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Bitter Clingers

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Leftist Pansies Inauguration Protests Won’t Scare Trump Supporters

Bottom-Feeding Skank Suing Trump for Defamation

Trump: LGBT and Women Will Soon Worship Him and Abandon Obama

Obama Covers Up for Muslim Attacker in Ft. Lauderdale

Real Housewives Meets Islam and It’s Hysterical

Muslim Terrorist to Speak in FL With State Department Blessing

Conservatives Commit Random Acts of Kindness

It’s New Year’s Terror: What Will Radical Muslims Blow Up to Celebrate?

Blue-Collar Conservatives: The Future of the Republican Party

Truck Mayhem and Liberal Lunacy in Berlin Terror Attack

Democrats Don’t Like Trump as King Reference in RNC Christmas Message

Finally We Can Say Christmas Again

Obama Holiday Greeting to America: I’m Great and Screw You

Germany Must Have Missed Muslim Terrorist Anis Amri ISIS Tribute

Berlin Terrorist Posed as a Child Refugee to Enter Italy

Berlin Terrorist Killed: Liberals Have a New Pathetic Hero

Merry Christmas Merkel: Muslim Plows Truck into Christmas Shoppers

How the Election of Trump Halted the Muslim Scourge

Principal Menaces Protesters and May Be Sued

Press Secretary Earnest Tells WW2 Vets: Get Over Pearl Harbor Visit

Muslim Deportation Is Underway

Meet Hillary Clinton the Conservative Warrior of Flag Burning

Muslims Teach How to Hide Evidence of Domestic Violence

Thank Allah This Muslim Refugee Wasn’t Tea Party

Could Hillary Still Win The Presidency? Some say yes

Black Friday Begins With a Bang

Saudis Prefer to Shoot Women Resistant to Beheading

Death Threats: Last Bastion for Hillary Clinton Supporters

Inauguration Day Protesters: Expect Heavy Biker Thunder

Analysis of Terror: Obama’s Killer Refugees

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