nations Ambassador DEADER than Disco

John McCain: Trump-Hating Loser Left His ‘Nads in ‘Nam

Trump Right AGAIN: Sweden DEPORTING 80000 Refugees

Media Feeding Frenzy: Harward DECLINED Trump Nat’l Security Advisor Offer

WikiLeaks Is BACK: Obama IMPLICATED in International Spy Ring

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters PUNKED by Russian Comedian (video)

BREAKING: What Defense Secy Mattis Just Told NATO Deals HUGE Blow to the UN

Another BAD Obama Legacy, the ObamaPhone May Soon to be GONE

SURPRISE! 9th Circuit Court of Appeals SCREWED UP Royally on ‘Travel Ban’

Homeland Security on Immigration: ULTIMATUM on Tunnels, ‘Illegal’ Sweeps, and More

SHOCKING: NY Times Had Same Story BACKWARDS Then Changed Narrative

VIDEO: Thousands Protest Shouting “Death To America”

Syrian President Admits Trump is Right: Refugees Are Terrorists

Deporting of Illegals UNDERWAY: Protesters Chain Themselves to ICE Vehicle

Marine Who Told Brutal Truth About ‘Muslim Ban’ KICKED OUT of Iraq [Video]

WATCH Travel Ban Protesters REFUSE to Help Refugees

BREAKING: Trump BUSTS Major Islamic Spy Ring Where Obama Implicated

Nancy Pelosi HUMILIATED on National TV by Texas Cowboy (Video)

San Diego: Muslim INDOCTRINATION on Steroids in Public Schools

UNREPORTED: Nations Who Actually DO HAVE Muslim Bans

Obama: More DEPLORABLE Record on Immigration Restrictions than Trump

Detective posts CHILLING Warning About Muslim Migrants

Democrats MORTIFIED Over Trump Pick to Head CIA

60 Minutes: Syrian Refugees STEAL BILLIONS from Veterans and Children

‘Spontaneous’ Trump Protests STAGED by Muslim Organization

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