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Bitter Clingers

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Want a gun, give us your password

Racist Houston mayor targets white pastors

Pirate sword mistaken for gun and hilarity ensues

Pastor sets trap for thief (video)

Dems soon “outing” their own hypocrites

Hannity fights a Terrorist

Barack Obama: The No Plan Having Genius

Democrats hate Christianity, but love Biblical references

Ignorant black Liberals and cop killers

Father-daughter chase thieves who robbed them

High School kid tells administration to shove it (video)

Look who this Liberal blames for CA rampage shooting

Gun control nuts are racists

Untraceble guns growing in popularity

Christianity dying by omission in Kevin Durant story

Racial profiling saved this black woman’s life

Another one of those GOOD gun stories

Universities getting their butts kicked over free speech

Veterans can’t own guns because of this?

Any guesses to religion of Kansas highway shooter?

Bloomberg appoints himself a Saint

Atheists crotchelss panties in a wad over IA governor proclamation

ACLU fights for kid to read his Bible

Holder: Legal gun owners to be treated like criminals

Christian politician to atheist: Get over it

No guts needed to shoot up an unarmed Army base

Liberals get gun after being robbed by Liberals

Michigan targeting Christian teachers?

CT Gov should be arrested and sued

Muslims use Democrat playbook on trucking company

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