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Awkward: Trumps and Obamas Meet for Transition Breakfast

Clinton Foundation Beginning the Shutdown

Another One Bites the Dust: ObamaCare Illinois Gone

If Obama Had a Son: Woman Fights Off Purse Snatcher

Did Bill Gates Jump on the Trump Train?

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Spending As Bloated As Her Ego

Homeless Trump Tower Squatter Speaks Out (video)

Scott Pruitt Will Body Slam Climate Change Hoaxsters

Being Happy About Trump Winning Shows Lack of Civility?

Melania Threatens to Sue “Is Barron Trump Autistic?” Producer

Black Friday Begins With a Bang

3 NBA Teams Boycott Trump Hotels

Rahm Emanuel’s Thanksgiving Weekend Massacre

The Clinton Foundation in Financial Freefall

Hillary Clinton Arrested in “Felonious Girl”

Campaigning in Bars: Hillary Clinton Hits Rock Bottom

Hillary Clinton Pimps Jay-Z

Is It Racist To Laugh at this Black Woman Traveler

Flight Logs Nail Bill Clinton

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Sex Scandal (video)

Trump Exposes Clinton Foundation

Bill Clinton’s Top 20 Sexual Dalliances

Hypocrite Alert: Hillary Clinton Shamed Chelsea

Mark Cuban Lied: Admits He Never Had a Front Seat to Debate

Hillary Clinton Draws Meager Crowd Post-Faint

Racist MO State Senator Jamilah Nasheed Sits During Pledge of Allegiance

Rapper Sean P-Diddy Combs Criticizes Obama

Bill Clinton Should Face FBI and Grand Jury

Trump’s Generosity: Media Blackout

Graphic: Chicago Rapper Shot While Filming BLM Music Video

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