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Foreign Policy

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JUST IN: Trump Makes Good on Another GIANT Campaign Pledge

Dream Act: Obama Political Payback on Trump Backfires

EPIC: Donald Trump CNN Smackdown of CNN Reporter

CNN Implies Russia Has Compromised Trump

Obama: Protecting America From Terrorism Better Than the White Guys

Muslims or Toddlers? The Terrible Two’s Take Down Paris

SHOCKER: Hate for President-Elect Trump Goes International

Media Commentary If Trump Expelled Russian Diplomats

Obama Knew Russian Spies Infiltrated Government

Doofus Obama Destroyed Leftists Again

UN: The New Way to Spell “Failure”

Obama: Jimmy Carter Just Newer and Blacker

More Evidence: Putin Openly Hacks Democrats

Trump Phenomenon: High Praise by Political Heavyweight

Left Terrified By Prospect Of Pro-Israel U.S. Ambassador

How the Election of Trump Halted the Muslim Scourge

Why Have Democrats Turned on Their Russian Communist Brothers

Fake News of the Russian Cyber Attack

Election of President-Elect Trump Halts Legalization of 4 Million Illegals

Can Hillary Clinton Help: Arab Woman Receives Death Threats

Multiculturalism: What the Left doesn’t Want You to See (video)

Trump Could Expose Obama’s Crooked Iran Nuke Deal

Angela Merkel: Responsible for the Rape and Murder of Maria Ladenburger

Fakebook Censors Germans Demonstrating Against Muslim Rapefugees

Perfect Metaphor: Jeep Carrying Castro’s Body Breaks Down

Mexico’s Richest Man Says If Trump Succeeds, So Will Mexico”

Clinton Covers Up Child Porn Scandal

Sanctuary Cities: Trump’s First Challenge

Trump Was Serious: Mexico Prepares for Deportations

Mexican President: Not So Macho With Trump

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