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3 US Soldiers GUNNED DOWN in Afghanistan ‘insider attack’

Squatters Took Over Veteran’s Home And Then Karma Kicked In

PATHETIC: VA Removes President Trump’s Picture

ALERT: Obama Allowed Critical Shortages of 9mm Ammo to Law Enforcement


Widow of Navy SEAL Taya Kyle SLAMS Michael Moore [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Trump Spotted With INFLUENTIAL Russian Military Leader

READY TO LAUGH: Video of Iran’s ELITE “Special” Forces in Action

BREAKING: President Trump’s Navy Secretary Nominee Withdraws

Iran Flaunts New Missiles: U.S. Military Releases Video That Leaves Iran BREATHLESS

OBAMA LEGACY: Ex-GITMO Detainee Becomes Suicide Car Bomber

John McCain: Trump-Hating Loser Left His ‘Nads in ‘Nam

BREAKING: President Trump BOMBING ISIS Stronghold

Media Feeding Frenzy: Harward DECLINED Trump Nat’l Security Advisor Offer

PIPE BOMBS: Denver Man Arrested Near LAX Is NOT Christian

Leftists Get First Scalp: Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Resigns

Marine Who Told Brutal Truth About ‘Muslim Ban’ KICKED OUT of Iraq [Video]

EPIC: What Allen West Revealed Should be CLASSIFIED!

Military-Themed Super Bowl Ad HELD BACK And Now We Learn Why

Trump Sworn In: Corrupt VA Employees Are Finally Fired

Mad Dog Mattis Just BOMBED the SH*T Out of ISIS

Obama: One More Treasonous Act for the Road

UN Coalition Officers Captured in Aleppo by Syrian Army

VA Scandal: Land of the Free, Mistreating the Brave

Leftist Woman Upset at Veteran Who Asks About Military Discount [Video]

Scumbags Leftists Booed Grieving Family of Fallen Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Meet One of the Men Who Led Counter Coup Against Clintons

Obama on Brink of War with Russia

Screw the NFL: BLMFL

Guy Escapes Muslim Executioner (video)

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