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Bitter Clingers

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Why I Love the NRA and Second Amendment

BREAKING GUN NEWS: MI Open Carry BBQ Ends with No Shootings

Irony Alert: Liberal Professor Attacked by Black Mob

Armed Hero: Ex Royal Marine with Handgun Saves 100 in Kenyan Mall Attack

The 13 Shot in Chicago You DIDN’T Hear About

Is Obama the cause of mass shootings?

The Brass Tacks of Gun Control

Open Carry Chicks Confronted by Cop in Missouri

The Hood Needs More Protection Not Social Programs

ACORN Tactics Used In NW Anti-Gun Petitions

ANOTHER BLACK ON WHITE BEAT DOWN: Why George Zimmerman Carried a Gun and Why You Should

To the Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, policies like yours killed my Aunt

Virginia’s Gun Sales Climb, Crime Drops

Nancy Pelosi and Progressives’ Contempt for Motherhood

Bette Midler on Gun Control

Hey Detroit, Your City Sucks!

Chicago Children Inform Barack Obama ‘We Want to Live!’

5 Reasons Not to Mess with a Lady’s Purse!

Military Vet Cited and AR-15 Confiscated!

Woman of “The View” Packing Heat

Obama: “It’s America’s Fault”

Out of the Closet – A Twist

Holy Fast and Furious, Barack!

Gun-free Chicago Deadly for Children

Where is NOW on This Wife Losing Her Head?

Annie Oakley in Joe Biden’s bedroom?

Victim Turns Super Hero in Robbery (Video)

Stop the NRA Protest in DC Is a Bust!

Americans Want More Guns!

Mark Kelly Shoots Himself in the Foot

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