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EPIC: What Allen West Revealed Should be CLASSIFIED!

60 Minutes: Syrian Refugees STEAL BILLIONS from Veterans and Children

Soros-Funded Plans DISCOVERED to Attack Trump

Trump Hit Obama’s Failed Goal in Less than a Week

Obama Angry: The Trump Factor Tips Dow Over 20K

DANG! President Trump Keeps Embarrassing Obama

Obama’s Job Approval Myth SHATTERED by New Gallup Poll

Did President Trump Just Steal the Unions from Democrats?

Trump gets down to business, signs order withdrawing US from trade deal

Trump EOs Put Nails in the Coffin of Obama’s Failed Legacy

JUST IN: Trump Makes Good on Another GIANT Campaign Pledge

Washington DC Has to Grow the F Up

Trump to Macy’s: How’s that Hillary Clinton Line Working for You?

With One Tweet Trump Defeats Leftists Who Targeted L.L. Bean

Former Hillary Clinton Latino Lover Now Fixated With Trump

Josh Earnest Overshoots Job Creation by 200,000

Consumer Confidence; Trump Polls Yuuge

4 Things: President Trump’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

Liberal Restaurant Bans Trump Supporters

Budget: Obama Too Dumb to Do the Obvious

In the Spirit of Smooth Transition Obama Stabs Trump in Back

Walmart Selling Black Lives Matter Gear?

Interesting Timing: Fed Interest Rate Hike

Obama Uses Indians to Force Trump’s Hand

Another Failed Socialist Experiment in Capitalism

Trump Vows to Build That Wall

Did Bill Gates Jump on the Trump Train?

Chrysler Worker Shuts Up Michael Moore on Trump (video)

Unions Beware: New Sheriff Is White But He Can Fight

You’d Think Trump Grabbed Her by the Naughty Bits

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