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Bill Nye: Mechanical Engineer-Turned-Climate-Change-Crackpot

70s TV Sitcom Happy Days Star Dead at the Age of 56

DEMOCRAT CHALLENGERS: Running against President Trump in 2020? [VIDEO]

Anti-Trump Hollyweirdo Tells Democrats to STOP BLOCKING GORSUCH

Christian Grammy Nominee Natalie Grant Walks Out of the Grammys

Ashley Judd Claims Muslim Women Have More Rights

Rosie O’Donnell Gives First Lady Melania Trump Marital Advice

Leftists Beg Patrick Stewart to MOCK Kellyanne Conway on SNL

SHOCKING: Hollywood Star Says Trump Wanted to Date Her

Whoopi Goldberg Demands Trump Apologize

HOLLYWOOD MUTINY AGAINST DEMOCRATS: Star Explodes Over Anti-Trump Rhetoric

Conservative Millennial Tomi Lahren DESTROYS Her Career

REVEALED: Maddow Names Source Behind Her Spectacular ‘Trump Tax’ FLOP

ALERT: Hollyweird FREAK TAKES MAJOR STAB at President Trump

Stephen Colbert DESTROYS Rachel Maddow Over Trump Flop

Snoop Dogg GETS SAVAGE Response From Trump and Others

Rosie O’Donnell: New Fundraising SUPERSTAR for Republicans

DESPERATION MOVE: Snoop Dogg SHOOTS President Trump in Music Video


Revenge of the Nerds: WikiLeaks Julian Assange Dating a Hottie?

Another Hollywood Heavyweight Riding the Trump Train

Barbra Streisand Blames Trump for Her Weight: Does This Trump Make Me Look Fat?

Satirical Book: SNL FLOP Alec Baldwin Tries a New Way to Bash Trump

BREAKING: Schwarzenegger Leaving ‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Trump Tweets

SURPRISE for Leftists Who Blasted Trump for Using SEAL’s Widow as ‘Prop’ [Video]

Popular Hollywood Actress Says She’s Ready to Work With Trump

Oscars Ratings PLUMMET: Thanks to Leftist Hollywood Scum and Trump

Hollywood Privilege: ICONIC Actor Accuses Hollywood of Racist Double Standards

SURPRISE: Oscars Already Being LAMPOONED by Poster

ICONIC Hollywood Actor DIES of Complications During Surgery

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