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The Left Finally Will Have to Admit This About Obama

This Group Took A 50 Percent Pay Cut

This Group Now Getting Sub-Prime Mortgages Now?

Check Out Obama’s Blueprint for Killing Economy

Why We’ve Never Needed ObamaCare

An ObamaCare Story The Left Doesn’t Want Told

Muslim Demand That Backfired

Obama: The New Al Gore

Want to Make a Problem Worse: Put a Liberal in Charge

The Real Terrorists: Climate Change Gangsters

Global Climate Farce: The Money Grab

A Word to the Brain-Dead Climate Farce Crowd

People Now Earn More on Welfare than Working

Breaking: Obama Passes Reagan

Putin Moons Obama on Manmade Climate Change Farce

Heroin: An Enemy That is Foreign but Abundantly Domestic

Businessman Threatens the Fed

Another ObamaCare Exchange Failed

Rolling Stone Outs Hillary Clinton

Worst Cities for Blacks: Bad News for Democrats

Surprise: What it takes to be in the Top 10% of wealth?

Alabama Driver’s License Offices Shutdown Poses Quandary for Liberals

Boehner Still Giving Conservatives the Finger

Gay Mafia: Why You Will Pay for This Drug You Won’t Use

Clinton: Obama Beat Me In 2008 Because He’s Black

Disturbing Trend: Room with Benefits

Government will give it to you for FREE

American Citizens Are Being Ridiculed

Food Stamps: Not Just for Widows and Orphans Anymore

Soros’s Elaborate Ruse

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