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President Trump’s Latest Move Sends SHOCKWAVES Among Illegals

Guess Who Rosie O’Donnell REFUSED to Play on SNL?

Rosie O’Donnell EMBARRASSED: Calls for a ReVote And Gets Slammed!!!

One Iconic Image Says it ALL About The Women’s March on Washington

Plight of the Black Conservative College Student

Hillary Clinton’s Party Turned into a Funeral

Leftists and Their Creepy Freaks

Haitians Celebrate Category 5 Hurricane Matthew as Reprieve from Clintons [Video]

Where’s Bill Clinton?

Obama Clinton DNC Hug

Backfire: Clintons Are Unpopular

Why I’m Just American

Redlighting: Motel 6 for Criminals

Take Heart: You will never be like this

Surprise! Hillary Clinton’s Ancestry

Vulnerabilities in US Consular Database Could Allow Terrorists to Approve Visa Applications

This is Undoubtedly the Best Smart-Phone on the Market

Funniest Graphical Memes of the Week – 14

The Graphic That Got Me Kicked Off Facebook

Funniest Graphical Memes of the Week – 13

Text to Wrong Person Showcases Non-Racist America

Obama: So What Brussels Was Attacked

Criminals Get a New Tool to Thwart the Law

Funniest Graphical Memes of the Week – 12

Funny Kasich Memes Vol 1

Bernie Sanders’ Millennial Idiots!

Funniest Graphical Memes of the Week – 11

The Most Feared Group In Politics

Funniest Graphical Memes of the Week – 10

Restaurant Refused to Serve Police Officers

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