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Foreign Policy

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Trump Addresses UN, Kim Jong Un Receives Annihilation Notice

SHOCKING POLL: What Americans Think of Illegals Taking Jobs

Obama: The Putz Who PRETENDED He Was King

Canadian Mayor tells Muslim to pound pork

Watch Illegal Africans STORM Beach in Spain [VIDEO]

Trump Slaps Chicago Mayor with Latest Immigration Move

Did Trump Predict North Korea’s Future in 1999?


Obama’s Money Laundering Scheme EXPOSED by Trump Admin

Scared of Trump: ISIS Fighters Do the UNTHINKABLE

Border Wall One Step Closer to Reality

Mayor Praises Muslim Cop who Kills White Woman

President Trump PUNKED French President MACRON Brilliantly

Witness to Testify against Clinton Foundation Tuesday Found Dead

Everybody’s Talking about Macron’s ‘White Knuckle’ Handshake with Trump

CNN Anchor Doesn’t Recognize US National Anthem [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Loretta Lynch Helped Russian Lawyer Enter U.S.

I Agree with Russia: Obama Acted like a Child

Russian Lawyer: Obama TRIED TO SET UP Donald Trump Jr.

Obama’s Gift to Germany: ‘The Ferguson Effect’

Open-Border Clooneys FLEE BRITAIN Fearing Refugees

Illegal Immigrants Stole More than ONE MILLION Identities

President Trump DARES Obama to Worldwide Fight [VIDEO]

Chanting Crowds Greet Poland’s New ROCK STAR

Father of Political Prisoner: Obama Could Have Done More [VIDEO]

SCARED OF ASSASSINATION: Kim Jong-un Fears Trump Administration

Trump’s Latest Foreign Policy Move on Terror Should EMBARRASS Obama

PINK HAT ALERT: Putin Offers James Comey Political Asylum

Master Negotiator: President Trump Makes NEXT Major ARMS DEAL [VIDEO]

ISIS Attacks Iran: When Terrorists Attack Each Other [VIDEO]

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