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Foreign Policy

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Hillary Clinton: Meet Putin’s B*tch

12-yo Muslim Immigrant Turns Out to be 21-yo Muslim Terrorist

UPDATE: Assange Safe in Embassy; Call Tweet a Hoax

Washington Post Admits Obama’s Afghanistan Policy Is Failing

Tim Kaine Wishes This Video Didn’t Exist

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Exposed Ambassador Chris Stevens via Email

Hillary Clinton: Madame Secretary for Democrat Muslim Sex Slave Brothel

BOLO: Pentagon Can’t Locate Missing Afghans

Trump’s Novel Way Mexico Will Pay for the Border Wall

King Obama: Late to UN Speech

Anti-Trump Latino Activist Arrested

Haiti’s Sansaricq: Clintons Tried to Bribe Me

Obama Takes Servant’s Ladder in China

Trump Not the Only Wall Builder

ISIS Leaders Ban Burqas?

John Kerry: Let’s Fight Terrorism By Ignoring It

Homeland Security Welcomes Terrorists

Hillary Clinton the Tax Cheat

Haitians Hate Clintons

Truth About the Lochte Lie

George Soros: Direct Ties to Clinton Mafia Family

More Spies Than Athletes at the Olympics

British BLM Movement Could Use More Black Deaths

Refugee Resettlement for Dummies

Nice Attack: You Knew It Was Muslims

Turkish Coup: Remember When Foreign Policy Worked

Eritrean Migrant Busted Trying to Reach Britain in a Suitcase

Hillary Clinton Ridiculed in Britain

Iran Nuclear Deal Failure: How Obama Abandoned the Iranian Resistance

Crooked Hillary Promises Green Cards to WHOM?

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