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Bitter Clingers

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“Ooops, gun control really DOESN’T work!,” says Fed study.

Tracking guns or trespassers?

Republican lawmakers slam doctors on questions about gun ownership

CA Police Chief: Guns Are Not a Defensive Weapon!!

Biden meddles as Democrats pass gun control in Colorado

Dr. Cornel West, white liberals push for gun control because of ‘racism’

Gun Companies Refuse Sales to State Governments with Strict Gun Laws

Indiana Guardsman Gunned Down While Shielding 2-Year-Old Son

Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum, Gets Standing Applause

Who should have the most guns?

Five gun companies tell New York to pound sand

Ask Obama’s Experts

Guns or Not? It’s Time to Talk About the Constitution

Ohio Bill Would Prohibit Firearm Seizure…

Guns don’t kill people, Liberals do!

How Convenient

We thank you, Chris Kyle!

Obama’s Gun Control Disaster

Granny scares robbers with GUN

Hey Progressives! Deal with it!

King Obama to Congress: I’ll decide what’s constitutional

Feinstein and Boxer Ask Californians to Lay Down Their Weapons During Statewide Manhunt

Angelina Jolie on guns

G.I. Joe > Gun Nut

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