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Screw the NFL: BLMFL

Guy Escapes Muslim Executioner (video)

Marines Go Gender-Neutral

ISIS Threat Cover-Up?

Hillary Clinton’s Music Video with Four Dead Friends

Guess What Obama Will Do to Commemorate D-Day?

Can You Believe What This Witch Clinton Tweeted???

McCain Will NOT Be AZ Senator for 6th Term

Obama Still Killing Veterans

Bill Clinton Just Doesn’t Have the “It” Factor Anymore

Policeman Salutes Man Running for Veterans

Military Commander Accepts Lady Gaga Tickets for This?

Trump’s Charity Should be Noted

Taliban Payback: Obama’s Sacrificial Lambs

Military Mob Takes Over Smithsonian

Merry Christmas to Those Who Kept Us Safe

Obama Administration Admits to This Five Months Later

Conservative Battle Cry: Obama is an Idiot

Flesh Eating Disease is Ravaging ISIS

Reagan’s Star Wars Program vs Obama’s Fight Against ISIS

Obama’s Syrian Strategy: Bombing Nothing


Hillary Clinton: Marine Story Worthy of Brian Williams

Obama Pushing Us Toward World War III

Did U.S. Bomb Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan?

Obama’s Syrian Training Program Bust

PC Police: Cops I Care Nothing About

Restaurant Does This to a Former Marine

Americans Save the French Derrieres…Again

What These Bikers Did for a Fallen Veteran is Amazing

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