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Foreign Policy

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Nice Attack: You Knew It Was Muslims

Turkish Coup: Remember When Foreign Policy Worked

Eritrean Migrant Busted Trying to Reach Britain in a Suitcase

Hillary Clinton Ridiculed in Britain

Iran Nuclear Deal Failure: How Obama Abandoned the Iranian Resistance

Crooked Hillary Promises Green Cards to WHOM?

Obama: Father of 65 Million

Obama Threatens Great Britain on Brexit

Prosecuting Illegals: Paul Ryan As Useless As a Screen Door on a Submarine

The Clinton Killings Continue

Muslim Invaders Should Fear Dinko the Destroyer

Hillary tries to Steal Trump’s Thunder and Message

Obama Has Never Criticized Islam

Post-Orlando: Obama Brings in More Terrorists

Susan Sarandon Feeling the Trump?

Mika Brzezinski Lampoons Hillary’s Foreign Policy Speech [VIDEO]

Mexico: You Suck As a Neighbor

The Nerve of Illegal Mexicans Is Astounding

Young Austrian Patriots Fight Liberalism

Illogical Defines Obama’s Refugee Resettlement Program

Sue the Fed: Sanctuary Cities Get People Killed

Muslims and the Unsafe World

Illegals Get More Than Citizens Under Obama

When Transgender Street Workers Attack

Russians Provoke Obama: Here’s How He Fights Back

Man Sues Politicians Ushering Terrorists Into America

Vulnerabilities in US Consular Database Could Allow Terrorists to Approve Visa Applications

Hillary Clinton: Why Leftists Love The Biggest Liar in Politics

Castro Spits in Obama’s Face

Barack Obama: Biggest Threat to National Security in History

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