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Bitter Clingers

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Where is NOW on This Wife Losing Her Head?

Annie Oakley in Joe Biden’s bedroom?

Victim Turns Super Hero in Robbery (Video)

Stop the NRA Protest in DC Is a Bust!

Americans Want More Guns!

Mark Kelly Shoots Himself in the Foot

Obama Beat Down by Second Amendment Loving Legislators (Revised video)

Harry Whines for Gun Control

Senators Willing to Surrender Our Second Amendment to UN Sovereignty

Government Is Coming for Our Guns!

Intruder Dials 911: Afraid Homeowner Might Have a Gun! [VIDEO]

Rep. Chris Smith: If Gosnell had shot seven infants with an AR-15, it would be national news

Wanna Bet This Clerk Buys a Gun Now?

Michelle Obama Supports Gun Control that Doesn’t Work

Colorado Strong-Arming Sheriffs!

Biden Compares Guns to Driving a Ferrari

16 GOP who voted to kill Rand Paul’s gun control filibuster

Heat Packing Dad Shoots Armed Robber at Burger King

Obama Leaks Next Steps on Guns (Video)

A Communism Survivor Blasts Salem Oregon Gun Grabbers

Kansas Gov Brownback Signs HB 21 Recognizing All States’ Concealed Carry!

Obama Either Doesn’t Know Guns Or He lied

If Michelle Lived in a Farm in Iowa She’d Want a Gun

Chicago’s Violence Tax

US Rep Diana Degette Doesn’t Realize Mags Can Be Reloaded!

It’s people, NOT guns that kill people!!

Jen Lawson “Cold Dead Hands” (Video)

15 Year Old Girl’s Brilliant Pro-Gun Defense! (Video)

Oregon Woman Fends Off Attacker with Handgun

Leftist Hypocrite on Guns Arrested for Having Gun

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