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Impeach Barney Frank & Chris Dodd

Candidate #5 – More to the Story

Obama Asked to Lay Hands on the Economy

Obama says, “I’m in Charge”

The Bush Legacy – Part II

Obama Attends Funeral!

Obama Citizenship Issue Runs Deeper

Abortion for Dummies

Terrorism…Post Election

Liberal Mania at Wal-Mart?

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

The Art of Illusion

Proof of God?

‘Blacklash’ Against Gays

Low-Cal Blog?

Shortest Books Ever Written

A Study of the Brain

We Got Mail!

Historical Day?

Election Day – Part III (End)

Election Night – Part II

Election Night – Part I

Why I Voted Democrat!

A Look at ObamaNation!

Powell Demoted to “Field Negro”

War Update – Part Un

After ’08 IA Primary

Visit to The Hermitage – A Real Dose of History

My Worst Job

How Will Africa Perform in 2008?

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