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Bitter Clingers

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Feminist Movement Dealt MOST SERIOUS Blow in Decades

EX-COP Interrupts CRAZED MUSLIM Plan to Bring Down Plane Mid-Flight [VIDEO]

Dangerous Choice: Tom Perez elected DNC Chair.

President Trump’s Latest Move Sends SHOCKWAVES Among Illegals

The Party That Booed God SHUTS DOWN Pastor at GOP Event [VIDEO]

BREAKING: CNN, LA Times Politico New York Times banned from White House daily briefing room

RACIST MUSLIM Spits in Face of White Infant: “Whites Should Not Breed!”

WIKILEAKS: Did John McCain Ask RUSSIANS for Campaign Money?


Media Giant ABC Refuses to FIRE Anti-Woman Broadcaster

Obama Prosecuted More Journalists THAN ALL PRESIDENTS COMBINED

INSULTING: Leftists Marketing Americana to Sell Islam

BREAKING: President Trump BOMBING ISIS Stronghold

SURPRISE: Obama Campaign Manager Fined $90,000 For Illegal Lobbying


God Shows California Who’s the BOSS: He and Trump

Trump Is RIGHT: Another Terror Plot by REFUGEES Thwarted

Black Lives Matter Leader Calls White People “Subhuman”

SERIOUSLY Islamic Studies Prof Teaches Consent NOT NECESSARY for Lawful Sex (video)

DISGUSTING: Where Women’s March Organizer Just Showed Up

VIDEO: Thousands Protest Shouting “Death To America”

Over 200 Trump Inauguration Day Rioters INDICTED

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos THREATENED Outside DC School

President Trump BATTLES Pope and Progressivism

Farrakhan Proposes SHOCKING Revelation About Black Men? (video)

Rosie O’Donnell EMBARRASSED: Calls for a ReVote And Gets Slammed!!!

BREAKING: Trump Sending ATF Troops to Chicago to Curb Violence

Left Meltdown: Bona Fide White Supremacy EXPOSED in Super Bowl

Newsweek: Trump CRUSHES Media and It’s Their Fault

Leftist Abortion Doctors: Discuss REWARDING Virtue of Killing Babies

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