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Jesse Jackson Jr: $138K Taxpayer Funding Goes to Convicted Felon and Race Pimp

Rahm Emanuel BLASTED by Black Chicagoan at MSNBC Town Hall

Black Trump Supporter gets BRUTAL with Democrats About Muslims in His City (video)

Watch Obama WINDSURFING As He Takes Time Off from Bashing Trump

LA County Tells Illegals How To Get FREE Benefits

Gay Trump Supporter BEATEN by Black Thug

At Pelosi Townhall She IGNORES Mother of Son TORTURED By Illegal

Hypocrite Alert: London’s Ring of Steel to Protect Elites

British Journalist Calls for ASSASSINATION of President Trump

Trump Threatens to Send Feds to Protect Chicago Citizens from Thugs

Meet the Leftist Wench Who Insulted Melania Trump

Madonna: Blowing Up Trump Was Just a Metaphor

Clinton Foundation Beginning the Shutdown

The Public Sodomy of Democrats by Barack Obama Exposed by Cruz

BLM Thug to Police: Arrest Me, I Dare You!

Obama Unknowingly Sticks It to Race Pimp Sharpton

The Clinton Foundation Is Begging For Funds

Conservatives Commit Random Acts of Kindness

Leftist New Year’s Meltdowns

Democrats: Party of Rich White Racist Snobs

Millennials’ Biggest Takeaways from the Election of 2016

Trump’s Approval Rating: Better Than Obama’s?

Racist Senate Democrats Exposed Again

Homeless Trump Tower Squatter Speaks Out (video)

Kellogg’s Donates $1 Million to Terrorist Black Lives Matters

Obama to Monitor Trump’s American Values

Rahm Emanuel’s Thanksgiving Weekend Massacre

The Clinton Foundation in Financial Freefall

Samuel L. Jackson: Giving America Another Chance

Blacks Running from Trump Not Wanted in Africa

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