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Add 10,000 More High-Paying Jobs to Trump’s Tally

Obama Trumped Again: Trump Bringing 50,000 More Manufacturing Jobs

Good Riddance: Starbucks Race Pimp CEO Howard Schulz is Stepping Down

Obama Raided Medicare Accounts to Fund Illegals

President-Elect Trump Publicly Spanks Incompetent Obama

Carrier: President-Elect Trump Already Embarrassing Obama in Job Creation

Obama Puts ObamaCare Up For Adoption

Hillary Endorsed Trump at Goldman Sachs Event

ObamaCare: Reason One Why Trump Should Kick Obama’s Boney Butt

Gender Gap: More Liberal Propaganda

Obama Legacy: Thriving Black Market Crime (video)

Restricting Air Conditioners in the Name of ‘Climate Change’

Haitians Celebrate Category 5 Hurricane Matthew as Reprieve from Clintons [Video]

Dismal Failure: Life in Cleveland Under Obama (video)

Obama and The Myth of Employment

Obama’s Numbers Never Add Up

Union Offices Raided in Philadelphia

BLM Thugs: Ice Cream Truck Owner Attacked

Stellar Refugee and Sex Trafficking

2016 Olympics Still An Embarrassment to Obama

Shocking: ObamaPhone Fraud

Ignorant Democrat Wants Rich Drug-Tested To Get Their Money Back?

Would You Pay $150 for Eggs?

You Gotta Love Obamanomics

Want to Buy Flags of Oppression

Unbelievable What Hillary Clinton Did In Haiti

Here’s What America Would Look Like Under Another Democrat

Why Capitalism Always Defeats the Blood-Sucking Leftist Leeches

This Judge’s Decree Could Kill ObamaCare

Why It’s Easy to Beat Hillary Clinton (video)

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