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VIDEO: NYC Man Carrying Trash Can Fights Man Wielding Machete

Another Hollyweirdo Promotes Killing President Trump

BACKFIRE: Feminist Tries to Bully Ivanka Trump [VIDEO]

Leftists Protest New WWII Movie over Lack of Diversity [VIDEO]

Mayor Praises Muslim Cop who Kills White Woman

Trump Racism: Venus Williams Loses Wimbledon

Guess who WANTS to Testify before Congress

FBI Director James Comey Being Sued: Accused of Espionage [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Senator John McCain Has Brain Cancer

Women’s March Hypocrite: She Does the UNTHINKABLE at their Rally

BAT-CRAP CRAZY Nancy Pelosi Giggles in Tough Questions

Hillary Clinton LIVID at Latest Poll Numbers [VIDEO]

DEMS DYING: Maxine Waters Raises PATHETIC $22,000 in Campaign Contributions


Drain the Swamp: What Trump and Uber Have in Common

BUSTED: President Trump Calls out CNN LIE [VIDEO]

Young Woman Received Death Threats for Wearing ‘MAGA’

NEW POLL: Trump Most Hated President in History?

UH OH FEMINISTS: Saudi Woman Arrested after This Video Emerges

Obama Says America Owes Him and I AGREE! [VIDEO]

Poverty Pimp Bernie Sanders: Hypocrite Chastises Democratic Party [VIDEO]

The Russians Called Bill Clinton: They Want their $500,000 Back

HEALTH ALERT: Bill Clinton Looks like Walking Dead [VIDEO]

A New First: Muslim Gay Marriage with a Twist

President Trump PUNKED French President MACRON Brilliantly

Leftists LOSING THEIR MINDS: Trump Kicks off Made in America Week [VIDEO]

Hannity Slams Leftist in Epic Tweetstorm: “I Crushed Him on Radio and TV”

Kamala Harris: Dems Groom Light-Skin Negro to Challenge Trump

Muslim Student Killed: Questions Islam in Public [VIDEO]

New Ratings: Megyn Kelly Really Worried about Her Future at NBC

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