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Bitter Clingers

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Colorado Second Amendment Proponents Push Back with Recall

Let’s Not Forget Gun Registration History

Armed Senior to the Rescue

3D Print Your Own Gun

Paul, Cruz and Lee Poised to Filibuster Gun Control Bill

Michael Moore: “Fear and racism drive people to cling to guns”

A Senators Hypocrisy ReGun Control

Gun Store Owner Rescinds Sale of AR-15 to Mark Kelly

NRA Stand and Fight (Video)

Why Is the Obama Admin Stockpiling Weapons and Ammo?

Reid Adding Background Checks to Gun Control Bill

Armed Homeowner Protects Wife from Armed Intruders

Feinstein Compares Assault Weapons to Child Pornography

Colion Noir Asks Obama to Be Consistent About Gun Control

Second Amendment: Know Your Gun Rights

Fake President, Fake Issues

NRA Executive Veep Wayne LaPierre’s Fiery CPAC Speech!

Dianne Feinstein Says It’s Open Season for Human Hunting!

Fibber Feinstein’s Secret Gun-Grabbing Dream

A Picture Worth MORE than 1,000 Words

Mark Kelly Has Not Completed Background Check for AR-15

Anti-Gun Guy Buys a GUN!

When Governments Attack

The Second Amendment is the only one that guarantees all of the other amendments

Assault Rifle Ban Proponent Buys an AR-15

Gun Manufacturers Fight Back by Denying Guns…BRILLIANT!

Liberal Hypocrite on Gun Control BUSTED!

Piers Morgan Pompous Brit (Video)

Feinstein’s Insane Assertions of Vets’ Lack of Sanity

5 Things the Gun Grabbers Apparently Don’t Understand

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