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Hollywood Heavyweight SLAMS Democrats for Losses and Message

Johnny Depp Threatens Trump in Hopes of Career Revival

FLASHBACK: Playboy Star Calls out Bill Maher, “I’ve seen you grab p*ssy”

Old Bernie Tweet – Leftists Motivated (to kill) by Love [VIDEO]

Conservatives Disrupt Trump Assassination Play [VIDEO]

WATCH: Guess Which Hollywood Snowflake Gets OWNED

Understanding Trump: Gingrich Schools Women of The View

North Korean Woman DESTROYS American Feminists [VIDEO]

SERIOUSLY: Chance The Rapper SLAMS TRUMP Over Chicago’s Problems

Kathy Griffin TARGETED ATTACKS on Barron Trump Months Ago [VIDEO]

UNDER FIRE: Senator Al Franken Officially DIS-INVITES Griffin from His Event

OUTRAGEOUS: Bill Maher Drops N-Word with Senator Ben Sasse (VIDEO)

The Leftist History of President Trump Beheadings [VIDEO]

Exploiting Griffin, Rosie O’Donnell ATTACKS Barron Trump AGAIN!

CNN FIRES ISIS Wannabe Kathy Griffin After Trump Beheading Stunt

Tragedies Always Showcase the Stupidity of Leftists

BREAKING: Source Says Hannity To Be Fired Next Week By Fox

F’G DIE: Ariana Grande’s Prophetic and Pathetic Remarks

Bill Nye the Science Hack Gets DESTROYED

SHOCKER: Guess Who Barack Obama Idolized When He Attended Harvard

Famous Entertainer Broke: Pretends to Take Private Jet: Spotted on Commercial Airline

Rosie O’Donnell’s Daughter Makes SHOCKING CLAIM in New Interview

UNBELIEVABLE: MTV Hosts Another Absurd Awards Show

NEWT GINGRICH: Leftist Late Night Comics ARE NOT FUNNY Just Angry

Ivanka Trump Attacked by Celebrity Pervert

LIAR Rachel Maddow Describes Her Bizarre Phone Call With Donald Trump

Comedic Hack Stephen Colbert WOULD CRASH AND BURN Without President Trump for Ratings

Bill Nye: Mechanical Engineer-Turned-Climate-Change-Crackpot

70s TV Sitcom Happy Days Star Dead at the Age of 56

DEMOCRAT CHALLENGERS: Running against President Trump in 2020? [VIDEO]

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