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ObamaCare So Bad Website Rejects Applications!

Michelle “Sacrifices” for Shut Down

God and FOOD STAMPS (video)

The Man to Thank for the Gov’t Shutdown

Failure is Obama’s Middle Name

Obama’s Economic Approval Plummets (They Ain’t Buying What He’s Selling)

America Killed by Barack Obama’s Political Ambulance!

Pulling It Off for Weiner

Suburbs Secede from Atlanta

Man Breaks Into Lingerie Store, Gets Very Freaky

Long-time escort confirms Sen. Bob Menendez paid her for sex

Chuck Todd on OFA Fundraising: ‘This Just Looks Bad’

Chicago Union: Let Us Carry Guns, Get Paid Like Cops


FBI agents caught sexting and dating drug dealers

Firearms Companies Striking Back

Obama threatening veterans’ gun rights

Comcast Cable Network Bans All Firearms Related Advertising

Wahoo! Got Scandal?

America Elected A Color Not A Leader

What do you get from an O-HOLE?

Elections DO Have Consequences

Al-Qaida alive and well, ready to attack West

“We are going to take England — the Muslims are coming.”

McCain to NBC’s Gregory: “Do you care that 4 people died?”

Funds run low for health insurance in state ‘high-risk pools’

Woman Drank Herself To Death With 2-Gallon-A-Day Coca-Cola Habit

Hope to Pope

65 Million Gun Purchases Since Obama Took Office

Planned Parenthood Federation goes public

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